12 Tips I wish I had been told for running:
  • One :Do your feet a favor and wear good running shoes that fit. The little extra money spent is an investment in avoiding breaking down and absent medical bills.
  • Two :Warming up+stretching+cooling down=less pain, DO IT.
  • Three:Drink lots of water before and after you exercise, your body needs it and it will make running a more enjoyable experience.
  • Four:On the other hand do not chug water right before, during or directly after a running workout. You're just asking for stomach pain.
  • Five:While its good to push yourself, pushing yourself to the point of pain is never good. It just means that you can't run the days that follow and defeats the purpose of trying to build stamina.
  • Six:Which brings me to the next point -> Pain is never good. If you feel pain, stop.
  • Seven:If you have to, start out slow. If you can only jog a 1/4 of a mile without hurting yourself. Then only jog 1/4 of a mile.
  • Eight:Find a running buddy it keeps you motivated, on a schedule and acts as a distraction.
  • Nine:A consistent schedule is the fastest way to get into running shape. (see number 5)
  • Ten:Your body does need a time to recuperate. Don't be afraid to take a day or two off.
  • Eleven:Slow and longer is better than fast and short if you are out of shape. The faster you go without your body being prepped is asking for injuries. Its also discouraging when you try to run fast and only make it for 1/4 of a mile when you could have run slow and made it a full mile.
  • Twelve:Avoid treadmills as much as possible. They are bad for your joints and for most people it makes running a horrible experience with a clock and distance counter sitting under your nose.

I walked into my final today to have a kid dressed FULLY as Santa yell ‘Merry Christmas’ at me. Then when the professor came in he walked up to the student and sat in his lap. The kid asked, “What would you like for christmas?” And our professor answered with a straight face, “All the finals to be graded quickly as possible.”

I want to be able to wake up in the morning and be able to just leave. I want to be able to throw a few belongings in my car, grab anyone willing to go and just go. I want to wake up, quit my job and just decide to hit the road until I feel like coming back or finding somewhere to make myself home. Sometimes I want to run to the airport, find the cheapest flight out of the airport and just go where that takes me. I’m tired of being tied to jobs and schools. I want to just go. June 2015 couldn’t come any sooner. 

There are so many places I need to go. The more I travel, the more people I meet, the more full I become. There is so much beauty I have yet seen and knowledge I have yet to learn. My teachers can only be new people I have yet to meet and mother nature herself. That is the one way to satisfy my seemingly unquenchable desire for life beyond what I have here. 

Today the car in front of me paid for my breakfast and coffee at starbucks. It was a pleasant surprise.

Today I paid for the car behind me, it made me happy knowing they would get a nice surprise like I had gotten.

Today the class I desperately needed to graduate opened up and I was able to add it.

Today I had a two different clients tell me how much the appreciated me.

Today hugged my dog and laughed with my family.

Today was a good day.

I know I tend to complain when I make text posts a lot. So some of my goals have been to change that and talk more about the positives. (Sounds cheesy as all hell right?)

Well this past two weeks has been really awesome. Like no joke. School has been going really good, I’ve been doing great on midterms and assignments. I got to go backpacking to a favorite spot. I also got to go climbing and to Green Flash with shawnpsloan. I ran in my first mud run yesterday and killed it. Then I’m hoping to go hang out with missneuneu later on today. I’m starting to plan my post graduation trip and am getting really excited. I also have a candle in my room that smells like pine trees and my whole room smells amazing, waking up in a room that smells like a forest is the best thing ever…really.  Oops I think I already said that.

But, yeah, I’m super happy with my life right now. 

Picked up some supplies from REI today, cancelled my membership at Hangar 18, did some studying and took a nap. I’m getting there.

Slowly starting to become more and more prepared for this trip. I’m going to have my hammock ready, food and gear.  Finalizing on these dates and times. I’m getting more nervous and more excited as every hour passes. A week until I leave. Oh boy. 

All I want in life is my breath to be taken away. I want moments, chances and adventures to leave me gasping for breath. I want to be surrounded by tall trees, vast mountains and intellectual people. I want my lungs to freeze with adrenaline, fear and love.

I hope I never am just content or complacent. I hope I never settle or make a choice just because it is easier. I want to leave this world breathless as I came into it.

The Changing Point

I think I have rewritten this post several times. I’ll put it in my drafts then some times will pass until I look at it again. I’ll find what wrote before to not fill the capacity of what i was trying to say. I think it’s important, it changed everything about me. Its the point where I look back two years ago and saw who I was. I don’t think I would ever be going the direction I am going now. Common phrases I see or hear is “Wow, I wish I could do that.”, “You must be brave.”, “I could never do that.”, “In another life I would follow that route too.” You know what, I’m going to call bullshit and tell you something I’ve learned and am still learning. 

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Its going to happen:

John Muir Trail, late summer 2015 after I graduate. 

Roughly 220 miles through the eastern sierras.

There are so many things in my life that I have told myself that I want to do. Well I’m done with just saying I want to do something. No excuses, I have a year to prepare, to get the knowledge and build up my personal strength. 

I’m going to hike the John Muir Trail in 2015.

Hi, my name is Caiti. I like to read a whole bunch of stuff on places I really want to go and it makes me sad because work and school are currently prohibiting me going to said places. Right now I am reading a huge blog of a female hiker who typed up their journal and did reviews of the JMT. I want to go, I want to go now, not in a year, now. Someone put a pause on my life and let me go be in nature, please?

Hikers / Campers I want to follow you...

By the way I am always looking for new people to follow. Especially for more hiking / camping blogs. If you hike/camp in Southern California I can almost guarantee I will follow you. Looking for more people to be able to talk to and overall interact with concerning the surrounding area. I need more adventures, more hikes and I need some more people that are willing to give me places to go and hike to. Trade knowledge and what not.

Also if anyone that follows me already but I haven’t followed you for some stupid reason and you are local (or even not local) and hike camp and blog about it. I WANT TO FOLLOW YOU. 

I’m feeling knowledge hungry and will kill for people to feed me that knowledge.  Like this, send me an ask, pm, anything?

 I’m friendly, and willing to help other people that are just getting started in the area too. So You don’t even have to know anything. I love talking with people here and helping others out. Just hit up my ask box or PM me anytime. 

My boyfriend and I went out for our first camping trip together this weekend. He hasn’t had much experience camping, and I wanted to make sure he had a great experience.

  1. It rained all on our full day there, so we got wet for all of our hikes.
  2. He was cold while trying to sleep both nights. 
  3. The first night our neighbors loudly partied until the morning hours.
  4. The second nights coyotes fought with each other in our campsite. (Hearing tons of growling and yelping outside your tent is so much fun!)
  5. I forgot eating utensils and plates, and some crucial cooking ingredients. So we had to run into town to get some.
  6. We wanted to stargaze and watch sunsets/sunrises but the clouds meant we couldn’t see any of those.
  7. I wake up early when camping and wanted to go to sleep shortly after sundown. He is a night owl and I think he thought I was crazy. 
  8. Our lantern died partway through the second night. 
  9. On our way back he had to sit in my school’s library while I attended class for 3 hours.

But somehow he still says he had a good time and wants to go camping again. I’m amazed that it wasn’t off-putting. Most of my friends would have been very fed up at that point. Despite the minor problems it was tons of fun, there was lots of rock scrambling and beautiful landscapes to see. Joshua Tree is getting added to places I want to visit again and again. 

I’ve had a big lack of activity recently, mostly because I am in a new relationship and am out doing a bunch of things. Over the past few weeks I’ve done another 5k, snowboarding, hiking, movies, yoga, and a road trip to Northern California. So I’ve been busy busy. School starts tomorrow so things should be getting a bit back to normal, I have a few pictures to upload and share too. 

My step-father gets so excited for gifts that he can’t contain himself and tells everyone the days he buys it. Especially gifts for hobbies that he is into too.

So I know that, on December 25th, I will be unwrapping an ATC belay device and a chalk bag. I’m also going to love it. (Okay which I will). I’m super excited to be getting into it and I think he is just as excited that I am too. My mother is looking less and less thrilled as he is talking about going out bouldering. He has already gotten the ‘you’re not young’ talk, and 'I don’t want Caiti doing anything dangerous.’ Sorry Mom, I think that ship sailed long ago.