thoughts of Emi

Soukoku Headcannons!

this was longer than expected so i just made a separate post;; (special thanks to @chuuyakun​ for helping me out with some of these!)

1. celebrating is important to chuuya!!
-he saved that expensive 1964 monopole to celebrate the end of the war against the guild (ch37)
-he was probably saving that 1989 pétrus (ch31) to celebrate something big with dazai (becoming mafia leader one day??) but dazai left the mafia, so there was no point in having that anymore ): so he drank it aLL HIMSELF bc he was so hurt

2. when and how did they find out about their powers? did they always know? did chuuya suddenly wake up one day on the ceiling? did dazai come running and tell him “i’ll get you down!!” ?? did he try to pull chuuya down but the moment he touched him, chuuya just FELL??

3. when they were partners and seen walking around together, the enemy organization people would all go “it’S thEm it’S THEM IT’S THE-”

4. dazai has recorded footage of drunk chuuya on his phone and he group texted it to everyone in the mafia. he also has pictures

5. one of the things that happened when they first met probably went down like this: “what’s with those bandages?” “what’s with that hat?”

6. chuuya can dance well and dazai can play piano and/or violin look at those piano fingers!!

7. when chuuya first used corruption, dazai wanted to stop him early, but mori told him: “no, he can keep going”

8. they both can sing well!! i mean just look

chuuya from ch22

dazai from ch33

9. chuuya knows how much dazai sucks at driving so he never let him drive his car. if they went anywhere with a car, chuuya drives

10. they always drink together after a job to forget the bad things they did and they probably sang karaoke together too

11. chuuya probably tried to help dazai through some dark times by tickling his fancy
-like in ch11 when chuuya did the whole “feet turned inwards” thing
-chuuya was struggling, but dazai was anticipating…AND HE DID IT
-it made dazai laugh and dazai’s face looked so happy omg
-why did chuuya do this i need some answers

Remember when there was another band called One Direction that sued One Direction for being called One Direction and wanted One Direction to change there name but One Direction was like nahhh dude we are keeping this name so One Direction had to change their name. That was just the beginning of One Direction’s power. 

Irving, 30STM, and 1D - A thought

Irving Azoff made the EMI attorneys feel like he was fucking when with steel dildos (his own words). EMI, THE name in UK music. A very powerful record LABEL. He ate them for lunch. got them to completely cave, used their own lawsuit to promote his Clients and grow their popularity. And that was going after the LABEL, still relatively needed to release music.

I cannot wait to watch the utter soul raping hell on earth he unleashes upon the fuckers at Modest.