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Yuuri tells Victor his thoughts during their first dance.

I want to thank @thehobbem so, so much for co-writing the dialogue! She spent hours going through metas and crafting this line-by-line with me. Yuuri was much harder to write for than Victor and I couldn’t have done it without her tireless work. ;u; I also want to thank @teasidesketches for doing final revisions despite not being in the fandom. You two are the best. <3

I also want to dedicate this to @solfegefaerie for being the first one to give me the idea of writing Yuuri’s vows. They’re not vows this time, but I thought this was suiting. :) 

If you can, you should read this while listening to “Yuri on Ice.” I matched the flow of the comic to that of the song, hence the tribute to the representation of Yuuri as the lone piano until Victor comes into his life as the violin (in case you were wondering about the sudden Music AU thrown in the middle there). 

Pair comic to Victor’s Vows.



It’s finally done!!

Funny thing is that I doodled this comic out on valentine’s day and just never did anything about it. But then recently I got a bunch of followers who liked my cheerleader+nerd girl ideas so I thought I’ll finish this comic out for you guys!

Also they have names now!

Valerie (cheerleader) and Emma (nerd). I want to think of an official series title for them but nothing is coming up at the moment but I will eventually!

the week is going so fast… there were four hours of architecture on Monday, but it was so interesting, now i want more. I’ve never thought that i can like it so much. But sitting and listening without opportunity to move is pretty hard. As you know, we have to do breaks every ~40 minutes to stay concentrated.

I’ve ordered some books about architecture and now i can’t wait to take them from the book store! oh Saturday please come~`


ハッピーバレンタインデー  (*´▽`*)

in japan, it’s custom for girls to give 義理チョコ (giri choco, or “obligation chocolate”) to her friends and coworkers, and for her to give 本命チョコ (honmei choco, or “true feelings chocolate”) to the one she has romantic feelings for, but ya boy doesnt care about japanese gender roles

anyway happy valentines day!! i thought this would be a cute idea although im pretty sure someone already did it (better)

sequel coming on white day ^___^

Speaking of Valentine’s Day

There was a short valentine’s day omake in which Lucy wanted to give chocolate to Natsu, but she ended up not giving it to him because he ended up grossing her out lol. (Translation below) As you can tell by the artstyle, it was drawn when FT was still a fairly new manga. 

I can’t vouch for its accuracy but this translation was provided by Ju-da-Su on mangahelpers. 

(Panel 1) 

Lucy: “It is actually a really nice thing, but … ”
 Did I make it a bit too cute?
Hope he doesn’t … come up with any weird thoughts about this.

(Panel 2)

Lucy: Ah!
Natsu: How the hell am I supposed to choose!!!
Happy:  How ‘bout if you’re told that you have to choose one of them?

(Panel 3)

Natsu: I don’t want to eat both the “chocolate-favored shit” and “shit-favored chocolate”!!!
Also, just whose shit is that!!!
Happy: Well … that actually doesn’t really matter

(Panel 4)

Natsu: Lucy!! What do you think!?
Lucy:  I’ll never give this to you

Because at the end of the day you’re the person I want to come home to. You’re the person I want to tell how my day went. You’re the person I want to share my happiness, sadness, frustration, and success with.

You’re my person, and I am yours.



Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky had the perfect Valentine’s Day planned out for you…

Genres: fluff

Warnings: Teensiest bit suggestive if you squint real hard

A/N: 😘 based off the “who should I write about for a Valentine’s day fic” Bucky Edition. I’m planning on doing a Steve one too, hopefully before the actual day… is it okay if that one is angsty though?!

Masterlist here

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  • He is the actual embodiment of boyfriend material
  • Everything from his head to his toes is boyfriend material
  • Very cute dates
  • Very romantic dates
  • Picnics in meadows
  • Hot chocolate on cold nights
  • Showing up to your door with flowers just to say hi
  • Giving you his jacket if he sees you shiver even a little
  • Always holding your hand in public
  • Carrying your bags if you go shopping
  • Lots of hugs in general
  • Cuddling under soft blankets and watching movies and bad sitcoms
  • Cheesy lines
  • “Are you comfortable?”
  • “Of course, I’m next to you.”
  • Out compliment fights when you both insist the other is more attractive
  • Until he agrees with you that he is indeed very attractive
  • Then says you are too
  • “We’re just an attractive couple”
  • Coming up behind him and leaning your head on his broad shoulders
  • Mario tournaments
  • Family dinners with all of BTS
  • Cooking meals together
  • Softly singing to you right before you fall asleep
  • Waking up to him cocooned around you
  • Always asking about how the other’s day was
  • Chocolate every year on Valentine’s day
  • Very elaborate and thoughtful gifts on birthdays and holidays
  • Never forgets any important event 
  • Always has the best gift for said events
  • Playing with his hair until he falls asleep in your lap
  • Showing you his lyrics and music before anyone else
  • Making up little songs just for you
  • Doing everything to make you comfortable in any situation
  • Protecting you the best he can if you feel uncomfortable
  • Cheek kisses
  • Buying you candy “because you’re sweet”
  • Again, very cheesy
  • But very adorable 24/7
  • Lots of honest communication so fights are extremely rare
  • A mature and sweet relationship that everyone says is relationship goals, and it definitely is because it is so obvious you love each other

Okay so…
It’s Zen day today! It’s kind of weird, but I’m trying to do something different for each character for @mysticmessimagines ’s Valentine’s Week and so, since I couldn’t come up with anything to do for Zen, I thought I’d rant a little about my opinion of him and why I love him.
It might be a bit of an “unpopular opinion”, but I truly consider Zen an older brother. Like, of course in his route he is really romantic and I love it, I really do. But to me, in the end, he will always be a big brother. He is just so caring and protective (like in the screenshots above) and just seeing him in the other routes made me realize how much he actually worries about MC and wants her to be safe. He puts her well-being before his own, he makes sure she eats properly and is safe. Like in Jumin’s route, he is constantly worried about her and it’s not just because he “hates” Jumin, no, he is concerned for her in his own way and I find that super adorable. Even in his own route, the way he tries to protect her from himself and from “the beast” shows how much he actually wants her to be comfortable and how important her feelings are to him.
Another thing that makes him the best big bro to me is the fact that he is always willing to give you advice in many occasions, I especially noticed that in Saeyoung’s Valentine’s Day After Ending. I’m just so happy that he still cares about MC in the other routes as much as he would in his own and yeah I just thought I’d make a Zen appreciation post because everyone I know underestimates him or doesn’t particularly like him because of his narcissism. People, appreciate Hyun Ryu pls

The link to the post is here <– 

This post gave me a lot of inspiration so I wrote a Drarry Valentine’s Day in 4 Shorts: 

Guess what, Draco?

The Great Hall was alive with excited chatter as Valentine’s Day approached. Draco noticed that even Pansy and Blaise seemed to have perked up, sharing looks with each other and no doubt gossiping about who would be getting together come the 14th. It all seemed far too repetitive for Draco to take notice in, he had his assumptions also but it was futile to share those thoughts with his friends. That would encourage them to talk to him about their gossip, and he was far too above that.

           ‘What about you, Draco?’ Asked Blaise, the Slytherin Prince hadn’t been paying attention to their conversation in the slightest. He had been catching up on homework mostly, and attempting not to glance at a well-known Gryffindor while musing to himself.

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rambling baby (john murphy drabble)

the first Valentine’s day drabble with a guy, wooo!

(pls remember no gifs are mine!)

“I bought handcuffs because I thought it’d be sexy, but now I can’t get out of them.” ft John Murphy

About an hour ago, you got a text from one of your best friends telling you to come over, that it was urgent. You had a key to his apartment and you rushed your ass over there, scared that something had happened to him, seeing as he hadn’t responded to any of the fifty texts you sent him over the past hour. The elevator was down, so you ran the six flights of stairs up to his apartment. You finally make it to his floor and grab the key out of your purse, unlocking the door and quickly closing it behind you.

“John?” You peek your head into every open room, checking the bathroom even to be sure. You couldn’t find a single sign of him. “JOHN?!”

God what if he was dead? What if you were too late? What if–?

“In here!” You hear his voice, it’s coming from his bedroom. You let out a large sigh of relief and run a hand over your face, calming down before opening the door to his bedroom.

“For fuck’s sake, John! I was worried! Why would–OH,” your eyes go wide as you see John’s naked body–he pulled a sheet over himself–handcuffed to almost every pole on his bed.

He looked better than you could have ever imagined… and you could imagine a lot. He was always the quieter, more innocent one out of your group friends and god that was so hot. You two would always flirt, but that was it. He’s very shy… yet here you were. The sheet was barely covering the massive tent between his legs. He was holding it around his waist, his top half remained uncovered. He wasn’t looking, so you allowed yourself to stare, to memorize every inch of him so you could work with more when you were alone tonight. You constantly imagined him pressed against you, but GOD you didn’t know how bad you wanted him until now.

“H-hi?” A deep blush covered his cheeks as he lifted his eyes up to meet yours.

“W-what is going on here?” You clear your throat, willing yourself to keep from touching him. He was helpless for God’s sake.

“I-I bought handcuffs because I thought it’d be sexy, but now I can’t get out of them,” he blushed, looking away again as I clear my throat again, realizing that he’d probably already used them.

“What, did the girl take the key with her?” You chuckle and take a step in from the doorway, raising an eyebrow at him.

“What? N-no,” he bites his bottom lip and looks up at you again. “I-I got these for you. I wanted to be laid out and at your mercy. That’s why I texted you. But after I cuffed this hand to the pole, I kind of dropped the key somewhere on the floor.”

You couldn’t will yourself to move, to say anything. You’re still hung up on the fact that he bought these cuffs for you. That he wanted to be sexy and rough… with you. 

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“Y/N? Are you okay?” You can’t find the words to answer him, and he immediately thinks the worst. He curses under his breath and looks down. “I didn’t mean to corner you or anything. I just couldn’t reach my phone to text you and tell you not to worry. God I’m so embarrassed. What the fuck, please just–just leave me alone. I can figure this out somehow. You probably had plans for tonight. You look gorgeous. Not that you don’t always look gorgeous because you do but–”

“John?” You cut him off and his innocent little doe-eyes look up at you. “I want you.”

“Of course it’s okay for you to leave, I mean–Wait.” His eyes go wide as he realizes what you just said. “Y-you want me?”

“Of course I do. You can’t begin to imagine all my lonesome nights, all those nights I touched myself while thinking of you,” you whisper, your voice gravelly as John moans.

“Please use me,” he whimpers and you can’t help but groan as you quickly walk over to him, grabbing a fistful of his hair and forcing him to look up at you. You lean down, teasingly brushing your lips against his as he pouts.

“I’m going to take good care of you, baby.”

Away on V-Day HC: reader x Peter Parker

Valentine’s Sleepover with YoungGodImagines

Warnings: death mention but as a joke (no one dies lol)

A/N: Come on over and request some Valentine’s day stuff for the sleep over! It’s going alllll weekend!

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(not my gifs)

Peter being away on Valentine’s Day would include:

  • Being nervous about him off fighting with the Avengers
  • You sulk a little at the thought of not being with him, but you know that saving others was way more important
  • The worst part of it all was that your parents/guardians went away for the weekend to celebrate together, leaving you completely alone
  • On the day, you’d sit on the couch, watch rom-com’s and eat sweets in an effort to distract yourself from the otherwise empty apartment
  • At around midnight, your phone began ringing, Peter trying to Facetime you
  • “A little late, isn’t it Parker?”
  • “Here it’s way later. I just had to talk to you.”
  • Your heart racing at his cuteness
  • “Where even are you?” you questioned
  • “I’m afraid that’s classified,” he joked in a deep, authoritative voice.
  • About an hour later, you were still chatting away, when all of a sudden there was a knock on the door
  • “Peter, someone’s at the door. If I open it and a creepy child with an axe kills me, I just want you to know that I love you”
  • “You’re so over-dramatic,” he laughed, rolling his eyes
  • You crept up to the door and looked through the peep-hole, only to find what appeared to be a giant bear on the floor and no one else in sight
  • Carefully opening the door, you snatched the bear from the hall and dragged it into your apartment
  • “Peter is this from you?”
  • “Yep!” he said triumphantly, smiling widely at your happy state
  • You chuckled and hugged it, the bear being possibly the best thing you’d ever cuddled
  • “Wow, Peter I think you may have some cuddle competition!”
  • “Hey! I’m still the best cuddler in town!”
  • “Sureeeee, Spider-dude. Sureeee”

sapphickpop’s second GAY KPOP (film) NIGHT: valentines day edition. 

anyways since valentines day is coming and we’re all lonely losers who whine about kpop online we should do something fun and since i promised you a continuation of the first gay kpop night, i’m doing this. it will be on saturday 11th (this saturday) at 15:00 GMT which is like the… most normal time to unite us. 

it will be happening on my so i will post the link before i start streaming. there will be half an hour to join or so when i will just stream gay shit and talk to you so don’t worry about not being on time! 

we will be watching yes or no (2010) a thai movie about a tomboy and her “roommate” ;) it’s a romcom so no gruesome deaths this time! 

anyways im tagging some ppl that participated last time/that might be interested under the cut but anyone can come and go

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college au valentines:

- kendra is just laying across the chair in the common room surrounded by valentines from random strangers like well i can’t wait to see what carter manages to do this year

- sara: he can’t be that bad
kendra: have you ever gotten tired of eating quarterscale molds of your boyfriend’s dick because he thought it would be more romantic to buy in bulk
kendra: they’re white chocolate because he thought any other kind would be racist
sara: are they at least hollow
kendra: they’re caramel filled
sara: nothing about this story is good
(rachel’s note: this is the funniest joke i’ve ever come up with it’s all downhill from here)

- rip of course hates valentines day, did not get sara any of the dildos on her dildo wish list, would like to spend the day inside NATHANIEL IF I SEE YOU TAKE THAT DOVE OUT OF YOUR COAT ONE MORE TIME I WILL DROWN YOU IN THE MENS BATHROOM

- nate: slowly putting celebratory valentine’s dove under sweater as she coos gently

- ray: no matter what carter does it’s going to be so romantic that i will cry for 6 years

- amaya: so len + mick you guys are pretty much married what are your vday plans
len: same thing we do ever year
mick: steal a bottle of champagne, watch nightmare on elm street, gay sex
amaya: wait do you have sex before or after the horror movie because watching a movie about teenagers getting murdered would make it pretty hard to get aroused??
mick: well la-di-da
len: the fucking princess over here
mick: too good to have sex after watching teenagers getting murdered
amaya: you know what? yes. yes i am

- sara: honestly don’t even worry about it kendra at this point we’re all like, each other’s girlfriend boyfriends. carter is like everyones boyfriend so we’ll all be embarrassed
jax: i don’t claim him

- sara not 5 minutes later: kendra your boyfriend has shown up to our dormitory on a white horse
kendra: you said he was all our boyfriends
sara: that’s before he rode a horse onto campus to come see you. now you’re on your own

- ray: A HORSE!!!! SO ROMANTIC!!!!!!

- Carter: kendra come up on the horse
kendra: get off the horse
carter: i can’t hear you i’m on-
kendra: get down from the horse carter
carter: kendra get on the horse

- 10 minutes of horse related arguing later carter finally gets down from the horse and gives kendra this wicker basket with a yellow ribbon on it and she’s like please don’t be dick related please don’t be dick related please-


- ray: full bawling, has not stopped

- carter has an off campus apartment so he was planning to actually have aldus live with him but kendra is like NO HE STAYS WITH ME WE’LL PUT HIS LITTER BOX IN THE BATHROOM 

- rip: i’m going to end up cleaning out that box aren’t i
kendra, holding her baby cat son: yeah. yeah you are
rip, gently loving his cat son: okay :’)

- jax: what i want to know is where carter got a horse
carter: you don’t need to worry about that
jax: that answer is actually more concerning than you just telling me where you got a horse

- carter: and raymond, my sweet prince, the other love of my life, for you i have prepared a series of sonnets-
all: NO
ray as the rest of the group has to duck to avoid the incoming flurry of doves: I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO LOOOOOOVED


Prompt: “ I was stalking your blog I’m sorry for being a weirdo😳 From the prompt list 16&20 with Klaus. So day before Valentine’s Day and the reader catches Klaus with some other girl in bed and she gets angry and leaves not only the compound but New Orleans as well. Thanks💖”

#16-”I..loved you.”

#20-”The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies

Word Count: Short

Requested By @weirdnewbie

You were on your way back to Mikaelson manor, it was the day before Valentine’s Day, and you had been busy, getting a gift for your boyfriend Klaus. He told you that he wasn’t gonna be home much today, so you thought it’d be the perfect time to hide his gift. 

You walked up to you and Klaus’s room, and what you saw left you feeling completely shocked, and heartbroken. You saw your boyfriend Klaus, a guy you never expected to hurt you, in your shared bed with another woman.
Klaus saw you, and his eyes widened, and he jumped out of bed, using a blanket to cover himself. 

“Y/N!” He yelled, but you just stormed out. 

He followed after you, and grabbed your arm, but you just jerked your arm away from him. You turned to face him, tears in your eyes. 

“I..loved you." 

You mumbled, caught between emotions, you weren’t sure if you were more angry or sad. But it didn’t matter, you just knew you didn’t wanna be around Klaus. 

He didn’t know what to say, he sighed. "I-I’m sorry..I never wanted to betray you like that Y/N..” He mumbled. You rolled your eyes.

“The saddest thing about betrayal, is that it never comes from your enemies.” You scoffed before storming out of the Mikaelson house, you got in your car and left New Orleans. You hadn’t seen or talked to Klaus since.

Which, you considered a good thing after what he did to you.


so, one night as Ollie writes in their diary, they think about how much they want to tell Kevin how they feel but they don’t know how. glancing over at a letter they got from their pen pal, they get the idea to write anonymous love letters to Kevin

I wonder how things will go from here… 👀

also, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Valentine's Day 2017/Berena fanfic fluff

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! Just something fun I cooked up on my lunch break today. More to come once I’ve finished work 😊

Valentine’s Day 2017

Valentine’s Day was not normally a day Serena Campbell put much thought into. In her opinion, it was just another commercial event for companies to make more money. She knew it was cynical but she’d never understood why people put so much effort into one day. What about the rest of the year? The men she had dated in her life had bought her gifts of flowers and chocolates, taken her to expensive restaurants and treated her to a weekend away. And for what? At the end of the day, they were nice because every commercial outlet told them they had to be. And they expected to be thanked in return for their kindness with no thought or concern to Serena’s knees. She’d never had a Valentine’s Day that had made her like the national day…. until she met Bernie.

As it turned out, Bernie rather liked Valentine’s Day. It had surprised and confused Serena when Bernie turned around and asked what she wanted to do. No one had ever actually asked her what she wanted to do. At Serena’s confused smile Bernie had back tracked, insisting that they didn’t need to do anything if she didn’t want to.

In the end, Serena had suggested dinner at a local hotel that was a little on the expensive side. The benefit being, along with the out of the way location, most people avoided it unless they needed a hotel. If there was one thing Serena really hated about Valentine’s Day, it was being surrounded by lovesick couples in their 20s in a crowded restaurant. Thankfully, this hotel attracted a more mature clientele.

Halfway through dinner Bernie had looked up at Serena and smiled. “I have a surprise for you,” she said.

Serena smirked. “A surprise? On Valentine’s Day?”

“Cynical,” Bernie teased.

“What is it?” Serena asked with a smile.

“I booked us a hotel room,” she admitted, a tiny flush spreading across her cheeks.

“Here?” Serena asked.

“I erm… I know you like spas and…” she focused her eyes on her food and Serena found her hesitance endearing. “They have a spa here. I thought maybe you’d like a massage.”

Serena smiled. “But you don’t,” she pointed out.

“Well no,” Bernie shrugged. “But you do and I wanted to treat you. While you’re having your massage, I was going to pop back to yours, make sure Jason has everything he needs and then be back by the time you’re finished.”

Serena was surprised and felt a little guilty that she hadn’t done anything for Bernie. “You’re spoiling me and I haven’t got you anything.”

“I don’t need anything,” Bernie shrugged. “I wanted to spoil you because you deserve it.”

Serena smiled and once again couldn’t understand what this wonderful woman saw in her. “Have I told you how much I love you?”

Bernie smiled at her from under her fringe. “You may have mentioned it, yes.”

“And I’m sure I’ll find a few ways to thank you for tonight,” she found herself saying. This is what she’d always said on Valentine’s Day and a small part of her hated herself for repeating these words to her girlfriend, who was nothing like any of the men she had dated in her life.

Bernie shook her head. “Tonight is about you,” Bernie said. “When you’re done with your massage, I’ll have a bath waiting for you.”

“Will you be in it?” Serena smirked.

“I can be if you want me to,” Bernie said with a shy smile.

“I do,” Serena leaned across the table and kissed Bernie firmly on the lips “I very much do.”

This glorious woman was like no one else she’d spent Valentine’s Day with. This woman was selfless, her kindness pure and her love eternal. Serena had always hated Valentine’s Day but as she felt Bernie’s hands worshipping every part of her body while they shared their bath, she realised it wasn’t the day she resented, it was the men she had spent it with. Now that she was with Bernie, she found herself rather enjoying the holiday. Watch out Valentine’s Day 2018, Serena Campbell has big plans for you!