thoughts about this coming valentines day

the week is going so fast… there were four hours of architecture on Monday, but it was so interesting, now i want more. I’ve never thought that i can like it so much. But sitting and listening without opportunity to move is pretty hard. As you know, we have to do breaks every ~40 minutes to stay concentrated.

I’ve ordered some books about architecture and now i can’t wait to take them from the book store! oh Saturday please come~`


ハッピーバレンタインデー  (*´▽`*)

in japan, it’s custom for girls to give 義理チョコ (giri choco, or “obligation chocolate”) to her friends and coworkers, and for her to give 本命チョコ (honmei choco, or “true feelings chocolate”) to the one she has romantic feelings for, but ya boy doesnt care about japanese gender roles

anyway happy valentines day!! i thought this would be a cute idea although im pretty sure someone already did it (better)

sequel coming on white day ^___^

I̸̞͓̬̝͐͆̚͜t̷͚́̿'̷̭̠̈́̍s̶͇̜̦̗̏̆ ̷̣͙̋h̵̟̠͇̪̓̿̈́̾͘ì̷̧̜̓̽̈́s̶͓̪̐͘̕ ̵̨̰̱͖̏̅t̷̩͙̗̗̺̐ȗ̵͓̂̈r̵̪̲͆̀̽̎n̸̻̓̇̄ ̶̩̰̰̬́̅͌n̴͎̓̋̓̍͘o̵̲͚̟̙̳̒̎̀̐ẃ̷̨͙͓̤̓̀̄͠

I went through all the times Dark made an appearance in yesterday’s videos again, including the old ones (don’t blink, don’t move and relax). Here are my thoughts (this turned out way longer than planned, and it’s not even all, yay for way to much theorizing?):

If you’ve found the Exit video, you know that after you go through the door, you see Dark smiling at you and you get put back into prison. Dark made the loop. Like @caustic-synishade​ pointed out here (and Mark “confirmed”): he wants you to get stuck in the game. Now I was thinking, why the prison? Mark even said at the beginning that he’s seen us before, so that would make more sense right? But consider this: the only way you can get Mark killed in the game, without Dark making a clear appearance, is by choosing to split up. That event only occurs when you escape the prison again, Dark wants you to find this other option. This way, you make it easier for him to take over. He doesn’t even have to go through all of the trouble of killing Mark, you took care of that. (More on Dark taking over later)

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So, Dark makes a clear appearance when you choose the Horror play in the theatre. There are some (okay, way too many) things that caught my attention regarding his powers. First, Mark disappears. Dark appears on the stage, your vision gets stretched and weird. Next thing you know, you’re somewhere else, with Dark in front of you. This, suddenly appearing somewhere else, happens a lot in the videos with and without Dark. The ones with Dark are more sudden, unlike the other ones, where Mark hugs you, puts his hands before your eyes, etc. I think he also did this during the Exit video, like I pointed out before, when you are suddenly put back in the prison. This makes me think that Dark is capable of some serious telekinesis (I have so much more to say about this! So I’ll probably do a different post on what I think Dark’s powers are, with more detail and research).

His behaviour is also very interesting (during the Horror, Freedom and Left videos)! Like @http-jack​ says in this post (thank you for putting my thoughts together so well!), Dark is serious business. He wears a suit, makes sure he speaks clearly, puts his hands behind his back and has good posture. This guy is bursting of self-confidence and he doesn’t play around. But that doesn’t mean he never loses his temper. Every single time he raises his voice, you can see that he didn’t mean that to happen. He fixes his tie and jacket, sighs and continues his speech. If we say that the options Dark gives you at the end of Horror are the “canon” times he made an appearance, then he’s been around since June 2012. More than enough time to get seriously pissed off.

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Not only his behaviour, but also the things he says lead me to believe that Dark is anything but happy with Mark.I’ve been pushed aside. Replaced. Mocked. And then, he had the gall to not invite me to his little adventure with you. No more. Never again. It’s my turn now.
He’s angry with Mark’s arrogance and ignorance towards him. He’s waited long enough, giving Mark the change to do this willingly, but if Mark won’t let him in, he’ll do it himself. He’s jealous of all of the attention Mark’s been getting, while he was humiliated and forgot. He’s desperate to show off how stupid Mark was for ignoring him. “Take your pick, anything of four different choices. More than he could’ve ever given you. (…) If dinner is what you want, then I can provide. And I can take you wherever you’d like to go. (…) I can give you anything! (…) There’s nothing you, or he, can do to stop me!” He shows off how strong he is and how weak Mark is beside him. He straight up says he can give you so much more than Mark, you just have to let him in, it’s as simple as that.

Dark’s loving all the attention he’s finally getting. He’s putting up one hell of a show. He shows off his powers, mocks Mark and he pretends he gives you a choice (with the loop the choice at the end of Horror). Even though Mark puts up a fight, I don’t think Dark ever really leaves or gave any of us a choice:

I’ll talk more about the difference in the speech of Mark and Dark in the Right and Left videos in the powers post, but at the end of both videos, it’s clear Dark is still there. When you “accidentally” kill Mark, it’s clear Dark’s still here and here to stay. “But now we’re going to be together, forever.”
If you actually shoot Dark, he’s not gone. In the Right video, your vision is still somewhat distorted, but the actual Mark is there. Dark never left and he didn’t actually give you a choice, he took control. It’s his turn now.

Now, I was thinking, why is Dark so obsessed with getting a connection between you and him? “I’ve been waiting a long time to get some, personal time between us. (…) So, now that we are here together, we can really get know each other.”
Consider this: he needs us. He can take over Mark, but Mark’s able to push him out. But we’re not. Mark’s there in his physical form, we’re not. He knows that Mark cares a lot about us, so what does he do? Make us suffer. He loves to see Mark suffer (in don’t blink and relax, Mark’s hurt in some way), and he knows he can hurt him by hurting us.

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If you read the whole thing, thank you! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I’ll do way more theorizing on things like: Is Dark there the entire time? What are his powers? What even is he? How far does this rabbit hole even go? Who knows Dark, who knows.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day

There was a short valentine’s day omake in which Lucy wanted to give chocolate to Natsu, but she ended up not giving it to him because he ended up grossing her out lol. (Translation below) As you can tell by the artstyle, it was drawn when FT was still a fairly new manga. 

I can’t vouch for its accuracy but this translation was provided by Ju-da-Su on mangahelpers. 

(Panel 1) 

Lucy: “It is actually a really nice thing, but … ”
 Did I make it a bit too cute?
Hope he doesn’t … come up with any weird thoughts about this.

(Panel 2)

Lucy: Ah!
Natsu: How the hell am I supposed to choose!!!
Happy:  How ‘bout if you’re told that you have to choose one of them?

(Panel 3)

Natsu: I don’t want to eat both the “chocolate-favored shit” and “shit-favored chocolate”!!!
Also, just whose shit is that!!!
Happy: Well … that actually doesn’t really matter

(Panel 4)

Natsu: Lucy!! What do you think!?
Lucy:  I’ll never give this to you

Because at the end of the day you’re the person I want to come home to. You’re the person I want to tell how my day went. You’re the person I want to share my happiness, sadness, frustration, and success with.

You’re my person, and I am yours.


BTS Reaction: Their gf has never left their home country.

Request:  BTS reaction to their foreign girlfriend never being out of her home country? Love ur blog btw ❤️

A/N: This blog loves you too anon! Sorry this took so long to post, stupid internet :( Enjoy! xx


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It had been a few days since you had spoken to Jin, no matter how many times you’d texted him and attempted to Facetime him, everything on his end seemed cold. You tried not to panic too much, you knew he was busy but at least one text could have reassured you. You started to become frustrated at the lack of effort on his end, scrolling back through your texts, the last one being from a week ago telling him how you’d never been anywhere but your home country. Just as you started typing out a fairly disgruntled text to your boyfriend across the sea, you heard a car beep outside your bedroom. Standing there, smug as you can imagine, was Jin, fanning himself with a passport before nodding towards the car. ‘Let’s go on an adventure’ he’d say before taking your hand and leading you into the back of the car.


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‘Seriously? You’ve never been anywhere else?’ he’d ask in awe over Skype as you explained to him that home sweet home was getting a little tiresome. He smirked to himself as he started typing rapidly into his studio laptop, humming to himself. ‘Nope, I wish. Maybe someday I’ll be able to come visit you all the way in Korea.’ you chuckled to yourself, your boyfriend feeling even further away than usual through the confines of your laptop. ‘You know I’d love that’ he mumbled, seemingly distracted with whatever he was doing on his laptop. ‘How’s the 22nd of this month? Long enough to get your passport sorted?’ he asked. ‘Yoongi, no I can’t afford it…’ ‘It’s a good thing I can then, isn’t it babe?’ ‘It’s too much!’ you insisted, shaking your head in an attempt to stop an unmoving and stubborn boyfriend. ‘Is it so wrong for me to want to hold my girlfriend? I love you and I want to see you.’ He’d say matter-of-factly, shutting his laptop to prove his point. ‘See you soon baby.’


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‘Happy Birthday Jagi!’ he’d exclaim over Skype as you held an envelope in your hand that had arrived in the post this morning from Hobi just in time to have it for your big day. ‘Hobi you know you didn’t have to get me anything…’ you said, suddenly feeling shy at your boyfriend’s show of generosity. ‘Oh Jagi it was nothing, just open it already I want to see your reaction!’ He would exclaim jumping up and down in anticipation. ‘Alright, alight!’ you giggled, tearing the envelope open. As soon as you saw what was inside a wave of emotion run you flat, clamping a hand over your mouth to stifle the gasp emerging from your mouth. The plane ticket to Korea stared back at you while Hobi giggled through the speakers of your laptop. ‘Oh Jagi, don’t cry!’ He’d laugh, you still being speechless. ‘Ok so you’re going to come and see me in Korea and from there we’re going to take a little trip to Thailand, that okay with you?’ he’d ask as you nodded so hard you thought your head might fall off. ‘Oh Hobi thank you so much! This is the best gift I could ever ask for, I finally get to see you.’ you gushed, running the ticket through your hands. ‘I’ll see you soon babe’ he’d say before explaining he had to go to practise. The whole build up to your trip he’d send photos of where he’d take you.

Rap Monster:

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It was nearing Valentines Day and Namjoon had come up with the ingenious idea of taking you to Paris, since you’d never left your home country. Seeing as he spoke English he thought the communication wouldn’t be too difficult and that it would be super romantic to meet somewhere neutral and spend your time together exploring a new country. He would try and learn a few French phrases and words to keep you two safe but other than that he wanted this trip to be spontaneous. On valentines day you saw a package on your front door. In truth you had forgotten all about the occasion, thinking nothing of it normally and especially with your boyfriend across the ocean it wasn’t something you really thought about. Opening the package there was a Mickey Mouse stuffed toy with a note in it’s hands and a ticket. ‘Meet me in Paris? -Joonie x’ you took the envelope in your shaky hands and opened it to see your flight details and hotel details, seeing how hard he’d work to organise this filled you with gratitude, rushing to your phone to call him and thank him.


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‘Ahahaha what?? You’ve never been anywhere else?’ your phone dinged with your boyfriend Jimin’s text message as you finished up your work. ‘No Jimin, we can’t all be popstars who travel around the world :P’ you’d reply, rolling your eyes at how oblivious yet sweet your boyfriend could be. ‘I know, still, how would you feel about coming on tour with me and the boys?’ You almost knocked your coffee over at that one. Go on tour?? With BTS? Not just to one country but five or six? Was he serious? ‘What??’ you replied, unable to tell if he was joking or not. ‘Well me and the manager have been talking it out for a while now and the boys all think it’s a great idea. I was going to wait until you birthday to ask but we might need more time to get your passport sorted- if you want to come that is :)’ He probably thought you were ignoring him you sat there, slack mouthed for so long. ‘OF COURSE I WOULD ARE YOU KIDDING ME???’ He replied almost immediately; ‘Ahahaha well of course, who wouldn’t want to see me? ;) Love you, maybe I’ll get to see you sooner than we thought xx’


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Sssshhhh’ Tae would exclaim as he found out you’d never left your home country. He had his hand over the camera of his phone while you were facetiming as apparently they were at a recording studio that didn’t allow cameras. ‘Hey, I need to tell you something’ he’d say, peaking your curiosity. ‘What is it?’ ‘Well…’ he’d say twiddling his fingers idly. ‘…’ you sat there, waiting for Tae to finish his sentence ‘there’s been some new… changes to the WINGS tour…’ he’d say nonchalantly, still not unveiling his phone camera as he dragged out his sentences, keeping you hanging on the edge of every word. ‘What do you mean?? Tae for god’s sake just tell me, you’re killing me here. I can feel myself ageing.’ He giggled at the absurdity of the situation before screaming so loud it hurt ‘WE’RE COMING TO SEE YOU’ he yelled, uncovering the camera to reveal himself and the boys packed inside a minibus, looking exhausted but in good spirits. ‘NO WAY’ you screamed, jumping up and down. ‘We’re taking you back to Korea with us, Y/N, we have this all planned out’ he smirked. ‘See you in an hour’ he said, giving you the kind of smile that melted your heart before hanging up.


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Well as far as crappy Birthdays went this took the cake, not that you had one. As the sunset on what had undoubtedly been a shambles of a ‘special day’, your mind couldn’t help but wonder to your boyfriend. Sure he was busy, but had he really forgotten your birthday? You hadn’t heard from him for days and while you weren’t worried, you couldn’t help but feel a little angry at him for neglecting you on your birthday. As you finally gave up on any kind of birthday miracle, you got into your pyjamas before going over to your curtains to close them and call it a night. That was before you saw a balloon float up to your open window with a peice of paper attached to the bottom. You swiped it from the air and upon closer inspection saw the piece of paper was a plane ticket to Korea. Amidst your confusion you saw the note scrawled on the back: ‘Will you be the Jasmine to my Aladdin?’ it read, as the opening bars of A Whole New World began to play from below you. You looked down to see your boyfriend, dressed as Aladdin, holding up his phone and singing the song, grinning up at you with his infamous bunny grin. You ran down the stairs and flung yourself into his arms, him spinning you around and kissing the top of your head. Among all the happy tears and staring at each other to make sure you were really there, you whispered ‘yes, I’ll be your Jasmine.’

Stranger Valentine

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When a terrible Valentines day date takes an unexpected turn; with Min Yoongi

You could kick yourself. You should have seen this coming the moment your friend said she knew the perfect guy for you. Especially considering who the friend was. She hadn’t exactly had the best taste in men. They tended to be morons or complete creeps. But you were tired of being alone on Valentines day. That was enough to let the small sliver of desperation that lived within you take over. So here you were with Minsoo at a semi nice restaurant. And you were miserable.

The date started off as you’d expect. You had decided to meet at the restaurant. He was a handsome man. Tall, with sleeked back midnight black hair. Killer smile enough to make most swoon. Well dressed to. Based on looks, your friend had done well. So there was a glimmer of hope that this would be a spectacular night. That glimmer would fade before you had the chance to receive your drinks.

Just as handsome as your date was, he was equally conceited. He told you all about his activities. About how he could afford all the best things. How lucky you were that you had been able to go on a date with him. So on and so forth. You began contemplating possibly going to the bathroom and sneaking out the window. But that wouldn’t work. The friend that had set you up would not let you hear the end of it. While this date was bad, it wasn’t bad enough to hear your friend whine about all the “work” she had done to set you up. So you were trapped with this douche for the evening. Hopefully he eats fast.

Five minutes later the temptation to sneak out the bathroom window grew. This guy was starting to become worse as the time passed by. You could barely get a word in. And when you did, you tried to desperately change the subject. Sadly he always brought it back to him. This was beginning to become incredibly baffling to you. How can someone talk so much about themselves before the appetizers had even arrived?

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Kimi ni Todoke Chapter 117 Summary Translation *SPOILER ALERT*

I translated the summary for those one who couldn’t wait to know what’s happening in the latest chapter. My translation is not perfect and I’m sure I did some mistakes, especially because it’s hard the understand some situations without images. But here you go!

The cover front is Ayane waiting for a kiss and Pin. (I need to see that!!!)

The chapter begins with Pin telling Ayane to shut the door because he will catch a cold with his wet hair. Ayane couldn’t believe he actually lets her in his flat. She comes in with her heart throbbing hard. His flat is cleaner than before (XD).

Pin offered her some coffee.

Suddenly Pin tell her ‘You came here to tell me isn’t it!’ which startled Ayane. He carries on saying ‘You’re still young and you still have your future ahead of you! The next one will be right, be positive!!’

Ayane thinks ‘What… Don’t tell me he’s trying to dump me…?’

While she starts crying she tells him ‘Wait!! Wait a minute~~!’

Pin says ‘What is one or two failures! You really tried your best!’ Pin tries to cheer her up but Ayane replies that she didn’t tried hard.

Pin says ‘Then are you going to give up and go somewhere else? Or are you going to be out of school?!’

Then at the same time they are like ‘WHAT??!!’

Ayane reports him properly that she passed the entrance examination. To that Pin replied ‘Why were you so slow (to tell me)! Do you know how long I have been waiting for y…’ Then ‘I have been waiting for you!! Today!! The entire day!!! I waited for you to come!!’ When Ayane heard that Pin has been worried about her the whole time, she was so happy she started crying again.

Pin tells her not to cry because she greatly succeeded, then they have a toast together with their coffee cup.

When Pin tells her that she did well, Ayane replied yes with a smile while still crying.

Pin became a little bit embarrassed when he saw her smile. He tells her that she is gross when she is too honest and then goes dry his hair.

Ayane remembers the chocolate inside her bag. She thought about not giving him the chocolate because he told her she was gross, but then she remembers Sawako, Chizu and Kento telling her to do her best.

She places the valentine chocolate next to Pin’s mug.

Pin comes back after having dried his hair and when he notices the chocolate box he asks what is that without understanding.

Then Pin shouts that it’s Valentine Day. He completely forgot about it.

Ayane says ‘This… is for you!!! For you Pin!!! It’s not an obligatory chocol…’ while becoming all red and crying a flood of tears. Then Pin tells her it’s better if she doesn’t say it. Surprised, Ayane ask herself if he knows, if he knew her feelings…

Ayane replies ‘It’s no good, I will say it!!! Because you told me! You told me that those who remember working hard would be able to get back on their feet!! You told me that!!

Still crying she gather her courage to speak: ‘… I love you!!!!! Whatever! I can’t help it!! I just love you!! That’s it. It took me a lot of courage to give you this chocolate! I thought about giving up, but I still wanted to give it to you!! It took me more strength then when I decided to take the entrance examination! Even though it’s chocolate from a convenient store, it’s up to you if you want to take it or not…’

Pin has been listening to her all the while, he then unfasten the ribbon from the chocolate box. While he ate the chocolate, he says ‘It goes well with the coffee. It’s good.’ Pin ate all the chocolate from the box.

Ayane is waiting for him to say something with her heart beating fast.

With a smile Pin tell her ‘… Maybe in 10 years!! (I’m not sure about that one. If someone has a better translation please let me know) Sorry but you’re out of scope!!’

‘Aah, I just got dumped!!! After all that was no good’ Ayane says with a smile.

She thinks ‘Chizu, Sawako! My love is unrequited!!’

Ayane asks Pin since when he noticed her feelings. He tells her its since the ‘I’m not a kid’ time.

Finally she asks him if he never thought even once that she was cute/pretty putting aside she is a student. While hitting lightly on her forehead Pin tells her he has not.

Ayane acknowledges that she was completely defeated.

When Ayane was about to go home, Pin gave her the eraser he promised her if she passed the examination.

Then Pin says ‘This is my congratulation gift! I will praise you!! You’re a kind person. You can get angry, you can be depressed and laugh for someone else sake. Before you gave me those sweets, during the school festival when I was the only one who didn’t get any… That was very kind of you. You are kind! … So you can have more confidence in yourself. I’m not saying that for school related issues (here again I’m not sure about the meaning).

From now on you will be alright! Even if you go through failures! I have faith in you! Don’t worry! You will be alright! Yano congratulation for passing your entrance examination!!’

Ayane replies with a smile while crying ‘Thank you!! Sensei!!’ *T_T*

On her way back home, she keeps remembering how Pin cheered for her, how he ate all the chocolates even if he doesn’t like sweet things, and that he has faith in her.

Then she eats the throat lozenge that Pin gave her and that she used as a charm.

She thinks ‘I really did my best! After 10 years, even if it won’t be love, I wonder if I will be able to become a good woman. I really want to become a good adult that won’t make Pin ashamed. I wonder if I can become one.

She remembers Pin saying that she will be alright. ‘Yes, yes. I’m sure, I will be alright’.

-End of chapter-

Next chapter will be the graduation ceremony (already T_T).

Wow just by reading the summary, I was so emotionally involved! I think I will cry when I will read the raw… I’m sure there is more to read when we will see the raw but… T_T I really hope it won’t be the end for this ship… What do you think? Do you think there is still some hope? That Pin is hiding something?

What made me happy and sad at the same time is that we got a whole chapter focused on those two, but that’s maybe the first and the last one if KnT ends soon… So we have 2 chapters left for volume 29 and next chapter(s) will be the graduation ceremony… I will pray that it won’t end here and that we will have at least a volume 30… I want to see them at uni and when they are proper adults…

Anyhow I really look forward to reading the raw to see what kind of face Pin made!! >_

Please, believe me

Warning: spoilers for 2x11

After swapping bodies, Magnus needs to make Alec believe that he isn’t really Valentine. Alec needs a bit of a push, but after hearing him out, he’s prepared to believe him.

Jace warned Alec about what Valentine was saying; he warned him not to buy his lies. The young Shadowhunter was beyond confused when his parabatai told him that Valentine refused to speak anyone but him, no matter how much the Inquisitor tortured him. The only thing that the man told them was that he was really Magnus Bane and that he wished to speak with Alec; that was it. Alec was furious that the maddened Shadowhunter was now claiming to be his boyfriend. It angered him because Magnus wasn’t feeling well after what happened with the demon; he was so tired and completely lost. And the fact that Valentine dared to claim that he was Magnus pissed him off so much. Alec promised himself that he would make Valentine talk in his own way; and if his punches weren’t going to make him talk, then at least he’d be able to let his frustrations out. Alec didn’t like causing pain to others, but Valentine deserved it in every way possible.

When he was taken to Valentine’s cell, Alec felt how his body tensed up. The man was sitting down, his arms cuffed and legs cuffed to the chair. Alec couldn’t see Valentine’s face, because his head was bowed down, but he could see that the other was in pain and he almost smiled. Valentine was digging his fingers into the chair, his knuckles going white to the bone and he let out a small moan of discomfort when he tried to move and get out of the chair. Alec slowly stepped inside and then nodded when the Inquisitor instructed him again not to fall under the man’s control; everybody knew that Valentine was able to be quite persuasive. Because Valentine wished to speak with him in private, the woman then left, but there were still cameras there watching Valentine’s every move, so Alec didn’t feel too uncomfortable about being alone with the man. Besides, that way no one would stop him if he would happen to lose control over himself and do something to Valentine.

The man flinched when he heard someone stepping inside and he closed his eyes tightly again, wishing that he could hide himself again. He didn’t want to know who it was; probably that horrible woman again. No matter how much he begged and tried to tell them that he wasn’t really Valentine, no one believed him. In fact, they seemed to be even more motivated about torturing him and after the whole day of being tortured and being yelled at, Magnus had come to his crumbling point. He had completely shut down and could only beg that Alec was going to come to his rescue; if Alec wasn’t going to believe him, then that was it for him. He knew what kind of end was waiting Valentine; execution. Just the thought of being in Valentine’s body made the warlock sick down to his stomach and he slowly looked up, trying to mentally prepare himself for another session of torture. Expecting the Inquisitor, Magnus let out a gasp of surprise when he saw Alec standing there.

“Alexander,” whispered the man and Alec immediately felt sick down to his stomach when he heard Valentine saying his full name. His anger only worsened and he had to remind himself not to lose his cool too soon; Valentine still needed to tell them where he hid the Mortal Cup. The Shadowhunter rubbed his palms together and he just took in a deep breath.

“Cut the crap, Valentine. I’m not buying your shit. If you want things to end well for you, cooperate with me,” warned him Alec and crossed his arms on top of his chest and impatiently tapped his foot against the floor and looked at Valentine, who looked completely lost. Seeing Valentine make that kind of expression felt odd, unnatural. It was an expression that Magnus would make, however, and that angered Alec even more. To think that Valentine had the decency to go to such lengths to try make other people believe that he was really Magnus made him sick. “How dare you?” snapped the Shadowhunter and Valentine quickly looked down.

“Alexander,” whispered Magnus and had to look down, he couldn’t bare the look on Alec’s face. His eyes were full of hatred and he couldn’t really blame him. “You have to believe me, I’m not Valentine Morgenstern. It’s me, Magnus, please for the love of God, you have to believe me,” pleaded Magnus and let out a yelp of pain when the metal of the cuffs rammed into his skin again when he moved his arms.

“You must really have a death wish,” said Alec and he was long away from being calm anymore. He walked right up to Valentine and grabbed the collar of his shirt, ramming him back against the chair. Magnus’ eyes went wide when Alec suddenly grabbed him and even though he tried to struggle and get away from him, it was completely useless. “Tell me where you hid the Mortal Cup,” said Alec calmly again, but the grip around the other’s shirt tightened and Magnus felt his throat going dry.

Alexander didn’t believe him. Magnus’ heart sunk to the pit of his stomach and he chewed on his lower lip, trying to come up with something to make Alec believe him. He was frantic, unable to keep a straight train of thoughts with Alec looking at him like that. “Please, try to think, Alexander,” whispered Magnus and his breath was now shivering like crazy. “The man that’s supposed to be me is Valentine. Our bodies have been swapped. The Greater Demon-”

“Shut the fuck up, Valentine,” spat Alec, who had it enough. “I can’t actually believe that you’re so foolish to think I’d actually believe you. And just for the record, Magnus is now in his apartment, resting after what happened with the demon yesterday. It’s because of you that-”

“Please. If you don’t believe me, they’ll kill me,” whispered Magnus and shook his head.

“Good, you deserve it,” said Alec and gritted his teeth. “You’ve killed so many, so the Clave will be doing all of us a favour by getting rid of you,” snapped Alec and Magnus’ eyes widened.

Valentine looked genuinely upset with Alec’s comment and the Shadowhunter blinked a few times, trying not to give it. For only a split second, he could swear that he could see Magnus somewhere deep inside, but then he remembered what Jace told him; don’t buy his lies. Even though Magnus knew that Alec’s words weren’t directed to him, they still hurt like hell. Defeated, he stopped struggling and he bowed his head down.

“Don’t say that,” whispered Magnus. “Just the other day… you told me that you loved me,” he then stammered and felt tears gathering in his eyes.

Alec stiffened when he heard the other one say that and the grip around Valentine’s shirt tightened once more, his heart now hammering against his ribcage. How did he know that? It was only them when he told Magnus how he felt about him. Shocked, he slowly pulled back a bit and looked at the man, who was now looking down and Alec became angry again. It had to be some kind of a trick, there’s no way that that was really Magnus.

“Stop it!” yelled Alec. “How are you doing this?”

Seeing that he hit the nail on the head, Magnus felt a bit more hopeful and he slowly straightened himself up. His entire body was shivering with adrenaline, knowing that that was probably his last chance to make Alec believe him. Magnus knew that he needed to be careful; just a wrong word was probably enough to ruin his last chance.

“I told you that I loved you as well,” whispered Magnus and Alec’s face darkened with anger.

“That’s impossible,” whispered Alec and shook his head. “There’s no way in hell that you’re really Magnus, I-”

“Our first date,” then said Magnus and Alec stiffened again. “It took us a while to finally go on our first date, we kept getting distracted,” he said. “But when it finally happened, you told me that you were never in a relationship before. It freaked me out, because I’ve been with so many before. I shocked you when I told you the exact number. We walked back home from the date, you were silent for the entire way back. I worried, I thought that you were turned off by the idea of me having so many past relationships. But in the end, you told me that it doesn’t matter how many people I’ve been with before. You said you’re willing to give us a try,” he went on by saying, speaking fast and Alec’s eyes widened.

Alec’s grip around the man’s shirt loosened up and he let the other one go, his mind racing. Alec kept looking at Valentine’s face and tried to tell himself that it wasn’t Magnus; it couldn’t be. But then again, how did he know so many details? There was no way that Valentine could know so many details about their relationship. Alec looked down and then up again, confused and he tried hard not to believe the other. But at the same time, Magnus was acting kind of off. He didn’t want him to come over, that was one of the red flags. Alec thought that Magnus was too tired to spend time with him, but usually the warlock would never be too tired to spend time with him. And another thing; Magnus wasn’t responding to his texts or calls for the entire day.


“Y-you still don’t believe me?” asked Magnus and pressed his lips together. “The charm!” he then exclaimed and Alec froze in place again. “We went to Tokyo, remember? You bought me a charm there that is supposed to bring me good luck. You-you were so excited to give it to me, but then the moment was ruined by Jace and-”

“By the Angel,” whispered Alec and pressed a hand against his own mouth. His breathing was fast and uneven. Hearing that was enough to let Alec know that the other one was telling the truth; there was no one else that knew about the charm that he had gotten Magnus in Tokyo. “Magnus,” breathed Alec out and slowly touched Valentine’s hand. “It really is you,” he then said and Magnus slowly looked back up. “How-”

“Oh thank God,” whispered Magnus, feeling weight lifting off of his chest when he saw that Alec finally believed him and he then threw his head back, closing his eyes and tears of relief and happiness wet his face. “You believe me.”

“Yeah, I do,” whispered Alec and frowned; seeing Valentine crying was an experience. But since he knew now that it was really Magnus, he placed a hand against the man’s aged cheek and even though he felt quite uncomfortable, he forced a weak smile. “Sorry it took me a while. I thought that it was just one of Valentine’s ideas to mess with us.”

“The only thing important is that you believe me now,” whispered Magnus and moaned out in pain when he moved.

Alec’s eyes widened when he realised that Magnus must’ve been experiencing excruciating pain and he cursed. He quickly got up onto his legs and walked out of the cell, going to Madame Inquisitor, who was watching everything on the monitor and the woman didn’t seem phased. “Uncuff him, that isn’t Valentine,” ordered Alec.

“Lightwood, don’t tell me you believed everything that he had just told you.”

“With all due respect Madame Inquisitor, I know my boyfriend,” said Alec and rolled his eyes when the woman flinched when he said the word boyfriend. “There’s no way that Valentine would know all of the details that he had just told me. Believe me, I was sceptical as well, but that man in there isn’t Valentine, I’m telling you.”

“How dare you-”

“Uncuff him,” demanded Alec again, who was growing out of patience. “Valentine’s out there, with Magnus’ magic. Imagine the damage that he can do,” said Alec and the Inquisitor stiffened, because she knew that Alec had a point.

“Fine,” said the woman. “We’ll bring the warlock in for questioning.”

“Good,” said Alec. “Will you uncuff him now, please?” he then asked impatiently and pointed to Valentine’s cell.

The Inquisitor instructed others to finally let go Magnus free of the chains, but before Alec could return to Magnus, the woman stopped him by saying, “If turns out that you’re wrong, the consequences are going to be terrible for you and your entire family.”

Alec felt his throat going dry, but he just nodded. “I’m willing to accept those consequences,” he muttered and then quickly returned back to Magnus.

the be more chill families

these are all headcanons i sorta have,,, they’re all about family life of each be more chill character. if you don’t like headcanons, you don;t have to read on but!! i think they’re pretty cool. (also if you draw them i love you)

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college au valentines:

- kendra is just laying across the chair in the common room surrounded by valentines from random strangers like well i can’t wait to see what carter manages to do this year

- sara: he can’t be that bad
kendra: have you ever gotten tired of eating quarterscale molds of your boyfriend’s dick because he thought it would be more romantic to buy in bulk
kendra: they’re white chocolate because he thought any other kind would be racist
sara: are they at least hollow
kendra: they’re caramel filled
sara: nothing about this story is good
(rachel’s note: this is the funniest joke i’ve ever come up with it’s all downhill from here)

- rip of course hates valentines day, did not get sara any of the dildos on her dildo wish list, would like to spend the day inside NATHANIEL IF I SEE YOU TAKE THAT DOVE OUT OF YOUR COAT ONE MORE TIME I WILL DROWN YOU IN THE MENS BATHROOM

- nate: slowly putting celebratory valentine’s dove under sweater as she coos gently

- ray: no matter what carter does it’s going to be so romantic that i will cry for 6 years

- amaya: so len + mick you guys are pretty much married what are your vday plans
len: same thing we do ever year
mick: steal a bottle of champagne, watch nightmare on elm street, gay sex
amaya: wait do you have sex before or after the horror movie because watching a movie about teenagers getting murdered would make it pretty hard to get aroused??
mick: well la-di-da
len: the fucking princess over here
mick: too good to have sex after watching teenagers getting murdered
amaya: you know what? yes. yes i am

- sara: honestly don’t even worry about it kendra at this point we’re all like, each other’s girlfriend boyfriends. carter is like everyones boyfriend so we’ll all be embarrassed
jax: i don’t claim him

- sara not 5 minutes later: kendra your boyfriend has shown up to our dormitory on a white horse
kendra: you said he was all our boyfriends
sara: that’s before he rode a horse onto campus to come see you. now you’re on your own

- ray: A HORSE!!!! SO ROMANTIC!!!!!!

- Carter: kendra come up on the horse
kendra: get off the horse
carter: i can’t hear you i’m on-
kendra: get down from the horse carter
carter: kendra get on the horse

- 10 minutes of horse related arguing later carter finally gets down from the horse and gives kendra this wicker basket with a yellow ribbon on it and she’s like please don’t be dick related please don’t be dick related please-


- ray: full bawling, has not stopped

- carter has an off campus apartment so he was planning to actually have aldus live with him but kendra is like NO HE STAYS WITH ME WE’LL PUT HIS LITTER BOX IN THE BATHROOM 

- rip: i’m going to end up cleaning out that box aren’t i
kendra, holding her baby cat son: yeah. yeah you are
rip, gently loving his cat son: okay :’)

- jax: what i want to know is where carter got a horse
carter: you don’t need to worry about that
jax: that answer is actually more concerning than you just telling me where you got a horse

- carter: and raymond, my sweet prince, the other love of my life, for you i have prepared a series of sonnets-
all: NO
ray as the rest of the group has to duck to avoid the incoming flurry of doves: I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO LOOOOOOVED

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Um hey! I am actually a little bit confused about which season will you stream on Netflix. Because I actually thought that we get to see season two on valentine's day)

Season 1 is up now, season 2 is coming in the summer!

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HEY DANNY Let's skip how your Chistmas(es) was(were) and move on to the next one. And since Valentine's has come and gone, the next commercial holiday is ST PATTY'S DAY! Your thoughts on March 17th?

He keeps sending them to prove that Holidays Are Great™.

They’re great pictures, if you ask me…

Don’t tell him I said that.

One Hell of  Scream (Part 6)

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Pairing: N/A

Requested: Nope

Summary: Your friend Simon drags you out to find Clary, little did you know it would change your life.

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Part 5 <- Part 6 -> Part 7

After having to leave to check on Clary, Jace came back to Magnus’s place where he left you to get some rest. “Magnus!?” He shouted when he walked through the door but no reply. ‘That’s strange’ he thought. Jace was about to shout Magnus again when Alec walked through to the living making Jace jump a little. “Jeez, you scared me.” He laughed a little. “What are you doing here? Where’s Magnus?”

“Magnus had to go and take care of some Downworlder business and asked if I could take care of Y/N until you got back. She’s still asleep by the way.”

“Thank you.” Jace thanked Alec and headed to where you were asleep.

“Magnus informed me of what she is and how this is Valentine’s doing.” He followed Jace to where you were and leaned against the doorframe. “We’ll keep her safe, Jace. Valentine isn’t going to get his hands on her.” You stirred from your slumber, squinting at the bright light from the lights on as you woke up.

Jace moved his attention over to you. “Good morning sunshine.”

“What time is it?” You asked, your voice still groggy.

“Only nine pm.” You groaned and fell back onto the pillow. “Come on. We’ve got to get you back to the institute.” Jace instructed. Even though Alec was also in the room his tone was still gentle. Alec smiled at the fact you had that effect on him, he’s not tightly wound and you brought out his gentler side. Normally Alec would be against that as he was taught feelings were a distraction but it was nice seeing, and feeling, his parabatai genuinely happy and smiling.

After an hour you were up and ready to head back to the institute with Jace and Alec. You said your goodbyes to Magnus and thanked him for helping. You were walking down a street, it was desolate at this time of night, in between Jace and Alec not bothering to make small talk. The two Shadowhunters had their hands near their weapons if an attack was coming their way. You were also processing all the information Magnus gave you as well as what happened in the last few days so you didn’t want to talk about it. You were lost in your own thoughts, walking when you bumped into the back of Jace who had stopped. Alec instinctively reached over to you in protection. They both had their weapons drawn, Jace his seraph blade and Alec his bow. You peeked around Jace’s back to see what they were looking at and there he was, the other man from your nightmares. Valentine. He was surrounded by some of his followers. “Just give us the girl and I won’t kill you.” Valentine instructed.

“Not gonna happen. How about you hand over your pet wolf so he can be punished by the clave for biting an innocent.” Jace ordered.

“Don’t worry I took care of him after he did what I required which was turning young Y/N here into a banshee.” He smiled sadistically. “I thought it would take you longer to figure it out but you are one smart girl. Come with me Y/N and I can help you hone your abilities to the max.”

“She’s not going anywhere with you.” Alec joined in. He then turned to you and spoke so only you could hear him. “When I tell you, you need to run back to the institute and get help. If you can’t get back to the institute just keep running until you’re safe. We’ll find you.”

“I was hoping you took the easy way out of this. I guess we’ll just have to do it the hard way.” And with that Valentine’s men started attacking. Jace told you to run and you did but before you could make your escape Valentine grabbed your arm to stop you. This caused you to have a vision.

You saw everyone dead. Bodies littered the floor. Every Downworlder was killed and every Shadowhunter who dared get in the way was also killed. You saw your friends laying on the floor. Alec holding Magnus’s hand. Clary, Simon and Luke together. Izzy laying the other side of Simon. Jace was also laying near Alec. Valentine stood victorious, the soul sword in his hand with his followers standing behind him.

The vision caused you to fall on your knees. You were in a catatonic state. Before you hit the floor Valentine caught you. He threw you over his shoulder and carried you to the portal his men following behind after retreating. All Jace and Alec could do was watch on helplessly as Valentine now had you. Jace tried to run after you to the portal but Alec held him backing knowing that if Jace went through he wouldn’t end up in the same place. “I- I broke my promise to her. I told her that I wouldn’t let Valentine get her and he did exactly that.” Jace was angry, angry at himself and angry at Valentine.

“Hey, listen to me, okay? You had no idea that we were going to get ambushed. This is not your fault and you can’t sit around blaming yourself when we could be finding her. We’ll get her back Jace.” Alec told Jace trying to calm him down before he did anything stupid. They headed back to the institute to report what happened and start looking for you. You were the top priority now.

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A/N: The next part is probably the last part



so, one night as Ollie writes in their diary, they think about how much they want to tell Kevin how they feel but they don’t know how. glancing over at a letter they got from their pen pal, they get the idea to write anonymous love letters to Kevin

I wonder how things will go from here… 👀

also, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Love-ly sentence starters

The obligatory Valentine theme. Various lyrics and sayings!

“Love’s a luxury I can’t afford.”
“Who needs love when you have a full fridge?”
“’I love you’. Why’s that so hard to say?”
“I think you’ve practiced enough in front of the mirror.”
“Maybe it’s time for me to fall in love… but no, no. I want to make money first.”
“You’re more awkward than a mannequin in front of them.”
”You are beautiful.”
”You’re my universe.”
“It’s such a lovely scenery.. I wish you could be here.”
”I just wanted to hear your voice.”
“When you do that it makes me want to hug you tightly and never let go.”
“I miss you so much.”
”You’re so warm. Can I stay here for a bit longer?”
“I just wanna fall in love.”
”Stay the night.”
”We’re all worried over how lovestruck you are.”
”You’re such a beautiful view.”
“I’m waiting for someone who can make me feel something like never before.”
“You turned so red.”
“Did they say yes?”
“I’ve been thinking about you all day.”
“I thought this would look nice on you.”
“I call dibs on you.”
”I want to be more than friends.”
“You- you’re like- from head to toe- wow.”
“You’re the only who didn’t know about this.”
“Let’s buy a shit ton of chocolate after Valentine’s.”
“Are you alright? You look nervous.”
“Can I tell you something?”
“I’m so lucky to have met you.”
“I’ve got a special delivery for you. Let’s just say those roses won’t be the only thing that’s coming tonight.”

Be More Chill Jake’s Baby AU, Madeline is What Now?

“-I mean it was good, but it wasn’t great,” Chloe rolled her eyes as Dustin talked to her when she saw Brooke coming her way.

“Oh hey Brooke-gahh!” She was surprised with a punch to her crotch as bent over in pain out of breath. “God fucking damn it. Brooke, what the FUCK?!”

“Chloe, you are, my best friend and I refuse to stand by and watch you throw your life away like this! You’re too young, you’re too beautiful!”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“I’m taking about the baby growing inside your stomach right now.” There was a moment of silence as Brooke looked up at Dustin who slowly backed away before running down the hallway.

“I’m not pregnant.”

“Well not with that punch you’re not, I’ve been taking Muay Thai classes.” Chloe glared at Brooke as she leaned against the lockers trying to Stewart herself.

“I was never pregnant Brooke.”

“…are you sure?”

“Yes I’m fucking sure.” Jenna looked over from her locker as she approached the two confused.

“I’m sorry but why is everybody yelling over here?”

“Oh,” Brooke took something out of get pocket, “I found this positive pregnancy test-” Jenna punched Chloe again. This time the blonde fell to the ground as she bit back a scream.

“Ow…mother fucker!”

“We all knew this would happen eventually but don’t worry now you have nothing to worry about-”

“I’m not…pregnant…”

“Oh…well I just assumed…

"Yeah I did too…”

“Why? How much of a slut do you think I am?!”

“…that’s not important,” Jenna said quickly taking out her phone and snapping a picture of the pregnancy test in Brooke’s hand, “what is? There’s someone in our school who is. And we need to find out who is?”

“To love and support them?” Brooke asked as Chloe got off the ground before interjecting.

“No, to mock and ridicule them. Obviously. We’re in highschool Brooke, not an episode of Glee.”

“Oh. Right…so how do we find out who it is?”

“We ask everybody we know until someone tells us.”

“That works I guess.”

Seventh Period:

“Got anything?”

“Nope, I’ve been about to cross everybody off our list except for three people.” Jenna handed the list of possible remaining canidates to Chloe who looked it over.

“Zoe Murphy? Pfffttt, no. So that leaves…oh Hell yes.”

“What? Who is it?” Chloe didn’t answer Brooke as she walked towards the third floor girls room where she saw four girls standing in front of the mirrors.

“Heather Chandler.”

“Chloe. What the fuck do you want? This is our bathroom.”

“Yeah well I just wanted to come in and congratulate you. I couldn’t think of a better person to get fat.”

“Hello Chloe~”

“Go fuck yourself Madeline.”

“What are you talking about Valentine?” Heather Duke asked staring at the girls who entered confused.

“Heather’s not fat.”

“We found the pregnancy test Heather. We know it’s you.”

“I’m not pregnant.”


“Then, who’s pee have I been carrying around on a stick all day?” Brooke asked bringing out the pregnancy test again.

“Oh, that is mine,” everyone turned to Madeline surprised, “I thought I threw it away this morning though.”

“You did but my I accidentally dropped my retainer in the trash this morning.”

“Brooke, please tell me you didn’t put that back in your mouth when you found it.”

“Of course not. I washed it off in the sink first.” An awkward silence followed but it was quickly cut off by Chloe’s laughter as she pointed at the “French” exchange student.

“You’re pregnant? That’s hysterical. Only a God damn idiot could’ve gotten you pregnant. I know you can’t speak English but Jesus.”

“Wait,” Jenna said looking up from her phone, “who’s the daddy?”

“Oh he is, how you say, Jake.” Chloe immediately stopped laughing as she looked Madeline straight in the eye.

“He’s what now?”

DIY Valentines Cards  

We all have days when we need to be reminded how much the people in our lives care about us. That’s why this DIY Valentine’s card idea is so perfect.

Choose a Hallmark card for every occasion and come up with as many “Open when…” ideas as you can. To save money you can print cards at home or make your own. No matter who your special someone is, they will love this thoughtful gift!

Valentines Day

In which Harry surprises his lovely girlfriend with an interesting game on Valentines Day.

A/N: Well! I kept you waiting long enough but it’s finally here, and just in time.  I hope you’ve all had a lovely Valentines Day! xx

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