Thoughtfully Frustrated

How thoughtful that you comfort me
Hanging about my dreams each night.

How thoughtful of your quietness
Hidden is your pleasing sound.

How thoughtful of your negligence
Honestly, yes truth will cause my frown

But, How thoughtful would you be
Holding falsely onto me
Hurting me, as I wait patiently.
Hoping you’re the wild at heart man
Who has been Captivated by me.

How thoughtful you clearly see, I ache longingly
Hoping you quench the desire I harness within.


I was born an over thinker
A natural philosopher
Genetically anxious
Everything is dissected-
Conversations, dreams, decisions
Heartbreak, loneliness
And now-
Your soft kisses, your warm hands.
Waiting for a bus,
Thoughts used to plague me-
What if I’m late? What if I die alone?
Now thoughtfulness is a comfort
Now I can think of happy things
Now I can think of you

Caterpillar D9

suffocated with a hand-made quilt,
i think it is called survival

flocks of billboards build themselves upon the derelict
coughing up dead skin, saying
“enough wavelength for color but not telepathy”

there will be venomous for the risibility,
a thrown stone and consternation to a return
wading till there is no beauty for miles left
and all that is comparable is concrete and
asphalt, soaked with weaved heat bobbing
between shadows of thoughtful oscitance

like clocks, headache
leaking wolf shadow and
immutable nothing

notice the harvest for it will detail to you,
in five acts,
the sound of dead leaves and wheelbarrows and
monuments in the form of rusted muscle

woke up and struggle to breathe from chain smoke
for sake of choke and fever and mumble doors
as sublime as are secondary, if only for escape

Anyone who puts their lives at risk to speak out about an injustice. It’s one thing for someone like me to sit at my laptop or in this case, on my phone on a plane, answering questions and voicing opinions about this or that, but it’s an entirely different universe for someone like Malala Yousafzai to stand up publicly and speak out about equality in education for girls and women in her country where women have at times been banned from getting an education. That is a courage I question if I even possess. There are many women and men around the world who risk their lives on a daily basis to get people of influence to pay attention. That is work that transcends my experience and I am in awe.
—  Gillian Anderson answering “Whose work inspires you the most?” Quora Q&A (x)
When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability. To be alive is to be vulnerable.
—  Madeleine L'Engle

It took me years to realise that living a simple life is not about what I can live without but about efficiently organising the important stuff to ensure that I don’t have to live without anything. And once we are clear about our priorities and purpose, we are better able to recognise our obstacles. I dedicate a couple of hours a week to plan my life, discard the unnecessary, pencil in the stuff I miss and just enjoy a pot of tea while looking very thoughtful. Living fuller doesn’t have to mean busy. And slowing down doesn’t need to be boring. Make this year about you, recognise the toxic and create space for what empowers you.