thoughts about tim drake

Tim Drake finally returns from his imprisonment and Dick’s first instinct is to wrap him in the biggest hug ever. But Tim had been isolated in a cage for months with no human contact and at least some sensory deprivation. So Dick’s hugs which once made him feel warm and safe and wanted and all those squishy happy feelings, just make him feel overwhelmed and trapped. He can’t help flinching as soon as someone touches him and even though being hugged used to be comforting, now it just makes his chest tighten with panic and his skin crawl and his head pound as he tries to cope with all the heightened sensory input. And all he wants is to relax in his brother’s arms and revel in the feeling of blessed human touch after being alone for so long but he just can’t and he hates it.

  • *batboys shopping for groceries*
  • Tim: How about this one? It says "budget-friendly".
  • Jason: Is it free?
  • Tim: No, it cost-
  • Jason: Then it's not budget-friendly.

Batman Headcanon that Tim has a bad habit of fainting in random places due to lack of food or sleep, usually when he stands up too quickly after sitting at his computer for hours on end. These episodes go up in frequency after his splenectomy. No one quite knows who started it, but if someone hears an odd thump in the house and knows that Tim is home, they’ll shout “Tim-ber”. This alerts the other bats that Tim is down and could probably use some assistance. The closest person will grab Tim up off the floor, check him out for injury before lugging him over to bed for some rest. Tim was blissfully unaware of this tradition until one time he knocked over his bookshelf and heard 3 different people shouting Timber from three different places in the house.

Food For Thought About New 52 And Tim Drake...

Before New 52, Tim Drake (The third Robin and eventually Red Robin) and Kon El (Superboy) were extremely close. When Bruce had died, only Tim denied this. Nobody believed Tim. Except for Kon.

When Tim was depressed and wearing the Red Robin costume, Kon saw this as a sign to be worried like a true friend.

And because he dubbed Tim as not a “cowl kinda guy”, Tim always took it off around him. ALWAYS.

Overall, people loved this friendship. Some even shipped it and called it love. Both stances said that they were close and that it was nice to have a supportive friendship like this in DC comics.

But then everything changed when New 52 attacked. Dubbing Tim Drake as just Red Robin whose past is never really said except that he was Robin. This erased all history between him and Kon.

Playful banter but nothing like before.

This part of New 52 is EXTREMELY DELIBERATE.

By doing this, DC doesn’t have to hear anything more about Tim and Kon being possibly gay. Now they just have to sift through complaints about the loss of one of the best friendships in comic book history.

Dear New 52: 

You suck

Sincerely, The Third Robin.

TLDR Version; It’s extremely sad what has happened to Tim in New 52 and the loss of Kon as a close friend is just one of many, many grievances.