thoughts and frivolities

Ok but I was reading the Shadowhunter codex, and Henry’s name is in there like 4 times with a huge paragraph explaining all his accomplishments and all I could think of was his face when he saw it like everyone in his life thought he and his frivolous inventions were going no where and told him that much, but there he was, outlasting them all in history. His eyes would get all wide and he’d turn to Charlotte and be like “Lottie, did you hear that?!” with this adorable awe inspired expression, even though she was standing right next to him. I’m done. Kill me now. Too much cute ashskflskalshdjska

the signs as inspiring adam young lyrics
  • aries: and when's all said and done, we'll shine like the sun, just don't let the fire die
  • taurus: this fight of my life is so hard, so hard; but i'm gonna survive. oh, these are beautiful times.
  • gemini: on the heels of war and wonder, there's a stormy world up there. you can't whisper above the thunder, but you can fly anywhere.
  • cancer: circle me and the needle moves gracefully; back and forth, if my heart was a compass you'd be north
  • leo: it's all too astounding to comprehend; it's just the beginning, this isn't the end
  • virgo: breathing the sweet forest air makes a bluebird aware that she could be free
  • libra: so i'll drag the anchor up; and rest assured, 'cos dreams don't turn to dust
  • scorpio: among my frivolous thoughts, i believe there are beautiful things seen by the astronauts; so wake me if you're out there
  • sagittarius: remember to live, 'cos you're gonna be thrilled to death when the stars collide and your eyes grow wide
  • capricorn: sailplane pilot in the blue take me up there with you, the world looks brighter from this high altitude
  • aquarius: release your high hopes, and they'll survive, 'cos this is the future and you are alive
  • pisces: pretend you're not alone, like you are centre-stage on broadway, 'cos when you're on your own, a little opera goes a long way

So I went and thought up Etymodin, as a frivolous way to denote Odin as seen through etymologies. Except the etymology of etymology is that it means “study of trueness”, and the idea of that trueness being the true or original senses of individual words is one of those associations that isn’t so much in the word itself but which gathered to the word later, so Etymodin would really just mean truth-Odin or real-Odin, and that really doesn’t narrow it down all that much.

(though the above paragraph is itself what this whole Etymodin thing is all about)

I’ve had depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. When I experienced depression, everyone - including myself - dismissed me as an overly dramatic 8 year old. When I endured anxiety/panic attacks, I just thought it was me being frivolously nervous. I’m not trying to throw myself a pity party, but it saddens me that another little black girl could be going through this while her community just dismisses her…….

Cas: Everyone loves something.

Remember what Cas was like at the start of season four? He may have thought he understood love then, re: his ‘love’ for his Father, his ‘love’ for his fellow angels. He may have also thought that love was frivolous, impractical emotion. But everything has changed for him in these last seven years and now he actually understands what love is, and what it’s like to be at the cusp of losing someone you love. Because everyone loves something. Even witches, even monsters, even angels… Everyone. You’ve come a long way, Cas. Let’s hope they finally realize what a complex character you actually are next season.


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Gabriel had been invited through simple formality. A lord in his own right within Spain. He had clawed his way up the social and economic ladder with sword and gunpowder. Powerful and eloquent in his own right, he never thought about things like this. Frivolous parties never appealed to him, having been born in poverty. The dark skinned man preferred smaller functions with those he knew. At least then he could predict where the knife was coming from.

But this had been a nice little change. Masks and suits and costumes that hid one from the judgments of the world. It had its appeal. He himself was dressed in a black suit with white and gold inlays that spiraled up his arms and legs. a coat with the same pattered and a white owl mask the hid half his face.

Actually, I wouldnt mind an interruption.” he purred to the other. He had taken his fair share of women and men but, like this party, he was itching for a change.

Jack stiffened at the tone of the voice, unsure whether to trust his instincts or not. After all, England was very different than the battlefront and the proclivities he was allowed to enjoy there were very much illegal here.

“Ah, then I apologize again, I came out here seeking a quiet moment alone.”

Something I realized while dozing:

Peridot says “*My* Camp Pining Hearts dvd” and Steven doesn’t correct her, he just asks “Which season?”

Which means Peridot’s gone from an episode on a vhs to the entire series on dvd.

Which means someone, who is *most likely Greg* since he’s the only one in the gem fam who makes money, paid for her to have the box set because Steven thought it was good for her Earth therapy.

Greg’s so nice he gave the little weirdo who pushed him off a roof a (maybe expensive) present that people would have thought frivolous because he a) trusts his kid to know what’s going on, and b) still wants to help out even if he can’t do “the magic stuff”.