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lil rant about AB/AP

i feel like i might get punched for this, but i think AB/AP is kinda underrated? not by the radio of course, but by the fans. i feel like a lot of people dismiss it as too pop-sounding, therefore it’s not worth much to them. but honestly, the lyrics are incredibly thoughtful and cohesive, and you can definitely tell a lot of time was put into making everything sound exactly like they wanted it. idk i just think everyone’s a bit too critical.

Some Thoughts on Buffy and Spike Living Together (Season 11 Comic Discussion)

The above comic panel is from Season 10, Issue #4 of the Buffy comic series.

Buffy states her belief that a couple moving in together – living together – is a huge step and it requires a level of adjustment that she is just not ready to give up yet. We’ve seen both Xander and Willow living together with their significant others in the TV show, but we have never seen this with Buffy. That is, until the current Season 11, where Buffy and Spike share a trailer together in the “Safe Zone.”

Buffy and Spike’s cohabitation in the “Safe Zone,” is similar in a way to Willow and Kennedy’s cohabitation in Season 7, in the sense that it comes out of a sense of necessity, rather than a “Hey, our relationship is progressing to a point where I think we should move in together. How about you?” situation. (Plus, they only kinda, sorta lived together, because they were sharing a living space with an ungodly amount of people).

Nevertheless, neither Buffy nor Spike is shown to really have an issue with living together and they have adjusted quite well. Them adjusting well to the situation makes sense, since we saw them spending more and more time together at home or in their bedrooms as Season 10 progressed. Their living situation in Season 10 was more “dorm-like” in nature, but I think it also worked well as a sort of practice for living together and a leeway into actually living together in most of Season 11.

What it is unknown about their cohabitation in Season 11 is if they were forced to live together in the “Safe Zone” or not. I would say, probably not, since it would not surprise me if both Buffy and Spike were actually given some options, such as Buffy living with the Wiccans and Spike living with the other vampire, them living together, or perhaps even some other different arrangement. Then they, of course, chose living together. Not only would the two of them living together be the most pragmatic and safest within the “Safe Zone,” I think Buffy and Spike were ready for that next level of commitment.

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I haven’t re-watched s7 since pre-s8, to be honest, so it’s kind of like I’m watching things in reverse by doing this “whouffle rewatch”. I know what’s going to happen but I haven’t seen the beginning in almost three years, and it’s a really interesting thing to see.

There’s a lot on my mind right now, but one thing I’m picking up on is that, when you watch the beginnings knowing what’s to come, it’s really easy to pick up on things that become carryovers,or themes, or plot points. Funny enough, for all the bickering and favorites people have, and for how much people say 10 and 11 are very similar…I’m picking up on a loooot of things that 11 and 12 are similar about.

You mostly have to be viewing this from a certain lens, probably, with that lens being the relationship of Clara and the Doctor. Not necessarily a romantic relationship, but their functioning as two characters. I think, mayhaps, people remember 11 as being more excited and cute and more “human”, but when it comes to Clara, he’s really at a loss for what to do. He’s flustered when she makes flirty comments at him and his brain goes into overdrive before shutting down and being grumpy. He catches himself having moments of affection and then forces himself out of it - played more for comedy but there’s a bit of angst probably into play too. He is insistent on her safety but at the same time doesn’t stop her from intervening in the adventure to do a dangerous thing.

What I see with 11 and what I think of with 12, is take all those visible reactions and emotions 11 has, and then just internalize that. 12′s exterior is much more withdrawn and lowkey; he doesn’t have the manic energy that 11 does (mostly in s8, you see him opening up in s9 but he’s still more subdued overall). However, all those emotions and feelings with Clara he’s still harboring, which bled out in s8 when either Clara wasn’t around, or indirectly. 12 doesn’t do flirting until it’s riding up on a tank strumming “Pretty Woman” in s9, but he does clearly show jealousy when Clara gets herself a boyfriend. But his style isn’t direct, his style is being obtusely indirect - robbing a bank, which to Clara is just an adventure, but clearly to him it’s a date.

What I see more than anything is that 11 and 12, despite clearly being different actors and different facets of the same character, are of course, the same core character. We see 10 and the War Doctors taking a shine to Clara, but there’s a lot more layers (obviously) when you get the Doctors that she traveled with on the long term. 11 was hearteyes who told himself it was improper to be flirting, 12 is stern and gives off the vibe of it being improper to flirt but he just can’t contain it and eventually he just says “who cares”. But they both have intense affection for Clara, though from radically different phases in their life - 11 thinking he was the end, 12 being what was born from a fresh start. Clara his last hurrah, Clara his savior and granter of new life.

Tom Holland’s lip sync battle

was the best thing I have seen ever?! 

ok so he starts classic, singing in the rain, top hat and umbrella. Then he disappears behind a wall, and when you next see him he’s changed 

in full freaking drag

honestly. too cool. music turns into rihanna’s umbrella, tom holland slays it all, he has a background in musical theatre and can dance, im just so impressed

someone on twitter has a clip here 11/10 definitely watch it.  i could watch this on repeat for days.

if this doesn’t make you respect tom holland 523462470812239413% more then… go live your life with less badass spiderman

A thought: Han Solo’s first language most definatley isn’t Basic. 



Look at me

Asks- River/Doctor Edition (22/4/14)

1. Why do you ship River/Doctor?

2. How long have you shipped River/Doctor?

3. What is your favorite River/Doctor episode?

4. What is your favorite River/Doctor minisode?

5. What is your favorite River/Doctor moment?

6. What is the happiest River/Doctor moment?

7.What is the saddest River/Doctor moment?

8.What is the funniest River/Doctor moment? 

9.  What is your favorite River/Doctor kiss?

10. What is the best thing about the River/Doctor relationship?

11. Why do you ship River/Doctor as opposed to other ships?

12. What songs would you include in a River/Doctor playlist?

13. What River/Doctor episode makes you cry the most?

14. What is your favorite River/Doctor head canon?

15. What is your favorite River/Doctor fic trope?

16. What are your favorite River/Doctor fics?

17. If you were to write a River/Doctor episode, what would it be about?

18. What is your favorite Matt Smith quote about River/Doctor?

19. What is your favorite Alex Kingston quote about River/Doctor?

20. What is your favorite Moffat quote about River/Doctor?

21. Do you want to see more River/Doctor interaction in 12’s era?

22. Are you enjoying River/Doctor appreciation day?

anonymous asked:

Can you rate River Song

General opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

Hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous

Hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

Best quality: Badass, smarter than the Doctor in some ways

Worst quality: The whole “gonna kill all you dudes” period

Ship them with: The Doctor

BROTP them with: Shit dude. Missy if I have to be honest

Needs to stay away from: Those dicks that kidnapped her

Misc. thoughts: Best hair ever 11/10

Want me to rate a character?

maximilian-alexander  asked:


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 

hotness level:
get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff. if anyone disagrees feel free to block me

best quality:

his wiggles

worst quality: he thinks he’s so fuckign cool

ship them with: apollo and clay!!

brotp them with: EMA 

needs to stay away from: his penis of a brother, kristoph gavin

misc. thoughts: 11/10 love him but he needs to be developed properly