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Do you guys remember in season 4 episode 14 “Who’s In the Box?” Mona was talking to Ezra outside at this little table near a bookstore. At first she seemed to be hinting around at something she was her usual “play dumb” self. But when Ezra started talking about fear. Being careful how far to push people before they push back. Mona looked so scared. (The quality is grainy) But this is very unlike her.

Monday Morning Rewatch 614 

(even though I rewatched it last night at the con and it’s quick bc this ep…. and i need to pack ;_; ) I gotta say last night after finishing I was just so happy that CS is going to have a second proposal that I couldn’t really focus on anything else, but now the salt has set in. I’m so tired of being salty. I feel like I’m forcing myself to enjoy things and headcanon so that I can just enjoy my fav show again.

  • Just. Get. Rid. Of. The. Flash. Backs.
  • Thank god the EQ is gone. I’ll give them props I didn’t see that coming but it was strange…. and that’s all I’m saying on the vast majority of the episode. 
  • That scene with Emma finding out (even if it made no sense in regards to the dreamcatcher..) Was great, I feel like the was a fight/angst whatever that should have come up earlier, but I’m fine with this angst.
  • Headcanon: That dreamcatcher was already enchanted so he could use it? I got nothing on how Emma knows it’s her Grandpa…
  • I love Killian getting advice from Nemo and I love Nemo and I don’t want him to leave. 
  • Killian would have never left Emma during Gideon nonsense, unless he had a clear plan to go with Nemo to try to find a way to break Snowing’s sleeping curse to redeem himself. 
  • Headcanon: Killian was going to call before he got on the Nautilus. Which actually is very plausible if he’s wrestling with this decision as he should. So yes, he was going to call her on no uncertain terms. (I should have said something to A&E but I couldn’t but it’s like every week there is more shit. And I think if I did say something it would have just been flat out hate that would have just been really fecking rude I can’t do that and I hated people who would trash them on twitter but shit man what the actual fuck are they doing?) 
  • Okay, I have needed a Snow and Killian scene for 5ever, I mean I still need some with her own daughter so no surprise there. I was so happy with that scene other than it had to be the EQ mention that made him change his mind. But whatever, finally a meaty scene with them. 
  • At the very least, I am very excited for next week unless some of the spec I have seen is right bc just hell no lol UGH But I’m so very here for Killian fighting his way back to Emma with the help of his friends like GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT NOW. That’s what I shall focus on.

Here comes a thought

Possibly one of my favorite Steven Universe song to date. What a brilliant message.