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I need you to take a moment of silence and think about this: just how special it must’ve been to both Jimin and Jungkook for them to wait a decade until FESTA-a very meaningful event to both BTS and Armys-to drop the cover.


I’ve actually never tried linearting traditionally and then coloring underneath it digitally, so I thought I’d give it a shot using these recent sketches I did of Ranma (which I am sadly obsessed with rn). Just some really simple coloring to try it out.
I might do this more often tbh it’s fun

Big Bang reactions to you doing break up prank on them

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You were out with your best friends and you drank a lot of alcohol and you were not thinking straight anymore. One of your friends told you to do a break up prank on him and at that moment it seemed like a great idea so you did. You sent him a text saying you can’t do this anymore and you want to break up.He knew you were gonna get drunk so when he saw the text he didn’t reply making you regret sending the message. He knew that even if there would be something bothersome in your relationship you would tell him that. He was confident on your relationship and the next day when you came home he asked you exactly did you do and where did you go, then he showed you the message and you regretted it even more.

*when he sees the message*

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You were really bored because he wasn’t home and he even took your dog with him, so you were scrolling through youtube videos and found someone doing break up prank to his boyfriend and you thought it was very funny, so you did it too. You send him a message just saying “We’re breaking up”. You couldn’t even imagine what he will say.He was just taking instagram photo with his phone when he saw your message. He was with other Big Bang members and he was really in shock and didn’t know what to do. He sat back and stared at the wall. Others asked him what’s wrong and when he told them you want to break up with him Seungri immediately texted you if it was true. You didn’t want him to be worried so you told him it is only a joke. Seungri didn’t tell him until he saw he was literally in tears. He took a picture and sent it to you. After you saw it you called him and explained it to him it was only a joke, but he was really mad on you.

*confused af*

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You already saw doing break up prank and you were really bored because he was in Japan and you were lonely on Saturday evening and he was probably partying with guys and having fun. You decided to do it and sent him typical break up line “It’s not you, it’s me” You got reply right away.He was lying on the bed thinking about how much he misses you and BAM he sees the message. He literally didn’t know what to do so he just replied with sad emoji and why. He wanted the whole explanation of why would you want to break up with him. He couldn’t believe it, because you were dating for a long time and he really thought you were the one. When you realized in how much shock he must be you called him and told him it was just a joke. He was so relieved and angry he hung up the call and didn’t talk to you whole 5 minutes.

*are you serious rn face*

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You invited some friends to come over at your place because Daesung was out with T.O.P. You caught up on all the gossip and talked about your favorite youtubers  One of them dared you to do the break up prank and you did. You didn’t know if Daesung will take it serious though. When he saw you wanted to break up with him he was confused because it was only a few hours ago that you were kissing and saying goodbye before he left. He showed the message and he advised him to call you. He called you asking if you were serious and the moment you heard his cracking voice you knew you shouldn’t have done it in a first place and you told him was only a joke. When he came home he punished you with silent treatment for a whole day, making you even more sorry you listened to your friends.

*deeply thinking*

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You knew about the break up prank and you wanted to do it for a while now, because you wanted to know if he really knows you, because if he does he know you would never break up with him over text, that’s why you tried him out and sent him message saying you’re breaking up with him.The moment when he saw your message he couldn’t believe you thought he would fall for it, that’s why he didn’t reply and waited until he went home. He knew you would be nervous waiting for him, that’s why he acted like he was drunk and he totally understood your message. When you saw he was ‘drunk’ you explained it was only a joke and he did some more acting, but at the end both of you ended up telling the truth and you were really sorry that you wanted to try him like that.

*the game is on, brings dolphin home*

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(Anything for you, bean!)

~ You had been in room all day, it was just one of those days were you felt like getting out of bed and going into the kitchen was too much for you to handle. You sighed as you rolled over in your bed. You clung to your pillow and closed your eyes. Maybe you could sleep this day away? You knew that wouldn’t happen when you opened your eyes a few minutes later. Your mind was racing with thoughts of all kinds. You rolled onto your back and placed your hands behind your head. You felt tears drip down the sides of your face. You tried to swallow your feelings but they were putting up a rather big fight.

~ You quickly wiped your tears away and cleared your throat. “No, I’m fine. I’m not doing this today.” You whispered to yourself. You threw your legs over the side of the bed and stood up. You walked over to the wall and flipped the light on. You grunted at the sudden bright light in the room. You decided against the light and shut it back off. You fell against the wall and just let yourself slide down to the floor. You hugged your knees and brought them to your chest. You let your head fall back against the wall. It made a small thud noise.

~ You heard a small knock at the door and saw Murdoc poke his head in. He looked down at you and opened the door the rest of the way. “Are you alright, love? I heard a thud.” You put your head back up against the wall. Murdoc came into your room and closed the door. He knelt down in front of you and pulled your head forward so you were at eye level with him. “Will you tell me?” You looked away from his stare. You couldn’t tell him what was wrong if you wanted to. You didn’t even know. You felt like you might cry again. Murdoc pulled you up and led you over to the bed. He sat you down on the edge and got behind you. His legs were on either side of yours and he wrapped his arms around you.

~ “You don’t have to speak, love. Just let me hold you for now, okay?” He whispered in your ear. You nodded and touched one of his hands. You felt him smile against the back of your neck. “You’re wonderful. You’ve made me a better man and a better lover. I was a lost fool before I knew you.” He hugged you tighter to his chest. “I never knew I had a dream partner until I met you, you’re all I’ve ever wanted. You make me happy, you make me what to try harder, I want to impress you.” He kissed your shoulder. “I love you and I will always be here whenever you need me. I won’t make you talk but I’ll hold you here, just like this, until you’re able to be happy again. I won’t ever leave you when you’re this way. I’m going to help you. Love, your smile could cure any and all diseases.” You had tears falling from your face at this point. “Mudz…” “Shhhh, you don’t need to say anything, dear. Just relax. Let me hold you.” And you let him do just that.

Codes: Nursing Your Way Through Fear

1. Practice setting up the equipment for intubation (so it’s ready when the MD comes in and holds out their hand for the tube). Practice with the ETT, attached to a 10cc syringe, guidewire, lubricant, suction setup, yankaeur - when a code happens, have an extra one ready, an alternate size. Practice it over until you feel as though you are able to accomplish this setup quickly. 

2. Familiarize yourself with the contents of the crash carts, a closer look rather than the rush they give you during orientation. Ask Nursing Education if you can spend some time examining, and locating what’s in each draw, not just by reading the outside list.  A lot of time is wasted in codes looking for items.

3. Ask about regular ‘Mock Codes’ on your unit as practice. They may seem annoying, and take you away from your assignment, but so worth it for build up of confidence. Swap between observer and active RN. Do a post-code “wrap-up”  to give each other constructive criticism (no administrators present)

4. Take an Advanced Cardiac Life Support  class, even if it’s not a requirement. Consider recertification at alternate venues, not just your institution, for a different perspective. Particularly EMS ones - they have some great survival tips, as opposed to standardized hospital care. 

5. Observe a code in progress, (if you’re allowed to on another unit) without participating. Notice if people are all crowded around the crash cart, extraneous people in the room, the team leader’s instructions, noticed the roles of the RN’s; code recorder, medication RN, and primary RN. Oftentimes the code recorder and medication RN function as one unit, and there are additional nurses as runners or at bedside doing compressions. Notice the dialogue. Is everyone speaking over one another? Are there suggestions of interventions and corrections? The nurse is a powerful advocate and many would argue that it’s really the nurses who are running the codes. 

6. Familiarize yourself with the defibrillator, and attachments. Ensure also you know what to do if a patient needs to be paced.

7. Always have a Liter (and backup) of Normal Saline fluid primed for intubation. Blood pressure tanks here frequently (if they even have a BP) Also, many nurses would already have Dopamine/Vasopressors primed and ready to go. 

8. Handle all the common meds given - practice attaching the cartojets quickly - eg, epinephrine. Time is wasted trying to open boxes when they can be easily flipped open on one side. Have extras of these ready too. 

9. Remind team to inform family, sometimes this is forgotten during the chaos, and there’s usually enough residents in the room for one to exit and call them to ask for what their wishes are. 

10. This may seem obvious, but always know your patient’s code status - don’t rely on report, sometimes this is mis-communicated.

10.25. Remember chest x-ray (post intubation, NGT placement, central line placement) Labs, ABG, EKG, and RESTOCK CRASH CART IMMEDIATELY. (ensure you have the sister unit’s one close by) Patient’s tend to crash very soon thereafter a code, it’s a good idea to keep the defibrillator attached. 

10.50. Always ask for help. Codes are no place to keep quiet if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re not sure, speak up. Remember everyone is probably just as nervous as you are, regardless of how many codes they’ve experienced. Each one is different, and sometimes when it’s your own patient it feels like your first all over again. Also, never be afraid to suggest something if you’re new -  It might be something no one else thought of. Codes are team work,and the thing you may remember may be something someone else forgets, and vice versa. 

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ok consider... rn, jack is rooting for the penguins (bc of his dad) and bitty is rooting for the sharks (bc of chowder). and it's like, really tense between them. thank you, that's all.

oh no oh nOOOOooooo. samwell’s out for the summer by now, so bitty’s staying at jack’s place in providence. they’re having people over for the game tomorrow–a bunch of jack’s friends from the falcs and some samwell people, too. chowder’s at the game (he thought, maybe game 4 will be the final!!! so that’s the game he bought tickets for. sweet precious baby chowder thought the sharks might win in four. against the pens. darling. honey.) (but he’s super pumped that they won saturday!!! the sharks still have a shot!!!)

anyway, lardo and shitty are driving down from boston, and dex and nursey were at samwell (they’re staying over the summer), so they’re coming, too. (rans & holster are on an epic after graduation road trip which began in may and won’t be over until they get sick of each other. they might never return. lardo maintains that ransom’s going to surface around august and decide he needs to start studying for the MCATs, but only time will tell. holster refuses to apply for jobs because he doesn’t wanna fucking work for the fed, you guys, what the fuck, he made a huge mistake studying econ. so holster is taking this time to figure out what he wants [what he wants is probably rans but he only has the tiniest inkling of that by june]).

anyway. holsom digression aside, i may not know that much about hockey but i do know bitty is making baked goods for the sharks.

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that picture and what you wrote made me tear up.. it's so beautiful that those kind of things still happen yet people seem to ignore it because they only think about themselves :-( and, I have this image on my head of luke having to hold michael to stop him from hitting someone because of something they say to/about you?? would you write a blurb around that? you're always so creative... <3

I’m glad you took something from the pic! (sorry it’s taken me so long to reply and do this :o) Love you! xxx

okay omg so stuff like this would happen often right, because you know, being michael’s girlfriend and all, there would be tonnes of criticism thrown your way. And I mean, you generally coped with it not too badly. You’d just brush it off, ignore it, try not to take it personally or anything. But Michael wouldn’t be so good about it. 

Like, you’d be sitting around one night after a concert or something and you would’ve been in the audience watching your four best friends and they were just brilliant and you’d have been just full on enjoying the night and dancing stupidly in your seat and you would’ve loved it. And afterwards michael would’ve been all pumped and jumpy and kinda clingy like, ‘was I good babe?’ and ’did you see the jump I did during amnesia?’ and 'what about when I got that note in the last song, did you hear that?’ and you would’ve been running around backstage with him playing music and dancing stupidly together, and all in all, would’ve been a great night until you calmed down and was laying in his lap and he decided to scroll through twitter and up pops a video from someone who’d been sitting behind you at the concert and obviously filmed you while you were dancing and the caption would be, ‘had to watch this fat bitch dance all night’ and you wouldn’t even get angry. Michael would be the one to have steam being pushed out from his nostrils and his grip would tighten on you and you’d have to say like, 'michael, calm down, it’s not a big deal,’ and he’d shake his head like, 'it is a big fucking deal, babe,’ and he’d furiously be tapping at his phone a response to this girl saying 'at least [y/n] was enjoying the music. sucks when our tickets get wasted on people like you.’

And I mean, seriously, a solid 40% of Michael’s tweets were always just defending you, and you loved the boy for it because it was cute, but he honestly didn’t need to do it. But every time you told him not to worry, he’d immediately get into a huff and still try to do something about it. 

Anyway, one night, the two of you would’ve been at some night club thing together, and you were going sober for the night, and Michael was barely even drinking. Like, two beers maybe? and you’d go over to the bar just to order a soft drink or some water for yourself, and michael would be standing like two metres away just talking to Luke about something irrelevant, and then after you’d ordered, some random drunk bastard would come past and literally slap your ass and yell above the music, 'wanna fuck, slut?’ and your mouth would drop open and your face would go bright red, not really sure what to do. Like, you could handle abuse from teenage girls, but this was just an entire new level. But michael would’ve overhead obvs and see it as well, and he’d walk over, hands fisted by his sides, and place his hand on the drunk dude’s shoulder and turn him around and be all angry like, 'excuse me, what did you just say to my girlfriend?' 

And atm you’re just thinking fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck michael you’re gonna die rn because the other guy was actually bigger than michael, and you started to butt in and say something like, 'michael, it doesn’t matt-’ but the DRUNNK ASSHOLE WOULD INTERRUPT LIKE, 'oh, just thought i’d be getting an easy fuck,’ and michael would immediately launch into his guy and smack him into the floor and he punch him so fucking hard across the face and Luke would have to lean down and hold michael’s arms back and literally haul him off the ground away from this guy and you’d be in complete shock like wtf michael you’re supposed to be a harmless kitten is this even real!??!!??1? and he’d just shake his arms to get Luke off him and he’d grab your hand really aggressively and, ‘let’s go, babe.’

so then in the taxi home, you wouldn’t really know what to do to calm him down properly, and you knew no matter how mad he was that he would never hurt you, so you’d kinda just get on his lap and kiss him and he’d just like make out with you so hard back and he’d be really grabbing your ass viciously and stuff and you didn’t mind at all, as long as he was getting the anger out. but then it would kinda slow down a bit and he’d then start nipping down your neck and he’d start mumbling crap to you like, 'i’m sorry people can’t appreciate how smart and funny and beautiful you are, [y/n],’ and, ‘just know that I love you.. you’re so perfect to me.’