anonymous asked:

I'll give you a list of bloggers and tell me what you think of them: andiiyoureastar, toofarlefttogo, thoughtlessclown, mourningovermurderers, askrebdomine, askreb, almightyvodka, and askericharris

Andiiyoureastar - I don’t know who that is, sorry

Toofarlefttogo - I’ve only spoken to her a few times and I like her from what I know of her

Thoughtlessclown - She’s awesome, haha

Mourningovermurderers - Kayla is Kayla

Askrebdomine - I don’t really go on their blog much but I don’t mind them

Askreb - He’s entertaining and funny

Almightyvodka - Godlike and my best friend

Askericharris - What the fuck do you expect me to say about myself