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I haven't seen Voltron yet and my friend has been recommending it highly, is it really that good?

Voltron is the kind of show that surprises you with its cleverness.

It’s not amazing literature and is definitely written with children in mind as its audience: there’s violence, but nothing graphic, the badguy grunts are mostly robots and the villains just dumb enough to open themselves up for defeat despite the overwhelmingly favorable odds.  A fair amount of the content follows very tired, cliche lines - both dialogue and plot.

But: the characters are all wonderful contemporary retakes on their 1980′s originals - interesting, intelligent, and witty, with strong character dynamics and personality shining through the art.  The dialogue can be a bit tired but the character expressions and body language is a constant joy.  The purposeful racebending by the (American) production company is also good to see.  And the interpersonal relationships of the core cast are downright fabulous.  Without it being commented on directly, you can observe how close and coordinated Team Voltron becomes over the 11-episode season, not to mention the strengthening friendship and trust between the Earthlings and the Alteans.

Despite hitting tropes with regularity, the plot is engaging and maintains a strong suspense.  At the end of each episode I wanted to know what would happen next.  There’s plenty of implied history the show hasn’t directly touched on - where is Voltron from? What happened between the good guys and the bad guys that caused a war to start? Why is the existence of aliens being covered up on Earth? etc etc … not to mention more personal things, like history of Keith or the families of the pilots.

And honestly? The animation is pretty superb.  You can see where they cut corners in ensemble scenes particularly, and there’s limited character movement, but the battles are dynamic (and clearly where budget went), the camera angles are interesting, and no matter who you’re looking at, the character expressions are p e r f e c t.  They may not be moving, but you can clearly see what each character is thinking and where their attention is at all times.

In general, I highly recommend Voltron as a fun ride. It’s clear how much thought and effort went into the production between the updated characters, engaging plot, and mysterious backstory. It’s kid-friendly but hardly kid-exclusive.  Please watch it! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

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Hi zelda! I love your work, I just relistened to you on Janet varneys podcast, you're truly an inspiration! I was wondering if you've done any more voice acting work since korra, I thought I heard you on the English version of miraculous ladybug. Anyway, thanks for reading!

Thank you! I really adore Janet, she’s such a lovely, smart, funny lady. I have been doing more voice work! I am currently Amaya Blackstone in the King’s Quest videogame, I’ll be narrating a reality show for Freeform called ‘The Letter’, and I play Mona Lisa on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Nickelodeon :) 

Random Sunday morning thought …

You know, the reason I normally ship things that are either already explicitly canon or, more often, 100% not ever going to be canon is that I then don’t have to worry about canon going “ha, nope, you were totally wrong, weren’t you dumb?” Because, well, I cut my fannish teeth on Mulder/Scully during the era the writers were going “hahaha, you guys are funny, here we’re going to explicitly tell you in canon how stupid you are.” And it never mattered that they did a total 180 eventually, because by that time I was too bitter to care.

So that’s why, anytime people get invested in whether their ship will become  canon, I want to wave my hands in the air and go “NO, DON’T DO IT, EVERYTHING WILL BE MUCH BETTER WHEN IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD.”

I really don’t want Lance and Alurra to be a thing

@korra said: i honestly thought ppl on tumblr had stopped having extensive opinions on bloggers they only knew peripherally a few years ago until i realized you have Haters

tbh people disliking bloggers is not that new or uncommon but what strikes me is the sheer volume of people who seem to follow me despite not liking me 

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Korra: In that vein, I want you to take a look at that chimichanga. I want you to say to yourself, "Chimichanga, you are delicious, but what do I really want?"

Asami: What I really want?

Korra: What do you want more than anything else in the entire world?

Asami: What do I want more than anything else in this entire world?

Korra: Yes.

Asami: Crack.

Korra: Oh…I thought you were gonna say pizza or buffalo wings or something. You want crack?

Asami: Yeah, crack cocaine.

Korra: Now, I’ve never had crack.

Asami: Dude, you are going to love it.

This is all that I can say.

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by YennaWang

Asami will always be there for Korra, no matter what she’s going through or the decisions she makes.

Tumblr Prompt: I always felt like Korra dealt with suicidal thoughts, ptsd, depression, and such. could you write something related to that?

Words: 990, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of Tumblr Prompts

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I felt like my Modern!Korra outfit needed a necklace tbh I take any chance to make a new necklace so I made a choker with this beautiful blue goldstone bead. 

A friend of mine saw how much I loved my first necklace with this particular stone and gave me five beads!

The stone reminded me of this screencap from “Korra Alone” so I thought that the goldstone along with the white and blue crystals would be a nice reference to the Water Tribe.

all this ship speculation for voltron is making me think about korra and how korrasami is canon and like

i wasn’t in the fandom but i can’t even IMAGINE the absolute elation that korrasami shippers must have felt over that finale. you think for so long that things like this don’t happen, same-sex ships are never canon, and you get used to living with the scraps that are tossed to you in the source material, and with having to construct your own endings that feel right to you, and then IT’S REAL—IT IS REAL AND IN FRONT OF YOU AND YOU NEVER THOUGHT IT WAS POSSIBLE BUT IT WAS REAL and i’m getting secondhand emotions and wow korrasami was so important

Too Short to Ride, a summary:

SU fans hear me out. Earlier I saw a post about Peridot basically being Magneto. Which I totally agree on. (from @the-chibster)

Recently, I finsihed re-watching the Legend of Korra. Which is why I have these thoughts. Doesn’t Peridot have striking similarities to our dear Kuvira? She is too a metal bender. She wears green. And most importantly she supports technology widely. And she was a leader too… All hail the great uniter.


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❉ - Stretching their arms up, showing their midriff

SHOW A LITTLE SKIN MEME || not accepting

Kuvira barely got any sleep that night due to the growing hot weather in the now Earth Republic, not even a single breeze came by throughout the entire night. Her nose was wrinkled up in disgust when her body was drenched in a thin layer of her own sweat.

She turned around, expecting to see Korra sleeping on the other side of the tent but to only find her gone. Her curiosity of her whereabouts quickly came and went when the Avatar strolls in on cue. Immediately, the former dictator could feel her face suddenly turned bright red when Korra stretched her arms up high, allowing Kuvira get a good view of her midriff.  

‘Oh my Raava…’ she thought to herself, eyes trained on Korra’s abdominal muscles.