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Anon Requested- hi! i’m not sure if requests are open, but if so, can you do this? sam and dean find the reader - who’s young, like around 14ish - on a hunt and she’s totally cool about killing things that go bump in the night since they killed her family, so the boys just kind of ‘adopt’ her as their little sister? just some big brother fluff and some stupid humor is all i’m looking for. thank you!

Warnings- mentions of death, swearing.

A/N- This was a really nice request to write, no angst, nobody dying, just big brother fluff.

You were sat on a hard, plastic chair waiting to be questioned. The room was chilly and silent, the only noise was the ticking of the clock placed on the blue wall. Sighing you placed your head in your hands, how could this have happened? 

Your mother was a hunter, not the one that hunted animals, no she hunted the supernatural. She only did salt and burns, or the occasional witch now and again, but when you were born she stopped hunting anything that could harm you. 

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anonymous asked:

Please give us all the details of Jeremy's praise kink. Tell us about Jean finally complimenting Jeremy back one day and how Jeremy looked like he was blushing all the way down to his toes

I have been summoned. Thank you for this and I hope you enjoy. Under a cut because I got a little carried away lol.

-At first, Jean doesn’t think anything of it.

-He notices how much energy Jeremy seems to draw from his teammates’ pats on the back and “good games’”, but he thinks that must just be Jeremy’s happy, extroverted personality, nothing more.

-After all, Jeremy’s constantly complimenting other people as well, including Jean.

-Once they start dating, though, Jean really starts to notice how attuned to positive attention Jeremy is.

-He notices how Jeremy will lean into his palm when Jean touches his face, or how boneless Jeremy becomes when Jean runs his fingers through his hair.

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Gif source:  Peter  |  Chris

Imagine catching Chris and Peter staring at you while you work out.

——— Request for anon ———

You were sparring with Derek, which never went well for you, but it was always fun. The rest of the pack lingered around the loft, some preparing for something else to go wrong in Beacon Hills, and some— okay, just Kira— doing homework. You never thought the day would come when both Chris Argent and Peter Hale could be in the same room without trying to rip each other’s throats out, but the situation in Beacon Hills had gone beyond their feuding, forcing the two to have to work together.

At least, that’s what you had initially thought the cause of their silence was, before you were pinned to the wall by Derek just long enough to glance over his shoulder and catch the two men’s eyes. They were staring at you while you tried to catch your breath, chest heaving with exertion as sweat rimmed your brow. Chris had the decency to look away as soon as he’d been caught, but Peter just shot you a smirk and a quirk of the brow as you tapped out of Derek’s grip.

And you didn’t miss when he leant over just enough to tease Chris, “Maybe next time, it’ll be me sparring with her.”

waltzqueen  asked:

Hello Mama! I had an odd thought. My friend was doing Drivers' Education homework when we realized Petra is a reckless driver. Who else would make it into the "Drivers' Education Ads"? Lots of loves~~~

Levi would drive like he 3DMGs, Jean would never wear a seatbelt, Armin would be the good example driver

isadorahsmackle-deactivated2016  asked:

Lucaya + books for the prompt/dabble thing x

six times Lucas catches Maya reading and one time he speaks up about it; not necessarily in that order. sophomore year.

+ + +

“What’re you reading?” Lucas startles Maya, causing her to shut her book and adjust her glasses. After wearing Smackle’s in the seventh grade and realizing everything was a lot less blurry, Maya finally succumbed to Riley’s demands and went to get her eyes checked in the beginning of freshman year. 

“Nothing, Huckleberry,” she responds immediately, setting the thick book down on the bench next to her. They’re black-rimmed and are just barely shy of being too big for her face, but Lucas thinks Maya looks adorable.

“That’s a big book,” he notes, trying to peer over her shoulder to read the title. He barely catches the words “The Keeper” before she glares at him and throws her jacket over the book haphazardly. 

“And that’s a big head,” she says, pointing at his. “Why is what I’m reading any of your business?”

“Fine, fine,” Lucas signs in defeat, sitting next to her on the bench. “You win.”

+ + +

“Another book?” Maya jumps at the sound of Lucas’ voice, slamming her book shut and smacking him with it. “Weren’t you just reading a huge one yesterday?”

“I finished it,” she retorts, tucking her book into her jacket to protect it from the rain. Lucas raises his eyebrows but doesn’t comment, choosing instead to point at her wet hair.

“I can literally see an umbrella in your backpack. Why aren’t you using it? You’re going to get hypothermia,” Lucas accuses.

“Unlikely, but thanks, mom,” Maya teases. He rolls his eyes and takes out his own large umbrella, opening it carefully and covering them both as they walk to his car. 

Being a year older than the rest of the 10th graders, Lucas can drive already, while the others are just getting their permits and taking tests. This comes in handy when Maya wants to go to an art store that’s not within walking distance or feels like a certain type of food and doesn’t want to walk. Lucas pretends to hate being her chauffeur, but secretly he’s glad he’s the only one who can drive.

+ + +

This time Maya sees Lucas coming before he gets to her and puts her book away. “Whatcha reading?” He asks curiously, knowing full well that she won’t tell him. Maya never tells him and he’s pretty sure Riley doesn’t even know that Maya reads so often. She barely does it in other people’s presence, choosing instead to read in between classes or at home. So far Lucas is the only one who’s noticed.

Maya doesn’t even answer, just smiles sweetly at him and opens his paper bag lunch. “Ooh, fruit snacks.”

+ + +

“A new book? Again?” At this point, Maya doesn’t even look up, just closes the book and slides it into her backpack. He thinks it says The Shadow Thieves. She’s probably halfway through it, and Lucas swears she wasn’t reading it yesterday.

“What can I say? I have a lot of time when I’m not doing homework,” she laughs,

“Maya, I thought you are doing your homework now,” he sighs. She frowns at his disappointed look.

“Calm down, Moral Compass. I do it sometimes.”

“I’m coming over today,” Lucas announces, “we’re going to finish the history homework together, so I know you did it.”

“If you say so, Ranger Rick.”

+ + +

“You are literally the embodiment of the term nose in a book,” Lucas laughs. Maya glares at him.

“‘Books wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life,’” she quotes.

“Don’t go all Aristotle on me, please.”

“No promises, Sundance. I’m inspired.”

+ + +

“Okay, who read the selection from Lord of the Flies?” Mrs. Strange asks the class. Okay, so her name isn’t actually Strange, but it’s close and fits better than anything it could possibly really be would.

Maya raises her hand lazily. Riley laughs.

“What?” Maya asks, “why are you laughing?”

“You said you read it,” Riley still sounds amused. “Were you listening? She asked who read the four chapters for homework last night.” Maya raises her eyebrows.

“I did,” she says slowly as if she’s speaking to a child. 

“Maya, you don’t read,” Riley says easily. Lucas is probably the only one who notices the small look of hurt that flashes across Maya’s face before it’s gone in a split second.

“I do read,” she whispers, but Riley doesn’t hear her.

“Maya reads all the time.” Lucas’ voice is louder than he meant it to be, but he doesn’t care. Riley looks at him, surprised. “She’s always reading, but no one ever notices. Not even you, Riley,” he glances at the brunette. “She reads fast, too. A new book every day.” Lucas smiles fondly at Maya, whose grateful look makes him smile even wider.

“You could only read, like, seven pages in three hours,” Riley frowns.

“That was three years ago, Riley. And I needed glasses, badly.” Maya doesn’t really meet her best friend’s eyes. “I read a lot now,” she admits. “I really like reading, now that I can actually see.” She plays with her fingers. 

“Peaches, that’s amazing,” Riley says with a soft smile, “I’m sorry.”

“I’ve read everything on your bookshelves,” Maya laughs. “And I have a library card.“

“I thought my books were disappearing,” Riley speculates.

“I don’t know why we never told you. Lucas and I, I mean. He’s the only one who knew.” At this, Riley cracks a smile and glances back and forth between them.

“Huh,” she says, like she knows something no one else does. “Interesting.”

+ + +

“Oh my- Maya, you’re supposed to be in class,” Lucas frowns. He’s on his way to his car to get his science project, but the small blonde figure at the bottom of the stair outside stopped him in his tracks. She shrugs, and he sees her set down a book, which makes him smile.

“I finished the art piece Miss Kossal assigned.”

“So you just left?” Lucas holds his hand up to shade his eyes from the sun, sidestepping a puddle to move toward her.

“I’m doing research,” Maya says vaguely, waving her hand. “Y’know, light and shadow and all that, we learned it. Now it’s reflection and flipping things upside-down.”

“How could you possibly be studying reflection out here?” Lucas narrows his eyes, feeling the sun burn on his face.

Maya pats the stair next to her. He sits with a sigh.

“Look at that puddle, Lucas. What do you see?” The boy stares for a second.

“Um, water,” he decides. “And if you see something different, I think you’re getting sick or something.” She laughs.

“Come on, look again,” she says patiently. “Focus.”

He tilts his head, studying the puddle, and realization dawns on his face. “There’s a reflection of the trees.” Maya smiles.

“All the car windows,” she points at the parking lot. “They reflect, too.”

Lucas shakes his head. “Art is everywhere.”

“Yeah,” Maya agrees, but he’s not looking at the water or the cars.

As they sit on the steps, Maya admires the reflections while Lucas admires her.

+ + +

send me a number and a pairing and I’ll write a mini fic!!

My thoughts when doing homework:

Me: ok let’s get started

Me: the first question looks hard

Me: so do all these

Me: and these

Me: wait I forgot to write my name at the top

Me: I need to learn how to write in cursive

Me: wasn’t I supposed to learn this in 3rd grade

Me: let’s just skip to question 13

Me: I’m hungry

Me: wait what

Me: oh yeah homework

Me: so many questions

Me: what is the meaning of life

Me: whats 2+6

Me: wow this is a nice pencil