I think in the end, you would have stayed with me, out of obligation…or maybe comfort. Maybe I was safe to you, and you needed to feel that. I know how scared you get of the unknown. To you…I must be kind of a security blanket. Do you see now, how that doesn’t work for me? I don’t want to be there, simply because the idea of me being gone is too…scary. I want to be someone’s everything. I want fire and passion, and love that’s returned, equally. I want to be someone’s heart… Even if it means breaking my own.
—  S.C. Stephens, Thoughtless
What if I don’t choose you, Kellan? What will you do?”
He looked away, a tear rolling down his cheek. “I’ll leave, Kiera. I’ll leave, and you and Denny can have your happily ever after.” He looked back at me. “You wouldn’t even need to tell him about me. Eventually, the two of you…” his voice broke and another tear fell on his cheek, “the two of you would get married, and have children, and have a great life.”
I fought back a sob. “And you? What happens to you in that scenario?”
“I…get by. And I miss you, every day,” he whispered.
—  S.C. Stephens, Thoughtless

Thoughtless Network Application!

Yo peeps Josh boutta hit u w wats gucci there’s this gucci new network poppin off n u shud slide thru n holla cuz it’s lit rt so read the texts below to find out wats gud n hmu 


Josh (Facebook | Tumblr)

Ashley (Facebook | Tumblr)

Jess (Facebook | Tumblr)

Keanu (Facebook | Tumblr)


  • Don’t be a lil bitch
  • Don’t drag your petty shit to the network
  • Don’t face your problems w someone like a lil bitch
  • No FC on reblog/queue posts
  • No nudes

What we’re looking for: 

  • People, preferably. 
  • With a Facebook. 
  • Preferably with a face also but not necessary.

What you’ll get out of this: 

  • Friends!!!!!
  • Bomb ass blogs to follow
  • Advice/help if you need it with whatever, we’re all nice peepol I promise

How to join:

Just reblog this post and then message one of the admins on facebook! Introduce yourself and mention you saw the post on tumblr and we’ll add you as soon as we get online.

If there are any issues please don’t hesitate to message any of the other admins (mentioned above) and WE’LL SEE YOU THERE <3