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Trouble in Canada

Request: “I’m your husband, it’s my job.”

a/n: I hope you enjoy this itty bitty 10 page writing that I’ve been working on for a few days now ! 😉 ALSO @whitechocolateperfection wanted some angst so I wrote some angst and I hope y’all enjoy and I’d love to know your thoughts!!!

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“I’ll see you at the next session?”

            You picked your head up from rummaging in your bag and smiled at Ethan, your cooking class instructor, “My husband might be back in town, but I’ll see,”

           Ethan nodded his head steadily.  After a while of looking at each other, you diverted your gaze down towards the wooden table.  You saw his tapping fingers slowly make their way towards your hand that was rested on the table.

           Quickly, you moved your hand, and placed your engagement and wedding ring back on your left hand.  You did’t like cooking with your rings on in fear that they could fall down the drain if you were washing your hands, “Uh, Thanks for the lesson, I’ll see you later.”

           You heard an audible sigh escape his lips, “See you next week, Mrs. Mendes.” 

           As fast as you could, you scurried out the door and saw your friend, Jessie, waiting for you outside.  She saw your flustered expression and smirked, “Looks like the teacher has a crush on the student.” 

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I want you. I want you and only you. Too bad you can’t see that. Dammit, you drive me crazy. You’re always in my thoughts. You’re always on my mind. It’s you 24/7. I love you. Don’t you love me too?
—  do you? // 2:01pm
He is not here and you are not there
and no matter how much you pray
it’s not going to happen
because it is not meant to happen
but you just don’t know how to give up,
how to give up on him,
on you,
on the ‘us’ you want with him,
but dear it’s time to give up,
it’s time to let go
 because he won’t ever see you that way,
even if you are standing
with your naked soul in front of him,
he will not notice you
—  he’ll notice everyone but you // JustScribbledWords

- truce / twenty one pilots

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I keep having dreams about you. You’re always on my mind, 24/7. Sometimes I imagine what it’s like to be with you, to have you be mine. Those dreams that I have feel so real. It’s almost like they are.
—  dreams about you // 12:46am
One day, I will fully accept that you can’t be mine.

Just wait. // Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #7


When your eyes met mine for that small second, I got lost. I got lost in your deep blue ocean eyes. That small smirk plastered on your face as you turned around to face me. It’s almost like you feel the same way.
—  into you // 8:38pm

The Twelve Davids of Christmas Part 4 (5/12)

Eight Davids Hand Talking

for @moltobenebananas and @tennantaddict

We talked for 3 hours last night. One of our late night conversations. God, I love hearing the sound of your voice. It’s like music to my ears. I love talking to you. I love our late night calls. You keep me awake at night. Please never stop calling me.
—  last night // 9:26pm
The girl you'll never get over

Don’t be friends with her
After you’ve broken up and walked away
Its better that you leave her there
In that moment when everything went astray

Because if you take her with you
You’ll keep looking for her face in every girl you meet
No laugh will ever be as joyful as hers
And nobody will make your soul sing the way she did

You let her go without a fight
Now she’s gone
And with her went everything that was bright
You didn’t look back then
Hurtful and proud
And she wasn’t the one to beg
But her teary eyes were screaming so loud

Now you remember how her kisses made you feel
How tenderly she touched your scars and all the hurt began to heal
But you’ve moved on now
With someone who looks nothing like her

So it’s better to leave her there
In memories that can be cherished forever
If it’s meant to be you’ll meet again
And this time you’ll treat her better
But deep down you’ll always remember
As the girl you’ll never get over


camisado // panic! at the disco

The way you hold me makes me happy. The way your arms wrap around my waist. The way your body feels against mine. The way your warm breath fans the back of my neck. The way you place small kisses in the crevice of my neck. God, can I stay in your arms forever?
—  hold me // 5:38pm

1993 - FOREVER

I bumped into you today. Your tall frame towering over my small one. As I walked passed you, you continued to look at me as I walked away. If only we talked to each other.
—  today // 8:00pm