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#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 7)

Summary: When Hollywood’s heartthrob Bucky Barnes breaks up with his girlfriend, you jokingly tag him in a selfie on Instagram to express your desire to date him. What you don’t expect is a response from the man himself [Modern AU].

Word Count: 1,001

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

A/N: After listening to Beach Weather’s ‘Swoon’ and ‘Sex, Drugs, Etc.’ on an endless loop, I finally managed to write this update. Also, sending my love to @lovellylittlelonely for giving me feedback on this :)

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Residing in the darkness, you stood quietly as everyone around you swayed to the music booming through the speakers, the melodies pulsing in your ears. Watching the performance, you spotted Viz behind the drums while he played the set with his bandmates. You figured your friends were near the front to get a better view with Wanda’s insistence. You knew she was determined to see her man up close. 

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Sterek Writing Prompt - A Bad Joke

Derek knew, when the only person to laugh was Jackson, that the joke had wildly misfired. He was going for banter, he was going for a gentle ribbing, he was…god he was useless.

Stiles’s virginity wasn’t something he hid, for god’s sake. He joked about it himself all the time! Didn’t he? And witches (mother fucking witches, who knew?) were in town and were sacrificing virgins because as well as being vindictive hags, they just loved a cliché. Ergo, a joke aimed at Stiles, about him needing protection, should have just received a little laugh from everyone and they would have moved on to planning how to take the witches down.

What Derek didn’t plan on was the shame, embarrassment and sadness that spiked Stiles’s in scent as soon as the weight of Derek’s words landed. Jackson barked out a cruel laugh and punched Stiles in the arm and Stiles just. Deflated.

Scott, bless his heart, changed the subject effortlessly and the conversation soon went back to battle strategy. Derek refrained from any further ad hoc attempts at humour and Stiles got involved again, but he was muted somehow. Derek tried to think of a time he’d felt worse but was coming up empty. And that in itself was laughable given his fucking tragedy of a life history.

He’d always just assumed Stiles was human kevlar. He was impossible to embarrass. He couldn’t be laughed at because he was always in control of the comedy. But somehow Derek had managed it. It didn’t make him feel special.

Once the plan was in place, people started drifting off to their respective lives and he could see Stiles heading to the door but the feeling that he had to fix things was itching under Derek’s skin. He needed to…something.

“Stiles, wait a minute”

The boy looked like waiting even a minute was the furthest thing from his mind, but he hung back anyway as Scott pulled the door closed behind him. The soft click of the door seemed to echo around the loft as they were left alone. The silence stretched on and Derek couldn’t remember the last time Stiles had been this quiet without being unconscious.

He cleared his throat, determined to clear the air. “Look. I’m…sorry. I didn’t, I mean, it was just a joke and-”

“You can’t joke about that” Stiles interrupts quietly


If possible, Stiles looks even more embarrassed. “You don’t get to joke about…that. Okay Derek?”

“I know, and like I said, I’m sorry - ”

“What were you trying to do anyway?” he asks. “Hell, you never make jokes EVER, so why try now?” Stiles voice was becoming harder, angrier. “Just what were you trying to achieve?”

What was he trying to achieve? What possible answer could he give? The truth? The truth was that he was trying to make Stiles laugh. That his laugh warms parts of him he thought long dead. That when this annoying, bright, stubborn boy throws his head back and laughs, Derek allows himself to believe for a moment that the world isn’t all dark and twisty? No. Hah. Not in a million years.

“I was just, trying, I guess.” He settles on a partial truth. “You guys are always getting at me for being quiet, stoic, you know? I think I was trying to fit in more. Erica makes digs all the time and I just.” He sighs. “I thought I could be like that”

Stiles softens slightly. “I get it, I do. Just.” He looks at his feet. “Just don’t joke about…that. Me. The sex-not-having thing. Erica can joke because I’m not in…I mean she isn’t who I…I mean” he lets out a frustrated sigh and at this point Stiles seems to snap. He’s gone full word-vomit. “God! It’s not like I don’t have offers, okay buddy? Because I do. Lots of offers. Guys, girls, I got my pick. I’m attractive, you know? To people? With eyes? Maybe not glowing blue eyes but eyes and I could have any-”

(Derek has come to think on Stiles’s word vomit fondly, tuning out what he’s saying and becoming captivated by his hand gestures and his perfect cupid’s bow lips moving but this time something Stiles says gives Derek pause)

“What did you say?” Derek interrupts sharply.

“- guy or girl that I want to but -what?”

“The ‘glowing blue eyes’ thing you just said? You…was that about me? You don’t think I think you’re attractive?” Derek stares at Stiles in disbelief.

“Don’t play with me, Derek” Stiles says quietly “It’s not fair. I know you don’t think of me that way, and that’s fine, I’ve learned to live with that but until someone comes along that I want as much as I want you, or until you get your head out of your perfect ass and realise you’re the only person I can even think about sleeping with right now I’m not going to just sex-up anyone in the name of getting rid of the V-card. Virginity is just a social construct anyway so it doesn’t even matter and oh my god I didn’t just say that, forget I said that, it was a lie and what the hell is happening to your face?”

He’s smiling. Derek is smiling big and bright and Stiles is right to question this because he never does that. And he’s smiling because Stiles wants him. There may be witches out there to be stopped, and he’s sure that next week there’ll be something else for them to hunt and kill but for now, Derek can’t think of anything other than the fact that the boy he likes, likes him. He’s going to allow himself this little bit of happiness. He moves closer to Stiles and gently brushes his fingers down his forearm before clasping Stiles’s hand in his.

Stiles just manages to say “Besides, we all know *I’m* the funny one” before Derek stops him talking with a kiss.

Mannequin 4: The Becoming

Summary:  Dean gets hit with a curse and you’re the only person that he can talk to.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas, OC George

Word Count:  2922

Warnings: swearing

A/N:  I wrote this for @wheresthekillswitch and @trexrambling Crack It Baby Challenge.  My prompt was “I’m pretty sure there’s a law against removing your pants in public."  It will be bolded in the fic.

If you’ve never heard of the movie Mannequin please watch this.  And don’t judge me, the eighties were weird, ok?  I actually worked in display and merchandising for years because this movie made hanging out in a department store after hours look like the best time ever.

Thank you to @pinknerdpanda for betaing the beginning of this story and thank you to @hannahindie for polishing it up.  You ladies are wonderful!

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You worked on the new mannequin all day.  You were tired of the faceless weirdo ones the store had been using forever so you made a bet with George; if the real looking one got more attention he’d let you make more.  You knew exactly how you wanted him to look; tall, sandy brown hair, full lips and green eyes.  You sigh to yourself as you think of him; the man from ‘that one hot summer’ in college a million years ago.

That night you drive to the store ready to work on the new display with George.

“Here’s the new mannequin,” you say setting it down.

George looks him up and down.  “Mmm, maybe you can make me one.”

You laugh, rolling your eyes.  “I’m gonna start setting up.”

“Ok, I’ll be there in a bit.

You pick it up and walk over to the window, your thoughts occupied with the next display.  You stand the mannequin up looking him over.  He really is perfect, you think to yourself as you pick out a hat to put on him.

“What the hell?”

“Holy fuck, what?!” you scream.

The now-alive mannequin is gripping your shoulders, “Where am I?  How did I get here?” the tall, gorgeous, used-to-be mannequin asks.  “Wait, Y/N?”

“Dean?” you pause, catching your breath.  “I’m hallucinating.  All these late nights have finally made me crazy,” you mumble.  “The most vivid hallucination ever,” you say touching his face.

“Hey,” Dean says touching where your hand just was.

“How are you alive?”

“Uh, what?  I am alive! How did I get here?”

“Dude, I hate to break it to you but you were a mannequin about ten seconds ago.”

“A what?”

“A mannequin, see,” you gesture around you, “storefront window, clothes.”

He looks down at what he’s wearing and a look of disgust and surprise crosses his face.  He starts to undo the button of his pants.

“And, I’m pretty sure there’s a law against removing your pants in public,” you say, holding up your hands.

“Well I’m not wearing these, sweetheart.”

“What? These are great, they’re the latest-”

“They’re shorts.”

“Yeah, it’s summer.”

“I don’t do shorts.”

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AN\: lol it’s been literally forever. Oops. Anyway, I wrote this. So here you go. Let me know what you think! I take requests!!,,, unless ur request is like lame and I dont feel like it idk. Luv u all <3

Pairing: Dylan Sprayberry x reader ((sorry I don’t like putting in (Y/N) so I just put in Zoe okay))

Word count: 1,754

Warnings: na

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I walk through the automatic doors and am greeted with an onslaught of people rushing in every direction, knocking into one another and looking frantic. I look side to side, trying to figure out where to find it in this mess of bodies. I see the produce aisle and start heading towards it. A lady in front of me spills popcorn everywhere. I keep walking, picking up my speed now, and bumping into people passing by. Suddenly, alarms start going off and sprinklers from the tall ceilings go off. People are yelling now and rush to the exit. But I’ve only got one thing on my mind and I’m not leaving here without it. I toss the hood of my sweatshirt up over my already soaked hair and stick my elbows out to plow past the people blocking my way. Suddenly, I see them.

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Camping (Warren Worthington x reader fluff)

Requested by @justburningunderthesun

Warnings : none

Word count : 1489

A/N - This is my first imagine on this blog!!! I hope you like it :) 

You never liked camping. It’s terrible. There are always flies everywhere, you get sunburn and most of the time you always have to share a tent with someone. So it comes to no surprise that when Charles makes an announcement about your next school field trip you let out an unenthusiastic groan.

“Come on Y/N, It will be fun!”, said Jean, as we make our way to our shared dorm.

“Not in a million years”, you reply, crossing my arms. Jean lets out a sigh of defeat.

“Y/N, you do know you’re really stubborn. You know that, right?”, she says throwing her arms in the air. “There is no use in lying to me Y/N. I can tell from your thoughts that you’re still excited about the trip”.

Jean wasn’t completely wrong. You loved feeling the wind against your skin. The sensation always sent shivers down your spine. You loved the way the fire looked so beautiful at night and the delicious smores you could make. Well, It’s not like you needed the fire. You could just roast the marshmallows with Scott’s laser eyes, but it doesn’t beat the wonderful feeling of roasting the marshmallows over the fire at night.

When you reached your dorm, yourself and Jane start packing your things, as you were supposed to leave at 6 in the morning. Fortunately for you, you were an early morning person, but you still hated the fact that you had to leave so early.  

*time skip

Yourself and Jean both left the dorm with your travel bags in your hands. You both made your way to the courtyard to meet up with the professor, the teachers and the rest of the students.

“Alright, now that everyone is here, I would like to announce your partners for the trip”, said Charles. “Scott and Jean”, You look over at the (soon to be) couple over my shoulder. Both their faces were crimson red. They both tried avoiding eye contact as Scott looked at the ground and Jean was looking straight ahead trying to pretend it didn’t bother her at all. You didn’t need to be a telepath to know that both teenagers had a crush on the other.

“Jubilee and Kurt. Y/N and Warren”, my heart froze as Charles said the first syllable of his name. Warren Worthington. Saying you had a crush on the winged boy was an understatement. You were in love with the boy. You never made a move considering he barely knows you exist. The only person you’ve told about this problem is Jean. You and Warren never talked unless you two were with your friends. It’s going to be incredibly awkward. As you were drowning in your thoughts, you didn’t pay attention to the rest of the names Charles had called out.

“Everyone must be sitting with their partner for the whole ride to the campsite and back for safety purposes”, he said. Well, this isn’t going to end well.

Both you and Jean knew that it was going to be extremely awkward sitting next to your crushes, so she gave you a telepathic message, telling you to sit as close as possible to herself and Scott.

When you got on the bus, you spotted Jean immediately. She was trying to make small talk with Scott. You slightly cringed, knowing that it was extremely awkward for the two teenagers. You sat in the row in front on Jean. As you were looking for your earphones in your carry on, you felt a light brush against your arm. You slowly looked up and saw Warren adjusting his wings so it wouldn’t keep hitting your face. You were in shock when you saw him, that you couldn’t move a muscle. Your eyes were set looking at the boy’s eyes with your mouth slightly parted. You could feel butterflies in your stomach as you were looking at him. It was only when he slightly turned his head towards you, that you realised that you were staring. You quickly buried your head in your bag, pretending to look for something. He leans towards your ear.

“It’s not nice to stare, Y/N”, he whispers softly into your ear. You blushed at his comment. You tried to avoid his stare.

“Oh, u-um. S-sorry”, you reply. He chuckles.

“Jesus, Y/N. I was joking. Lighten up a bit”, He says, smirking at you. You look up at him, giving him a small smile. You’re slightly sweating as you see him still smirking.  You wanted to smack that stupid grin off his face. You immediately looked out the window, trying to communicate with your thoughts to Jean.

Y/N, don’t worry you’re doing great. Just try not to explode. She says using her telepathic communication. 

You breathe in and out in an attempt to calm your nerves. This was going to be a long bus ride.

*time skip

When you arrived at the camp site, Charles gave each group a two-person sized tent. Everyone began to work on the tent. You tried to avoid talking to Warren, to stop yourself from saying something stupid, but he was the opposite. He was desperate to start a conversation with you. He asked if you liked the school so far and if I was doing alright in the with the classes and the training. You replied with a short “yeah” or “I guess so”.

“So, have you met anyone that has caught your eye yet,” he asks, nervously, looking at the tent that was almost finished being built. Your eyes went wide, as you looked at the grass, also trying to avoid eye contact. You didn’t know what to say.

“Um. Y-yeah. Kind of,” you reply.

“Oh,” he says, with a hint of disappointment. “So, who is the lucky guy”

“H-he-,” You were cut off my Jean, who called you over to ‘help’ her with the tent. You turned around and mentally thanked her.

After the dinner and smores, you were extremely tired, so you went into your tent early. After you were dressed in your pyjama shirt and shorts you blew up your air mattress  and went to lie down. As you were about to drift off into sleep, you heard the tent door zip open. You slightly opened one eye to see who it was. It was Warren. This didn’t surprise you at all, considering this is his tent too. You pretended you were asleep to avoid small talk. You heard him take off his clothes and slip into a pair of sweatpants. He unrolled his sleeping bag and lied down on it.Your heart was beating rapidly as you realised you were sleeping in the same space as him. After a few minutes, you noticed he kept shifting constantly in discomfort.


“Sorry Y/N. I didn’t mean to wake you”

“It’s fine, Warren. U-Um…W-would you like to sleep on the mattress?,” You asked, your voice coming out higher than expected.

“Sure. If it’s fine with you”

You moved over to make enough room for him to sleep.You felt the mattress dip with his weight. The both of you had your backs facing each other. You felt him turn around. Your breaths were unsteady from how close you were with the angel boy. You felt him move closer and closer to you until his chest was pressed against your back. Your heart was beating rapidly, you were sure he could feel you heart beats.

“Is this making you uncomfortable, Y/N?” he says with a smirk.

You turn around to face him. You gather all your confidence and moved your head towards his head.

“No. Is this making you uncomfortable, Warren?” you reply, with a playful smile.

“Nope,” he says with a cheeky grin.

He places his wing over your body and moves you even closer to him that both your lips are an inch apart. You decided you had enough, and you pulled his shirt towards you and closed the gap. His lips were soft and plump. Both your lips were moving in sync. You felt your stomach going wild. He had his hand on your waist and you had your hand on the back of his neck. You tugged his hair, resulting a moan slip from his mouth. You smiled into the kiss. You pulled away from the kiss, both of you were breath taken. His lips were slightly red and slightly swollen from the make-out session.

“Okay, I have a confession to make. I like you Y/N…a lot,” he says.

“Yeah. I can tell”, you giggle, poking his side. He chuckles. “I like you too”.

Let’s just say, that was the best camping trip of your life.

“I heard her vagina has teeth”

A/N: pretty sure you’ll only get this if you watched SQ.

“What are you doing?” I asked, my eyes not moving from the tv screen. Michael and I were cuddled on the couch as I tried to catch up on the shows I had missed while I had been traveling with the band for the last few weeks. I was currently watching Scream Queens and Michael was laid across the couch with his head in my lap while he ate and scrolled on Twitter. 

“I hate this show,” He stated, scrolling away on his phone.

 I rolled my eyes and placed my empty plate on the side table next to the couch. After wiping my hands on the napkin I had, I ran my fingers through his hair.

“You don’t hate this show. You hate one of the actors.” 

He sighed and rolled over so he was flat on his back and he looked over at me. I used my free hand to grab his and give it a tight squeeze and a sad smile.

“I don’t hate her. I just don’t understand why she wrote that song. I mean, I hadn’t spoken to her in a year.” He sighed, and closed his eyes.

I let go of his hand and ran my fingers across his cheek before placing my hand there, making him look at me.

“I don’t know baby.Maybe she wasn’t getting as many acting jobs as she wanted and she thought she’d make millions over bashing you. We may never know. All you need to know though, is that your fans love you so much, and I love you more than you could imagine.”

Michael locked eyes with me and leaned up to kiss my lips.

“I love you so much.” He said before turning to look at the tv.

“I love you too.” I said before giggling.
He looked back over at me with a questioning smile.

“What?” He asked.

“Just be thankful you never slept with her.”


“I heard her vagina has teeth.”

Kiss Me

A/N: this was one of the drabble requests (#13: “kiss me”), but it got a little bit long and it looks annoyingly long as an answer to an anon ask so im just positing it by itself! it’s not really a one-shot and it’s also kinda crappy but yall requested it so enjoy! // ps im gonna tag them all as drabble* in case you ever wanna find my mediocre writing 

Your POV

“You know you’re beautiful and I’m beautiful so we should be together so we can be beautiful together!” Justin slurred.

You blushed and continued to carry his body across his bedroom and eventually managed to settle him on his bed. God, what have they been feeding him? If he were sober, he’d probably reply with “I’m 167 pounds of straight mass,” but drunk Justin seemed to think he was a feather on your shoulder. 

“Thanks, Justin, but you should get some sleep. You’re gonna have a killer hangover tomorrow.” You told him.

Justin shook his head excessively. His hair looked ridiculous after and the there was a haziness to his face that told you he was definitely drunk, but he still looked incredible. His eyes were glazed over, but they held their usual sparkle and his lips were stained from all the drinks he took.

He was right. He is beautiful.

“I– I don’t get hangovers.” He protested. “‘Nd I don’t wanna sleep. I wanna talk to yooooooooou.”

You smiled a little and sat next to him, the mattress sinking underneath the weight of the both of you. “We can talk tomorrow, but sleep now.” You told him.

He beamed down at you with a glowing eyes and slightly parted lips. “Ya know I meant it when I said you’re beautiful. I think you’re the most beautifulest girl in the world.” He had a cheesy grin on his face and he sounded like a five year old, but you blushed nonetheless.

“See? Your cheeks went all red that means you agree!” He said too loudly. “Why would you make me go to sleep when the prettiest girl is next to me?”

You sighed. Taking care of your drunk best friend is a lot harder than they make it seem in the movies. Why are drunk people so stubborn?

You stayed silent and Justin stared at you, a million thought racing through his intoxicated mind.

“I don’t get why you don’t have a boyfriend, you know.” He rambled softly, in contrast to his previous obnoxious tone. “Like I said, you’re the prettiest girl and you’re nice and you’re cute and you laugh at all my jokes so I don’t get why you don’t have a boyfriend.”

“It’s fine, Justin, I don’t need a boyfriend, okay?”

“I know… But, but it keeps me up at night because millions – no, wait billions of boys must ask you out but you don’t have a boyfriend so you must turn them down so how would I get you to go out with me, huh? No way I could do that.” He grumbled and played with his fingers.

You stared at him. Did Justin say he wanted to ask you out but he was too scared? That couldn’t be. One, there’s no way Justin had any romantic feelings for you; this was the boy who had threatened to make his dog shit in your shoes last week. And secondly, what did he have to be scared of?

“Not that many people ask me out, Justin.” You corrected him. You weren’t sure of how to tell his drunken mind that he was wrong, or how to ask him what he meant, so you kept your tone soft.

“But you’re still pretty.” He said quietly. “And I dunno how to get a pretty girl like you to like me.”

“Uh, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.” You patted his back. “Come on, let’s go to bed.”

Kiss me.” He blurted.

“What? Justin, no – I can’t. You’re drunk.” You stuttered. You knew he was drunk, but you didn’t expect him to go from rambling about your lack of a boyfriend to kissing him. 

“So? I’d wanna kiss you if I was sober, too.” He mumbled. “How come you don’t wanna kiss me?”

“‘Cause we’re friends, Justin. You don’t just kiss your friends.” You explained.

Justin pouted and fell back on his bed. “Well that’s a stupid rule.” He huffed. “I wanna kiss you and I can’t even do that and that sucks ‘cause you’re the prettiest girl in the world but we’re friends so I can’t kiss you. Who made that rule (Y/N)? I need to have a talk with them because they’re stupid, dumb… very stupid rule is keeping my lips away from yours and I don’t want that. I– I just want to kiss you and now I can’t ‘cause some stupid guy with a stupid rule said I can’t. I hate rules.”

You smiled at his rant. You were extremely flattered, but you tried not to let it sink too deep. He was extremely drunk after all; you doubted he’d remember a thing. Much less actually have feelings for you.

“Sorry, buddy.” You chuckled.

Justin sat up in a flash. “I know!” He quipped. “We can get married. If we’re married then we can kiss, right? I think so, right, (Y/N)? Yeah, I think that’s how it works. Scooter and Yael kiss and they’re married so that must be it! So we should just get married so you can kiss me. Marriage is a good rule.”

He seemed proud of his idea and looked at you with hope in his hazy eyes.

“Okay, we can get married tomorrow, alright, Justin?” You gave in. “But only if you go to sleep now.”

He nodded his head just as excessively as he had shook it before.

“Okay, I promise. I can’t wait for us to get married. I’ll show you that I wanna kiss you even when I’m not drunk too.” He lay back down and hugged a pillow near him. You watched over him for a bit, making sure he didn’t vomit anymore and that we was okay to rest. “You’ll see, (Y/N). You’re gonna look even prettier in your dress and then we can kiss all day long and I’ll buy you the biggest ring ever and you’ll finally see how much so love you and we’ll live happily ever after…”

He mumbled out loud. You saw the sleep clouding over him and soon enough he was knocked out, hugging a pillow as if it was a person.

You smiled and walked out of his room, leaving the door open in case you heard him get up to vomit.

You walked to his guest room across the all and lay in the comfy bed, replaying the night in your head. You couldn’t help but get warm inside at the thought of marrying Justin. Of course he was a perfect gentleman and would treat you right, but you had to remember that he was drunk. He couldn’t possibly have meant all of that…

You’ll finally see how much I love you.” You couldn’t stop thinking about that. There’s no way Justin was in love with you. A boy like him wouldn’t fall in love with his best friend. That kinda stuff only happened in books.

You shook your head. Justin wasn’t in love with you, he was just drunk and probably a bit horny.

But you couldn’t help but wonder if maybe it was true.

"School Hates Me"

“So I thought that you could finally show me The Black Cauldron- what’s wrong?”

“My life!” I spat, completely ignoring Luke’s open arms and choosing instead to walk up the stairs, taking three steps at a time per my usual habit.

“What happened?” Luke asked, quickly following, concern lacing his tone.

“I emailed the wrong essay to my R.E teacher. I sent Becca’s one instead of my one. That’s why I got excellence, because it was her work, not mine.” I explained, turning on the shower and pushing past Luke, standing in the doorway, before heading towards my room to gather my pajamas. I just wanted to have a shower and then go to bed, I was that done with the day.

“Oh that sucks. I’m sure you’ll pass with yours. And get excellence again.” Luke grinned, still following me.

“No I won’t!” I yelled, facing Luke, red in the face and tears of anger forming in my eyes. “Mine is absolute shit! That’s six fucking credits I lost! I’m so fucking stupid!” I whispered, the anger having left me with a feeling of complete hopelessness.

“Don’t put yourself down like that!” Striding forward and grabbing my shoulders with his large hands. “You’re not stupid! It was an honest mistake; anyone could’ve done it. You are smart Y/N.”

“No, I’m not, have you seen my marks this year? I’m only just passing everything. Even my teachers don’t think I’ll pass my externals. I’m a failure!” I begin to cry softly, feeling completely useless.

Luke pulled me forward, crushing my body to his in a tight hug. “No you aren’t. You’re not a failure; don’t ever think like that Y/N. Everyone struggles with school-”

“You didn’t” I spat bitterly.

“Of course I did! I sucked at basically everything except math and that was only because of mum. And I didn’t even do year thirteen in a proper school environment! I have no clue how hard it is to do it properly”

“Yeah, but you still passed. And you have a job, and you’re doing something with your life.” I said, falling back onto my self-doubts that I was going nowhere.

Luke sighed, kissing the top of my head. “I got lucky, Y/N. You know I never thought in a million years that we would actually get famous. You’ll find something you love and you’ll write that novel and get it published. And until you do you’ll have people like me and your family supporting you in any decision you chose to make. We’ll also support you afterwards but that isn’t important right now. Don’t give up hope because of one stupid internal. I love you, Y/N and I know you’ll do all the things you want to do and more, and you’ll pass you R.E.”

I lifted my head and looked directly into his beautiful blue eyes, they were completely sincere. I sighed, “I love you too, Luke. I still don’t think I’ll pass it but I’ll figure something else out. Now let me go before I waste all the water.”

“Not until you say you’ll pass.” Luke said firmly, smiling cheekily as he tightens his hold.

“Luke,” I whined, pulling out the e. “Let me go!”

“Say it or I’ll tickle you!”


“Yes! You have three seconds to say it or I’ll tickle you, one… Two… Two and a half… Three!” Luke slender fingers released my shoulders, curling into claws and attacking my stomach.

I squealed, laughter already bubbling from my throat. “Fine! Fine! I’ll pass! I’ll pass!”

Luke dropped his hands, grinning manically. “I win!” He said in a cutely annoying voice.

“Whatever,” I said, teasingly shoving him.

“Now go have that shower; you stink!”

“Oi!” I yelled indignantly as Luke began laughing. “You’re a right twat you know that?”

“But you love me anyway!” Luke sang, titling his head to the side and winking.

“Maybe. You are cute, so that’s to your advantage. So maybe I’ll keep you around.” I said before darting around him and running to the shower before he could react to my sentence.


“Hey, Y/N, so how was school today?” Luke asked as I walked into the living room, he was watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S on the TV, lying on his stomach with his head resting on his arms. 

I dropped my bag onto the floor and walked over to him silently. I set myself down next to him, pulling his arms over my head and cuddling into his warm body.

“Was it that bad?” Luke said into my hair. “It’ll get better, Y/N, I promise. Don’t give up yet-”

“It wasn’t that bad.” I said softly, shaking my head, knowing he could feel the movement.

“Then why are you sad?”

“I’m not sad. I just wanted to cuddle with you.”

“Okay then.” Luke said, clearly more than a little confused.

I waited another ten minutes before speaking again, listening to the sounds of Monica’s pitchy voice, Joey’s stupidity and Chandler’s terrible puns. “You know that R.E internal I had to resubmit because it wasn’t mine?” I said, although it had only been two days since I had come home, close to crying.


“Well I got it back today.”


“I passed. I got an achieved but whatever, I don’t lose six credits so that’s brilliant.” I said smiling into his shirt.

“See? What did I tell you! I win!” Luke said in a triumphant tone. “This is why you keep me around, cause I’m physic and handsome and funny. How did you ever manage to get this lucky?”

“I’ve been drugging you the past eight months?” I said, mildly serious.

“Makes sense.” Luke shrugged. “Anyway, I told you, you’d pass. Now what do you owe me?”

“My love?”


I lifted my head, and saw the smirk gracing his lips as he looked down at me, “A kiss?” I tried and he nodded. Giggling, I pushed myself forward and gave him a gentle kiss. “I love you Luke.” I smiled.

“I love you too Y/N,”

So this was based on what happened to me today at school. I did email in my friend’s assement instead of my own because I was using it to help myself write my own. Yes I did go from and excellence to only an achieved because I freaking suck at R.E. Anyway I suck at oneshots so lets see how this plays out. If you want to you can send me requests…