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It takes every fiber in me not to run to you when I’m lonely.

-How am I supposed to get over you if I’m always with you? I still feel lonely even when we’re together because it’s not the together I want us to be…


One turn.

I was stopped at a Y in the road. Left led to you. Right let go my best friend. I chose right. I came back to that Y coming home. Left was home. Right was to you. I stopped and thought for a minute. I wanted to go right so bad. It took all I had not to go right. I finally turned left and drove home. I thought about turning around the entire time but I didn’t. I went home thinking about you the entire time.

Listen my friend, I’ve got to come clean.
You think so highly of me and take my advices to heart but you must know that I’m a fraud.
I don’t know what love looks, tastes, feels like. I have no idea. I pretend I do because it’s the normal thing to do but I think you’ve already figured out that I’m not.
I hope you’ll still like me, but keep that in time when you’re hurting because I wish I knew how to stop it but no one told me how.
—  giulswrites
Why Not Both: Book of Life & Coco Edition

Hello! As all of you know, Coco, the latest Disney-Pixar movie, is set to come out tomorrow. However, many of you, myself included, are concerned that it will copy too much and take away credit from another Day of the Dead-themed animated film, The Book of Life. There have been much discourse on both sides advocating for either movie. Many arguments I’ve heard include: “Coco is a rip-off of Book of Life” “Book of Life is not as good because it’s not Disney/Pixar, etc. Today, I have come to say that we ought to support and celebrate both movies. 

       First, I’m going to speak out in Coco’s defense. When the first movie came out, many pointed out some similarities between it and the Book of Life. How they both share a music-loving protagonist (Manolo/Miguel) who against their families’ wishes, pursue their dream and both end up in the Land of the Remembered/Dead. One would believe that Disney/Pixar intentionally sole from Jorge R Gutierrez, the director of the Book of Life. However, Jorge R Gutierrez was rejected by DREAMWORKS not Pixar, unlike popular belief. Also, the director Lee Unkrich, took on a lot of research to make sure he and the entire team represented the culture of Mexico correctly. Just because someone is from a different culture does not mean that they will be unable to understand another culture. Even Jorge R Gutierrez and Guillermo Del Toro (the producer of Book of Life) have expressed their support for Coco on their respective Twitters. Since they’re both Mexican and know how much their culture means to them, they surely trust that Coco will represent Mexican culture right. 

    As for The Book of Life, many of you may know or learn it happens to be one of my favorite movies. Ever since I saw the first trailer, I was in love and the actual movie came out, I wasn’t even disappointed in the slightest. The movie has such compelling themes (doing what is right rather than popular, being comfortable with who you really are, celebrating your past while embracing change) The movie captures the spirit of the Day of the Dead, celebrating life as a whole and knowing that death is never the end. The characters are also very memorable and endearing. Manolo, a bullfighter with a passion for music is especially lovable, as his genuine love for his loved ones makes you root for him. Maria, the mayor’s daughter and Manolo’s love interest, is also an incredible character, being both an independent spirit and someone who’s truly dedicated to defending her town. Joaquin, the town hero, is also a delight! I won’t try to give anything away, but he surprises you in a very good way. All the characters are very likable without coming off as cliched stereotypes. The character designs and the entire animation is just AMAZING. Every frame can be hung up in an art exhibit. That’s how unique and beautiful it is. Jorge R Gutierrez’s passion for his culture oozes wonderfully throughout the movie. The love for Mexico is just as huge as our main hero’s heart, which is pretty big.  

    Both movies have undeniable heart behind them and who are we to deny heart in film? It’s because of all these reasons we must support both movies. Holidays like Halloween and Christmas have thousands upon thousands of movies. Shouldn’t the Day of the Dead have that chance as well? If you loved the Book of Life, support Coco to show that we want to see Mexico represented and shown more in film. If you plan on watching Coco, please buy the Book of Life on iTunes. Book of Life is not as well known as we would have liked so show the movie industry that we want to see more of it. Jorge R Gutierrez has plans to make the Book of Life into a trilogy and he needs our help to help him make it happen. Read into more about how the Book of Life was made. Also learn how Coco was made and inspired. Doing these things for both will allow both films to thrive. I am calling for both fans of The Book of Life and Coco to support each other and celebrate the beautiful culture of Mexico and the joy both movies will bring.  

That is why I say when i comes to The Book of Life or Coco question, I say…

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this is out of the blue but i’m proud of who i am

i mean i’m still a work in progress but i’ve come a long way

also i’m a trans man of color and i’m proud of that too, lots of times in my life i’ve doubted myself because of my skin color but like, my skin is mine and i look damn good, i may look like a very feminine boy but that’s who i am right now and i’m chill with that knowing that this moment in life is just a moment and i may always look a lil feminine but i’ll be me in the end and that’s what matters most