thoughts on 8x16

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"holds the necklace. This is after she apparently loved Damon for a moment." RIGHT! LOL I'm also laughing about your 'Inner Thoughts 8x16'! You're killing it today! I can't believe they had Caroline lay that inserted snow globe? Did they ever show Stefan handling the snow globe, they had to have? As you can tell it was so insignificant I can't remember, I just remember the inserted scene where the girls talk about gift exchanges and then flash to the present and Caroline's holding it. LMAO

And then she gives it to Liz or something. Even when Stefan gave her the snow globe in the flashback, there’s no real significance to it, Caroline is like Elena your boyfriend sucks at giving gifts, like it was ALWAYS incidental so I don’t know why they’re making it seem like it had such a HUGE significance. Is it because she gives it to Liz in the hospital? Which I STILL don’t understand.

And legit, if we’re talking about the necklace and DE significance, it would only be significant on Damon’s end, like Elena didn’t have the necklace in 1x11 but Damon didn’t compel her because he wanted it to be real, Damon gives Elena back the necklace in 2x08 but only after he tells her loves her and compels her to forget, Damon gave Elena the necklace in 3x01 because he knew that for HER it was about Stefan. Like everything DE, the necklace is about Damon.

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"Inner Thoughts of 8x16" - LMAO For real though, how did Julie think that was going to look? Did she really think that the audience was going to say oh yeah that's totally about Steroline. When you put it side by side like that...I mean it's too ridiculous for words. SE look like they're married to each other and Caroline (his wife of a few hours) is the furthest thing from his mind! LOL Julie is terrible at her job.

I’m just like … there were so many other ways Stefan could’ve delivered that message. Or he could’ve spoken to Caroline himself.

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So I just saw your inner thoughts 8x16 post🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I love how at the end Caroline is like 😑👿 , which I don't believe sc could've happened or gone that far if Elena was around cause every time SE would be near each other she would have that face & be super suspicious