thoughts in life

This is for you.
For the days when you feel like,
there is nothing left for you to feel,
As though the whole universe had come together
To conspire against you
And take away all that’s left of you.

For the nights when you feel
Heavy and restless
From the weight of your eyelids
that has seen too much.
Entertaining the repetitive dialogues
in your head that never ceases.

You live your life
with a series of misunderstandings
And the concept of happiness
has never seem so
foreign to you.

This is for you.

You struggle to find meaning;
Any purpose or reasons to
live this life for one more day
When it hurts most to even breathe.

But darling,
I promise you that one day
The universe will be kinder and
You will find so much love that
You shall be whole again.

Those days you spent in the dark;
The nights that consumed you whole
And the mornings that arrived late in pieces
reflects nothing but your courage
to carry on, to travel further.

This is for you.

One day,
The warm sun will rise and
days will no longer seem dull and long.
The hurt will be over.
You will lustre.

You will be okay.

—  fhlvx 
I was one of those people that were secretly destroying themselves, i gave up on cutting, i let it bleed inside me, i let it damage myself on the inside instead of on the outside
And now, i don’t know who i was before i let it destroy me
—  Viola CN ‘’Damage’’
Guess what- you’re going to get over him and guess what- you’re going to find someone else. And guess what- he could also be a bad liar with a rotation of girls and guess what- you might feel this way all over again one day. And guess what- you’ll get over it that time also.

no love compares to the way
her body sways in the wind
after the sun kisses her skin
in pure bliss. even the night sky
is jealous of her body
and how its darkness can shine
without the need for ten thousand stars.

** Jealousy of Ten Thousand Stars **