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Mafumafu: ganbarimashoraru! (Ganbarimasu let’s work hard + soraru)

151111 Suga

 안녕하세여 슈간데여 오늘이 2015대입 수능 전날이다 보니 제가 수능쳤던 해 수능 전날이 생각나네여

Hello its Suga. Today’s the day before the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT). Here’s my opinion when I did mine

대구에서 올라온지 딱 일년하고 며칠 지난 날이였는데 부모님이랑 떨어져 살다보니 도시락을 싸줄 사람이 없었죠 하하하

It happened exactly 1 year and just days after I left my parents and lived alone so no one prepared lunch box hahaha

그래서 수능장 가기 전에 김밥이나 사가야지 하면서 자려고 했는데 잠이 안오더라구요 서울 올라오면서 공부랑 멀어졌다 생각했는데 꼴에 수험생이라고 크크크크크

So I thought I should buy kimbap before going to the test centre and tried sleeping but I couldn’t When I came to Seoul the thoughts of studying drifted that’s a state of a test-taker I am keukeukeukeukeu

잠이 안와서 몇시간을 뒤척거리는데 밖에서 어수선한 소리가 들리더라구 그래서 아 얘네가 도시락을 싸고 있구나 생각을 했쥬

I couldn’t sleep and tossed for some time, I heard disturbed noise outside and realised there were lunchbox selling

근데 깨있기도 오래 깨있었고 도시락 싸는거 다 알고 있는데도 문밖으로 못나가겠더라구여 화장실이 가고 싶은데두 그냥 자는 척 했쥬 중간중간에 깨있나 확인도 하더라구여 껄껄 열심히 자는 척함

But if you are awake you will stay awake for quite some time. Knowing to buy lunchbox but just cant get out even if its going to the toilet i just pretend to sleep. Even if waking up between times but still pretending

멤버들중에 처음으로 수능치는 거다보니 얘들도 떨렸나봄 나 보다 지들이 더 난리났었음요ㅋㅋ 솔직히 그때 화장실 가고 싶어서 힘들었음 모른척하는건 더 힘들었고 ㅋ

Among the members I was the first, they were worrying and I panicked even more keke Honestly at that time I’m not sure if going to the toilet or pretending was more difficult ke

머 여튼 그래서 도시락 받아 들고 나가는데 동생들이 시험 잘치라고 화이팅을 해줬었음 그땐 내가 숙소에서 맞형이 였으니 다 동생이였지 미안 오타났네 반신욕하면서 타이핑한거라 이해바람요

Well anyway I received my lunchbox and the dongsaengs told me to do well during the test and fighting That time I was the eldest in the dorms the rest were dongsaengs Sorry there’s a typo I’m in the bath (lower-body bath in the tub) and typing so please understand

아침 일찍 수능장으로 가는데 괜히 떨렸음 수능장이 다행이 내가 다니던 고등학교 옆학교라서 걸어갔음 목도리 칭칭감고 데뷔초에 자주 하고 다니던 회색 목도리 그거 였음 정확하게 기억함 그 있잖아 회색 칭칭 감고 다니던 목도리

I went to the test centre early in the morning and felt so nervous. Luckily the test centre is next to my high school I walked and tied my scarf. Its the scarf I wore frequently after debut. I remembered it exactly its the grey scarf

그거 나 서울 올라오기전에 엄마가 사준거였음 ㅇㅇ 뭐 여튼 그래서 가로수길 가로질러서 수능장을 가는데 진짜 시간이 느리게 갔음 슬로우 모션처럼 17살때부터 작업실 스튜디오 오가면서 솔직히 공부에 관심이 없었는데 그런 나마저도 떨리더라구여

My mum bought it for me just before I went to Seoul What Anyway I crossed over to the test centre and the time past really slowly like slow motion. I came to the working studio since 17 honestly the efforts to studying were none that’s why I’m nervous

저도 그렇게 떨렸는데 얼마나 떨리겠슴꽈 여러분들은 수능장 들어갈 때 녹차랑 뭐 초콜릿 사탕 뭐 이런 거 주는데 하나 주길래 하나 더 달라고 하고 들어갔음요 여러분들도 하나 더 받아서 들어가세여

Me myself was this nervous so everyone entered into the test centre were given green tea, chocolate and sweets all these each one by one and everyone asked for another before entering

오타 장난 아니네요 방수팩해도 수증기가 장난 아니네요 이거 눌러도 저거 눌러짐요 여튼 동생들이 신신당부하며 꼭 점심시간에 도시락통 까보라고 해서 점심시간 때까지 안 까고 기다리고 있었음요 점심시간때 도시락통을 깠는데

Its no typo or joke Its not joke the water pack was full of water vapour Everyone was pressing this and that Anyway dongsaengs if you request they will only appear near to lunchbox bin during lunch time, they were just waiting for the time and only then

닭 가슴살 요리랑 밥이랑 비엔나소시지 계란말이 연습생 때 돈이 어디 있겠습니까 그냥 숙소에 있는 재료로 해줬는데 혼자 진짜 맛있게 먹었음 다 식은 닭 가슴살 씹기도 힘든데 맛있게 먹었음 근데 도시락통 옆에 에이포용지가 여러장 있었음

Chicken breast with rice, Vienna sausage, egg omelette, during trainee periods we don’t have money so we made with ingredients at the dorms I really ate well alone but it was cold so though it was hard chewing on chicken breast I ate well but there were lots of A4 papers beside the lunchbox bin

뭐지 하면서 보는데 편지였음 편지지 살 돈도 없어서 숙소에 굴러다니는 에이포 용지에 편지 써서 준거였음 솔직히 좀 감동 아 안움 진짜로 그렇게 수능 시험 다 치고 운동장 가로질러서 나오는데 다시 편지 읽으면서 나옴 그 학교 운동장 넓어서 한참 걸었음

What was it I looked closer and saw they were letters. We don’t have money to buy stationery so they made use of the letters at the dorms. Honestly I’m really touched So the test was held over the stadium and I read the letters again on the way since it took a while to reach

수능 치고 나오는 다른 애들은 막 부모님이 태워가고 친구들끼리 수능 끝났으니 어디가자 막 그러는 게 다 들렸음 혼자 회색 목도리 칭칭 두르고 다시 가로수길 가로질러가는데 나 혼자 흑백인 기분 올 때보다 갈 때가 더 멀어 보였음

When the test ended everyone was like taking their parents’ car or going out with their friends and left. I wore my grey scarf and crossed the road with a neutral feeling that I still have a long way to go

걸어가는데 수십수만 가지 기분이 들더라 12년 학교생활이 드디어 끝난 건가 싶기도 하고 쟤들은 좋겠다 난 연습하러 가야 하는데 아 나도 부모님이랑 밥 먹고 싶다 뭐 이런 생각들?

On the way there’s a prickling feeling. Finally the school life of 12 years is ending it’s good I have to get back for practice and then I thought I should have a meal with my parents?

It’s almost Christmas, and you know what that means! It means I love my followers (all 4700+ of you!) for having the patience to stick with me, reading my rambling rants, and sometimes even watching my way too long videos. You guys are great! <3 And to show my appreciation, I want to give all of you all of the things! 

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Generational Realities

Our generation’s expectations of our economic future resemble that of our parents, but our reality more closely resembles that of our grandparents. Every generation believes it will have it better and easier than the generation before it, and for as long as human history has been recorded that seems to be true. It’s entirely possible now, however, that that trajectory has come to an end. We get indignant when we get out of college and there are no jobs because we feel entitled to the same luxuries of our parents, when deep down we should know we’ll probably never have the wealth they managed to accumulate. Their lifestyle was propped up by a booming economy, often by superficial means that were never sustainable to begin with.

We’re bearing the burden of the baby boomers recklessness, but whining won’t help. Complaining about how unfair it is won’t help. Neither will pointing fingers at the trust fund kid whose super-wealthy parents covered his trip through an Ivy league education. That kid had it easy. Most of us don’t - and we’re probably better for it. 

Facing reality will be a start, then we have to work hard and fight like hell. Grandpa and grandma did it, we can too.


I wanted to share this string of tweets and discussion I had with my Twitter followers a while ago. It was really interesting. And before you potentially reblog this listing examples of characters that debunk this train of thought let me just say: The point isn’t to come up with sexualized female characters created by women in order to ‘disprove’ what was said - the point is how men tend to create female characters as objects, and need to be aware of this.

What I found was really interesting about this discussion was how long it took people to come up with sexualized female characters who were initially created by women, and how even those examples were not bad characters. Each example was a well-rounded, believable character and not just some object for the men to save or defeat.

Many of my friends commented that this discussion and train of thought put things into perspective for them, and I thought it might be helpful to other people, too.

Further Thoughts on Lady Gaga And ArtPop That Are Too Long For Twitter

A handful of Gaga fans and others who seem to randomly enjoy theatrics have regularly misconstrued level, critical thinking as Gaga attacks. I will say, the thing I do regret is taking to Twitter once and chiding Gaga about tweeting a link that went to a playlist of her video on repeat in order to influence play counts and charts; at that moment I hadn’t yet realized it was something a few other artists were doing/had done. Nor did I fully realize that YouTube’s spam detection eliminated suspicious plays.
The truth is, I’m a fan of Lady Gaga’s. I caught her show at Radio City back in the day, and I think two different tours at the Garden. She has a strong voice, a great persona for performance and at times has demonstrated a penchant for writing viciously catchy and fun pop songs. I’ve listened to everything she’s released and generally really respect her for having the will and resolve to follow her own muse. She makes pop interesting in a way that few other stars have the cajones (or desire) to think about. And lately it has been painful to watch media big and small hyperinflate every drama, real (the album isn’t her strongest work, indecision around single choices, personnel changes in her camp) or imagined (that ridiculous, fabricated $25 million ArtPop marketing number; possibly the notion that her tour isn’t selling as well).
But just because many in media are misrepresenting details or piling on doesn’t mean I can’t honestly think - and share my opinion - that this album doesn’t represent her strongest work. You can say that she doesn’t care about her songs charting and that her fans don’t care either, and if that’s true that’s totally cool. There’s lots of different ways to have a career in music these days, and certainly, there are options besides being a globally successful pop star. But “charting” is just a scorecard of popularity, of commercial success. Her last two albums haven’t had hits the way her first two did. That doesn’t mean she won’t have albums again one day that galvanize mass audiences wherever they may be. But generally, if the hits don’t keep coming, the audiences at the shows start to dwindle. The budgets shrink. The productions shrink with the budgets, and that would be a shame, because her productions are pretty stunning usually.
Again, none of this is a forgone conclusion. Gaga still has lots of fans. And I have to believe the songwriter with a knack for delivering number one hits is still in there, and will rise again. When I Tweeted, in response to a question, that I thought maybe she should take a break, it’s partly because I’m tired of watching media pillorize her for taking the same risks that they used to cheer. And it’s partly because I don’t think the songs on this album are going to connect in a big way. And the more she keeps releasing big expensive videos and songs that don’t chart or dont chart well, the more the perception of failure grows (fair or not) and the deeper the hole is that she’ll need to dig from next time.
And of course there will be a next time. Acts like Weezer and Pink had been written off as “over” by media before returning to even greater heights. After she released “4” to middling sales and then was accused of taking too long to release another album, Beyoncé was all but pronounced as dead by a grumbling media - some just weeks before she rocked the pop universe with her surprise iTunes album. And lord knows, if Mariah could return from the Glitter era, we’ve learned anything is possible.
So yes, as I said on Twitter, if I was her manager, I’d recommend she reconsider making additional substantial expenditure on the songs on Artpop. Maybe release a new song or two, or commission some remixes if you need to generate some new excitement around the tour. Focus on creating an amazing tour. And then let people miss you for a little while, while you go find your creative muse and create a new album of your best work. That’s not me hating. That’s me pulling for Gaga. The pop world is way better with her in it.
The Laborers Who Keep Dick Pics and Beheadings Out of Your Facebook Feed | WIRED

Inside the soul-crushing world of content moderation, where low-wage laborers soak up the worst of humanity, and keep it off your Facebook feed.

Various too-long-for-Twitter thoughts on that amazing content moderation piece.

1. Knowing that this pool of labor exists, we now know that what is policed on these networks is a matter of values rather than capability. Dick picks and gore are right out, but death and rape threats against women? Go about your business.

2. Which is not to minimize the labor/exploitation issues, of course. I honestly thought a lot of this was handled algorithmically, so it was very interesting to learn about how it actually works. It’s yet more of the outsourcing of nasty human externalities by the “clean” tech industries.

3. This is some spooky next-level shit in terms of networks, globalization, colonialism, cultural imperialism, etc. We’re now consciously and systematically abstracting our collective depravity, suffering, and cruelty into the network and outsourcing the emotional labor of dealing with it to the people of the Global South. Whoa. It’s pretty much the same as the physical global economy, but way more bizarre and postmodern.  

4. Surely there is something akin to this already in the pomo literature? A networked human depravity / suffering economy? It feels like the atmospherics of this at least are in DFW, DeLillo, and Pynchon, but I can’t think of specifics besides “The Suffering Channel.” And of course it’s there in embryo in Kafka, like most of the more macabre parts of the post/modern condition.  

5. Dostoevsky would have been absolutely obsessed with this. This is a mass machine for reproducing and confronting the Problem of Evil. It’s like the horse scene from Crime and Punishment multiplied millions of times over. I wonder what he would have made of it all?

6. If I’m picking out time capsule pieces to capture What Life was Like in 2014, this goes near the top of the list. That doesn’t speak very well of life in 2014, but well, here we are.