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Too Good To Be True

Prompt by oresamawesome: “Robbie makes a truth ray and tries to use it on Sportacus but it ends up backfiring and either affecting Robbie or both of them and they end up accidentally confessing feelings.”

Word count: 3274

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2016 Positivity Post

A few people have been sharing 10 things that made them happy in 2016, and I thought it’d be fun to do this for Captain Swan. I know there’s a lot that can get people down about OUAT. Storylines that get forgotten, faves that don’t get the screen time, deeply questionable decisions… (I think you all know what I’m referring to with that.) But there were some fab things that 2016 brought for Captain Swan. 

1. It’s true love, bitches! 

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2. … And they’re shipped by the Gods. 

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3. That beautiful “I love you”. 

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4. Emma saved Killian from Hades. 

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5. This sweet moment.

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6. This. Hot. Scene. 

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7. They moved in together! 

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8. Swan-Jones family action.

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9. Killian Jones being a total Dork to make a child smile while Emma beams. 

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anonymous asked:

Had a vine account for your series for 3 whole vines? Can not wait for the official tribetwelve instagram account. Production blog updates?

It was just an experiment, didn’t pan out as I thought. It was fun at first but I’m a meticulous bastard so my perfectionism makes me take an hour or so to get one 6 second vine made. The ideas I had weren’t easily achievable and I ended up shifting all my focus to the TT episodes, since that’s where the real meat is. A TT Instagram is unlikely.

Fandom's favourite 1988 moment

So I was thinking of running a bracket-style elimination tournament to discover fandom’s favourite 1988 moment. I thought it could be fun to have some of our favourite moments battle head to head. :)

Before I start it and discover that I accidentally forgot an important moment, I thought I’d check to see if people think I’m missing something. The tournament works best with 32 choices, so if you suggest something new could you also let me know which one below you’d recommend taking away?

1. The World Juniors jersey bet

2. “I love you Jonny, way to step up big!”

3. “No, no. Not until after Tazer does.”

4. Their memories of the Junior Flyers (ESPN interview)

5. Jonny wanted Dale Tallon to draft Kaner

6. Riding a cab to visit their parents before the Olympics (2010)

7. Flirting through the media by way of Phil Kessel (2014 Olympics)

8. 2015 Cup win moments (finding each other over and over on the ice)

9. Jonny manhandling Pat on stage at concerts (post-2015 Cup win)

10. 2010 Cup win intense hug

11. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews Conversation

12. Signing joint contracts and the press conference (vow renewal ceremony)

13. Dance-off / Kaner Shuffle #1

14. Dance-off / Kaner Shuffle #2

15. Jonny dreaming about Kaner winning the Conn Smythe / Kaner thinking about it when he won

16. The 2010 Cup parade

17. Opening the adjoining door between their hotel rooms

18. Nudging each other behind President Obama

19. 2015 All-Star Game flirting (hair ruffling, partners in crime, Jonny Hustle)

20. 2011 All-Star Game flirting (Would you pick me, making Tazer sweat)

21. Just heard “go Johnny go” on the radio. Wow, miss the UC.

22. Twitter drama: birthday wishes and follow requests

23. “We gotta fill this place up.”

24. Kane and Toews wanting to share the cover of NHL 16

25. Comforting each other post-losses (particularly 2009 and 2012 playoffs, 2014 Olympics)

26. Popsicle-eating contest

27. My Larmer is probably Tazer

28. Kaner said he wanted to play with Jonny during the lockout

29. We have our fun in the room.

30. Jonny letting go of the banner so that Kaner could touch it last

31. Congrats to @88PKane on 100 pts and an unbelievable season! #neversatisfied #stayhot

32. Calder Trophy (walking the red carpet together, the bet, thanking Jonny later)

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procloper  asked:

Was that tidbit voice you commented on cannon?

Who knows!
There are no projects planned for to Too Much Caffeine that need voice acting. 
We’re posting voices for the characters as food for thought! They’re just for fun!
I’m sure though, if we ever needed a Tidbit voice we’d contact Ben! He’s a friend and did a very good job with it!

Speaking of that, if anyone wants to try voicing any of these characters, I’d be really happy! You can say things that you want, or I can send you a script! Whatever makes it most fun and easiest! 

Sherlock - The Final Problem (thoughts while watching)

- oh fuck poor girl
- wtf - oh. Moriarty.
- oooh, Mycroft likes teh drama!
- holy??
- strange voices w/o source? never a good thing
- same for self-closing doors
- bad-ass mycroft!!
- creepy kids? FUCK U
- fckn jumpscare gdamnit (written in shaky letters because i no like jumpscares)
- wtf?? is going on?
- more badass mycroft
- of course fuck u Sherlock
- “hey bro”
- /someone/
- oh come on enough w/ the fucking “east wind is coming”
- Mrs. Hudson is love. Mrs. Hudson is life.
- ohh bro beef incoming
- what a creepy girl
- no fuck u Euros not Redbeard u little demon i hate u why do i hate a ten year old girl
- wtf is wrong w/ her?
- DAT scene change
- pls dont bomb 221 b Baker street again
- Gawd, I love Mrs. Hudson.
- course Mycroft was the lady
- that beautiful flat. again destroyed.
- wow. such action. so james bond.
- i dont like- wait what? how? (on boat) why? (pistol)
- Noo Mycroft :’( (i actually drew a sad emoji)
- Dr John Watson? No, Dr. Jack Sparrow hewhew
- Dat grin
- cute beanie sherlock
- aggro Mycroft
- aaahhh dont talk that fast Euros
- OF COURSE im going to cry someway throughout the episode Euros
- Hoe don’t do it.
- what. the. fuck.
- no glass??
- psycho Euros
- what is this queen doenst fit?
- oh. okay. its Moriarty. it fits. i take it back.
- big g?
- sunglasses. suit. nice moriarty.
- cannibals? (was it really cannibals??? english isnt my mother tongue)
- oh five years ago? why u must confuse us
- “how do u want me?” did moriarty just hit on mycroft?
- excited moriarty
- *singing voice* Psychoooo Loooove Romaaance
- so. moriarty is actually dead? like. dead dead?
- are u kidding me thats kinda lame Euros…
- okay the governor (David) is kinda cute. thats love…
- No- oh….
- Oh boys…
- we thought moriarty was bad. we thought irene was bad. but. we have euros.
- sure. all three. why not.
- please not Redbeard in the coffin. pls be not Mary in it.
- oh… its empty.
- John is definitely on that list.
- No. Not Molly, shes so pure…
- please let there be hugs for sherlock holmes
- soldiers.
- of course thats what was going to be a decision
- mycroft don’t talk shit
- oh i get it. he say those thing to make it easier for sherlock to kill him instead oh john.
- what
- what
- NO
- lol is sherlock trying to rap
- Redbeard never existed???
- WHO WAS KILLED? (connection problems there not sure)
- W
- H
- A
- T??
- no i deadnt mean that hug. dont hug her. i dont like her*
- yes save john watson
- OKAY john is okay nice
- “It is what it is.” oh get out
- Sherlock? Grown up? Nvm.
- *actress is v pretty tho
- oh. a duet.
- beautifully said, Mary.
- oh. its the sherlock theme
- so. theyre a couple now, aight.
- i hate this show.

Sherlock s4e3

I honestly don’t care what anyone else says - okay, maybe I do a bit, but I just wanted to say that I loved tonight’s episode. I thought it was brilliant, exciting, fun. In a bit of sadistic way…I liked it a lot. I really did and I hope there are other people on Tumblr who did too. 

jojoleemac  asked:

So I just watched the packers/cowboys game. What a game it was! I was yelling at the TV the whole time! It was SO close! But I kept thinking how fun it would be to watch with harry. His team v my team. Lots of trash talk and bets and fun! Thoughts?

I have a feeling like it would start fun and games, but then as the score started shaking down and time was running out it’d get tender. Especially if he was losing – brooding, and his remarks would get sharper, lots of indignant pointing at the screen like, “Look at that!” And if he DID lose… he might be upset, but he would milk it more for some extra consolation kisses.

The Ultimate 1988 Moment

Here is the link to a poll to determine fandom’s favourite 1988 moment. Obviously this can change depending on mood and who this post reaches, but I still thought it would be fun. I’m sorry if I forgot your personal favourite moment…there were so many to include. I originally started with 32 moments and then ended up going with 64 (thus there are 32 matchups).

I think this poll will run for just under a week and then once results are in I’ll put together the next round (there will be six rounds in total to end up with our Ultimate 1988 Moment).

Round one: 64 choices down to 32 (until Saturday, January 21 at 3:00 pm EST)

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thought it’d be fun to draw up some things Tech the Wizard usually has on his person. The Ring of Fire (with crack), his handy-dandy-trusty hatchet, and a clay figurine pendant a little boy made for him like a bajillion years ago. c:

it’s hard to process something when you can’t blame the one who hurt you. i didn’t mind it at the time; i thought it was a fun game, like dress-up, or playing pretend. now every time i think about it it makes me sick and i don’t even know how to bring it up with a therapist. it wasn’t my fault; but it wasn’t theirs either. i can’t blame anyone. i just have to cope.

Someone is talking shit about Molly

I saw a post about how Molly is pathetic for still loving Sherlock and basically how she is a terrible character and is not a real representation of women.

Bitch please.

Some women have awkward crushes on men that they struggle to drop.

Some women end up falling in love with men - especially when they trust you to keep their secrets (such as faking their death) and take you on cases and tell you that you matter.

Some women are emotional and easily effected by the thought of someone making fun of them for their feelings.

Some women are bad ass and awkward all at the same time.

Molly Hooper is a bad ass woman who has crushes on men and awkward moments and is emotional. Fucking deal with it.

illustriya  asked:

I've gone through your masterlist and didn't see this listed: I did a spin/cycle class and thought Prompto would be a fun instructor - any headcanons for excercise classes the boys would do together and/or teach? (yoga, hip-hop cardio, pilates, etc)?

Aaaaaaaaah! Yes! This sounds awesome!

Noctis: He isn’t really one for exercise, but, if he has to choose a class to teach it would be gymnastics. He only slightly shows off on the gym equipment, though. As for going to classes, he quite enjoys a yoga class, despite him being sore afterwards.

Prompto: I can see Prompto teaching a karate class, he’s super agile and quick so karate would be a blast with him teaching. As for taking classes, he enjoys dance classes. I can see him in brightly coloured leg warmers.

Gladio: Gladio teaches a boxing class sometimes in Lestallum. As for going to them, Gladio likes those fitness DVDs to self-teach a workout.

Ignis: Ignis, in his spare time, is quite the dancer, so I headcanon a SalsaInstructor!Iggy. And, as for going to classes, he’s far too busy with cooking, but is lucky to catch a Pilates class once in a while.