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Hello! I was reading the part of War and Peace that Great Comet was based on and decided to make a list of all the phrases/sentences in the novel that I found while listening along to the cast recording while reading that are either directly put into the lyrics of the musical, or are heavily referenced with a few changes. I have separated these findings by song, not in the order of which they appear in the novel. For some of the lines that are less directly from the novel I have put the lyrics that are connected to them in parentheses and italics next to the book quotes. It’s really really really fun to see which lyrics have a match so I hope you enjoy!

Also sorry for any formatting issues: in some songs there are huge chunks that are almost directly lifted from the book so some placement of bullet points might be wonky. And if you know of any that I missed, please reblog and add! 

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Kids - John Shelby

Request: Can you plz do an john shelby imagine where he is mad at you only to feel bad later?

Request: Can you please do a John Shelby imagine on meeting his kids - @theaqueenakaspeedy

Kids - John Shelby || prequel to Stay

It had been a few months ago that you’d first met John Shelby. He had never mentioned his kids up front to you but you had grown up in Small Heath. You had heard the gossip from your mother and her friends when Martha had gotten pregnant. There had been a quick wedding but everyone in Small Heath knew the marriage was because of the baby. They had three more, Martha dying during the birth of the last one. Your parents went to the funeral but you didn’t. You were in Cambridge at university getting a fancy degree. Your mother thought it was frivolous, women were supposed to get married and have children, not get educations like men did. The war came and went and you stayed in Cambridge. You had gotten a job at a library there. You didn’t hear anymore about the Shelby family.  

In 1919 you returned home because your father had passed away. Your father, who had known everyone and was affectionately referred to as ‘the Mayor of Small Heath’, had a large gathering at his grave. You stood by your mother and, even at 25, found yourself looking around the yard at the attendees. All three of the elder Shelby boys had come along with their aunt. You found yourself watching John Shelby. He’d grown up well and had a look about him that you were sure betrayed the nature of his job.  

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The What Ifs

Description:  You would be able to handle the relationship between Namjoon and your best friend if it weren’t for all those damned “what ifs”

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader x OC

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 2,149

A/N: This was just supposed to be a quick drabble created because I was deep in some angsty readings but instead it kind of grew…?  Anyways, there’s not really a point to it, I suppose.

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Fine Frenzy - Chapter 1

Pairing: Sirius Black x Marlene McKinnon
Rated: Mature (upcoming smut parts)

Fine Frenzy Masterlist

///gifs aren’t mine, credit for those who made them///

Red carpets and tapestries, golden blankets and pillows all looked muddy and black at this late hour in the common room, when even the fire went out and the only light source was as the bright moon beamed through the window. She sat on the soft couch with her legs folded under her, a half bottle of firewhisky in her lap, her fingers clutched around the bottle’s neck while she stared off and listened the loud ticking of the clock in the silent room.

Marlene glanced at her watch: it was two o’clock in the morning. She gave a long, weary sigh and slammed the alcohol on the small, round table next to the sofa before she stood up. She just leaned back to pick up her jacket from the armrest when she heard a clear voice behind her back.


She quickly turned around, seeing as Sirius was just walking down on the stairs in his light grey sweatpants with a black hoodie. She’d thought it was daytime, as his hair looked completely clean, not somebody’s who just crawled out from the bed. Only when the silvery light illuminated his face she could tell he just woke up; the narrowed, sleepy eyes gave it away.

“Marlene. Marly. Marls. Literally anything else except Marle, please.” – She answered with a monotone voice while the boy walked closer. She could see the emerging lips on his lips.


She shrugged and stepped back where the moon couldn’t light her face. “Because it’s sound like and old lady.”

He gave a short, bark-like laugh. “It isn’t.” – He said before he pointed his wand at the fireplace. – “Incendio.”

The room brightened immediately, but the sudden warm light made her growls and closes her eyes for a second.

“What? It’s really cold here and I couldn’t see that pretty face of yours.”

With a roll of her eyes, she plopped down on the couch again. Even though she didn’t really want any company, she thought Sirius frivolity maybe would be good for her. “Can’t sleep?” – She asked, looking up at him.

Sirius watched the big, glistening blue eyes with the slightly smeared makeup. There was something in her tone that he couldn’t decide what caused yet. “Lily is up in our dorm, and unlike Remus and Peter, I can’t sleep that deep.” – He sat down next to the girl, who laughed.

“Sometimes I’m really glad boys can’t come up our rooms. But you see, I think it’s still better when they couldn’t stop talking about each other.”

He let out a dramatic sigh. “Lucky you. James still can’t stop talking about Lily.”

“That’s so sweet.” – She said effusively. – “I’m so happy for them.”

“Me too.” – He said quickly. – “I just loved to sleep.”

Marlene chuckled again before she stood up to fold her legs under herself again, and Sirius realized what he heard in her voice earlier. “What have you got there?”

She followed his gaze while her eyes fell on the firewhisky. Grabbing the bottle, she turned back to him. “Happy juice. Want some?”

He accepted and took a sip, not taking his eyes off her, but he didn’t ask what was bothering her. After seven years knowing Marlene, Sirius learnt she doesn’t talk about her problems or there’s something wrong, and he could understand. He didn’t like to talk about them either.

He noticed she wore a pretty, short, dark blue dress under her leather jacket. “Had a date again?”

She only nodded.

“Was it so bad?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” – She muttered under her breath, snatching the bottle out from Sirius’ hand and taking a big sip. He fell silence and let her do what she wanted.

The two of them started became good friends only at the start of the seventh year, when after the first quidditch match Marlene showed a great muggle rock band to Sirius, and he quickly realized this girl maybe much more than he’d originally thought. Because she had her own, harsh style sometimes, and Sirius have had enough of harsh people. It wasn’t really a mask; she didn’t try to show herself something else that she truly was. She just never wanted to give her heart to anybody; what was the point if people could damage it so easily? Only those whom she trusted at least a bit could see her kind, big hearted and passionate side.

Sirius also noticed Marlene went on a lot of date lately. He didn’t know how far she went with them, but he could tell none of them lasted longer than a few hours. Usually, she laughed after these days, mocking about how awful every guy was, but now there were no jokes, nor complains; she was too quiet.

At least for a time being. Sirius made her laugh and lifted her mood quickly, thought the firewhisky definitely played a big role in it. After hours of talking, joking and playing truth or dare – which was only truth or truth with cheeky and embarrassing questions – Marlene was at the top of the table, singing a song from the Ramones when somebody stormed into the common room with dishevelled hair.

“Honestly, it’s four in the morning!” – Remus shouted. – “Can you two please shut up and go to sleep already?” – They looked back at him in silence with innocent faces, trying to choke back their laughs. – “Thanks.”

“Wow.” – She whispered after Remus left them. She stepped down from the low table, but landed in Sirius’ lap. – “He’s really moody.”

“No. It’s Moony.” – He laughed, wrapping his hands around her waist, pressing his forehead against her cheek before she could’ve stood up.

“Well, I don’t know who and why started to call him like this, but you should change it. Moody is fits for him better.” – She felt as Sirius smiled against her skin, but said nothing.

Out of nowhere, a sudden drowsiness overwhelmed the both of them, but no matter how nice would’ve felt to fall asleep in Sirius’ warm hug, Marlene shifted a yawn and crawled out from his lap. It felt cold without his arms around her, so she put on her jacket that she earlier dropped on the floor.

He closed his eyes and rested his head against the backrest of the sofa. It was the first time in long hours they haven’t said anything, and the silence brought the melancholy back again for Marlene.

“I think I give up.” – She said with a raspy voice. – “Dating, I mean.”

Sirius’ eyes fluttered open and turned his head towards her. “What are you talking about?”

She sighed. “I’ve had enough. Guys see I’m pretty and they don’t care about anything else.”

He let out a tiny, almost inaudible laugh, so she continued. “I know it sounds cocky, but that’s the truth. They ask me out but none of them really want more than one night. It would be nice, you know? Some to ask me what’s my favourite flower or something.”

“Do you want guys to ask what your favourite flower is?” – Sirius asked with an amused voice.

She huffed. “It was just an example! Whatever, I’m talking to the wrong person. You also need girls for only night.” – She folded her arms and turned her head away from Sirius, but he sat closer to her.

“Marlene, no offense, but it’s your fault.”

She quickly looked back at him with angry eyes. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means you built up walls around yourself and you don’t let anyone in. Like, I know you for seven years and I only had a chance to realize how awesome you are a couple months ago. How do you expect from somebody to know that after one date, then?”

She fell silent for a few long seconds. “Well, maybe they should at least try to know me better.”

“Do you feel lonely?” – Sirius asked, surprised at even himself as he dared to ask something so personal. It felt heavier and so much more intimate when they were talking about their sexual life whilst they played truth or dare.

But Marlene answered immediately. “No, I don’t. I have amazing friends, and that’s enough, really. It’s just… now I wanted more than a one night stand, but I couldn’t get a normal relationship and it makes me feel unlovable and worthless.” – The words left her lips too fast and she stopped instantly after the last ones. She never thought she’d talk about this to anyone.

“What’s that crap? You’re everything but unlovable and worthless.” – Sirius said almost angrily. Marlene just rolled her eyes, and he sat closer again. – “Listen, if they don’t want to know you, it’s their fault, not yours. Why would you let some blokes who don’t even want to know who you really are makes you feel like this?”

She looked into his grey eyes, thinking about what he said weren’t just comforting words; he meant them, and it actually made sense. Really, why would I?

“You’re right.” – She said firmly. – “I’m gonna have fun and I won’t care about any stupid boys ever again. It’s their loss.”

“Now, that’s the Marlene I know.” – He laughed and messed up her hair.

She giggled softly before she stood up slowly; as the alcohol still affected her limbs her moves wasn’t so steady yet. “We should go to sleep. There’s a quidditch match tomo – I mean, today.”

“I forgot.” – Sirius growled and followed the girl. – “See you at the after party, I guess?”

“Sure.” – She gushed, eyes widened in excitement, completely forgot about the hangover will definitely make her to do anything but going to a party. – “I still have another bottle of firewhisky in the depths of my trunk.”

They vanished the empty glasses and walked across the room together, saying good nights, but Sirius turned back before he stepped on the stairs. “So what is your favourite flower?”

She frowned but smiled. “Dandelions.”

He cocked an eyebrow and watched her disappearing behind the girl’s dorm’ door, not sure if she was joking or not.

Ok but I was reading the Shadowhunter codex, and Henry’s name is in there like 4 times with a huge paragraph explaining all his accomplishments and all I could think of was his face when he saw it like everyone in his life thought he and his frivolous inventions were going no where and told him that much, but there he was, outlasting them all in history. His eyes would get all wide and he’d turn to Charlotte and be like “Lottie, did you hear that?!” with this adorable awe inspired expression, even though she was standing right next to him. I’m done. Kill me now. Too much cute ashskflskalshdjska


Years after the curse is broken, Belle gets an overwhelming desire to write a book (she spends so much time reading them, after all). After much careful thought and consideration, she decides to publish the story of her adventures at the castle (not forgetting to include the love story). She hopes her book can provide important life lessons for all who read it.

Adam claims it’s a much better romance than Romeo and Juliet that one other book full of heartache and pining. He absolutely praises her writing.

La Belle et la Bête goes on to become a classic and the story ends up being passed on for generations.


“Please concentrate. I need you to be as precise as possible.”

Sakura tried to neaten her posture, but it was already perfect.

“I didn’t know she was following me until she spoke.” Sasuke was perfectly professional. His hands probably weren’t clammy at all. “I couldn’t visually follow the movement she made.”

“With Sharingan?”

The Sandaime might have been the slightest bit incredulous.

Sasuke’s jaw was a little tenser. “Yes, Sandaime-sama. With the Sharingan.” He adjusted his footing every so slightly. “The suspect collided with Gaara-san, and then as far as I could tell, both disappeared.”

“Indeed.” He tapped his fingers on the desk just once. “Please repeat once more her words, with tone and body language as you remember them.”

Sasuke dutifully repeated the conversation for the second time, though this time he neglected to mention that she had mussed his hair afterwards. That was a shame, because it was the best part, as far as she was concerned. Was his hair cute that way?

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rambling on femininity

I got kicked out of a Facebook group a few weeks ago…

Someone posted that article on how American men don’t want to get married anymore. And how “women aren’t women” anymore. Someone mentioned that it was “scary.” I commented that it was a scary thing, that high value men wouldn’t believe such things (wouldn’t they would just focus on finding the woman that they did want?), and that perhaps women should focus on femininity for its own sake rather than what makes men happy or unhappy.

I joined the group with hesitation, because it talked about being a high value feminine woman to attract a high value man. My intuition was right it seems…such spaces are not for me.

I’m so tired of the idea that femininity only has value if you’re using it to attract a man.

One blog I occasionally visit is The Art of Manliness. It’s a blog on increasing your self-discipline, knowing yourself as a man, etc. I’d say most of the topics are applicable to everyone—there are a few that are male specific, such as increasing your testosterone. But hey, eat the meat spit out the bones.

I don’t get the sense that The Art of Manliness exists so that men can be manly men and attract the baddest bitches thus far. It’s for men who want to feel like men because masculinity is thought of a gift unto itself.

While femininity is thought of as silly and frivolous unless you’re getting a “high value” man.

And you know what? It’s other women who are peddling this nonsense. It’s other women who only talk about the value of femininity as it relates to men, rather than femininity being its own gift.

To be fair, I’m sure there are blogs and sites that touch on how to be feminine that don’t focus on attracting men. But from google searches in years past and what I see on Facebook, it’s seems to be a rarity.

Maybe my view is skewed, because I’m also attracted to women, but I’ve asked myself over the year if men stopped existing or if they all stopped being attracted to women for one reason or another, would I still fuss over my appearance? Would I still shave/get waxed, would I still care about style, and gentility, and all that stuff that’s normally associated with femininity, at least in the west? And the answer is yes. I probably wouldn’t shave as often…but otherwise I’d still revel in my femininity. Whether or not men benefited from it.

Femininity isn’t valued. By men or women. When you’re soft and delicate, focus on having manners and gentility, try to be warm and inviting, and desire beauty and aesthetically pleasing things, men see it as you being high maintenance and out of their league and women as you being a stuck up bitch. Being nurturing is seen as an invitation to be shitted on.

“Women aren’t women anymore” Who wants to be a woman? When the things that are constantly associated with womanhood are deemed silly, frivolous, pointless, and are always targets for pontifications and criticisms.

About two weeks ago I saw another page from that same group leader, for some kind of event about attracting men and all that jazz.

I guess I stand corrected. Femininity only has value when you can use it to sell an inferiority complex to women with regards to how they interact with men and make a profit.

How Not to Learn Polish - A Love in Exile Drabble

This is a little drabble I wrote for @sheepskeleton as thanks for the wonderful art of Victor that she did, which was inspired by a conversation we had. 

Being fellow history nerds, she and I have talked a lot about the historical context of Love In Exile, and one of the things we talked about was Victor’s relationship with Ignacy Hryniewiecki, who is a real historical figure and something of a Polish national hero. She pointed out to me that Victor having learned Polish from Ignacy (which Victor tells Yuuri he did in Chapter 2) was actually something of a political statement, as at the time Polish culture and language was being actively and ferociously quashed by the Russian Empire. 

Intrigued by this idea I wrote this (rather smutty) drabble for her, which almost killed her due to how terrible the initial Polish was. She has corrected all of it and I now present it to you here as an amusing perk of following the LIE blog (though you are welcome to reblog and share it). 

Be warned this is NSFW and most will be under a cut. 

“Za naszą i waszą wolność.”

He says the words like a lover’s sigh in my ear, soft and low, as his fingertip caress over my hip. But these are not a lover’s words.

I crack one eye open. “Since when have words of revolution become acceptable pillow talk?”

“Since you climbed into bed with a revolutionary,” he says with a chuckle. He nips my ear.

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Saxophone Boy- Taehyung(m)

Originally posted by kths

(m)- mature | word count: 4400 | BFF!Tae | <33

You don’t need a written label to read between the lines..

reqs: can you do one with taehyung where you’re taking a really long time in the shower, he comes in and you’re pleasuring yourself? (+) Smut/fluff with daddy v? (+) Hey I was wondering can request a taehyung X best friend smut pleaseeee

a/n: finally another tae smut!!! it’s been a long time cumming so please enjoy:)

One more minute. He thinks with growing agitation, just one more and I’m barging in to see what the hell is taking her so long. At this point it’d been a half hour since he walked through the door, and an extra fifteen since you said you were going to take a “quick” shower before he arrived. So forty five minutes, forty-five minutes is how long you’d been in there, forty five minutes of wasting water on that tiny little body of yours.

Taehyung paces the small expanse of your living room, already having queued up the anime and snacks for the moment you were ready. But as those moments turned into long minutes his mind had started to wander from itself, maybe you drowned. Maybe you hit your head or maybe a mermaid had swam up from the drain and kidnapped you. Maybe you just came up with other plans and didn’t want to see him…

But that couldn’t be true, the two of you were two peas in a pod, best friends, you always wanted to see him and he always wanted to see you. That’s just how things are even though they didn’t always feel that way.

Sometimes, when your hand wandered a little too low when you were rubbing his stomach, or your shirt was a little too thin for the cold weather, the idea of more than friends would emerge from within his thoughts. But after being together, and only in one way for so long, how could he ever admit that he dreamt about the way you sounded late at night? Or that whenever he ate something sweet he thought about how you smelt… how you would taste…

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Fanfiction: Alone, But Not Lonely

Title:  Alone, But Not Lonely

Author:  MoustachioPenguin

Rating:  T+

Word Count:  14k

Pairing:  NijiAka

Summary:  Sometimes, Akashi wishes his father would pat his head and tell him, ‘I’m proud of you.’  All Akashi wants is to feel important; all he aspires to do is make his father proud.  It’s a shame Akashi falls short every time.

Warnings:  Obscure/Fragmented storytelling, open ending, abusive relationship between parent and child


Whenever Akashi hears an airplane overhead, he finds that he always looks up.  His steady steps still no matter where he is or where he’s going, and for some time he’ll just stare listlessly.

His father chides him for this pointless habit he’s developed.  Akashi apologizes, but never stops despite his efforts.  Oftentimes he’ll wonder what makes the distraction so attractive.  Akashi doesn’t particularly like the sound of planes’ engines, nor does he find any beauty in the contrails the planes leave behind. 

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Josh Dun x Reader : Dinner Date

A/N: a huge thanks to all of you guys for the response to both the josh dun chipotle fic and the brendon urie persicope predicament fic! it blew my mind when i saw how many people liked it! as you all probably know, i’m new to tumblr and i’m still figuring stuff out. this one’s a continuation of the josh dun chipotle fic, thanks to @totallybitchynerd on tumblr for the request of a second part to this fic, and also to @emoxxtrash on tumblr for teaching me what an ask box was. now you guys can request fics more easily! i love you all and a huge thanks! i’m going to shut up now and let you read the fic…

*this is a continuation of Josh Dun x Reader : First Day at Chipotle (link:

You tied off your apron and took off your hat, placing them on the nightstand in your room, taking a deep breath and checking your phone for the millionth time today. You’ve been waiting for a text or a call, anything really, from the boy you had just met earlier today. Josh Dun had changed your life, even if you had just met him. You couldn’t get him out of your mind, his smile, his voice, his laugh, his eyes, everything about that boy just drove you crazy. You started to wish that maybe he was the one who would’ve given you his number instead. You took the concert ticket he had given you out of your pocket, staring at it and grinning, reminiscing the couple minutes you had spent together earlier today. He had said that he liked you! Well, in a strange kind of way. Either way, he had given you a ticket to his concert and told you he had something for you later, which you were still curious about. That’s when your phone rang, and although it was a number you had never seen before, you picked up almost immediately, taking a deep breath and then greeting the caller happily. “Hi this is y/n,” you announced.

“Hey,” a voice responded. But it wasn’t just any voice. It was his voice. Josh Dun.

“Hello,” you replied, a goofy grin spread across your face.

“It’s Josh,” he explained. “You know? The Chipotle guy?’

"Who? I think you have the wrong person,” you joked.

“Haha, you’re funny,” he laughed. “So do you think you can make it to the show tonight?”

“Absolutely,” you nodded eagerly.

“That’s great. I really want you to introduce you to my friend, Tyler. I’ve been telling him all about you,” he answered. “And I want to take you out to eat maybe, after the show. To get to know you better.”

“That sounds amazing,” you gasped. “I’d love to.”

“Cool,” he remarked. “So I’ll see you then?”

“Definitely,” you reassured.

“I wish I could talk to you longer, but we’re starting sound check soon, so I got to go. Just after the show’s done, text me and I’ll come find you. Got it?” he decided.

“Sounds good. Thank you,” you tried your best not to giggle. Was this really happening?

“It’s my pleasure,” Josh replied, and he disconnected the call, you staring at your phone and smiling.

It took your almost two hours just to decide which outfit to wear, and then about another fifteen minutes trying to rearrange your hair, and then you had to figure out which shoes to put on also. Almost every decision you contemplated for a long period of time, unsure and doubting whether or not Josh would like it. You finally decided on something simple, letting your hair down, wearing your favorite shoes. Maybe the saying was right, you thought as you looked in the mirror, less is more. You drove in your car, the ticket in your pocket, nervously tapping your thumbs on the steering wheel, anxious to go see him. You hadn’t been to a lot of concerts before, and you weren’t the party or crowd type, but it seemed like fun and you were excited to see Josh, so you didn’t hesitate going. When you got there, you passed security, showed them your ticket, and that’s when you realized what seat you had gotten. It was front row, right by the barricade, directly in front of Josh’s drum set. You smiled to yourself, thinking what a lucky girl you were, how this was probably not just a coincidence.

When the boys got on stage, you could see Josh scanning the crowd for your face, and they started playing music, but you could tell Josh was sort of distracted. Was he looking for you? You shook your head, trying to focus on the music, and mostly Josh, instead of frivolous thoughts and concerns. They played some really good songs, and you almost cried during some really emotional parts, but it was during your favorite song that Josh finally locked eyes with you, his face breaking out into a huge grin, and you knew he saw you. You waved, and he nodded back, and you were sure he had seen your face. You had a good time, even finding yourself chanting for an encore when they were off stage, and when they came back, your eyes were fixed on Josh the entire time, watching him play the drums with a passion and energy that you had never seen before. You really did like him, even if you had just met him today. There was something very special and magical about that boy that made him stand out, different, almost better than all the rest.

The show finished, and you frowned, knowing that it was over, but that’s when you felt something buzz in your pocket, and you remembered that you still had to go see Josh. You pulled out your phone, and he had sent you a text saying that it would be a couple minutes before he could get you, but to wait by a certain door. You sent back an okay, and then waited where he had told you to go, nervously biting your fingernails and trying not to get too frazzled. Was what you were wearing okay to go out to dinner? Did you go too crazy during the show? Was he going to not like you? That’s when a security guy came towards you, and you almost walked away, scared you were going to get in trouble, but he just smiled and waved. “Hey, are you y/n?” he asked.

“Uh, yeah. That’s me,” you responded.

“Cool. Josh told me I was supposed to take you to the dressing room,” he explained. “I’m a security guard, don’t worry.”

“Thanks,” you smiled. You didn’t expect this to happen. You followed the security guard down a couple of hallways, and then finally to a room.

“Here you go, stay out of trouble, keep the boys in line,” the security guard teased.

“I will,” you chuckled.

You knocked on the door, and when it opened, Tyler came face to face with you. “Hey Josh!” he smirked. “Your girlfriend is here to see you.”

“Y/n!” you heard Josh shout from afar, and he raced to the door, and hugged you tight, his arms wrapped around you and catching you by surprise. You hadn’t expected a hug, but he felt so strong and you felt so safe and comfortable in his arms, as if nothing could go wrong. He released the embrace, and then stepped back, grinning at you. You smiled back. You had to stop from staring at him. He was now wearing a gray sweatshirt, black ripped jeans, sneakers, and he looked really handsome. Sure, he looked amazing on stage too, and at Chipotle. Well, he always looks amazing, no matter what he’s wearing, no matter where he is.

“Hey Josh,” you laughed. “I missed you.”

“He missed you too,” Tyler told you.

“Shut up,” Josh rolled his eyes. “Come in, there’s a couch over there. You want a Red Bull?”

“Sure,” you nodded. He handed you one, and you popped open the tab, taking a long sip.

“What did you think of the show?” he wondered.

“It was great! I loved it!” you responded. “Especially the drummer, what was his name again? Joe? James? Jake?”

“I think it was Josh,” Tyler corrected.

“I was joking,” you explained.

“Oh,” Tyler sighed. “Well, I’m going to leave Romeo alone with Juliet for a couple minutes. Don’t do anything when I’m gone. I’ll keep my eye on you two.” Tyler squinted his eyes at both of us, and we laughed. “Josh is mine.”

“Okay, don’t worry,” you sighed. “He’s all yours.”

“Good,” Tyler crossed his arms. “Don’t forget that.”

“Go run along and find Jenna or something,” Josh shooed him out the door. “You have better things to do than tease y/n.”

“Maybe I will,” Tyler shrugged, walking out of the room and closing the door behind him, and Josh turned to you, a smile on his face.

“Hey, I forgot to thank you for the Chipotle earlier today, it was great. For your first day on the job, I think you did superb,” he complimented.

“Thanks,” you blushed.

“So? What do you say? Dinner?” he asked.

“Yeah, that sounds great,” you nodded. “But I do believe you’re forgetting something?”

“Am I?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Yup. You told me you had something for me after the show,” you reminded.

“Oh, how could I forget?” Josh shook his head. “I’m stupid.”

“You’re not stupid,” you defended.

“Yeah, I almost forgot!” Josh groaned.

“Forgot what?” you inquired.

“I forgot to give you this,” Josh explained. He put a hand behind your head, bringing your close, and kissed you softly on your lips, quick but just long enough to be perfect. He moved away, a grin on his face, and you were almost sure you had turned completely red.

“That, um, that was…” you stammered. “Wow.”

“You liked that?” he raised his eyebrows.

“I loved it,” you smiled.

“Well there’s more in store if you stick around a little longer,” he tilted his head to the side.

“Then I’m a fool not to stay,” you laughed.

“So… Dinner?” Josh wondered.

“Dinner it is,” you nodded. You stood up, drinking the rest of your Red Bull, and then tossing it in the trash. Josh’s hand found yours, and you were holding hands as you walked out of the dressing room, down the hallway, to whatever fancy place Josh had picked out.

“Where are you two going?” Tyler interrogated when he caught you two trying to sneak out of the arena.

“We’ll be back soon, I promise,” Josh explained. “Give us about an hour or two.”

“Don’t forget,” Tyler whispered. “I’m watching you two.”

“We know, we know,” you rolled your eyes. Tyler winked at Josh and then walked away, leaving you and Josh there, walking out the door and underneath the night sky. You looked up at them in awe, gazing at the constellations. “The stars are beautiful tonight.”

“Not as beautiful as you,” Josh quickly added.

“You’re amazing Josh,” you sighed, walking to his car.

“You too, y/n,” he smiled. You gave him a kiss on the cheek and then he opened the door for you, ushering you in. You sat down, leaning back, thinking how lucky you were to be here, with Josh Dun, just the two of you and nobody else holding you back. Josh opened his door, sliding in the driver’s seat, sliding the keys in the ignition.

“I like your car,” you told him. “Especially the stereo.” You gazed at the set up he had installed, almost begging for him to play something, anything, just so you could hear how it worked.

“How about we listen to some music?” he suggested, reaching his hand into the glove box and happening to pull out your favorite album of all time.

“Absolutely,” you agreed. He popped the disc in and the first track played, both of your faces breaking out into huge smiles. You started to think that you and Josh would be together for a very long time, and there was a certain feeling in the atmosphere that confirmed that what you were thinking was very right. Maybe it was the way he had one hand on the steering wheel and the other on your knee, the way you both belted out the words at the top of your lungs, how you would gaze into each other’s eyes when you were stopped at the red light. Everything he did made you fall in love with him, and you couldn’t wait for more nights like this.

Just my addition to the “Qrow being Ruby’s father” pot

He sees her hunching over herself, trying to make herself as small as possible- trying to will herself to be invisible. It’s so familiar, he thinks, as he watches her try to hide herself from Glynda’s gaze with her hair. The guilty, kicked-puppy look that he still finds incredibly endearing, and completely useless in its intentions. An atmosphere of confusion and innocent fear that brings Ozpin back to times long forgotten- simpler times.

Before Ozpin is Ruby Rose, and the sight of her conjures the image of someone who used to be no more than a child, troublesome and headstrong. Sometimes he wonders if that person, will ever find the chance to live so preciously again- in this world or the next.

As he takes his seat across from her, her gaze flicks up in surprise to him and he steels himself to meet the gaze of a ghost.

But instead, he falters.

“Ruby Rose…” She blinks up at him expectantly.

“You have silver eyes?” he confirms to himself.

Why yes, of course, silver eyes like her mother- the dearly departed Summer. Genetics perfectly explain why this child’s eyes shine like a finely sharpened sword. So why is he so stupefied by her curious gaze?

It is because he does not need to ask why Ruby Rose’s eyes are silver.

He asks himself why they are not red.

“Oh Qrow…” he mourns to himself as the young girl tells him naively of her talented “sister” and dusky “uncle”. “What have you done?”

You see, when Ozpin met Ruby Rose, he was not expecting a specter of her mother, the once gentle Summer Rose.

He was awaiting something much more startling: the image of her father, or at least what he used to be- confident and virtuous- happy.

Ozpin was hoping to once again see the lost smile of Qrow Branwen.

Of course she would be in just the right place at just the right time.
Qrow always had a knack for getting his nose into things he shouldn’t have.

Silently, Ozpin wishes Ruby was more like Summer. Perhaps then she would have stayed in the ballroom with her friends, laughing and enjoying the short time they all have together.

Perhaps then she would’ve been spared the confusion of this whole event.
But of course, she’s too much like her father, and craves the soft silence of solitude, even if only for just a moment. Sometimes the world grows much too loud for people like them. They must remind themselves that life is actually quite hushed in its tones.

Perhaps that’s why his dear friend holds his liquor so closely. After all that he’s seen, all that he’s heard, it must be too easy for his thoughts to be overwhelmed by frivolous white noise. Ozpin knows all to well the burning liquid does wonders to shut out the rest of the world.

Ozpin considers purchasing Qrow some headphones.

She’s just like him, he ponders, as she interacts with her teammates. She’s so sure in their abilities, so ready to believe they’re unstoppable. Of course she’d choose a mission so dangerous. Glynda would surely scold him if he allowed them to travel to Mountain Glenn.

If she were like her mother, she would calmly tell her team it’s simply too dangerous, but perhaps they could try later- when they’re stronger. But he knows the truth.

He knows that Ruby would only find another way to the south if she were forbade to go, possibly more dangerous, just as Qrow would.

He allows them to take the mission.

The image before him breaks his heart more than it already was after all the years of hardship. He is suddenly overwhelmed with the tragedy that is the relationship laid in front of him.

He wonders, though, which half of the pair has the saddest role?

Is it Ruby, forever unaware of the blood she shares with her “Uncle”, even as she dangles excitedly from his arm, straining it with her weight? (Qrow, of course, using all his might to keep her aloft despite an injury)

Or is it Qrow, having to force himself to maintain a façade against his most precious creation, his own daughter? How hard it must be for him to look into those silver eyes and try to will him self to pretend they had never existed in a previous soul, one that he loved so preciously.

Or perhaps, the role belongs to Ozpin, the witness, who must wonder if he is the only that sees they have the same playful gleam in their eyes. Is he the only one that notices they both shrink just a bit when scolded? Or that they share identical dust-eating grins?

Perhaps he has just lived so long that he’s developed the ability to pinpoint the same wrinkles around the eyes, the duplicate crooked teeth, and the twin unkempt nests that is their obsidian-colored hair.

Indeed, Ozpin knows there are more similarities between them than just their weapons and their cloaks. And maybe, just maybe, if Ruby’s eyes were the same proud red that the Branwen family boasts, everyone else would see the precious tie between them as well.

But as he calls to Qrow, and the father and daughter look to him with near identical expressions of puzzlement, Ozpin wonders if Qrow prefers Ruby’s eyes to be their soft gunmetal coloring.

That way those who meet her are flooded with the memory of a gentle girl with a white hood- instead of the boy who left her behind to fight the monsters found in human nature rather then story books.