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001: Kuroko no Basket, 002: IwaOi, 003: Nico Yazawa, 004: Free! & Kuroko no Basket

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001 | Kuroko no Basuke

Favorite character:  Takao Kazunari
Least Favorite character:  Seto Kentarou
5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon):
Character I find most attractive:  Kise Ryouta
Character I would marry:  Momoi Satsuki
Character I would be best friends with:  Momoi Satsuki
a random thought:  Don’t think of them as high school kids playing basketball…think of them as magical wizards battling on an astral plane.
An unpopular opinion:  Haizaki is totally redeemable (years from now)
my canon OTP:  PFFT
Non-canon OTP:  MidoTaka
most badass character:  Aida Riko or Alex Garcia
pairing I am not a fan of:  AkaKuro
character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another):  Hanamiya Makoto - they made him too likable.  Or Imayoshi Shouichi - he’s a human Kermit the Frog meme.
favourite friendship:  Aomine Daiki and Momoi Satsuki
character I want to adopt or be adopted by:  Furihata Kouki is my son.

002 | IwaOi

when or if I started shipping it:  From the moment I saw Seijou
my thoughts:  I love childhood friends turned lovers~
What makes me happy about them:  They’re both the best, but think that the other is the best.  Gruff boyfriend who shows his soft side.  Popular guy who has no interest in his fans romantically.
What makes me sad about them:  They’ve been on the same team for so long, but they’ll be separated.  Though, I think they’ll be okay long distance.  It’s going to hurt to see their longtime partner on the other side of the court, though.
things done in fanfic that annoys me:  Iwa-chan being TOO mean (like…abusive…he’s violent in the anime, yes, but he doesn’t beat or force himself on people)
things I look for in fanfic:  Angst with a Happy Ending™
My kinks:  Switching?  Is that a kink?  And, um, relieving the other’s stress via intimacy.
Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:  I’m not really sure.  I’ve written a few OiKise for people and I don’t mind that ship.  And the mutually pining OiSuga ship is cute (and heart-wrenching!) But for Iwa-chan? I don’t really know.
My happily ever after for them:  Playing side-by-side on the Japanese National Team with Bokuto and Ushijima (and the two trying to get over the fact that Ushiwaka is on their side of the net now)

003 | Nico Yazawa

How I feel about this character:  Gremlin~♥
All the people I ship romantically with this character:  No one?  I know a lot of people like her with Maki, but I don’t really see her interested in romance.
My non-romantic OTP for this character:  NicoRinPana!  The After School Navigators!
My unpopular opinion about this character:  Her longer bang on the one side bothers me.
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:  We found out what happened to her dad. Oh!  And that she got scouted!
my het ship:  None.
my fem/slash ship:  None.
my OTP:  None.
my OT3:  None.
my cross over ship:  None (I’m sorry!)
my kink:  N/A
a head cannon fact:  She spent a lot of time crying in the club room, but now she only has happy memories there ^^
my gender bend:  She’s just a tiny, female Joseph Joestar

004 | Free! and Kuroko no Basuke

my crossover OTP:  Ooh, let’s see…hmmm…Kisumi and Kise!

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So I had a thought for charging sigils and I wanna get someone else's opinion before I use it in practice! I play a game where you have to do things to make frogs happy, would holding a sigil while I get the frog to full happiness be a good way to charge the sigil???

That sounds quite intriguing!

Yes that could be a good way to charge a sigil, if it connects well with you personally then it’ll be even more effective! Using energy of any sort can charge a sigil pretty well c:

We cause ourselves a great deal of suffering by being attached to our own beliefs and opinions and wanting everyone else to think the same way we do.  But beliefs and opinions are just another form of thought.  They come and go, just like thoughts.  They are not necessarily important or true, just like thoughts.  They change over time.  During the course of your life, your own beliefs and opinions have changed.  Something you used to like, you don’t anymore.  Something you used to believe, you now realize may not be entirely accurate.  So why get worked up about other people’s opinions?  Set an intention to be perfectly happy to allow others to think whatever they want to think, to believe whatever they want to believe.  It doesn’t impact you one way or the other if you choose to be at peace rather than wishing everyone else was exactly like you.  ☺

  ~  Beth


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