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bughead fanfiction: 

Okay, so some of my earlier chapters to certain fics were not posted onto this blog, but on my old blog, which is now deleted. Because of this, I am going to link all my fics to AO3, which, truthfully, is where I prefer people to read them anyway. I apologize if you disapprove, but it’s just easier that way. 

So, just know, the links below will redirect you there. 

all of my bughead fics


blush:  “His hand gives an awkward pat to her shoulder as her fingers grip the lapels, a shy smile spreading across her face like the pretty pink flush on her cheeks. “Thank you, Jughead.” Betty says softly, pushing her arms through the sleeves and tugging the jacket tight around her.” [au]

resplendent:  “A bright light all her own, his shadows are drenched in her radiance.“ [nsfw, au]

i know: The words stare at her with mocking. They stare at her, yelling the truths she’s thought time and time again in her mind, “Those Coopers—they’re crazy.” [post 1x05]

three words: “Betty is an addiction Jughead never wants to be rid of.” [nsfw]

assumptions:  “Betty’s blue eyes move rapidly over his face, watching his lips spew words that shift the ground beneath her like a black hole. The surety he has in his assumptions make her furious, and she’s suddenly glaring at him with pursed lips.” [jealous!juggie, au]

breathe:  “What was happening? The panic inside her was heightening—webbing itself into the deepest part of her veins and seizing the very basic function of what Jughead was asking her to do. She can’t breathe.” [post 1x06]

love, uninterrupted:   “Almost like an epiphany, she saw him—really saw him. Like sunlight peeking out from foggy mist, he was clarity, pure and true. She opened her eyes and he was new before her, yet… the same.” [slight nsfw]

stars:  “Despite the gritty, gravelly exterior he presents to the world, Jughead is the epitome of sweet toward her. He’s tender and considerate and just the right amount of reticent to be endearing. And though she loves that about him, Betty’s not in the mood for slow and sweet.” [nsfw]

hunger pains: “Jughead,” Betty begins, startling him as he spins around, spatula in hand. She folds her arms over her chest and raises a brow. “It’s two in the morning.” Jughead grins before turning back to his food, clicking the volume from his phone down as he shrugs. “I’m hungry.” [au]

good times:  “For a moment, the fleeting discovery that she’s actually quite stunning in her candid genuity breaches his thoughts before he quickly pushes that feeling down. ” [au]

drop in the ocean:  “She can feel the tickle and scrape of coarse sand against their bare legs, but pays it no mind. Her focus is consumed with her boyfriend’s touch and the trail of heat his fingers leave against her skin.” [nsfw]

drown:  “Loss… injustice…unfairness… it’s the ugly truth of life. There doesn’t have to be a reason or a person to blame. Sometimes, misfortune just is.” [miscarriage, angst]

red lipstick: "She pulls the passenger mirror down and wipes her red lipstick off, smudging the color across her skin and marking it in a way that reminds Jughead of bee stung lips after a kiss.” [comics-ish au]

goldilocks:  “Her hair just does something to him.” [short oneshot, nsfw]

touch me, tease me: “Jughead is enamored with her, her blonde hair spilling over them like a lustrous curtain and enhancing the sounds of their breathing. He wants to declare his eternal love. He wants to pour out sonnets and ballads and write novels about every freckle on her skin, every blue shade in her eye. He wants to trace his fingers over every inch of her body until there’s no part he hasn’t memorized.” [very nsfw]


red sunrise:  “Lifting her hand up, her thumb twirls the band on her ring finger until the diamond digs into her pinky. She pushes the jewel against the skin until it stings, redirecting her emotional pain into the physical.” [zombie au]

stranger than fiction:  "If he weren’t so perplexed and shaken by what was happening, he may have thought she was pretty. But, if she was a figment his imagination, then of course she’d be pretty. He’d imagined her—no! He wasn’t imagining her.“ [supernatural au, brief hiatus]

dust to dust: “Betty’s head snaps over toward the boy, his lanky form leaning over his patio with the cigarette hanging from his fingers. Her stomach turns strangely at the way the moonlight highlights his features, accentuating his cheekbones and the inky black hair that falls over his eyes in soft curls.

He raises a brow at her and takes a deep drag of his cig before continuing. “Welcome to Riverdale.” [very au]


like home

persephone “She’d been devastated when Jughead suggested they take some time apart, of course she had—but… somewhere in her mind, she’d been so sure in believing this was nothing but a small hurdle for them.” [au, nsfw]

feels like home:  “Bringing his knuckles to his lips, Jughead stares out into the traffic with a content look. He was ready to go home.” [future-fic]

where the heart is

lost and found: “Maybe as a seventeen-year-old, sneaking kisses with the blonde he’d been in love with at the time—maybe he’d had a thought or two of her as a mother; a boy’s fantasy of the blissful domesticity he never had.” [future-fic, au]

to build a home a series of one-shots in the universe of "lost and found” [domestic bughead]

somewhere in time [period piece series]

thus, with a kiss: “He’s the lowly servant, she is the daughter of a nobleman…they are so different, so achingly different, he forces himself to remember this is the right decision, however wrong it may feel." 

out of nowhere: "Jughead thinks of the song that came on when she’d said yes to their date. It had been the one she’d sang when he was first injured, and it had been the song that was playing when he stood outside the hospital, healed and discharged, ordered to return to duty.” [wwii au]

in this city

brick walls:  “He’s found home; and not in the age-worn bricked walls surrounding him, but in someone.” [future-fic]

in distance: “It’s the little things he notices that make him ache for her to come back home.” [nsfw]

Week Nine: A Helping Hand

Premise: What if Claire had conceived on her wedding night?

You can read previous chapters here.

August 6th, 1743;  Castle Leoch.

“You’re changing, Sassenach,” Jamie’s breath tickled the back of my neck as he came to stand behind me, bending to murmur into my ear. He slipped his arms around me and pulled me tightly against him.

My eyes flew to his in the mirror, finding an unconcealed gleam of desire there that accompanied his sudden firmness. Whatever changes he saw, he obviously liked them. A grin spread across his face that I could only describe as prideful and I quipped, “Am I?”

This wasn’t any surprise, I was well aware of the changes my body was undertaking. The fastenings of my stays no longer tied in the same place and it was becoming increasingly difficult to fit into my bodice. Never one to lack in the bosom and bottom category, my figure was rapidly changing, leaving me with mixed feelings. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little self-conscious of my figure at present.

You’re not plump, Beauchamp, I sternly reminded myself. You’re pregnant.

“Oh, aye,” Jamie’s hands caressed the very area I was thinking about, gently putting pressure above my pubic bone. I squirmed and he stopped, lifting his hands to cup each breast instead. “Ye grow more magnificent wi’ each day.”

“Is that what you call it?” I let out a faint laugh, tugging my bodice into place and shying away.

He turned me to face him, placing a hand on either side of my face as he waited for me to look at him, “Ye wouldna, mo nighean donn?”

I whispered, not able to hold his gaze, “No - I mean, I don’t - it’s not that I’m not - I just… I don’t know.”

Jamie gently brought my lips to his, slowly kissing me, keeping his face near mine as he spoke.

“Dinna ever think that I find ye anything but the most beautiful woman in all the world.” He pulled me closer to him, never breaking eye contact as he did so. “Ye have this glow about ye, mo chridhe, like the light that’s in your eyes when we’re joined, but it never leaves. ‘Tis always there. ‘Tis as if ye ken a wonderful secret that ye canna put words to, an’ in a way ye do.”

One hand traveled to the small of my back, pressing me even closer against him. “Ye carry my child, a bheanachd, tucked away deep within’ ye. Only ye can feel him, provide for him. All I can do is rejoice every day in watchin’ him grow within ye, to delight in seeing ye grow thick with my child.”

I pressed my forehead against his, my eyes sliding shut. He picked me up and carried me to the bed, sitting down on the edge. I wrapped my legs about him and buried my face into his neck in an instant.

His arms held me tight as I whispered, “Thank you.”

Jamie burst into my surgery and flew across the room to me. Without a word, he snatched away the jar I’d been holding, taking a firm hold of my wrists. He suddenly backtracked, dragging me towards the door he had just entered and to where Leoch’s stable master stood.

Alec MacKenzie’s presence in my doorway wasn’t a complete shock. He’d come seeking relief from his rheumatics a time or two, when the weather was right. Auld Alec was a crotchety old fellow, but I liked him well enough.

Yet, as to why the two of them were in my surgery was beyond me.

“Aye, that’s verra well,” Auld Alec broke the silence as he examined my hands, Jamie having all but shoved them in the man’s face, “but the arms, man? Has she the arm for it?”

“Look!” Jamie stretched my arm out straight, measuring it along one of his.

“Well, could do,” he pondered. “Aye, it could.”

Could do for what? What the bloody hell was going on?

“Would either of you care to tell me wha–”

My question was cut short as I was unceremoniously tugged thru the door and jostled about.

The two tittered on loudly about one of Colum’s horses, Losgann, by name, that was having trouble foaling.

The mare had historically foaled without incident, but this go of things was becoming problematic as the foal seemed to be breach. I thought this was really more of a job for one of the stable hands and not me. Especially since it seemed my hands were what they were after.

What about Rodrick? Couldn’t he do this? He was a good, strong lad and he certainly knew horses better than I did.

A sinking feeling formed in the pit of my stomach as I remembered splinting his fractured right arm, not two days before.

Damn. Maybe that did leave me the job.

“What exactly do you want me to do?” I asked tentatively.

“Turn the foal, of course,” Jamie paused in the entryway of the stable and blinked down at me as if I had asked him what color the sky was. “Bring the forelegs round so it can get out.”

Oh, is that all?

I sagged against the wall of the large box stall, completely drained. I felt very much like I had just given birth myself. It had taken hours and a great deal of effort, but the foal was finally here, safe and sound.

Jamie put an arm around my waist and led me from the stall, “Let’s get ye cleaned up, aye?”

We stepped into the tack room, Jamie closing the door behind us. He eased me down onto a low, three legged stool and set about ridding me of my impromptu scrubs. The large sark came off easily, taking much of the overwhelming stench with it. Jamie used it to wipe the first layer of blood and slime off, then set about washing my right arm with the rag and bucket of water he had set nearby.

“I can do this myself, you know,” I blinked owlishly up at him.

“Oh, aye, I ken,” he suppressed a grin and I nudged him with my toe, making him laugh.

“I can too,” I mumbled with more conviction than I felt.

He expertly schooled his features, but the glint of humor was still in his eyes as he solemnly vowed, “Never doubted it for a moment, Sassenach.”

I slept like the dead.

A fuzzy sort of voice drifted into my dreamlike state, asking,  “Are ye alive under there, Sassenach?”

I peeked out from the bed covers and found my husband towering above me, looking amused, yet slightly concerned. Rubbing my eyes, I mumbled, “I’m not sure.”

With a grin and a look of relief, he moved out of my field of vision.

“Did I miss breakfast?” I inquired as I realized I was starving.

“Miss breakfast, cadalaiche?” He laughed, “ye would have missed the noon meal as well, if I didna wake ye up!”

I sat up in astonishment, “What?”

He draped my clothes over the side of the chair next to the bed, sitting on the edge of it.

“Should I bring ye something to eat or would ye like to go below?”

Pulling back the covers, I swung my feet to the floor, muttering, “Keep your shirt on, I’m coming.”

Fully fed, I walked with Jamie to the stables to see how my equine patients were doing. The foal was up and wobbling happily about. Mama Losgann was always near, but was content to let the gangling little thing explore their new world.

“The foal’s birth has been on my mind,” Jamie started without preamble.

I turned to find that he was wrestling to put words to his thoughts. Instead of interrupting the process by questioning him, I simply placed my hand over his on the fence rail. He looked down at it absently, then went back to studying Losgann and her foal.

“The mare’s foaled two, nae three times without assistance, easy as ye please. I’ve watched many a foal be born, Sassenach, wee coos and pups as well. ‘Tis the natural way o’ the world, but ye ken just as well as I do tha’ sometimes bairns need a guiding hand. Leoch has a midwife of its own, ye ken, and her young lass is learning as well, I’ve heard.”

Nodding, I squeezed Jamie’s hand. I hadn’t approached Leoch’s midwife about my pregnancy just yet, but she had a very good reputation amid the women of the castle.

“My mother died in childbirth when I was eight,” Jamie’s voice caught and he swallowed hard. “She had a skilled midwife to attend her and yet…” he trailed off, taking me into his arms. I felt him shudder before continuing, “She was strong, she was healthy… She’d safely delivered three bairns before that, and still she died.”

“I know,” I whispered, holding him tight.

“What if,” his hand came up to cup the back of my head, his lips buried in my hair and muffling his words. “What if something happens to ye, or to the bairn?”

“It won’t,” I hollowly reassured him.

His grip was suddenly constricting, squeezing the very air from my lungs in its ferocity.

“I ken, mo chridhe, but I canna stand the thought of ye being in pain, knowing that I caused it. Knowing that I am the reason ye have to endure it, and yet I’m unable to bear it for ye. I would, Claire!” he vowed emphatically, “I would take the pain for ye, could I, an’ ye’d no’ bear it alone!”

“I won’t bear it alone, Jamie,” I pushed against him, only to find him set on suffocating me. “Like you said, I’ll have help from the midwife and I know you won’t be far.”

“I’ll no’ leave your side, if ye wish it, mo chridhe. Propriety be damned.”


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A Queen and Her Kingdom - Ushijima Wakatoshi - Chapter 1

AN: I love Ushijima and he deserves the world, so here’s an AU !!!!!!!! Reader is female for the sake of consistency and ease. Please bear with me on this because I had to do some research, so things might be mixed up or inaccurate, especially because I know nothing about matriarchal society in these times.

Ok so as I was writing this, I realized that I didn’t want to rush the story, so now it’s looking like it’s going to be a multi-part series LOL because this first part took forever to write. So here’s part one! Cheers to my first multi-part fic! I’m so nervous!!!!


English Medieval Kingdom AU featuring RoyalGuard!Ushijima and (Sassy)Queen!Reader

CHAPTER 1: Meet Your Royal Guard

“I do not need a Royal Guard,” you stated, not looking up from your notes. You sat with your Cabinet in the Great Hall as they hosted an emergency roundtable after dinner, and the proposition of assigning you a Royal Guard was brought up. You scoffed at their request. “I can take care of myself. Is that not why I train with the Knights?”

“But Your Highness, you’re still in training!” Your thoughtful Lord Chamberlin, Ennoshita Chikara, chimed in. “What if a Kingdom were to invade and -”

“Then I will train harder.”

“With all do respect, that won’t be enough -”

“I will make it enough.”

“Your Highness,” your Lord Steward, Ukai Keishin, said sternly. You sighed, looking up at him as he folded his arms. As your Lord Steward, he was older and served when your brother had the throne, but since his passing and your inheritance, you did not trust anyone else to be appointed that position, and begged that he remain on your Cabinet. “We only want the best for you. Please consider this request seriously.”

“But -”

“We do not want to repeat the same mistake twice.”

Your Cabinet nodded in agreement and looked at you with a stern gaze. You pouted slightly, not willing to cave in.

“The Late King would have requested this, as well. I could not live with myself if anything happened to you, Your Highness,” Ukai bowed his head and you could hear the earning in his voive.

You sighed, rolling your eyes a little bit. “You always have to bring up my brother, huh?” you asked jokingly.

“You know he would have.”

“Fine. Please find me a Royal Guard. But these men better not be some sissies like our Knights.”

“Your Highness!” Ennoshita scolded.

“And that’s an order!”

You sat at your throne per request of Ukai, fidgeting with the leather flaps of your training uniform. You waited impatiently for Ukai, who had so rudely pulled you away from your activity for something that apparently could not have waited until afterwards.

The large, wooden doors swung open, and in came Ukai followed by six very tall men in shining armor. You stood up quickly, eager to meet the men who would deem to risk their lives for a Queen they had never met. Ukai and the six men stopped several feet in front of you.

“Your Highness,” Ukai spoke. “Meet your Royal Guard.”

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anonymous asked:

Last night I had a dream where the entire Foundation staff suddenly decided to go on a vacation and went to a water park. Any thoughts?

The biggest breach was the breache we made along the way—Roth

excuse me, Mr Anti. Sir?
I know your busy dominating the others and your vessel but us peasants are requiring a second video?
I know this might sound brash or rude but if Jack was in charge he wouldn’t have made this rookie mistake but as you are in control I thought I’d give you the benefit of the doubt.

I- we have waited patiently sir- nearly 25 minutes and thought I would delicately breach this with you. Or at least could you say something virtually to help ease the uncertainty

Thank you for your time

(Plz don’t kill me)

A voice representative of the community

(Truly please don’t kill me)


Barry Allen x Reader : Change The Story

This Story takes place after Barry goes into the speed force in the season 3 finale.

You were on the floor with your knees curled up to your chest just waiting to get out of this place called the Speed force. You was here with your boyfriend Robert but Black flash got to him and he died now your all alone at least that what you thought.

You heard a breach open and an oof come from down the hall.

“What the hell"you say to yourself but you soon hear the screeches of Black flash getting closer. So you peek around the corner and see this lean, toned guy on the ground struggling as Black flash was on top of him, draining the life from him and your eyes widened and your chest tightened. For some reason you felt the need to save him so you close your eyes and take a deep breath.

“HEY BASTARD OVER HERE” you yell to get Black Flashes attention and he zooms towards you and the collision was so fast your breath caught in your throat as you flew down the steps with Black Flash on top of you.

“RUN” you scream at Barry

Barry gasps and sits up. He was sure he was going to die but some how he’s still alive, he turns around and sees you struggling with Black Flash and he has to think fast.

He runs over to you and grabs Black Flash by the shoulders as he heard a scream come from you and pushed him off you. Barry grabs your hand and you tell him to run into the room you came from.

Once you get there you slammed the door and gripped your side as you moaned in pain. Barry took in your appearance and saw blood dripping from your side. He spins around looking for something that can help you and he sees gauze but no alcohol.

Better than nothing he thought.

“Hey it’s okay you’re going to be okay” he reassures you as you squeezed your eyes shut

He wraps the gauze around your side and helps you sit up.

“Thanks uh-


“Barry um I’m y/n”

“Well y/n thanks for saving my ass” you chuckle and shake your head

“We saved each others ass” you say tiredly and you finally look up at him. He was cute as hell but what is he doing here.

“Hey how did you get here” you didn’t notice how forward that sounded

“Um well” Barry rubs the back of his neck as he began to explain the whole flash point and Savitar and situation and you felt pure jealousy when he told you about his fiancé Iris West.

“what about you how did you get here” he nudges your shoulder and you form a tight lipped smile at him

“That Barry is a story for another time just know that I been here for so long I don’t even know what day it is” you fold your arms and lean against the wall and Barry laughs a little and it got silent.

“Um this is where I sleep” you point to a bunk bed

“I usually go out at night to find food so you don’t have to worry we got plenty of that in the corner over there just get comfortable okay” you say quietly and he nods

“Oh and I have some clothes that might fit you I know you don’t want to be in a suit the whole time” you giggle and he raises and eyebrow

“You have clothes that can fit ME” he snorts

“Well of course I do uh my boyfriend was here with me before Black flash got to him so I still have some of his clothes” you say with a smirk on your face

“Oh well okay thanks” he says as he catches the duffle bag you threw at him.

“I’ll be in the hall changing okay” you go to leave but Barry stops you

“What about Black Flash”

“I’ll be fine Barry and if not then I can count on you to save my ass again right” you shrug and he laughs

“Of course” he grins


You walk back into the room with just shorts and a white spaghetti strap shirt on and you see Barry in black pajama pants and a gray long sleeved shirt.

“Hey the clothes fit ok?” You ask as you tilt your head and bite your lip

“Yeah they fit perfectly thanks y/n” he smiles at you and you felt your heart quicken its pace

“So um you can take the bottom bunk and I’ll take the top” you suggest as you play with the hem of your shirt

“That’s fine”

You and Barry lay on the beds in the dark and after 10 minutes you hear soft snores but for some reason you can’t sleep the only thing that was on your mind was Barry so you get up and quietly make your way into the hall and go out on the balcony. You always came to the balcony ever since Robert died you just came to the balcony to think.

You bit your lip as your clenched your fist, feelings your nails dig into your hands. Something you do when you try not to cry, you hate crying.

“Don’t cry” you chant silently to yourself and you take a breath and open your eyes. You felt completely stupid, you were in love with a guy you just met and to top it off he had a fiancé.

A fiancé who’s probably worried about him right now you thought.

You stared off into the night sky and started singing alone in the dark by Will Cookson. It was your favorite song your mother use to sing to you when you were 6.

It was the song she sanged to you before she took her last breath on a hospital bed. She died of Cancer. You barely recognized her then because you were afraid you would always ask your grandmother why your mom looked the way she did and the only thing she would tell you was mommy is sick.

That was 15 years ago, when everything was normal fast forward to now here you are in the Speed force with a guy you loved named Barry.

“Iris West you’re a lucky woman” you whisper

Once again my dreams came through for me. Here’s another Story for you guys, hope you like it!!

Angsty Dragons (Genyatta/Mchanzo)

“Genji!” Zenyatta’s voice rang in his ears as the cyborg’s world spun, his visor flickering from damage with a red warning sign flashing in his vision, alerting of injury and overheating. His internal fans failed to cool his overworked body. Genji, unable to comprehend what happened, found his vision blackening. One knee buckled, then the other. Genji’s sword fell from his loose grip, and he collapsed as the team swarmed him.

“Genji!” The omnic’s voice echoed as the world darkened.

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Once more unto the breach. The thoughts of the past continue to haunt   Penitent!Frisk. Even as she once more stands to face judgement. Will this wretched assault finally end? Will Asgore be reached and an ending where @#$@^ can be saved found?

Resuming Penancetale, the scheduled schedule will be scheduled to schedule in the future with posts arriving in pages of two, every other week. So two pages, skip a week, then two more. Just in case that wasn’t obvious I’ll draw you a diagram… no wait. no time for that. There’s a schedule to keep.

See you again in TWO WEEKS!

B.A.P  Daehyun 'For Who He Is'

Anonymous asked: Longer version of random affection for Daehyun? :)

A/N: Actually I had a couple of requests for this one. I really hope you both (and the rest of you) enjoy this. ^^

This is a drabble expansion for a reaction I wrote here.

Sometimes Dae gets too excited and gets carried away. Such was the case a few minutes ago when your playful boyfriend would not stop messing with your hair. Even though you’d asked him. Repeatedly. Next thing you knew your voice was a little sharper than the situation warranted and you’ve had a kicked puppy on your hands ever since.

Watching his profile you groaned internally. This wasn’t what you wanted, this complete shut down of his joy and cheerful vigor. You just needed a little space, a little breathing room for five minutes. But Dae did nothing by half measures. It was overwhelming, handsy, near claustrophobia inducing affection or nothing but a vastness of space between you physically and emotionally than you felt incapable of breaching. You thought of how sweet he was and how much you loved him and decided this would not do. Tugging his sleeve to get his attention he stopped and you threw yourself against him, whispering, “I’m so thankful to be with you.”

Confused Daehyun just stood there as you hugged him. “But…you yelled at me just a minute ago.”

“I didn’t yell, I snapped. And I’m sorry for that. I’ve had a long day and instead of accepting you for who you are I got cranky.”

Due to his lack of response you felt unwanted against him so you let go. Starting to back away, relief washed over you when you felt his hands on your arms to keep you from going too far. Unintentionally he’d just given you a taste of what he must have felt and you didn’t ever want him to feel that way again.

“No, I’m sorry. I should have listened. Sometimes I get too carried away.”

Nodding once you agreed. “Sometimes. But I love the way you love me Dae. Please don’t stop because I was an idiot for a few minutes.”

His whole expression brightened. “Really? And you’re ‘thankful to be with me’? You’re not,” his confidence wavered and he looked down. Your heart broke that you made this loving man doubt himself. “You’re not just saying that to make me feel better?”

Guessing he’d be more receptive this time, once again you buried yourself in his chest as you hugged him, so relieved when he caught you there immediately. “Really. One thousand percent grateful to be with you.”

Crushing you to him to spin you around, Dae released a loud whoop of joy. Raining kisses on your face he started talking so fast it was a little difficult to pick out all the words with his thick Busan accent. “I love you. And you love me, which is amazing. Because you’re amazing and I’m so lucky to have you. I can’t believe you think you’re lucky too. I’m so happy.” His eyes were sparkling and he practically glowed. How could just a few words from you make him so…effervescent?

Smiling you listened to him ramble with a joyful heart. Yes, sometimes Daehyun could be a little much but you’d rather have too much than not enough. Any day.


I survived the walk to Alcock Tarn and Heron Crag. It rained like vengeance on the way down. Everything is breached. I thought of you: an image to inspire me. It got me through.


 Isaac glared at the back of the shorter boys head, clenching his jaw and crossing his arms at the same time. He couldn’t believe you were attracted to this guy before him, talk about shitty competition, the guy wasn’t nearly as good looking as he was. He wasn’t even close to Isaac’s height, even though he was still taller than you, but Isaac had him beat by a lot of inches.
 From what Isaac had overheard from you and your friend’s conversation over your old crush, he had assumed that the guy would’ve been at least tall. “Tch, there’s no way Y/N could’ve liked him.” he scoffed but as he did so he then began to second guess himself. Maybe you were actually attracted to him, maybe you still were. He shook his head in dismissal but the thoughts continued to breach his mind.
 What if you only dated Isaac because you felt bad for him, what if you didn’t actually like him? What if–
 “Isaac, take a picture it’ll last longer.” You call out as you begin to approach him, his mind finally stops wondering and he turns his head to look over at you. “What’s got you looking so serious anyways?” You ask inquisitively while trying to find what had caught his attention.
 “I– It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” He hesitates while shifting his body to face you. He smiles at you while trying to block your view of the boy and begins to wrap his arm around your waist, “Want to go get lunch?”

Let Me Carry You

Thanks, @uriellactaea, and many apologies for this taking so much time! I admit I had a great fun doing this. Let’s go with the feelings!

Demetra Trevelyan X Cullen Rutherford

“Put me down.” Demetra murmured, eyes barely open “I’m too heavy, Cullen.”
“Hush, my lady.” the Commander cooed, bending over her protectively “Let me carry you just for a little more, okay?”. She didn’t answer, flutctuating between sleep and vigil, but her hand grabbed a little tighter the fur on his cloak.
She was honestly heavy, with her full armor still on, and the snow didn’t make any easier their march, but he wouldn’t let her go for the world. 

He simply couldn’t

Not after seeing her facing alone a dragon and that thing who proclaimed to be an ancient magister, not after hearing the thunder of the avalanche running where she was, not after believing she was death.
The thought almost made him whine.
For some horrible hours, she was gone and he had found himself dealing with hollow and remorse and regret, punching a rock to regain an appearance of self control, welcoming the pain on his fingers that was so much better than the twisting of his heart.
Cullen had thought Demetra was gone, lost forever to save them all once again, and he had realized that he would never see again the Herald tipping her fingers on the table, trying to make a decision. Neither he would speak once again with her about serious strategies and harmless gossips. She would never tell him about her love for books, and her doubts as the Herald. She would never force him to sit and eat in Flissa’s tavern, pointing out that the Commander needed to keep his strength. 
At the beginning, he was embarassed dealing with everything wasn’t strictly professional. But she had never overstepped, just offered him a sincere friendship, a warm smile which reminded him that in their messy world there were still good things. 
He had found her attractive since the very first time, but he didn’t expect his crush would evolve in something different. Deep.
When she had successfully sealed the Breach, he thought that pheraps he could try to understand if she would be willing to give him a chance to be in her life, in some way. Which way, he couldn’t imagine, because he had decided to tell her about the lyrium, his past, everything. Cullen had thought he was going to lose her forever. Demetra was too good and kind and in a certain way naive to deal with his past, to understand how a man who was meant to protect had been almost devoured by his rage, but he wanted to be sincere. He wanted to show her that her work was inspiring him, helping him to be better. That he was going to accept whatever she wanted to give him.

Cullen held back the lump in his throat, glancing down at Demetra.
She was half covered in blood from a deep wound on her left side that he and Cassandra had patched as best as they could, and her face was a mosaic of bruises.
But Maker, she was alive and they were hurrying toward their camp to make sure she would stay alive. 
“Cullen,” Cassandra called, the only one remained after she had sent the others to alert the healers “let me help you.”
“I’m fine.” he said, unconsciously grabbing the Herald a little tighter “I’m fine.” he repeated, savoring the truth on his tongue. He had said those words hours before, when Cassandra had tried to check him, not realizing how broken his voice was and the defeat in his posture.
But this time, Cassandra didn’t push to speak to him, she just nodded.
Cullen would feel even better when he would see someone take proper care of Demetra, but he knew she was going to live. She has to. He wouldn’t allow her to die on that cursed mountain, in the darkness and the cold she hated so much.

“Cullen you alright?” Demetra murmured trying to open her eyes “Cass? The others? I…”
“We’re alright, my lady.” he whispered, hurrying seeing the first campfires “Hold on, we’re almost arrived. You’ll be fine, I promise.”.
And he had always been a man of his word.

DA:I - German Companions

Have you ever wondered how your favourite companions sound to players from another country? Here’s the answer from Germany :D

A short compilation of all 9 companions (and my Tamlen, of course… and Krem, because he was around as well in one scene).

Tagging @lindira who was curious :D

And I’m also really curious about what you think!!! Which companion’s German voice surprised you the most/ which do you like best/ which doesn’t fit at all?

anonymous asked:

Wait, so if Larries don't think Harry's account was hacked, do they think Harry that was somehow stalking Louis pics and reading Larry fanfiction? But then, if Louis and Harry were so controlled my management (and barely had any control of their twitter accounts) then how on earth could Harry get away with tweeting that??? Then wouldn't that prove Larry is real and millions of people saw that? How could management let that happen?

Yes, they think that Harry was creeping on Larrie tumblr posts and posted that. At the time they tentatively thought this meant that Harry was indicating that he was more free to do things like this and that the speculation/coverage would open up the possibility for more Larry interaction.

So it was less that they thought it was a breach of Larrie conspiracy security and more a crack in the closet that Harry was preparing to open wider.

Obviously none of that happened, and now, because of their refusal to accept that he was hacked and none of this was intentional except on the part of trolls, Larries are left trying to figure out why Harry did this thing that he didn’t, and what it meant at the time, which is nothing.

It’s just like how they can’t accept that Louis went to a sedation dentist and had an IV last year. They’re still trying to figure out why he was deliberately papped walking around in a pharmacy wearing a bandage on his hand touching his mouth if he wasn’t going to END IT.

Making My Way into Your Heart One Sticky Note at A Time (YoonMin) 1/4

[Ch 1] [Ch 2]

Pairing: Yoonmin (Min Yoong/Suga x Park Jimin)
Rating: T
Genre: Fluff/Humor

Words: 2,289

Summary: Yoongi sits at a table in the library that nobody knows about except Jin, Namjoon…and now Jimin. 

Jimin wants to get closer to Yoongi, but is too scared to confront him, so therefore…he starts leaving sticky notes on Yoongi’s table. That’ll definitely work…right?

A/N: I found this idea in my drafts and thought it was cute, so I decided to make it my next project! Because Yoonmin is life, ngl. Anyway, if you couldn’t tell from the title, this is chapter 1 of 4! I hope if you like it that you’ll decide to keep an eye out for the other 3 :) Likes/Reblogs/Comments always appreciated! <3

It’s a cool fall day when Jimin spots him. He’s padding along the cracked pavement across the courtyard, bleach blonde hair tucked beneath a black beanie and dark eyes sternly set on his phone. Despite that he’s not watching where he’s going, he treads the path successfully, oversized black sweater billowing out behind him thanks to the chilling fall wind. He’s short, and skinny, and…breathtaking.


A sharp weight crushing against his ribs snaps Jimin out of his hungry staring, and he groans loudly, kicking his legs out at his assailant. Jeon Jeongguk, of course, dodges his jab easily and rolls away across the leaf ridden grass, a few getting caught in his sleek black hair. At that, Jimin laughs.

“That’s what you get for addressing me so informally, you brat,” he grins and Jeongguk pouts. The maknae puffs out his cheeks in concentration as he lifts his hand and tries to pick the crumbling leaves from his previously perfect hair. He only succeeds at making the dry leaves crumble more and Jimin huffs, scooting forward to help him.

“You’re lucky you’re cute or I would’ve kicked your ass,” Jimin mumbles, half joking, and Jeongguk rolls his eyes.

“Is that the only reason you’re friends with me, hyung? Because I’m cute?”

This time it’s Jimin’s turn to roll his eyes. “I take it back. You’re not cute.”

Jeongguk scoffs. “Oh please. The first time I saw you in dance class last semester you were practically eye-fucking me.”

“Doesn’t mean you’re cute.”

“But it does mean you thought I was hot enough to fuck.”

“That was before I realized that you were a snarky asshole, maknae,” Jimin scowls, shoving Jeongguk’s head roughly. The younger grunts, but remains still when Jimin ends up reeling him back in again, hands returning on their hunt to dislodge the fall leaves from his scalp. It takes a few minutes longer, but finally Jimin declares Jeongguk leaf-free and the younger sighs gratefully.

“Anyway, hyung, you’re like…super gay,” Jeongguk says as he pushes himself to his feet, and Jimin shoots him an unimpressed look.

“Thank you for reminding me of my sexuality, Jeon—,”

“No, I’m being serious. I saw you staring at that dude on the other end of the courtyard a few minutes ago. If you were a dog you would’ve run over and been dry humping his leg for ages.”

Keep reading