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I found Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, to be less satisfying than I found it before.

When I first saw it, it was about bringing peace about and linking the Original Series to TNG era stuff, and had Spock doing a Sherlock Holmes thing.

Having just watched it again though, the presentation of Starfleet as a military operation - rather than science and exploration - was really very strikingly overwhelming.

The science/military balance has always been very muddled in Star Trek, and having been brought up on it from an early age I saw what I expected to see. I filtered out most of the military aspect of it in favour of focussing on the bit I really liked, which was Starfleet as an organisation built around exploration and doing cool things with science in space. And that was partly influenced by the fact that Roddenberry-era TNG was my formative introduction to Star Trek and I get the impression he was very much against the “Starfleet as military” approach. But then later, watching DS9, it never really clicked, possibly because I never watched it all in the right order; that Starfleet on the turn of a hat (is that a correct idiom?) turned into the sole combative force for the Federation and that their phasers and torpedoes and so on were now not defensive weapons for strange and undiscovered parts of space, but instead weapons for waging war.

And I had seen every episode of TOS (out of order) but only SOME of all of the TOS movies. I’ve seen the second half of TMP many times, the middle bit of TSFS, the very end if TFF, and then all of the second, fourth, and sixth ones.

And the military thing comes into Star Trek in force with the Wrath of Khan, and just won’t go away. It wasn’t very apparent in the Voyage Home, but it was REALLY HITTING YOU IN THE FACE in the Undiscovered Country.

They talk about the Federation-Klingon Neutral Zone being abandoned, and how that means “The Star-fleet might be dismantled”, as if it has no purpose beyond patrolling the neutral zone. The uniforms, the sets, the weapons-lockers at every turn, the jargon, all is meant to present Starfleet as military, and Kirk as a soldier of sorts. General Chang addresses him “one warrior to another”, a military man. Captain of a warship.

And it just… I wouldn’t write it like that at all. I’m not sure how I WOULD write it yet because I’m still untangling my skewed vision of Star Trek in my head with what was actually there. But definitely less military.

DS9 - The Visitor

I don’t cry at fictional stuff that often. Crying is mostly reserved for actual traumatic things that involve me.

The second time I watched this episode was the first time I shed a tear for something in a story of any kind. I think that marked a change in my empathy levels or something because I shed tears for other stuff after that. (The next time I watched the Lion King, for example.)

(Wait, I just figured out what changed. Ah. More on this story later.)

BUT ALSO, on a more amusing note.

solo-by-choice, I had completely forgotten that this episode makes my ‘Sisko = Mufasa’ thing actually work. Jake Sisko actually runs towards a cloudlike, insubstantial apparition of his father shouting “No! Don’t leave me!” And Sisko repeatedly tells Jake the equivalent of “Remember. Who. You. Are.” throughout the course of the episode.

Benjamin Sisko is Mufasa and it is beautiful.

Aaaaaaah, Thank you!! :D

And you raise a very good question (as always), one to which I have no clear answer for as yet. I’ve been giving it much thought.

Obviously I could go with Time Lords versus Daleks Time War style, Daleks would be not too tricky to make in Inventor, but fitting them into a square footprint without being too short or too thin might be a challenge.

I haven’t got any piece or an idea for a piece that could be said to be a bowship, so I probably wouldn’t be doing Time Lords versus Great Vampires.

I could keep it all Time Lordy, and I could go two ways with that. My Kingpiece is currently only Rassilon because I said it was and it has the Seal of Rassilon on it, otherwise it is pretty unspecific. So, I could just have both sides being pretty generically Time Lordy and have it as a vague scenario that pits two Time Lord factions against each other. OR I could try to make at least one side specifically character based. Romana would be featured, the rest of the characters are undecided.

It would be much easier just to make both sides identical and only change the colour, but that’s far too easy to be my first choice. :P