The Stereotype

 Requested by anon: Drabble #7 with eric from divergent plsss 

 Pairing: Eric Coulter X Reader

 Word count: 961

 Drabble: Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.

 Things are different now. That was the first thing they told you when you jumped off the net. A brand new initiation with new possibilities. Thanks to those “possibilities” you’re standing here, in the leader’s office, waiting for Max.

 You’re a very good fighter. The best among the transfers, and better than half of the Dauntless-born. Someone saw something good on you. You hope this person is right.

 “Among all those kids, Four had to choose a little girl.”

 You look at the door behind you to see him. Eric. It makes sense. He’s your instructor and a leader. Max wouldn’t lose his time with the initiates.

 “It’s you, then.” The smile that comes to his lips seems honest and that surprises you. “I’ve seen you fighting. You’re good. (Y/N), am I right?”


 “Very good. That’s how it’ll work.” He sits down in his huge chair, making eye contact all the time. You can’t help but feel uncomfortable. “You’ll train with the other initiates until lunch. Then with me until dinner. That means…”

 “I’ll have to train even harder.” You cut him off, shyly avoiding his gaze. Those blue eyes can make you go insane, somehow you know that. “Four already told me that.”

 “Great. Meet me here tomorrow after lunch. Don’t be late.” 

 “Maybe this opportunity isn’t a good thing for you.” Clary, your friend who came with you from Erudite is trying to change your mind. For two hours now. “Do you know Keenan? The Dauntless-born with green hair? He told me Eric punched his brother right in the face just because the man didn’t move out his way.”

 “I’ll just move then.” A laugh escapes your lips. “The thing is: I never thought about leadership. Now that I actually have a chance, I’ll fight for it.”

 “Eric is the bad guy, (Y/N). You need to understand that.” Clary makes you stop, right by the dormitory’s door. “He hanged five initiates over the chasm for something like disobeying his orders.”

 “Clar, I’ll be fine. Let’s get some sleep because tomorrow will be a long day.”

 Ignoring her response, you run the bathroom to take a shower before going to sleep.

 “(Y/N), can I talk to you?” Four calls you when you successfully hit your target. You gladly run to meet him, standing away from everyone.

 “What’s up?”

 “Eric.” It’s cute to see that he cares. Four has been a great friend since you came here. “You don’t like following rules, but you have to do what he says.” He takes a look around, probably just checking if the initiates aren’t trying to kill each other. “He’s dangerous. I thought he wouldn’t agree training you so I’d do myself. But for some reason, he wants to keep his eyes on you.”

 “Four, I’m thankful for your friendship and for your help. Clary wants me to give up because you know… It’s Eric. But I can handle it. I can handle him.” You give him a smile, kindly touching his arm. “I promise that I’ll tell you if anything happens.”

 “I’ll be here for you, but I won’t be physically there to help you. You have to keep in mind that Eric is the bad…”

 “(Y/N)!” You turn around quickly to face Eric, staring at you from the other side of the training room. “You’re fighting now.”

 “See you around, Four.”

 You take your time during lunch, enjoying the small talk with the other initiates. Clary keeps giving you tips on “how to deal with Eric Dauntless Leader Coulter”. When Four calls, you say goodbye to your friends, running to the leader’s office.

 Guess what you see when you get there? The worst person of this cruel faction drinking coffee peacefully. You clean your throat after opening the door quietly, not wanting to bother him or something.

 “You’re late.”

 “No, I’m not. Four can prove it.” It comes out before you can think, and the image of your body hanging over the chasm fills your mind.

 “Four. You like him.” It isn’t a question, but you don’t know why Eric is saying this. What Four has to do with this situation?

 “Of course I do. We’re kinda friends.” You sit before him, playing with a black pen, pretending to draw on his desk. “He helps me. He actually helps everyone who needs him.”

 “What about me?”

 It does make you freeze. Eric’s icy eyes are locked on yours. You search on your memories for a reason. Since the first day, you’ve been trying your best and being successful. You know Eric pays a lot of attention to you, but that’s just because you’re good at what you do.

 But that’s weird. What the hell he wants you to say?

 “About you what?” You struggle, trying not to stutter.

 “Four is your friend. What am I?”

 “My leader. My instructor.” You take a deep breath, letting the pen fall from your fingers. “And everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.

 “Do you believe them?” Eric stands up, moving to sit on the chair beside you.

 “I don’t know yet.”

 “If you don’t give up I can show you that I’m more than a stereotype.”

 “Why?” You can’t help but smile. Eric’s very handsome and it makes you blush. Trying to keep your heartbeat steady, you avoid his gaze.

 “Because I kinda like you.” He imitates your tone when you were speaking about Four.

 “Well, I can’t promise you anything.”

 “Good thing I have time.” After giving you a smile that almost makes your heart melt, he goes back to his seat, grabbing a pile of papers. “Today we have paperwork.”

 You’d complain, but somehow you want to spend all the time you can with him.

Learn about what thought leadership truly is - you may be surprised to find a hidden side to it that you never thought about before! - and how to leverage it for your business. By sharing knowledge that empowers others, you not only create content that is shareable and evergreen, but also content that has staying power in the minds and hearts of your audience.

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Trends Lab Weekly: Your Best Content Strategy is Thought Leadership

Trends Lab Weekly: Your Best Content Strategy is Thought Leadership

By Geoffrey Colon, Vice President, Social@Ogilvy / @djgeoffe /

So many people I have spoken to as of late complain about the term “thought leadership.” They are always asking, “what does it really mean and where does it get you?” B2B companies have known about this terminology for almost two decades and it has led to a lot of their content creation. In the B2B space, companies don’t make on-the-fly purchase decisions. You just can’t when you’re looking to overhaul your server systems at $4 million a pop. So you read up on what experts have to say on the subject. Maybe watch them give a speech or follow their Twitter feed to see what they are curating. These experts have been given names including influencers, champions, advocates, guru or even what I call myself, Subject Matter Expert or SME for short.

Why should your business be doing thought leadership? And who should do it? Well, to say it in short, everyone. Because thought leaders should be your entire organization. Not simply those at the top of the company. The best way for your company to transform is to crowdsource and collaborate as much as possible. Make everyone a part of the process in the new way of thinking about business. The other reason is thought leadership is your best content strategy. People want to feel like a company is larger than simply selling software or soda. They want to identify with it as a transformer of culture or the world at large. So here are five reasons on how to turn thought leadership into content. Have any ideas of your own? Feel free to join the conversation. After all, thought leadership means little if there isn’t a larger conversation around the subject.

1.     There is a lack of thought leadership in the world. Only 30% of companies use it now. That’s a small figure. And of those an even smaller percentage use social to amplify this thinking. So if you write it or video record it, amplify it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare, etc. People enjoy this thinking and want to share it.

The largest return that a company can generate comes from not just displaying expertise but having superior services that help your clients. Thought leadership is that inroad to a potential or current client saying, “This is exactly what we want. Thinkers who can also act on that thinking and execute it for us into a meaningful solution.“ But they can’t get turned onto this thinking unless they actually see it. And where they see it is on your social channel.

People are drawn into thought leadership because it’s editorial made for sharing. Content comes in all sizes and shapes but if it’s a passive piece of content will it reverberate within your community? Thought leadership looks to get a rise out of people. If it doesn’t it’s not leadership. The reason being is thought leadership is innovative, ahead of the curve and sets a bold new path where no one has gone before. That meets resistance from systems that don’t want to bend to change. And with that resistance comes conversation around the topic. And from conversation, sharing. And from sharing, invitations extending to more people to discuss your POV on the issue, subject, category, product, initiative, etc.

Thought leadership comes in many shapes and sizes. Many think it’s still a boring white paper. But the best is now video sermons, Tweetchats, Q&As, infographics and more. The way you serve up your thought leadership is packaged as content. It’s not simply words on a paper.

You become the conversation piece. Thought leaders don’t simply publish then sit back and move onto the next piece of content creation. Nor do those who consume such content not have an opinion. Content should be engaging. Thought leadership has this built-in so it instigates people to react. It’s a modern day futbol match. There are always two sides. One side may react in many ways generating additional reactive content that keeps your brand or company as the focal centerpiece around the topic. And when people are talking about the topic that you generated within a social environment, you’re creating a level of engagement that equates to a possible advocate and an advocate that equates to a potential lead.

Geoffrey Colon is Vice President of Social@Ogilvy and editor of the Futurist Lab on Tumblr. He also tweets @djgeoffe


 Power always comes with a price.

 Her gift was unique, unparalleled, feared. The castle respected her out of that fear.

 Uncontrollable at first, but when controlled something even greater. She learned out of necessity, and was constantly told that if she ever lost that control, everything would be destroyed.

 Control became a very important thing for her to have. Over others, and herself.

 The castle grew to use her a public figurehead; strong, powerful, but never quite herself. Lonely.

 Had the Alteans realized this, perhaps the race could have survived.

 Instead, her loneliness turned into bitterness, which spread through her like an infection. Yet she never lashed out, did what she was told, and remained as a figurehead.

 She hated it. Bitterness that was sweetened by the thoughts of revenge, overruling, and to let her power loose for the first time in years.

 Imagine when a Galra, not an Altean, noticed her loneliness and offered a hand. How detached she truly was from her own race to have someone else present her a chance at life.

 How foolish.

 The Galra boy was ambitious, respected, young, naive. It didn’t take long for her to manipulate his previously ambitious thoughts into something that resembled her own darkened desires. She fed him ideas, power, thoughts of leadership and total rule.

 It would all begin with the annihilation of the Altean race. The base cause of her misery, her pain, her loneliness, how eshe ended up like this.

 Zarkon did not fight this. In fact, he relished the thought of finally beating his superior, Alfor. In his feverish, controlled mind, it was all still a competition, a game, a way of showing who was better.

 It wasn’t until that he saw Alfor’s horrified face that day, when Zarkon went to go slay the older man, that he realized what he had done.

 Thousands of lives lost. The burning bodies that littered the once- pristine castle grounds, and the belated horror and disbelief on Alfor’s face that his once- trustable Black Paladin had turned into a monster.

 Zarkon could not live with this idea, but Haggar pushed his mind. Think, she commanded. It can all end if you just destroy them all. Don’t you trust me?

 His bayard sinks deep into Alfor’s chest.

 Later, when Haggar found Zarkon weeping in a corner, she consoled him. Told him that it was the bravest and most noble thing he had ever done. Zarkon’s pain furthered her control of him, as she promised him unlimited power through quintessence, opening up laboratories for her experiments.

 After eons of controlling her power, she let it loose. Energy so strong it enough to power up their own castle, enough energy to transform the once- noble Galra soldier into a monster everyone knew to fear and hate.

 Throughout the years, Haggar stood by his side. For ten thousand years, she manipulated him and fueled him, turning him into the perfect battle machine. Zarkon no longer felt the emotions that had tied him down so long ago, and proceeded on total domination of the universe he had been promised.

 His conscience was wavered when he saw the Black Lion for the first time in those ten thousand years. Something that was reawakened after being sealed away for so long, resurfacing into an ugly obsession to get what was his back.

 Haggar feared Voltron. Despite spending all these years on perfecting her RoboBeasts, they were still no match for Voltron’s true power. When it was re-formed, she set out to destroy it as soon as possible. Yet her haste led to the Voltron team becoming even stronger, and when she finally noticed on how intent Zarkon was on recapturing the last thing he knew of his past, she realized.

 Zarkon had not been controlled- he had been manipulated, yes, but her power fuelled his feverish desire. He wanted Voltron back because it was his last chance at finding a true family.

 In all their time together, Haggar had never listened to his wishes, only used him as her figurehead. Just like the Alteans had done to her.

 Perhaps that was why she stepped down a bit, and let Zarkon’s mind go. Perhaps that was why she took his orders, realizing that they were equals, and let herself follow his ideals and his goal of capturing his lion. She chose to let him lead for the first time since his reign, and it made him happy.

 Did she learn to regret her decision after he died following those ambitions?

 Power came with a price. Her payment of ten thousand years of control was losing the one that had taken the time to understand her.

She sees history repeat itself. A lost Paladin this time, being offered a second chance in the Galran ranks. To be loved. To be appreciated. To be known.

 To never be lonely again.

 But Haggar also knows what happens to the misguided, the desperate, the learned malevolence that corrupts the soul. Her reluctance shows when the Prince comes to her, excited over his finding of the paladin, and the potential use they could make of him.

 Haggar’s power came with a price, and her price had yet to be fully paid.

Have some haggar back story u fuckin nerds

Maybe it doesn’t matter how much a person has given, maybe it matters how much it took for them to give it.
—  3am thoughts
A Work of Heart

For Anon~ Sorry about the terribly cheesy title, I couldn’t help myself. I hope this is close to what you were thinking of when you requested, and I apologize for taking forever to write this! If you want a version that’s more fluffy and doesn’t have the awkward scenes I wrote, feel free to rerequest and I’ll rewrite it.

Genre: X Reader, fluff, some slight…mature content? It’s not exactly smut but whatever…

Member(s): Jongin

POV: 3rd Person

Warning(s): Some crappily written kiss scenes, a probably fast-moving plot that makes little to no sense, mentions of nudity, a super crappy Titanic reference that wasn’t really necessary

Summary: Jongin and (y/n) are inseparable. He’s an artist, and she, though unaware, is his beloved muse. But will she become more?

Originally posted by intokai

It all started when Jongin and (y/n) were both 14.

“Go do something outside. You spend way too much time inside drawing in that notebook of yours. If you’re going to ignore people to draw, at least get some fresh air while you’re at it.” Jongin’s parents told him before forcing him outside. He pressed his lips together, pouting a little, before marching himself and his notebook over to the nearby café. Taking a seat at a table meant for two, he opened his notebook and continued his most recent sketch, oblivious to the world around him.

(y/n) walked into the café with some of her friends, getting coffees and taking a seat at a booth near Jongin.

“So, (y/n), have you found anything to do? Your parents told you to find a hobby, right?” Yoon-Ah asked, sipping her coffee.

(y/n) shook her head.

“I’ve been wanting to learn to draw.” She hummed, shrugging. “But I can’t seem to find a good teacher.”

Min-Hee tapped her chin in thought.

“There’s this one guy at school, he’s always drawing…” She said.

(y/n) furrowed her eyebrows. She’d never seen any guys drawing at school. But of course, she didn’t really pay much attention to guys, other than the boys who lived on her block, like Minseok and Baekhyun.

“Who is he?” She asked, still thinking.

“He’s…ah, I can’t remember his name! But he’s the best in art class, Mr. Xi just rambles on and on about him…Yah, (y/n), why don’t you just get a schedule change and take art?” Min-Hee asked.

“It’s over half-way through the school year, changing my schedule now would be preposterous!” (y/n) scoffed, rolling her eyes. “And besides, art class is for the kids who are good at art. Me, I need more of a private teacher or something before I can even think about taking art class.” She chuckled.

“Psh, art class is art class. You learn! You should just do it!”

“Min-Hee, why don’t you teach her?” Yoon-Ah challenged.

“Me?” Min-Hee exclaimed. “I never said I was good. I’m only in the class for the cute guys. And besides, I do ceramics, not drawing.”

Yoon-Ah groaned, rubbing a hand over her face.

“Anyway, (y/n),” Min-Hee said, turning to you. “You should ask that boy if he’ll teach you. He’s wicked talented.” Her eyes widened as if to emphasize her words.

“What’s his name?”

“Um…I think it’s like Jun…Junmyeon?” She said, narrowing her eyes in thought.

“Junmyeon is in Leadership, not art.” Yoon-Ah said exasperatedly. “And he can barely draw a stick figure, much less be top of the art class.”

“Okay, okay! Not Junmyeon, then. It starts with a ‘J’, I know that.”

“Jongdae?” (y/n) asked.

“No, no, no! It’s…aha! It’s Jongin, yes, Kim Jongin!” Min-Hee yelped, flailing her arms in victory. “That’s who it is!”

“Kim Jongin…” (y/n) said. “Never heard of him.”

“Oh, I know who you’re talking about.” Yoon-Ah nodded, taking another sip of her coffee. “Yeah, I think he’s here, actually. I swear I saw him when we came in.” She craned her neck, looking around for him.

“There he is!” Min-Hee squealed, pointing at him. “He’s so cute, isn’t he?”

(y/n) glanced at the boy she was pointing at. He didn’t even notice the three pairs of eyes on him. He was bent over his notebook, his face like a statue as he concentrated on whatever he was drawing.

“You should ask him if he’d teach you, (y/n)!” Min-Hee screeched. (y/n) kept staring at the boy, surprised that he still hadn’t even acknowledged them. Intrigued, she unconsciously slid out of the booth, her legs propelling her towards his lonely table.

“Hello,” she said, taking the seat across from him.

He looked up, quickly shutting his notebook and smiling hesitantly.

“Um, hi.” He said cautiously, looking as though he didn’t trust her.

“I’m (y/n). We go to school together, I think.” She said coolly, impressing and shocking herself with her surprising smoothness and confidence.

He bit his lip, before nodding.

“Yeah, I’ve seen you and Min-Hee together before. I didn’t think you ever noticed me, though.” He replied.

She blushed a little, flustered.

“I kind of didn’t notice you. But Min-Hee told me you were amazing at drawing and that you went to our school, and I thought maybe I could ask you to teach me? To draw, I mean. Since I’m looking for a hobby.” She babbled.

His smile changed from forced to genuine, and he wasn’t quite sure why. Maybe he found your babbling amusing, or he was flattered by the fact that someone thought his work was amazing. He wasn’t sure, but he knew that, for some reason, he was more than willing to interact with a person, if that person was you.

“Uh, sure.” He said, flipping open his notebook. “Here, let me show you some of my first work…”

As it turned out, (y/n) was not exactly an “artsy” type of person. She lacked the patience it took to draw something, and found drawing to be kind of boring anyway. Nonetheless, she and Jongin created a friendship over her failure as his student.

“What are you drawing today, Jonginnie?” (y/n) asked, plopping her bag down on the bench and sitting beside him. “God, what do teachers make us put in these bags? I’m gonna have back problems and I’m only 16!”

Jongin chuckled, turning his notebook her way, careful not to flip to the next page.

“What is that?” She asked, cocking her head curiously.

“It’s supposed to be a dancer,” he hummed, searching her face for her opinion. “It’s got a few rough edges, I’m not done with it yet.”

(y/n) stared, before blinking.

“Oh, it’s nice,” she said nonchalantly, feeling mischievous.

“Nice?” He echoed, his eyes flitting to hers. He was used to her praising his work. Had he made her mad?

“Mm hmm, yeah. Nice.” She replied, not looking him in the eye. She bit her lower lip, trying to hold back her laughter.

Just nice?” He whined, tilting her head up so he could see her face.

She couldn’t help it. She snorted, and he realized he had been tricked.

“YAH! (y/n)! I was worried there that maybe you thought it was ugly or I had made you mad or something!” He yelped, shaking his head at her. She burst out laughing.

“Silly Jonginnie,” she said between laughs. “It looks amazing, really. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I can’t be late to my next class, and it’s across the campus. I’ll see you later!” She picked up her back and walked off.

He smiled to himself, turning the page to what he was really working on. A picture of (y/n), one of many. This one featured her in a field of dandelions, sitting and making wishes. He grinned, wishing he could jump into the picture. He flipped back to other pages, pictures he’d drawn of (y/n) in every way, shape, form, or place he could imagine: (y/n) trying to cook, (y/n) eating ramen, he and (y/n) stargazing, (y/n) laughing with her friends…

His heart beat a little quicker in his chest as he had a new thought for a drawing, one he was surprised by: (y/n), lying in his bed with his shirt on. He blinked, a little startled by the thought. He had to admit though, the thought was not an unpleasant one. Flipping to a clean page, he began to sketch an outline of her body. He had never thought to draw (y/n) in such a way before, and he wasn’t quite sure why he was now. His hand continued creating lines on the paper. He couldn’t stop himself. He blamed the hormones.

The friendship between (y/n) and Jongin even continued into college.

“C’mon, Jongin…” (y/n) whined, leaning her head on his shoulder as she stretched out her legs on the grass. “Finals are finally over, why can’t we go to a party, or a bar, or something?”

He sighed, smiling at her.

“I’m busy. As soon as I finish up this sketch, then we can go.” He replied, shaking his head as (y/n) tugged on his arm. “You know, if you keep pulling on my arm, I’m gonna make a mistake and have to start all over again.”

She groaned, slumping.

“Just what exactly are you drawing, anyway?” She murmured, glancing over.

He quickly flipped the page to an older drawing.

“Lame,” she said, narrowing her eyes at him. “You’ve already shown me this one, why can’t I see what you’re working on now?”

He shrugged, grinning at her.

“It’s a secret.”

“Will you tell me?”

“Nope,” he said cheekily.

She threw her arms in the air, rolling her eyes.

“Will you at least let me see it when you’re done?” She wailed.


But really, he knew he wouldn’t. He couldn’t. After that day he’d drawn (y/n) in his shirt, he’d found himself thinking of similar ideas more and more frequently. And he drew them all. He had drawn more pictures of her than he had taken with her. But he could never show them to her. He couldn’t imagine how she’d react. Scratch that, he definitely could. He could imagine (y/n) being terrified, weirded out, disgusted even. He couldn’t have that. Why? Because, as much as he had wanted to deny it, as much as he had wanted to blame it on the teenager hormones, he knew. He knew that he was in love with her. He wasn’t a teenager anymore, and yet, his heart still fluttered when he saw her. His chest still tightened every time she made a comment about some other guy. He simply couldn’t get away from her, she was always in his thoughts. He knew he loved her, she had been there for him for so long, and he couldn’t imagine life without her anymore. (y/n) had drawn him out of his shell, praising his drawings while somehow managing to make him pull his head out of his notebook. He loved her.

“Are you done?” She asked, poking him and pulling him out of his thoughts.

Smiling down at her dazedly, he nodded.

“Fine, you win. I’m done.” He said, closing his notebook and slipping it in his backpack. Standing up and helping her to her feet, he asked, “Where do you want to go?”

She pressed her lips together, a habit she had that she did when she was thinking. Jongin’s heart pitter-pattered in his chest, and he inwardly cursed himself for being so pathetic.

“Let’s go to the club,” she said decidedly. “I need to go to my apartment and take a shower.” She sniffed him and scrunched up her nose. “You should shower, too. Come get me at six?”

He nodded.

Two hours passed by quickly, and before he knew it, he was standing outside (y/n)’s apartment, knocking gently on the door.

“It’s open!” she hollered, throwing stuff around as she searched for her purse.

He opened the door, making disapproving noises as he caught sight of (y/n) flinging her throw pillows everywhere.

“You really ought to be more careful, you know?” He asked, walking towards her. “What if it wasn’t me outside? What if it was some pervert or something?”

She scoffed, looking at him for a second.

“Are you saying you’re not a pervert?” She questioned teasingly.

He swallowed hard, before forcing out a laugh.

If only she knew the things I’ve drawn… He thought, gulping.

“FINALLY!” She exclaimed, grabbing her purse off the coffee table. She straightened her dress, posing for Jongin. “How do I look?”

He stared, his heartbeat quickening. She looked exquisite, her sparkly dress covering just enough leg to not be considered “skanky,” not that a girl as beautiful as (y/n) could ever be considered skanky. Her makeup was minimal, highlighting her gorgeous natural features. She wore medium heels, but she would draw attention even without the height addition. She was stunning. He didn’t blink, trying to commit the image to memory so he could draw it later.

“Well?” She stared at him, waiting for him to answer.

“Um, you look…nice,” he said, hoping she wouldn’t notice his face flushing.

“Nice?” She narrowed her eyes, before laughing. “I remember when I told you that about one of your drawings. You were shocked.” She laughed again, before grabbing his arm. “Ready?”

They decided to walk to the club, enjoying the cool evening air and the chattering of people, everyone ecstatic about finals being over. The club was packed, but they managed to find two stools at the bar.

Jongin couldn’t hear a thing over the loud blasting music, so when (y/n) nudged him and handed him a shot, he had no idea what he was drinking. He didn’t really care, either, all he could think about was drawing (y/n) as soon as he got home. She nudged him again, glaring at the shot he still held in his hand.

“ARE YOU GONNA DRINK IT?” He could hear her scream over the music.

He rolled his eyes, nodding. She watched him expectantly. He downed the shot easily, wincing slightly at the burn. He’d never been much of an alcohol person, or a clubbing person, but he had quickly realized that he’d have to suck it up and go if he didn’t want (y/n) getting hit on by any sleazebags.

She grinned at him, quickly handing him another. He groaned, before downing that one as well. She cheered, drinking hers as well. This went on for a while, the two of them drinking shot after shot until the buzz in them grew stronger and stronger. Eventually, (y/n) pulled on Jongin’s arm, yelling, but he couldn’t hear her.

“LET”S DANCE!” She repeated, her words a bit slurred.

He chuckled, allowing her to drag him onto the dance floor. He watched, amused, as she swayed her hips, her arms swinging wildly above her head, eyes closed as she allowed herself to be taken by the music. If he wasn’t drunk already, he was certain he could get drunk off of watching her dance. She furrowed her eyebrows, her eyes flying open and narrowing at him accusingly.

“Why aren’t you dancing?” She shouted, grabbing his arms and moving them.

He snorted, but began to dance, just as hectically as she had. She bit her lip, watching him.

In all the times they’d gone clubbing together, she had never convinced him to dance, until now. She almost wondered if he hadn’t secretly taken dance lessons or something. The way he moved surprised her, to say the least. She was used to quiet, artistic Jongin. In no way was (y/n) prepared for drunk, sexy, dancing Jongin. She loved her friend, how peaceful and talented he was. But this, this was possibly more amazing. She wasn’t sure, maybe it was just the alcohol plaguing her mind.

Jongin opened his eyes, looking down at (y/n). She had stopped dancing, and was now looking at him, her eyes filled with surprise and…lust? He wasn’t sure, maybe whatever was in the shots had driven him crazy. Maybe the alcohol did mess him up, because there was no way he was actually…

But he was, even if he didn’t notice. He leaned down, tucking a strand of (y/n)’s hair behind her ear, before cupping her cheek and pressing his lips softly against hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he nibbled on her lower lip, a request for entrance. She complied, her lips parting as her tongue darted out to mingle with his. They both let out a little moan, savoring the aftertaste of vodka and the warmth of each other’s mouths. He pulled away first, blushing shyly. She blinked dazedly, gripping his shoulder for balance.

“I’m sorry, I-“

She pressed a finger against his lips, shushing him instantly.

“Can we go back to my apartment?” She whispered.

“O-of course…” He replied nervously. “I’m really sorry, I…”

She walked off, and he followed hesitantly.

They walked down the block to her apartment, Jongin always staying a few steps behind. When they got to her door, she turned to him.

“Won’t you come in?” She asked, cocking her head at him.

“I-I shouldn’t, I…” She grabbed his collar, pulling him in behind her and slamming the door shut before cupping his cheeks and tugging his face down to hers.

She puckered her lips, their teeth clashing as she kissed him fiercely. She ran her hands through his silky hair, knotting her fingers through it roughly as she probed his hot mouth with her tongue. He groaned, fighting back with his tongue. He seized her waist, pulling her body even closer, until there wasn’t a single part of them that wasn’t somehow touching. She pulled away, gasping for breath. He panted, staring at her, surprised. She stared back, her eyes filled with mixed emotions.

“You know what?” He said between breaths, “I know I’m going to regret this, but what the hell. (y/n), I…I love you. I’ve loved you for so long. I…I draw you all the time, but you don’t know it. I’ve drawn you so many times, I swear I know your body under those clothes. I’ve drawn you so many sinful ways, I’ll probably go to hell. But I can’t help myself.” He bit his lip, looking down and cursing himself as her eyes widened.

“Jongin…” She whispered, running her hand over his bicep. He glanced up at her, eyes terrified. She pursed her lips, seeming to change her words. “Show me.” She finally said.

He blinked.


“Show me your drawings. I know you never go anywhere without that notebook of yours. So go get it out of your car, and show me.” She murmured.

He nodded, rushing out quickly and retrieving it from his car.

“Here,” he muttered, passing it to her.

She opened it, flipping through the pages until she came across the picture he’d drawn that one day, in high school. She gaped at it, her fingers stroking the page gently.


“Yes?” He said meekly, terrified.

“This…is beautiful.”

He flushed, shaking his head.

“That’s one of the better ones,” he said quietly.

She flipped through the other pages, each image shocking her more and more. There were so many drawings of her, some appropriate and some worthy of being submitted to a smut blog or something. She reached one where she laid on a couch, one that looked vaguely like the couch in Jongin’s apartment, her hair spread over her shoulders and her hands cupping her breasts. Her jaw dropped, her eyes flitting to Jongin’s red face, which was only growing brighter in color.

“J-Jongin,” she stuttered. “Is…is this really what you’ve been drawing all along?”

He swallowed hard, nodding slightly.

“I’m sorry, I know it’s…it’s creepy, but I…”

“Don’t you want to see the real thing, Jongin?” She whispered.

His head snapped up, his eyes widening to the size of ostrich eggs.

“(y/n), I-“

Before he could finish his sentence, she slipped her dress over her head, revealing her braless form. He covered his eyes instantly, his face growing extremely hot. She snickered, tugging at his hands.

“C’mon, Jongin, aren’t artists supposed to use models? Draw me like one of your French girls,” She giggled drunkenly.

“What?” He sputtered.

She laughed again.

“Never mind, I was quoting a movie. Anyway, Jonginnie, it’s not like you haven’t drawn worse. Think of this as…a way to improve your skills.” She pressed a small kiss against his pouty lips, and he sighed, his hands slowly sliding down his face.

He bit his lip, looking her over shyly, his cheeks flushing even redder. He took a deep breath, before nodding hesitantly.


She smiled, pecking his lips again, before bounding over to the couch and settling herself in a position similar to the one he had sketched.

“Is this good?” She asked curiously, quirking a brow.

He nodded, picking up his sketchbook and his pencil. He sat down in the armchair across from her, crossing his legs awkwardly. She chuckled.

“Maybe if you do a good job, Jongin, I’ll let you take a closer look,” she said, smirking.

He coughed, somewhat surprised, before beginning to sketch. Time flew by, his mind in his notebook. His cheeks eventually cooled, and even in his somewhat drunken stupor, he managed to create a beautiful sketch.

“(y/n), I’m finished,” he said, looking up. A small smile took over his face when he saw her head lolled to the side, soft snores passing through her rosy lips.

He closed his notebook, tiptoeing over and placing a blanket over her. He leaned down, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead, before heading out, locking the door behind him.

He managed to get to his car, and somehow even drove himself home, his mind filled with nothing but thoughts of (y/n). He didn’t even notice him changing himself into his pajama pants, he didn’t even realize how tired he was until his head hit the pillow.

Jongin woke up the next morning, his head pounding slightly. He could hear his phone vibrating on his nightstand, alerting him that someone wanted to talk to him. Picking it up, he groaned, seeing that it was (y/n).

(y/n), He thought. Surely she must hate me now.

He let the call go to voicemail, as he did with the next one, and the next one, until he finally just put his phone on Do Not Disturb, before falling back asleep.

He managed to avoid her for two days, until after over 4 dozen ignored calls, (y/n) realized that if she wanted to talk to him, she’d have to go to his apartment herself. Which she did.

Jongin jumped, pausing the movie he was watching. He cocked his head, waiting for the sound. There it was again, a knocking sound on his door. He paced over, opening the door without thinking. He glanced down, his eyes widening when he saw who was there.

“Hey, Jongin,” (y/n) said, smiling warmly.

He stared, before moving to shut the door. She managed to push her way in, her eyes on his the whole time.

“I haven’t heard from you in a while,” she said calmly. “I was worried.”

“I-it’s been two d-days,” he croaked, pushing some hair out of his face.

“Mm hmm. Have you checked your phone at all, Jongin?”

“Y-yes,” He mumbled.

“And why, might I ask, haven’t you answered any of my calls?” She stared up at him expectantly.

He sighed, biting his lip nervously.

“I was scared,” he whispered, “about what happened…I thought you wanted to call and tell me I was weird, I was creepy, that you didn’t want to be friends anymore…”

“And why would I do that?” She asked incredulously, her intimidating demeanor disappearing.

“Because…” He swallowed hard. “It’s true. I am weird, I am creepy…and-“

“Jongin, do you remember what you told me?”

“I’ve told you a lot of things.”

“Yes, but there’s one thing I’m specifically talking about. It was recently.”

He blinked, shrugging.

She rolled her eyes, taking his hand in hers.

“You told me you loved me.” She said quietly. “And I didn’t get to tell you what I wanted to. The thing is…” She traced a line on his palm. “I love you, too.”

He tilted his head, before realizing what she said. He stared at her, eyes wide, jaw slack.

“What…? I thought…”

“That I’d hate you?”

“Well, yeah, and that you’d be upset…”

She withdrew her hand from his, wrinkling her nose.

“What makes you think I’m not upset?”

He gulped, stuttering out, “A-are you?”

She gaped at him.

“Of course!” She exclaimed, before smiling. “You ignored me for two whole days!”

He laughed, leaning forward to place a kiss on her forehead.

“I’m sorry, (y/n)-ah,” he said, grinning. “I won’t ignore you…if you’ll be my girlfriend?”

(y/n)’s lips curled up in a big smile.

“Of course,” she cooed, before looking at him mischievously. “Who else would you draw if I said no?”

Wow. I think this is the longest thing I’ve ever written in my life.

I hope you guys enjoyed it! I know I’ve written literally nothing lately ;-; I just started this blog and I’m already failing. I’ll try to be better for you guys, I promise. I’ll start fulfilling more requests soon. But for now, I need to go to bed! Love you all! <3

disparatenoise  asked:

Sorry if this question is a little too general a question, but here goes. I'm writing a story set during and after a nuclear-ish apocalypse and the main characters are cadets in a military academy. A lot of the conflict revolves around leadership through a harsh and stressful environment. My question is this: what are some behaviors you've noticed in CO/NCO's that indicated their in/competence? What actions motivated you? Give me some ways for a leader to fail their men or earn their trust.

This is actually a really good question! Thank you for reaching out to me!

 Well, I think everyone wants a different type of leader, so this is just my opinion. But what matters to me, in order, is the following:

NCOs and officers are in their position for a reason. They’re in charge of soldiers while at the same time performing the task the army employed them for. It’s not easy work, and very often a leader will falter either in performing their job or caring for their troops, or God forbid both. If an NCO is incompetent at maintaining his soldiers or an officer is incompetent at performing his job, that’s a very heavy hit on our morale. One person who can’t perform their duties hurts all of us. Furthermore, I’m more than willing to forgive someone for any of the following attributes as long as they’re competent. 
And this competence spans all things. Soldier care, equipment maintenance, and job knowledge/instruction ability. If I’m an E-2 and the E-5 directly in charge of me is my MOS, I should be able to ask them any standard question about my job and they should either know the answer or know where to find the answer. If my NCO doesn’t know shit about what I do, why should I trust them to oversee what I’m doing?

Soldiers depend on their leadership for a lot of things. Instruction, well being, paperwork, and especially morale. If my NCO is a completely asshat and no one in the platoon likes them, our morale will be low, and we won’t care that much about the mission.
 Now, I’m not saying the leadership has to be soft, because that’s a whole ‘nother problem, and I’m not saying they can’t push us, because that’s what they’re there for. But it’s essential for leadership to build a genuine rapport with their soldiers, or else we’ll just wind up resenting them.
Personally, the chill factor for me is very important in a leader. Someone who’s got a stick up their ass just frustrates me; someone who thinks the only way to run a unit is to yell and punish frustrates me even more. Positive motivation is always superior to negative.

Is your leadership doing their job? Are they maintaining their paperwork? Are they aware of the current mission? Do they know what we need to be doing? Do we have to stay late because they forgot to tell us to do a task? Do we have to redo a task because they instructed us wrong the first time? Are our promotions and awards delayed indefinitely because they keep forgetting something? Our leaders need to have their shit in order or else everyone below them is going to be out of order. We understand when it’s not someone fault, when our superior’s superior is the one making a bad call, but there’s almost nothing more infuriating to a soldier than leadership that, through their own actions, has no idea what’s going on.

This encompasses both work ethic and personality. If my NCO is too forgiving, too lenient, too easy, too lazy, I don’t want them. There’s a big difference between being chill and being soft. NCOs and officers NEED to be able to push us and step up to the plate. They need to know when Enough is Enough and when to put their boots down. Having a leader with no backbone is worse than having no leader at all. Laziness is a disease in leadership as well; they do have to delegate, but they absolutely need to pull their own weight as well, and we can tell the difference between a leader who’s skimping on the work by passing it off and who’s adequately utilizing their resources by delegating. 

I think these four things are probably the thing I look for most. Softness is the least bothersome trait to me because, due to the nature of Soft leaders, it’s easy for someone who does know what they’re doing to sorta replace them/nudge them aside and become a de facto leader.

How a leader can fail their troops:
-not being there during the hard times, and I mean not only combat but during unpleasant conditions like cold, heat, low food and low water. NCOs who hole up in a warm tent while their soldiers are out shivering will earn some resentment.

-not ensuring their troops well being. NCOs ensure their troops are fed, watered, and rested the best they can manage. A good NCO will recognize when it’s time to give their squad a break, even if it’s only for an hour or two. It’s true that some dire situations require drastic measures, but great NCOs will replace their soldiers in those circumstances so that they can get an hour or two of sleep or enough time to swallow a cup of coffee. I’ve known NCOs who were practically ready to fist fight someone to get food for their troops, and you bet we had their backs from then on.

-blaming their troops for things that are their fault and taking credit for things their troops have done. NCOs are responsible for everything their troops do, good or bad. If the NCO messed up, that NCO needs to be upfront about how their fuck up resulted in their troops fucking up.

-overreacting to failure and under reacting to accomplishment, not to mention uneven treatment. Sometimes all we need is a pat on the back or a handshake and to be told we did good and they’re appreciative of our efforts. Sure, other rewards are even nicer, but often I was happy just to know my leadership thought I did a good job. Sometimes the only thing that kept me going was my leadership telling me I was the best at my job and they depended on me. Whether it was true, I don’t know; I hope so. But the point is that if our achievements aren’t acknowledged, we stop wanting to achieve.
Similarly, it’s important to punish us if we fuck up, but the punishment has to match the fuck up. We often know the difference between fair punishment and unfair punishment, and trust me, we DEFINITELY know when we’re being targeted with harsher punishment than someone else who made the same mistake. Consistency is important.

-we hold grudges because the army is literally high school. We remember when someone has wronged us and hadn’t made good on it. It takes a lot to regain the trust of soldiers who’ve already lost their respect for you. Demanding respect because of a rank when it hasn’t been earned can turn a number of soldiers against you. But if you fix yourself and start being a good leader again, we can forgive and move on. 

It sounds like NCOs and officers basically give everything to their troops, and that’s exactly how it should be. Your troops will reward you with full strength effort, motivation, and tolerance for the inevitable bullshit. Especially of NCOs, they need to distract their soldiers from the pure bullshit that is the army, because it is pure bullshit, and we’re very fucking aware of that. Furthermore, PNN, the private news network, is far reaching. Lower enlisted are not shy about talking shit about a bad leader, and it’ll get around. Just the same, a good leader will see PNN return favorable reviews, and often if those favorable reviews get high enough there will be positive rewards from up high.

Of course, this is all assuming a perfect world. Very frequently bad NCOs are sneaky and bad officers are asskissers, and they somehow avoid the karma of being a bad leader while good leaders fall wayside. Sometimes good leaders get into trouble and lose their rank, sometimes good leaders are overweight and are treated like shitbags, sometimes good leaders are disabled in some way and people look down on them. In reality, that’s s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Equivalently, some lower enlisted are pure ass and don’t appreciate or respect even a good leader. A lot of us had very low tolerance for leaders who weren’t completely perfect, and were quick to turn on them. I’d really like to say that those people probably had some real shit leaders in the past, and they’ll come around if they get to meet a genuinely good leader. Some people are just fucking brats though; fuck them tbh. Ungrateful lower enlisted just breeds aloof and demoralized leaders. It’s a two way street.

Personally, I have a lot of respect for anyone who can perform their duties as an NCO or officer even 75% of the time. I cannot stress enough that being in a leadership position is not sunshine and roses.

-Spc. Kingsley

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Yesterday was a really amazing moment for me, as a partner and as myself in general. I am immensely thankful to Howard Schultz and to Starbucks for the values this company was created with, and for all the ways that we all continue to grow. For many months now, I’ve wanted the chance to share with Howard my story as a partner, and express the gratitude I have for him and this company and the wonderful things it has done for my life. While sharing my story, I started to tear up, and Howard leaned in and hugged me. This experience was amazing for me, and I can’t believe how genuinely kind and compassionate Mr. Shultz is. Starbucks has given me a place of work where I feel I can grow, and I have connected with so many amazing people through it. Before beginning my journey with this company, I struggled finding the motivation to work, stay with a job, and even push myself to go further. I struggled with even making eye contact with people, and had a difficult time connecting with others. I never thought I had leadership skills, or even that I could find something that I’m good at. Here at Starbucks, I’ve found that, I’ve found a place that I excel and absolutely love going to work every day. I love teaching new baristas, and I love helping lead my store. I am proud to be a partner with this company, and hope to stay a partner and continue to make my way upwards. Thank you for everyone I have connected with, who has always encouraged me, and who has been and continues to be a part of this journey with me.

The Great Philippine Experiment

The year was 1899…this vast archipelago under a government run by its own inhabitants. Untried. Untested. It was to be our very own national experiment. Known to be the first republic in Asia, this experiment was begun with bright optimism for the future. Pulsating with authority from Malolos, Bulacan, this new fledgling government, beginning on June 12, 1898, upon the proclamation of independence, laid down the foundation of what was to be a vast network of government bureaucracy, connecting the islands via cable telegram, and a complex chain of command among its own ground forces. If this government, for the first time run by Filipinos, was to work, it had to be efficient and orderly. There is no freedom with anarchy. In an age of roadless provinces, roaming bandits from the mountains, small pockets of armies made up of farmers, clerks, etc. that loosely answered to the government in Malolos, and in a country composed of islands, this was a great challenge. And for it to work at all with a few resources was an astounding feat. And at the center of it all, of this great undertaking, was a simple modest lawyer, maimed with polio, but with almost a prophetic insight that saw through other aristocrats who sought to erode this authority for selfish gain, and the Americans who initially appeared to support the new independent government but subjugated it in the end. 

*Apolinario Mabini, captioned by the American press as the Philippine “Secretary of State,” at Anda Street Police Station, 1900. From the Donovan McCune Collection. 

When Apolinario Mabini arrived late, being carried via hammock by community effort, from Laguna to Kawit, Cavite, on that fateful day of June 12, 1898 Aguinaldo saw Mabini’s potential, by the adviser of Felipe Agoncillo, the government’s diplomat. And Mabini took on the role of an adviser, without a care for any credit. He drafted all the decrees that Aguinaldo issued from June 1898 up to the time that he resigned on May 7, 1899. Ingeniously, he laid down the foundation of local government units in the provinces by a decree signed by Aguinaldo, assigning to liberated towns an election of their own leaders, and justices of the peace. He also guided the regulation of the flow of information, from the center of government in Malolos to its constituents, at the time when new technology came to the islands–technology such as the Telegraph, Trains, the Telephone. 

*Colorized image of a field telegraph station in an altar of a church in Caloocan, 1899. From the Universität Wien (University of Vienna).

The Malolos government word conventions on official letters via telegrams, the chain of command of the Chief Executive, and what was supposed to be a provisional constitution of the new Republic until it was truly ratified by a true body that represented the full spectrum of voices among the people, was all Mabini’s idea. He also set the town for the government’s foreign policy, and still insisting up to the end, that compromise with the Americans by agreeing for autonomy instead of independence, was wrong in every way, advocating the Philippine position’s legality.

*Captioned by the French press as “The Philippine Committee in Hong Kong.” Fourth from the left was Galicano Apacible, Mabini’s long time friend and regular addressee of his correspondence, 1898.

Mabini, maimed as he was, never batted an eye when rebuking what he thought was wrong leadership. He did not hold back on President Aguinaldo who hesitated to punish the excesses of the army, some of which were rape of women, and the lording over of the towns. Cracks of this great national project was already being seen, not because of the wrong structure established but because of a leadership that favors the few over the many, and one that hesitates to stand for justice. In a scathing rebuke, Mabini wrote a letter to Aguinaldo on February 28, 1899, amidst the Philippine-American War that broke out on February 4:

“We already see the disastrous effects of weakness. Not only the army but also the people notice this. And for the same reason that there is the belief that we do not punish the guilty, some soldiers might say that here it is nothing to disobey a general, while in other places such a thing is punished by musketry. If you will punish the companies that will disobey in the future, the people will say that you punish them because the soldiers are not from Kawit. At this rate, our soldiers will never know what discipline is.

Because you did not mete out punishment at the proper time to the soldiers of P– who committed abuses in Malabon, similar abuses were committed in Polo, is now here accompanied by two persons with mangled bodies, one of who is the chief of barrio Maisan himself, who was the victim of looting by seventy soldiers of P. These soldiers arrested all the men of the place, beating them with the butt of their guns.

If the townspeople do not help us, we cannot accomplish anything except being beaten by our enemies. Our soldiers will be weak if the people will not help them with food and other things they need.

God has given you the prestige that you enjoy so that you can use it to give peace and order to your people, and this cannot be accomplished if the abuses are not stopped. Without peace and order, you will lose prestige you have won, because it will come to be known that we do not know how to govern.

In these calamitous times, we need military dictatorship, not to control the townspeople, but above all, to suppress the abuses of the army, and nobody can do this but you, Chief.

If we have the people on our side, we can be sure that we shall triumph, if not today, tomorrow, or the day after. If we do not have the people with us, we shall perish. If the Americans pose serious dangers for us, our own countrymen would pose for us greater ones as a result of the abuses that can be committed against them, abuses that are often the cause of revolutions.”

[Emphasis mine].

The letter only gave a glimpse of the problems of this new government, and it would be exacerbated by the war. It is the perennial lesson of history, that nations, states, and kingdoms do not crumble from without but from within. The government only stood when people like Mabini were on the helm of leadership. It fell “like a house of cards” when they were not, when it was pulled from all directions by leaders with different selfish interest. “Woe to the Revolution,” Mabini said, “when the people, overburdened by contributions and consumed by abuses, turn to their enemies for salvation!”

Many of the landed gentry in the Malolos Congress, saw that compromise with the Americans by accepting autonomy was good, disregarding the already shed blood of the people who sacrificed their lives for freedom from American control. They heaped upon Mabini various black propaganda, calling him, “Camara Negra” or the Black Cabinet, implying he was the real scheming power behind the throne, or that he suffered from syphilis hence his being paraplegic. But Mabini stood by Aguinaldo’s side so long as Aguinaldo still had faith in his advice. But it wouldn’t be so, for long. With Aguinaldo easily swayed, Mabini and the like-minded members of the Cabinet stepped down willingly on May 7, 1899 to give way to the autonomists. Mabini retired and stayed in Rosales, Pangasinan, where he was eventually captured by the Americans.

As Mabini have predicted, the republic predictably capitulated. President Aguinaldo was captured by the Americans on March 23, 1901 at Palanan, Isabela, and he swore allegiance to the American flag under duress. But the story didn’t end there. It went on under different circumstances, under different set of leaders, and when the People spoke once again, of independencia

The experiment, the Republica Filipina, the First Philippine Republic, inaugurated today 118 years ago, led by luminaries such as Mabini and a throng of other thinkers and heroes, echoes to us today amidst the same euphoria of optimism that it had when it was cheered upon in the streets of Malolos, and the halls of the Barasoain. Indeed, as with all representative democracies around the world, we are only as weak as when we assail our own values and own ideals. 

Would we dare look at the painful lessons of the past to guide our future?  

*Image above, including the standardized insignia of the Republica Filipina, from PCDSPO 2010-2016 designed by Derrick Macutay. 


April 30th 1789: Washington inaugurated

On this day in 1789 the leading general of the War of Independence and one of the framers of the Constitution, George Washington, was inaugurated first President of the United States on the balcony of Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York City. He was unanimously chosen President by the Electoral College and the runner-up, John Adams, became Vice President. At his inauguration, Washington set the first of many precedents in making an inaugural address. In office, he created a stable and strong national government with a cabinet system and ensured neutrality in the European wars. Washington was re-elected in 1792 but stepped down after two terms, thus setting the precedent that Presidents usually served two terms (this became part of the Constitution with the 22nd Amendment in 1951). Washington is still considered one of the greatest, if not the greatest, President in history for his systematic, effective and thoughtful leadership.

“Long live George Washington, President of the United States!”
- New York Chancellor Livingston upon swearing in the President


Use to pick jewellery/talismans/statues and learn how your favourite pieces can help with your work!

ALUMINUM: mental alertness, invention, practicality, quick-thinking, moneymaking

COPPER: warm & earthy, guardian of health, protective against depression and negative thoughts/entities

GOLD: success, leadership

IRON: the weaponry metal! Attack/defence and war magik

LEAD: heavy, serious, mystical, breaking spells, protection against flamboyant people (REMINDER NOT TO TOUCH LEAD AND ESPECIALLY NOT TO TOUCH IT AND THEN TOUCH UR MOUTH OR FACE!!!!)

SILVER: dreams & receptivity, protecting secrets, safety at sea, female, projecting thoughts or mood, strong emotional qualities

TIN: luck and good fortune, progress, expansion

Brain: hey, you really want to write that fic in which Bucky and Seb get magically swapped into each other’s universes for a day and inadvertently solve each other’s romantic problems, right?

Brain: here, let’s start right now, instead of grading these papers!


No time, no time, and Steve wouldn’t hear him—communicator damage—

Bucky threw himself off the parking structure. Let himself fall. Sunlight skittered off his arm as he dove. Like wings.

He caught the flying blue orb just before it would’ve collided with Steve’s ridiculous rippling back. Landed squarely in the palm of his human hand; he himself landed in a breathless bruised-rib heap at Steve’s feet, and then took out a supervillain goon with one low deflected shot from the metal hand. Not a kill. Incapacitating.

Steve spun around. “Buck—where’d you even—oh shit, Bucky, you’re hurt, your leg—”

Hadn’t noticed. Pain not so much registering. Not a Hydra remnant, just the simple plain truth that Bucky Barnes would run on a broken femur to make himself into a human shield for Steve Rogers, who never watched his own damn back.

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servantofclio replied to your post “15, 17, 23, if you’re still doing these!”

These are so interesting to read. Zoe almost always chose truth-telling. She thought that the Nexus leadership had been way too concerned with peddling lies to preserve appearances, and that that had eroded trust in everything.

And I think Artemis is going to have to deal with the consequences of her truth-massaging sooner rather than later. She already had to deal with it a little bit when people came after Keri for not telling the whole story about how dangerous the colonization efforts were.

However, Artemis tends to keep to the truth on an individual level. She told Scott the truth, and also the angaran astronomer. Both times had … less than ideal outcomes, but she still told the truth because she felt lying would do more harm than good.


Congratulations. I’ve only just got off Kedara :(

You’re about halfway done then, I think :D You’ll get there! *waves pompoms*

syzara replied to your post “I’m still going through Andromeda’s epilogue, but here’s a by no means…”


It was such a fun game and I LOVE IT.

thievinghippo replied to your post “I’m still going through Andromeda’s epilogue, but here’s a by no means…”

I adore Kesh and Vorn so much it’s not even funny. I LOVE THEM.

They are adorable and perfect and perfect together and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

thoughtsappear replied to your post “I’m still going through Andromeda’s epilogue, but here’s a by no means…”

Drack is everything

HE REALLY IS. When he started saying maybe he was too old to be valuable anymore, MY HEART BROKE. I just love him so much!

Note that when I say Jedi I mean Old Republic Jedi, not Luke’s bunch. Although those are annoying. Just not enough that I’d want to physically hit them (except for Kyp Durron because fuck that motherfucking murderer) (also except for Tahiri because fuck that other motherfucking murderer) (come to think of it Luke has a serious problem with forgiving murderers and helping them escape justice and the consequences of their actions) (except for Jacen, noooo you had to insist he be killed while simultaneously protecting your other pet mass murderers) (because Jedi are hypocrites) (see point one)

  1. Jedi are hypocrites. There’s lots of smaller examples of this: for instance, the idea that Anakin would be drummed out of the Order if his marriage was revealed, despite the fact that one of the members of the Jedi Council had MULTIPLE wives.

    But the main issue here is the Clone Army.

    A Jedi is supposed to protect all forms of life up to and including droids. In fact, just before the Clone Wars one version of the Jedi Code specifically says: “Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy. Jedi use their powers to defend and protect, never to attack others. Jedi respect all life, in any form. Jedi serve others, rather than rule over them, for the good of the galaxy. Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training.“

    But apparently that goes out the window when waaahhh waaahhh things get HARD. When it’s convenient for them, their precious principles go right out the window.

    So a mystery and TOTALLY FUCKING SUSPICIOUS army of clones shows up out of nowhere just as war’s about to break out. How fucking convenient and totally not suspicious at all. And the Jedi, who are NOT military leaders and NOT strategic leaders and NOT trained to fight in a military-sized organization and NOT FUCKING ELECTED (more on that later) just up and go “okay I guess we’ll totally use these guys.” And they ship them off to the Battle of Geonosis without a second thought.

    For you guys who only know Star Wars through the movies, let me explain a thing to you. The Battle of Geonosis was won, but the clones got SLAUGHTERED. There were THOUSANDS of casualties, and an in-canon estimation of 20,000 wounded. The Jedi did such totally dumbfuck shit as using special forces soldiers as basic infantry because apparently Jedi don’t fucking know what infantry is because JEDI ARE NOT TRAINED TO BE MILITARY LEADERS. So they were incompetent and got their men killed by the thousands.

    but then they fucking went on and did it some more.

    And allll this time? During the war? All the clones that got killed? It’s not like they were fucking citizens. They didn’t get a vote. And if they suffered a permanent disabling injury that couldn’t be fixed and didn’t kill them outright? They were fucking put down. That’s right. That shit happened. Star Wars really went there. Nobody asked them if they wanted to fight. And they were CHILDREN. The clones that fought at Geonosis were ten years old and had been training with live ammunition (training clones DIED during or again, were euthanized for not being perfect) since they were two.

    And I could see if the Republic was behind that. But the Jedi went along with it just fucking fine, and the few who disagreed had to leave the Order. Off the top of my head, ironically the only one who expressed any significant moral objection and yet stayed in the Order was Anakin (which is Exhibit C for my OTHER Star Wars rant, “Why Anakin is actually the Jedi’s best Jedi”).

    Hell, fucking so brilliant and perfect Obi-wan Kenobi repeatedly referred to clones as being equivalent to droids. And Kenobi doesn’t fucking like droids. So trust me when I say that wasn’t meant as a complement towards robotkind.

    But hey. I guess child slavery isn’t against the Jedi Code, huh? But marriage is. Yeah. Super awesome priorities, dudes.

  2. Jedi are an elitist religious cult. Call me crazy, I really dislike the idea of a group of people being given incredible power and privilege just because of their genetics. We’ve kind of had a bad track record of that with humanity. Not to mention that whole “seizing babies from their families who will never see their children again” clusterfuck. What the fuck entitles Jedi to do that? What makes them so fucking special? What, their genes give them impressive abilities? My genes give me great reflexes and I know a couple people who are really great shots with a gun. If we were on Coruscant could we go around fucking snatching children from their cradles like some kind of evil folktale monster?

    Maybe that kid didn’t want to be a Jedi. Maybe he wanted to be a Sith. The difference between Sith and Jedi is literally a difference in religion. There are Jedi who are horrible evil people (might I introduce the fact that being a Dark Jedi does not automatically make one a Sith? it just makes one a horrible evil Jedi). And while Star Wars is utterly horrible about not showing both sides of a story fairly, as any Imperial fan can attest to, at the very least we’ve seen Sith who aren’t crazy child-eating bastards. Not to mention the fact that there are a thousand Force disciplines in the GFFA other than Jedi or Sith. Fuck, maybe they wanted to learn from the Dathomiri Witches. Maybe they even wanted to be a nice happy nondenominational force-user making their own way in the world galaxy.

    But Jedi can’t have that, no. Gotta snatch up those babies and kill those Sith. Jedi are the fucking Fundamentalist Mormons of the Star Wars universe. Except worse, because I don’t think the FLDS goes around storming into Jewish and Catholic and whatever houses and kidnapping their children.

    Come to think of it, I’d like to point out that when the Jedi stormed Palpatine’s office, it wasn’t because they were accusing him of being corrupt, or because they found a dead hooker in his bedroom. It was literally because Anakin told them he was a Sith.

    Let me put that another way.

    A non-governmental private militant cult that doesn’t answer to anyone (see point 3) stormed into the Oval Office and tried to assassinate the President because they learned he was secretly a Pagan. That’s what fucking happened (and once again Anakin and his “No he really fucking needs to stand trial” talk is the only fucking reasonable one in the room).

  3. Jedi are an anti-democratic illegal tyranny. Yes I’m resorting to hyperbole a bit there for comedic effect. Yes, it’s still accurate.

    I have a question for you. Say you’re a government leader. And the Jedi exist. Now say the Jedi get horribly corrupt and they’re just openly abusing their authority? What do you do? They’re not part of the political system. They’re not part of the military. They’re not answerable to the Chancellor or the Senate. It’s a random fucking religious group someone decided to grant special rights and privileges to. Do you know how many times I’ve “seen” a Jedi casually commandeer a speeder? Are they police officers? No. Why are they seizing private property? That’s called theft. They’re the leaders of the military and yet not answerable to the Commander in Chief. They’re privy to private Senatorial issues but aren’t Senators. Hell, who the fuck elected these people? No one. No one on Coruscant or anywhere else in the galaxy has a say in how much authority the Jedi have. The only thing they have is that the Jedi promise to not abuse their power.

    Except for all the Jedi who became evil and abused their power.

    Jesus, I’m in agreement with Boba Fett on this one, almost every war the GFFA’s ever had has been a sectarian feud between two rival cults and it drags all the rest of the galaxy into it because SOMEONE had the idiotic idea of giving these people authority in government with zero actual accountability to that government or its people. Pretty much every galactic war with the exception of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion has been Jedi vs Sith. And the YV invasion turned into “fuck those Jedi bastards, turn them over to us immediately” fairly quickly.

    Here’s a fucking thought. Fuck Jedi in leadership positions. Admiral Daala and her fucking awesome hair have a point. Send them off to some random planet nobody gives a shit about and let them be a band of hermit-monks. Don’t give them any rights beyond private citizens. They’re a fucking religious order, treat them like one.

Moral of the story, if there’s one thing the Galaxy Far Far Away has needed all this time, it’s some fucking separation of church and state.

–reblogging @soloontherocks-moving-refollow‘s great rundown of her main objections to the Jedi without the cut and in its entirety.

You can’t make people happy just by saying ‘be happy’. Don’t ask them to be happy.
Make them happy.
—  Armaan

I love how Pidge kinda tries to get the essence of her friends with those garbage imitations. 

And when she does Keith, she’s all serious and all like “My name is Keith and I’m sooo emoo.. “ and then she makes trash!Keith turn to trash!Shiro and completely change haha

This is what Pidge’s strongest impression of Keith is, brooding and serious with everyone but Shiro.

And I’m so happy we’re not the only ones who are aware of the fact that Keith just changes a state of matter when interacting with Shiro. It’s a thing, and they all know it. (pretty impossible to miss honestly)

Makes me wonder what the other paladins and the Alteans interpret their relationship as.. I doubt anyone came to Shiro at some point and was like “Sooo.. What the hell did you do to Keith to make him like that??? How did you get him to listen to you all the time???” but I’m sure they all have their own ideas…

Are they like us? Just going crazy trying to figure out what the hell they are to eachother? Half of them are like “Cmoon they’re obviously family!” and the others are like “What NO WAY! Keith is just totally inlove with him! how can you not see that??



  • BLUE 
  • DELTA 
  • ECHO 
  • OMAR SY 

BLUE: guys 

hey guys 

did you know that the same guy directed road warrior and babe 


what if they were the same movie 

DELTA: so it would just be some car chases but with pigs? 

CHARLIE: this sounds boring 

ECHO: i’d watch it if it had raptors 

i like to support movies with good representation for raptors 

DELTA: and motorcycles! 

BLUE: okay, so there are raptors on motorcycles and they chase babe for two hours 

like we are chasing this pig right here 

and then it has a happy ending 

they eat him 

RAPTOR DAD: you can’t eat the pig blue 

BLUE: but why 

RAPTOR DAD: because i have a clicky thing and i said so 

CHARLIE: that’s not even a good reaso– 

RAPTOR DAD: ::click click click:: 

CHARLIE: how does he do that 

RAPTOR DAD: i brought you some rats 

maybe you can watch mrs. frisby instead 

BLUE: ugh fine

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There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part; you can’t even passively take part, and you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!

50 years ago today, legendary free speech activist Mario Savio at his finest. For more of Savio’s enduring legacy, see the indispensable The Essential Mario Savio: Speeches and Writings that Changed America.

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