thoughts have i

it scares me that
I can sculpt
love poems
from the same letters
you use to
spread hate.
—  good vs evil by shelby leigh
It's not you who is boring, it's me who is listlessly uninterested

How people fall out of love,
I fall too – I fall out of conversation.
I wish I could make an excuse for it,
say it’s as if narcolepsy: can’t help
but doze off mid sentence. It’s not.
It’s just that I get tired. I don’t have
the stamina to run a marathon of words.
I’m sorry, it is rather rude and I am
rather unapologetic when I stand up
and walk away, and you have no idea
what you said that caused this abrupt,
unceremonious departure. I’m sorry.

Man, I haven’t drawn *realistic* looking eyes in forever!! Like, where does the highlight even go?? I mean normally I would just give Nick and Judy plain circles for eyes and maybe shade them in, but with the project I’m working on rn their eyes kinda have to be pretty distinct and IT’S SO HARRRD 

singing to drown out the trolls

Look, folks, there’s been a lot of random anon flaming going around the Stormpilot tag. If it happens to you, I’m so sorry. Come message me for a hug and/or for some help in figuring out whether the commenter is a troll or a genuine critic. 

If someone on here has a genuine problem with my work, please, for the love of mercy, tell me clearly, calmly, and politely. Commenters who accuse without having read the fic, who repeat their accusations without having read my response to their first comment, are just trolls looking for attention. 

Don’t feed trolls. 

The only way to beat trolls is to sing more loudly. One comment from a troll on a fic with no comments is scary and painful. One comment from a troll on a fic with many kind comments is laughable. I’m fine, right now, thank god. Another fic author might not be, and that scares me. 

So COMMENT ON FICS! Tell authors how much you like their work. Tell them which lines were your favorite. Tell them how happy/sad/moved their story made you feel. Give them a pile of emojis that express your joy upon reading the fic. Tell them clearly, calmly, and politely what you would prefer they do better next time. Keyboard smash. Whatever feels right to you. 

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I thought this might amuse you: I saw that prompt about Beverly and her sister Rom and, not being in the ROL fandom, my first thought was "That's a hell of a Star Trek AU!"

It does amuse me greatly, because I know just enough about Star Trek that my brain immediately goes “how DOES our Star Trek AU on the USS London work?” And what I’ve come up with so far is that Peter is the captain (if anyone wants to fight me on this they can fight me) but he started out on the science track and is still the most interested in the ‘seeking out’ bits of the mission, Nightingale is the XO and does a lot of the piloting (like I said: FIGHT ME), Beverley is the Science Officer, Guleed is Communications, Lesley is Security, Molly is Engineering (nobody knows exactly what species she is and nobody is brave enough to ask) and Jaget works with her, Walid is Medical (and Dr Vaughan is his second), Abigail is the obligatory are-you-really-old-enough-for-this ensign, and Seawoll, Stephanopoulos, and Tyburn are all frequently exasperated admirals and/or planetary leaders. Some portion of the crew are non-human but IDK which species except that Peter is half-Vulcan, Nightingale, Lesley, and Beverley are human, and Walid and Molly aren’t.

As in canon, and consistent at least with the modern movies, things blow up around Peter a lot even though it is totally not his fault. The general conclusion of the crew is that either a) Peter is going to end up running Starfleet OR b) they will all fall into a black hole and die because he really wanted to get scientific data from it.

Someone still has a bet on him ascending to a higher plane of existence.

I love Bucky but imagine how much better the MCU would be without him. Imagine the peace. Imagine Steve having a story as Captain America that doesn’t revolve around Bucky. Imagine it. Psychologically stable Steve Rogers who grows into this new world instead of chasing after his past. The freedom of dealing with his issues and finding a new purpose because there is no loose ends of his old life. Steve would be so much healthier without Bucky. He would grieve and move on with his life instead of having every serious choice he makes revolve around how this affects his friend. He could’ve become the Steve Rogers we all deserve, with his sharp mouth and ferocious love, instead of reserving those qualities only for James Buchanan Barnes. He could be so much more Steve Rogers than what he is now and I miss him. I miss being able to love Steve unconditionally.

Ok but, Katsuki Yūri literally took the whole “no boyfriends until you finish university and have a nice job” instruction which I got from my strict asian parents

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I'd like to suggest that, while you have the chance, you see if you're the variety of asexual person who doesn't experience sexual attraction but still enjoys sex when given the opportunity.

Why would I do that when there are so many different kinds of food I can try?What if I do actually like pina coladas? I feel as though this is a more important discovery than anything to do with sex.

This human body is… strange. And I am not sure I am comfortable in it. The idea of having sex is still one I find… not particularly pleasant at this point in time.

My husband is the best man ever. He is generous and so good to me and everyone around him bless. 

Only flaw is that he is spoils me so much that I get lazy and don’t push myself enough. Whoops.

He is my great big cuddly bearded viking and I love him. <3

Lexa betraying Clarke on the Mountain makes absolutely no sense and I am 100% not referring to her feelings for Clarke. I’m saying that from a tactical stand point, Lexa made the worst possible decision by simply leaving the Mountain. Lexa is an intelligent leader, talented soldier, and brilliant tactician. She would need to be for her to unite 12 warring clans under her banner. Those warrior cultures would not allow someone who didn’t know anything about war, tactics, or fighting to lead their armies. In canon, Lexa is shown to be a shrewd, intelligent leader who can inspire both fear and hope in her warriors and people.

So someone who is so smart and has the tentative trust of 12 societies in her hands would not make such a terrible tactical decision at the climax of the battle as there is only one of two results that can come from her making the deal.

One, which was probably the most likely scenario in Lexa’s mind, is the Mountain Men successfully capturing the necessary amount of Skaikru and harvesting their bone marrow, which obviously means killing them. This is giving the Grounder’s greatest enemy the one thing they didn’t have before the war, which was agency. The Mount Weather Fortress was both a blessing and a curse to Lexa’s people. Sure, the Grounders couldn’t get inside of it, but it was a prison for the Mountain Men. They could not leave it without their suits and oxygen tanks. This severely limited their mobility while Lexa and her army had the freedom to move around wherever necessary to fight.

Lexa now has the ability to make it inside the Mountain, thanks to the truce and technology of the Skaikru. She has eliminated the greatest obstacle in her path to defeat the Mountain Men and free her people from their reign of terror. But by accepting this deal, she is handing her greatest enemy, on a silver platter, the ability to permanently leave their prison without any fear of radiation poisoning. Lexa is not naive. She would know that the Mountain Men would need land to build their new civilization on and that they already think of her and her people as savages, as less than human, as expendable. She knows they would leave their fortress and then kill and/or forcibly move her people from their homes. This would mean more of her people would be killed, certainly more than the number of those who had been trapped in the mountain that she had saved. 

The second scenario would be that the Skaikru (which ends up happening) somehow defeat the Mountain Men. This is almost worse than the first scenario because Lexa has, through betrayal, created a new enemy for her people, one who would now have access to the safety of the fortress, its technology and weapons, and the Skaikru would not be restricted to Mount Weather since they do not get radiation poisoning. And she just gave them a perfect reason to hate and distrust her.

There could possibly be a third scenario, however quite unlikely, in which the Mountain Men and Skaikru simply destroy each other, but that would only eliminate a small portion of the Skaikru, allowing the majority of them to plot their revenge against Lexa and her people if they wished to.

So her making this decision to take the deal offered by the Mountain Men makes no sense. I understand that she is being weighed down heavily by the guilt from sacrificing all those people in Ton DC, but she tells Clarke that she is making this deal with her head and not her heart. In no way is her taking that deal logical or good for her people in the long run. I admit that it’s good drama and it sets up a juicy obstacle for her and Clarke to overcome in the next season, but it makes Lexa look unintelligent and that she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

due to family visits and stuff, i’ve had exactly zero writing time this month, and am going a little bonkers from it; now that i’m back home, i will finally have some time to write - yaaaaay! - but i’m almost done with the first draft of a novel and am pining for my characters and their emotional predicaments, so i am probably going to be prioritizing trying to finish that up instead of doing any fic stuff right away.

anyway: this is just my way of saying I’M SO, SO SORRY FOR THE TOTAL LACK OF FIC UPDATES, I’M SO SORRY, but also … the whole lack-of-updates thing is going to be going on for awhile. I’M SORRY. I’M A MONSTER.