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DS9 - The Visitor

I don’t cry at fictional stuff that often. Crying is mostly reserved for actual traumatic things that involve me.

The second time I watched this episode was the first time I shed a tear for something in a story of any kind. I think that marked a change in my empathy levels or something because I shed tears for other stuff after that. (The next time I watched the Lion King, for example.)

(Wait, I just figured out what changed. Ah. More on this story later.)

BUT ALSO, on a more amusing note.

solo-by-choice, I had completely forgotten that this episode makes my ‘Sisko = Mufasa’ thing actually work. Jake Sisko actually runs towards a cloudlike, insubstantial apparition of his father shouting “No! Don’t leave me!” And Sisko repeatedly tells Jake the equivalent of “Remember. Who. You. Are.” throughout the course of the episode.

Benjamin Sisko is Mufasa and it is beautiful.

Aaaaaaah, Thank you!! :D

And you raise a very good question (as always), one to which I have no clear answer for as yet. I’ve been giving it much thought.

Obviously I could go with Time Lords versus Daleks Time War style, Daleks would be not too tricky to make in Inventor, but fitting them into a square footprint without being too short or too thin might be a challenge.

I haven’t got any piece or an idea for a piece that could be said to be a bowship, so I probably wouldn’t be doing Time Lords versus Great Vampires.

I could keep it all Time Lordy, and I could go two ways with that. My Kingpiece is currently only Rassilon because I said it was and it has the Seal of Rassilon on it, otherwise it is pretty unspecific. So, I could just have both sides being pretty generically Time Lordy and have it as a vague scenario that pits two Time Lord factions against each other. OR I could try to make at least one side specifically character based. Romana would be featured, the rest of the characters are undecided.

It would be much easier just to make both sides identical and only change the colour, but that’s far too easy to be my first choice. :P

thoughts-from-alex replied to your photoset:I feel this is a slight improvement already….

I’d make the top bit a tad smaller, it seems quite top heavy. But it’s very nice, I like it

Don’t want it to be too small though, because part of the intent stemmed from a feeling that the current sonics were becoming too pointy and weapon-like (“They’re scientific instruments, not… water guns!”) so I wanted to take it in the other direction, make it evoke a shield, or something that protects, not attacks.

Not that I feel that the sonic should be used for much more than scanning, but it’s design might better reflect something defensive rather than offensive. 

(I believe my initial idea for something like this came to me after “Cold Blood” when Matt spoke about how he held the sonic when fending off the Silurians, and I felt it would be appropriate if part of the design reflected the fact that it wasn’t for pointing and shooting.)

But thank you. :)