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The small Dork and the Artist pt.2

I wanted to continue what @That-Punny-Cookie started, even if it was my other account that I deleted, I had a feeling nobody would believe me and all.
Just saying, the One-Shot wasn’t supposed to be submitted, it was a draft ;w;
But, just saying, the day I found out you replied…




Error poked the chocolate softly.

It looked yummy.

And Error wanted to eat something.

Error gently picked up the chocolate while Ink watched, curious for what his rescuing to chocolate will be. Error took a small nibble of the chocolate (that wasn’t wrapped) slowly and cautiously. His eye lights lit up slightly at the sweet taste. Instead of chomping down the chocolate greedily, Error instead took quick but small nibbles of the chocolate. Ink giggled at the small glitchy child.

”Hey, what’s your name?“ Ink asked, “I’m Ink. You can call me anything but shorty.”

Error looked up at Ink, blinking a little, putting down the (very tasty) chocolate bar.

Error sat down a little more properly, sitting on his bum. (Is that more proper, or does it not make a difference? I don’t know, whoops-)

“My NaMe iS Error,“ Error murmured softly. Ink leaned in a little, humming in question. “What did you say?” Ink asked politely. Error tooonin a deep breath and looked Ink straight in the eye with slight bravery.

”Error,“ Error repeated confidently, “My NaMe Is Error.”

Ink smiled brightly, crawling closer to Error. ”That’s a great name! Do you mind if I call you … Hmm … RuRu, perhaps?“ Ink asked. Error rose his ‘eyebrows.’ “WhO Is ’RuRu’¿” Error asked back. Ink giggled, scooting a little closer to Error.

“Your RuRu, silly!“ Ink smiled, pointing to Error. Error pointed to himself, “mE¿ bUt, I’m ErRor!” Error protested, “nOt rUrU!”

Ink grinned, “If I call you RuRu, you can call me anything you want. If you like, you can call me shorty, even if I’m taller than you,“ Ink suggested, scooting until he was normal length from Error.

Error puffed his cheeks and and crossed his arms, “I-i’m nOt GonNA aLwAyS bE shOrT! I-i’lL grOw Up!“ Error huffed, “i’lL grOw Up TO bE tAlL!”

Ink rolled his eyes playfully. “Suuuuuure. Hehe. Anyway, want to leave this awful place?“ Ink asked Error. Error gasped and stood up quickly, “yEs PleAsE, InK!” Error smiled, which Ink returned. The artist stood up, and realized how short Error was. Even wearing shoes, Error was just a little shorter than Inks elbow.

’Oh my gosh,’ Ink squealed internally, ’He’s so short!’ Ink internally fangirled at how cute Error is. ‘But, I also wonder, will Error be able to go through the portal himself?’ Ink asked himself. He shrugged and opened a portal using his paintbrush. Almost immediately, Error hid behind Ink.

“WhAt Is ThAt… ?” Error asked nervously, grabbing onto Inks clothes. Ink turned a little, looking down at the nervous child.

“That, RuRu, is a portal. It will take us away from here,” Ink smiled happily. Error still hid behind Ink.

The artist turned around completely, grabbing Error and placing him onto his hip. Error squeaked and grabbed onto Ink for his dear life.

Ink looked at Error, “Are you ready? We’re going to walk through the portal.“ Error nodded, grabbing onto Ink even more tightly.

’He might fall asleep when we go through the portal,’ Ink thought, ’Probably because of his unsteady magic.’

After that thought, Ink stepped through his portal, entering his guest room in his home.

Which was thankfully not covered in enough papers to not be considered a room anymore. The room was quite plain. If had a twin sized bed in the middle of the room, pressed against the wall. On the right of the bed was a desk, papers and pencils scattered around the wooden surface. It was a plain looking room as mention earlier.
Ink turned to check if Error had fallen asleep.

Yup, he is.

Ink picked up Error and placed him onto the guest bed, tucking him in.

Ink sat next to Errors bed, just in case Error wakes up and gets scared, or something along those lines. Ink wants to be next to the glitchy skeleton, he wants to know if he’s okay, he wants to make sure nobody is messing with Error.
The artist stroked Error’s head in a comforting manner, hoping too sooth the skeletons nervous nerves from going through portal earlier.

“I will watch over you, no matter what. Your my small little dork.”

Before y'all start screaming about stuff I messed up
I thought that Error wouldn’t have hapephobia(? Is that his you spell it?) because he wasn’t stuck in the void for a heck of a long time. So he didn’t mind the touching. (Or, maybe I didn’t want to write angst/feels ;w;)

(I’ve gotten sucked into child!error x Ink to the point where I’m drawing them in class XD)

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Unu says: You didn’t have a title so I felt free to name the story, haha. I’m good at naming things, did you know that? |D

Anyway, this is just so cute! You guys keep submitting so cute fanfics to me and just… hnnngh <3<3<3

Thanks for continuing the story. And you’re welcome for the response, I guess? Though I’m still recovering from that train hitting me last time and stuff~

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Re: Top 10 times Victor was petty af. Just sharing my own headcannon after reading this - after Victuuri gets together in Rivals, Victor decides to retaliate (in good spirit) for Yuuri being super oblivious to his many "I'm in love with Yuuri" skating routines through the seasons. In one of his exhibition skates after they get together, Victor skates to song with a really explicit "I'm yours and you're mine" message - basically his own version of Eros (1/2)

(2/2) directed straight at Yuuri who is watching off the ice and slowly getting redder and more turned on by the second. (Oh and the crowd is also going nuts) In my head the song Victor is skating to is “I can’t go on” by Robin Bengsston, which already has pretty suggestive choreography XD Thats just my thoughts - thank you so much for sharing your writing!! I look forward to every chapter you post!


Haha, this is a great headcanon and I imagine Yuuri would very much enjoy watching Viktor skate something like that! 

Young!Remus Lupin x reader: Another Cinderella Story

(A/N: i have no idea how to make the photo’s and GIFs smaller, if you know how to make them smaller, please tell me XDD)

your pov

it was the evening of the annual yule ball. At the moment you were in your room getting ready, you didn’t have a date, but you decided to go anyway. Some of your friends didn’t have dates either, so you were going to hang out with them. You liked to hang out with your friends, but you were a little disappointed. You were hoping a certain boy would ask you. That boy being Remus Lupin, the genius one among the four Marauders. You and Remus had become close friends since our first year, you had hoped he would ask you, but he didn’t. You didn’t know why, but you assumed he asked someone else.
At the moment you were wearing a dark blue dress just above the knee, with a glittery belt, a sweetheart neckline and a see-through top with glistening flowers on it.

You were currently walking from your common room to the hall where the ball was taking place, but apparently you hadn’t noticed the ghost and the slytherin standing just behind the corner, they weren’t anyone other then Peeves and Regulus Black. ‘Well hello (Y/N)’, Regulus said. The hallway was a little dark, yet you still saw that both the older boy and the ghost were holding something. ‘Uhh, hey?’ you said confused.
‘That’s a nice dress’, Regulus said.
‘Euh, thanks’, you said, slowly backing away, not trusting the situation.
‘What are you talking about, Blacky? That dress is so old it’s practically falling to pieces.’ he said as he suddenly flew forward and ripped the belt of your dress.
You gasped surprised, but that wasn’t all, through Peeves you could see the silhouette of Regulus throwing several objects towards you. You didn’t have the reflex to catch whatever he just threw. It hit you on you arms and your dress. You looked down to see black spots all over your dress and arms. Ink? When you looked back up, both of them were gone.
Why? You thought by yourself. What did I ever do to those two? You turned back around and ran, you couldn’t go there like this. You needed to find something, so you knew where to go: the Room of Requirement. There you searched around the room to if there was anything you could wear so you could still go to the ball with your friends.
But after a long while you hadn’t found any clothes, you decided to give up and go back to the common room and go to bed. You passed the last couple of bookshelf before the door, when you heard something falling on the ground. Behind you you saw a book on the ground, you picked it up and read: a copy of the everyday witches handy spells.
You looked at the index, reading subjects like:  

self-knitting needles
self-scrubbing pans and pots
clothing spells

Clothing spells? Maybe…
You scrolled through the spells on that page and found one that you thought could work. When you have little time and somewhere to go to. When your clothes are ruined and you need something else.
‘Well that is… convenient?’ you said to yourself, not really sure if it would work but not having anything to lose either. The book instructed you to say the spell while moving your wand around your head. (A/N: Bibbity Bobbity Boo and all that XD) The following happened: *insert gif*

I looked for a mirror, my new clothes were astounding; A dark blue Ballgown with flowery sleeves of the shoulders and long gloves. In my hair there was a tiara with blue gemstones and similar earrings.

You were almost at the Great Hall where the Yule Ball had already begun. Two teachers stood guard at the entrance the grand doors. When they saw you, they smiled and opened the doors for you. You slowly walked in, the first person you saw was none other than Regulus Black standing together with his slytherin friends. You proudly walked past him with a smug smile, his eyes followed you, completely astound.
You scanned the room and looked for your friends, you found them at one of the tables. On your way there were a lot of students who complemented your dress, both girls and boys.
‘That dress is beautiful, (Y/N).’
‘Where did you get that dress?’
‘That’s so beautiful.’
You sat down with your friends, who asked you what took so long, you told the story.

Remus POV

I sat at a table with Peter, James who surprisingly got Lilly Evans for his date and Sirius who had some girl from Ravenclaw as his date. During the entire night I’ve been looking for (Y/N), I didn’t have the guts to ask her for the ball even though I wanted to, very much. All of a sudden the hall went silent, the doors opened and someone walked in. Upon closer inspection I finally saw who it was, (Y/N)…
She looked beautiful, like a queen. A hand on my shoulder snapped my out of my daydream, behind me stood James, Sirius and Peter. Sirius said: ‘You didn’t ask her before the ball, now here she is, without a date and looking like bloody royalty.’
‘Yes, I know.’
‘Soooo, what are you gonna do now.’
‘Well, I think I’m gonna…’
‘Ask her to dance before someone steals her away.’
Sirius pushed me backwards: ‘Now go get some!’

your POV

you sat down with your friends, just drinking soda and talking, when you felt a hand on your shoulder. Behind you stood Remus Lupin himself. You stood up, he pulled you to the side.
‘(Y/N)’, he breathed, ‘You look absolutely beautiful.’
‘Thank you’, you said looking away, slightly blushing.
He put his fingers under your chin, making you look into his eyes. ‘Is it too late to ask you to be my date to the ball.’
Both of you laughed, you answered: ‘No, it isn’t.’
‘Good’, he smiled sheepishly, ‘care to dance.’
You nodded, and followed him to the dance floor. A waltz started playing, Remus lead our dance.
As we started to dance, I saw everyone looking: ‘They’re all looking at you.’
‘Believe me, they are all looking at you.’

(A/N: the dance, I imagine, is like the dance from the 2015 Cinderella movie: )

The music stopped and everyone applauded. After you, other couples started dancing to a faster sort of Waltz. ‘Come with me’, Remus said. He lead you to an empty table and sat down next to each other. ‘I wanted to tell you something.’ he sighted and look your hand again, stroking his thumb over your knuckles. ‘I’m sorry I didn’t ask you earlier, I was scared you were gonna say no. And I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, cause I really care about you… a lot, more than a friend. And so I didn’t want to lose you to some other guy that would break your heart and…’
He kept rambling on and on, you managed to calm him down by putting your hand on his cheek. ‘Remus, it’s alright, you aren’t gonna lose me to someone.’ He looked at you with hopeful eyes. Slowly and a bit uncertain he put his hand on the back of your neck and leaned in. His lips brushed over yours but hesitated for a couple of seconds. You leaned forwards, connecting your lips. Remus deepened the kiss almost immediately. After a while air was needed, so you pulled away with your foreheads still touching.
‘I love you’, he whispered.


I’m going through my WIP folders and… these are sketches for the cursed Tyranny/Peter Pan crossover from a while back, where Ashe is the leader of a viking crew lost at sea, who got pulled into Neverland and trapped there for centuries by the the local manace Nerat Pan, whose power of imagination is making them look like pirates and they hate it (in this crossover, Pan isn’t stealing Hook’s hat, but rather, keeps putting it on his head, or it just appears there by itself) XD Ashe Hook also lost his hand because Nerat Pan thought a pirate captain must have a hook for a hand.

Nerat’s power comes from the collar made out of pixies around his neck - they are his voices.

See more of my Tyranny fanart here>>

I haven’t attempted fanfiction in over seven years

So I ask you be gentle with this humble attempt to get back into the game..

Just a drabble in which Adrein gets jealous (because I needed a jealous Adrien). Probably been written 500 different times but I’ve yet to read this scene so sorry if it’s too similar to an existing fic.

I pretty much wrote this at work between customers, lol.

MariChat because of freaking course it is.


“Awww, it’s so cute!”

Adrien hated himself right now.

“I think you’ve got a fan, girl!” Alya laughed.

He grit his teeth and tried to focus on something other than the cute cooing sounds Marinette made as she scratched the small black kitten behind the ears. He refused to believe he was jealous of the small creature sitting in her lap, but he was. So jealous in fact, he had to force himself to suppress a growl as the kitten mewed and nuzzled her hand again eliciting another “awww” from both girls.

‘Relax’  he told himself. ‘It’s just.. Another cat. Getting way too friendly with Marinette. Rubbing his scent all over her. Does he think he’s claiming her? Who does this kid think he is anyway?!’

A tap on the shoulder snapped him out of his thoughts.  

“Hey Adrien? .. Whoa!”

He realized he was glaring. “Sorry” he blushed and quickly looked away, his shoulders slumped.

“Adrien are you okay?” The worry in Marinette’s voice made him feel even worse.

He rubbed the back of his neck nervously then shot the girls what he hoped was a confident smile.

“I’m fine, just a lot on my mind. Model stuff, you know?”  

Picking up his bag he turned and waved over his shoulder. “I’m gonna head back, see you in class ‘kay?”

“What was that about?” Alya asked as they watched him exit the park.

The rest of the day passed without incident but Adrien still couldn’t seem to calm down. The sun had barely set before Chat Noir was bounding across the rooftops at top speed. Skidding to a halt he only remembered to breathe after he saw light in the familiar window across the street.

In one effortless leap he was on her balcony; silently he dropped through the skylight. She was preoccupied at her desk and didn’t seem to notice him until he had slid in between her and the desk to drape himself across her lap.

“Hey kitty” she sighed, shifting into a more comfortable position under him. “Rough day?”

She hadn’t changed yet, he could still smell that other cat on her clothes. He wanted so badly to lay her down and nuzzle every inch of her until she was covered in his scent. But that might be weird and he didn’t want to push those boundaries, yet. So he simply moved up to wrap his arms around her waist snuggling his face against her stomach. “The worst.” He groaned.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Pet me.”


“Pet me.” He insisted again, his black ears drooping slightly.

She laughed softly and buried her fingers in his golden hair, scratching until a low purr rumbled from his chest.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous hot stuff.” She whispered as she leaned over to lay a kiss on his head.

“You’re a terrible person my lady.”

The continued purring told her he thought otherwise though.



*Exhales loudly* This was written at work and cleaned up over a couple hours in the very early AM so I hope it’s not too much of a mess. I’ll probably go back through later and clean it up a bit more but for now I hope it was at least a little “entertaining”? I had fun writing it. XD;;

This has a sequel now.


So during my trip to Japan there was a Chinese boy in my group. I’m gonna call him DEEP. We all thought DEEP had a thing for this wasian (White & Asian) underclassmen that also came on the trip. He said he didn’t like her but he was lying. We didn’t talk to each other so much on the trip, but we were cool. I knew about him before the trip because he was once a stepper at my school but never thought to much of him. So i never considered him as a close friend.

So I was walking around after school ended with my guy friend one day and we ran into DEEP. Me and DEEP never really talked like that while we were in Japan or in our Japanese class. Hey saw us and said hey. When he said hey to me i didn’t think too much. I thought he just said it because we were classmates. It wasn’t until he kept walking with us that i realized he wanted to actually talk to me. He’s all like “hey”, “what’s up”, “why are you still at school?”. (He’s staying after school waiting for his little brother to be done with his club)In my head I’m like why is he talking to me like we’re close friends… Me and this guy are cool but we’re not besties. So while he’s talking to me my friend decided to speed walk and leave me behind!

Now it’s just me and DEEP walking. I’m thinking DEEP is going go on his way too. NOPE. He asked me where i was going and I tell him i’m going home. I’m thinking that would get this guy to peace out. NOPE. he’s like oh don’t you live close by. I’ll just walk with you. We make small talk and whole time i’m suspecting somethings up because he was TOO COMFORTABLE. we get half way to my place and i’m like okay he needs to bounce now. NOPE. YOUR BOY STILL TALKING TO ME! He asks me why most of my friends are guys. and i’m like because they are chill. Hey’s says i think some of them like you, like you. I’m just like….-___- where tf is this going? Like my guy friends aint shit (sorry, i love them though <3) But if they were my type i would had said something by now. Anyways i explain to him that they were just friends and ask him why he thought they liked me.  he ’s like because your the package. and i’m like O-O what do you mean. he’s like because (speeding through his answer) you pretty, your body. and i say oh and start laughing cause i was like….my body? (in me head: mmm so you’ve been looking at me ;D)

While we’re walking (yes we’re still walking! xD) we are almost at my place and i’m thinking he’s going to turn around and go back to the school anytime soon now. NOPE. we get near the entrance of my place and he ask if it would be okay he killed time with me and if my parents would mind if he came him. i’m like….boy what? if you were Jay Park i might say bring that ass in but uhhh… he walked me to my door and my sisters are home and he asked my older sister if he could come in and she’s like yea that’s fine. i didn’t rally care because he was gonna leave soon and i was actually getting comfortable with him. he asked if we had anything to eat and i’m like nope “unless you want some rice and stew, but idt you eat African food, right? ” Here’s where he shocked me. This sheltered Chinese boy told me “I LOVE AFRICAN FOOD” i took a break and ate a twix because i had to digest this unbelievable moment. i’m about to make us both separate plates and he’s like i’m not that hungry is it okay if we just share. i just said okay because i was snacking hard at school that day anyways. so i make the food. here’s how it played out. 2 spoons and 1 plate of rice and stew. This boy was not lying. he ate it. (lol i didn’t realize we were doing some couple shit until later).

We were asking each other why we never talked and i guess that day we became close. So i walk him back to school and we say our see you later’s. I walk into class the next day and he’s sitting in the seat next to mine (that’s not his seat at all) and i’m like :) that’s cute. and we go through class but the whole class he didn’t look me in my eyes like a shy kid and i’m like :) this is kind of cute. after class he’s waiting for me (he’s always the first to leave, and i am the last to leave) and he’s like oh let me walk with you to your next class and i say okay (it’s kind of odd though since his class is no where near mine) That’s when i realized he had a crush on me because he did it the next couples of days. but than i think i messed things up. i said something, maybe something that he took a different way (it was hard to pin point because i didn’t say or do anything bad to him) and he changed back to his original seat. he didn’t wait for me after class anymore nor did he talk to me often if it wasn’t class related and i guess that was an end of what was beginning. 

Couple months later we were at a table during a Japanese activity and everyone else left to play a game and we were there sitting alone at the table. he’s like i’m hungry and i had left overs from a class party and i gave it to him so he could eat some and he ate it….all -___- i asked him who he was going to prom with and he’s like someone that doesn’t go here she’s cute (was i supposed to get jealous?). and i’m like oh that’s cool. turns out he took the wasian girl he didn’t “like.” I just didn’t understand why this guy wasted me time and lied. I didn’t like him romantically before he stopped interacting with me so i wasn’t hurt by anything, but it was just so shady how he swore up and down he didn’t like her and took her to prom… anyways i moved on with my life. We haven’t talked since graduation so pretty sure that’s dead.

Thanks for reading my long story guys ! <3

KPMBW: aw I’m sorry that happened! :( Seems like he didn’t know what he wanted.


I really, really couldn’t help but do a follow-up on that picture of Olive unintentionally accosting Circe. xD It was just running through my head and wouldn’t leave me alone until it was drawn. I apologize for the color vibration between Olive’s text and the background. o3o

I’m not sure how Olive managed to hold on so well, considering that Circe employed vampiric speed to launch herself into the air. But I s’pose Olive has to have something to compensate for her fearlessness regarding dangerous creatures. xD And one hell of a choke hold could be it!
Kat’s just like, “Well, I’ve done all I can do. I’m going to see how this plays out.”

Anyway, I just thought it was a funny thing to draw out~ x3

*Note: Circe’s actual name is Selina; Kat, of course, is one of very few who still call her that.

c2ii  asked:

sup I love your head canons! This is a quick one :P What flowers do you think represent/symbolize each prince. Right away I think Roses for Ed and Sunflowers for Glenn but I can't really remember if the other princes are as obvious (Wilfred had some potted flower in non gree). I remember daisies for some reason but XD I'd love to hear your opinion on this.


Okay, so, here’s what I think, based on both GREE and my own opinions.

Wilfred: Hydrangea - When I first thought of Wilfred, I thought a blue/purple flower would represent him nicely and for some reason, hydrangea popped into my head. I thought it was perfect, not to mention it’s tied with another flower for being my favorite, and once I looked up the meaning of hydrangea in flower language, I realized just how perfect it actually was. It’s still widely debated (for some reason), but hydrangea in flower language means heartfelt emotions and, get this, gratitude for being understood. How perfect is that?! Wilfred goes through his whole life not being listened to or understood and then comes the MC, who is able to empathize and try to understand what he is going through as a prince! Ahhhh so perfect! xD

Keith: Daisies - Now, I know what you’re thinking. Daisies? Really? For Keith? Lemme explain. I saw a CG for a GREE event/route where Keith keeps a vase of daisies from falling onto the MC. For some reason, I thought the daisy really complimented Keith’s physical appearance and made him look more attractive (thinking with my eyes and not with my brain, whoops). I looked up the meaning for daisy and it means purity, innocence, loyal love, beauty, patience, and simplicity. Now, our Keithster may not be pure by any means, but his love for the MC is. He’s very innocent in a lot of ways, he’s EXTREMELY loyal, their relationship requires a lot of patience and, when you boil right down to it, their love is very simple in its purity. They love each other - nothing complicated about it. So, despite its first impression, I think daisies are fitting for our dear Keith. :)

Roberto: Poppies - In the 1st anniversary GREE event, poppies are a very special flower to Roberto and the MC, as it is the flower that unknowingly connected them together before they ever formally met. In the route, they say it means gratitude, but I have yet to find a site that confirms that. It also means beauty, magic, consolation, fertility, and eternal life. Being with Roberto can feel like magic sometimes, he’s freaking beautiful, and he’s a master at consoling people. The MC also consoles him in her own way. So, that’s why I still kept to the poppy for our dear Robbie.

Glenn: Sunflowers - Come on, you didn’t think I was going to change their flower of destiny, huh? And why not? Here’s the meaning of the sunflower - happiness, longevity, loyalty, constancy, and adoration. These are all qualities I can see to describe Glenn or his relationship with the MC. Their love for each other has lasted over ten years, even when they were just kids. They have always been constant in their feelings for each other, are extremely loyal to the other and they adore each other. What flower could be more perfect than that? No other flower required.

Joshua: Geraniums - This flower is Joshua’s favorite, as he said so in his main GREE route. In the route, he says it represents the happiness you bring, friendship, resolve, dependability, and love. There are different kinds of geraniums, so they all have different meanings. Among the meanings are gentility, esteem, ingenuity, and comfort. All of these qualities are perfect for Joshua himself. Funnily enough, one of the types of geranium means stupidity, so I couldn’t help but laugh a little. I think it, like the daisy for Keith, is an unexpected, but surprisingly fitting flower for Joshua.

Edward: Red Rose - Duh. You’d have to be blind to not see this one coming. Obviously, it represents love. More specifically, passionate love. There are infinite kinds of roses and, of course, all of them have different meanings. I’m not going to list them all here because if I did, you’d be here for hours. Most of the meanings of the different roses fit Edward pretty well - they all have something to do with love in some way, shape, or form. What more is there to say? Edward is pretty loving right from the get go, so there’s not much more to say without saying what we already know.


Thanks for the lovely ask! I hope you enjoyed reading the answers!

Title: Was it a Dream?
Pairing: Tris Prior + Four
Fandom: Divergent
Word Count: 672
Author notes: So I wrote this months ago. I can’t even tell you how long ago that is, because I totes forget all about it until I realized I had posts sitting in my drafts. xD. Rather than delete it, however, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post it. So … enjoy? lmao. It’s entirely up to you guys.

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