I’m sorry for leaving…

I thought it was the right thing to do for me, for us. I thought if I left then it wouldn’t hurt as much. If you’re wondering how I feel about it now I would tell you that I was completely wrong and that nothing hurts more than this. Not even a knife to my chest could be of comparison to how I am feeling right now, knowing I messed you up but I messed myself even more. I thought space between us would allow us to heal but instead I find myself locked indoors, sleepless nights, continuous overthinking and barely eating a full meal anymore. My body has shut down not only physically but mentally as well. I know you probably think this is what I deserve for throwing your love away but if I could build up the courage to tell you how sorry i am then maybe someday I will be free of this terrible nightmare.

—  Tenari Ioapo // Apollogy to the love of my life #7.

Would you look at that?!

I have officially reached 4.5k.

I really never thought I’d have 100 followers around here let alone 4.5k. Geez.

No celebration this time because my personal life is similar to a tasteless joke lately, BUT I’ll see what I can while up should 5k ever become a reality.

Thank you guys so much. I owe you so incredibly much. Shout out to a few that are always there encouraging me and lifting me up in the good and bad times. @torn-and-frayed @loveitsallineed @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @chaos-and-the-calm67 @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @captainradicalpassion @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @impalapossible @ilostmyshoe-79 @winchester-writes @whispersandwhiskerburn @ellen-reincarnated1967 @katnharper @frenchybell @avasmommy224 @chelsea072498 @blacktithe7 @bloodysideofhell @nichelle-my-belle @mrswhozeewhatsis @percywinchester27 @dorky-and-i-know-it @jessica-bones-winchester @dancingalone21 - to name a few. I know I probably missed someone important, and if I did I’m incredibly sorry. 😘💖😍

Monsta X Reaction || Their Girlfriend Screaming From The Bedroom And When They Come In They See She Climed Up The Door Frame Because She Saw A Spider And She Wants Them To Kill It
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“But… What did the spider do to you?”


“Spi…der? I thought you’re hurt! I nearly had a heart attack! Don’t scare me like this, babe!”


“Y/N… How did you climb up the door frame? That’s hilarious!”
*Looks around*
“What spider? ……… Oops.”


*Is disgusted but he would never show that*
“I’ll save you, honey!”


“… Just ignore it, they don’t bite”


“Oh no I am not coming near that, I think it’s time to move out”


*Kills it right away*
“You’re welcome”


As always, here some thoughts about the newest episode of The Walking Dead : 

- Negan needs to fucking understand that fear and respect are not the same thing. Sure some of his men respect him, but the rest ? Those people we saw ? They’re afraid. That’s it. 

- Two seasons ago I never thought I would love Father Gabriel so much. He is freaking amazing and Spencer is, indeed, a tremendous shit

- I wonder how it is possible - after this episode - to think that Negan is not a rapist. And it sincerely worries me that some people think that what he is doing with his wives isn’t rape. THIS AIN’T CONSENSUAL SEX. It’s not consensual sex when you sleep with that person in order to stay alive or in order to keep someone you love alive. Sherry is only with him because she does not want the man she loves - Dwight - to die. That is literaly the only reason. And if you think that this is healthy, that this is a consensual relationship, you’re dead wrong and it’s worrying. 


- Carl crying when removing his bandage broke my heart for real. All in all, he was very interesting in this episode. More depth of character I would say. 

Daryl being protective is what I live for. He is so selfless. He’s so good and deserves so much better than what he is given.

Dwight helping Daryl. Fucking finally. For once I can’t wait for the next episode. 

- Negan is a bloody sociopath. There’s some serious brain damage here. And enough with the sexist joke thank you. 

- Rosita, I love you and I know you’re hurting but so is Eugene

- Ninja Jesus is my favourite kind of Jesus. 

- I miss Carol. 

Regina really did a number on you


Emma: That doesn’t sound much like a happy ending

Regina: It’s not but I can give you one.

Emma; You can preserve my memories

Regina: No but I can do what I did to everyone else in this town and give you new ones.

Regina: My gift to you is good memories and a good life for you and Henry. You’ll have never given him up you’ll have always been together


Emma: If what you’re saying is true then I have to give up my life here.

Hook: It’s all based on lies

Emma: It’s real and it’s pretty good


EQ: I’m going to give you something, something you’ve always wanted.

EQ: I wish that Emma’s Swan’s wish to have never been the savior be granted.

Emma: Storybrooke felt like a dream and now this does. I mean a good dream.”


“Good memories and a good life”

“It’s pretty good”

“A good dream”

Regina gave Emma good memories and good life in 3x11 of raising Henry and she didn’t want to leave it. Now flash forward to 6x10 a part of Regina, the Evil Queen grants Emma’s wish to never be the savior giving her the ideal life of always having her parents and having raised her son. So isn’t it interesting how Regina is always the one giving Emma the life she wants.

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Omg I saw your Digimon/Steven Universe au and I love it! But I have a question. What made you choose Leomon? Wouldn't SaberLeomon look more like Lion?

It wouldn’t be fair if our heroes have strong Digis at the start of the adventure! For sure Steven will archive the Chou Shinka and make Leomon evolve into SaberLeomon so don’t worry about it, I believe in my son UwU also thanks! I’m so glad this AU is getting such a good response!

Originally posted by digi-egg

i would do anything to just see her again let alone be with her….

~ i never thought that i would reach almost 40k on here when all i posted on here for was just to let out what it is i cant let out in person and im glad you all message me and actually ask me whats going on in my life and giving me the chance to say what i really want to say so thank you all <3

also ill be showing you all what i look like very soon sooo be ready :’p

My Identity??

Hey guys! So I figured it was finally time that I reveal who I am. When I started this account, I was scared and insecure. I was stuck with all these thoughts running around inside of my head and I was completely unsure what to do with them. Never did I think these thoughts would gain me 26,000 beautiful supporters. It’s been about a year and a half since this account has been up, and though at first I never thought I’d be revealing who I am, I think I’m finally ready. A new path opened up in my life that made me realize that I want people to know who I am, that I want people to see that it’s me and that I am not just some anonymous girl on the internet, going by the pseudonym of “sunday epiphany.” I want you guys to know that these words come from me, from the deepest darkest parts of me that I originally wanted to hide. So.. if you guys care about knowing who I am.. like this and I’ll post a picture and another text tomorrow.

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Have you voted for Hillary? Its a crisis then. If not, sorry and enjoy yourself! :)

I really am not sure how to answer this.  I’m guessing this is in reference to this post? I do not choose to discuss politics on my blog very often–almost never, in fact. 

I put rather a large amount of thought into whether or not I was going to post who I voted for in this response.  But, I’ve chosen not to.  Honestly, I would assume that anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time can probably piece together who I voted for.  But, it’s not about who I voted for anymore.  We have a new president-elect.  And, we have a country that is very divided over it.  I read that book to further expand my worldview and build upon what I already know from my mother’s side of the family.  My personal goal has always been to do my very best to have an open mind, to try to always be empathetic, and to simply expect that there are a million shades of grey in practically every situation.

I have my political discussions one-on-one and in person.  I’ve decided not to post about who I voted for because I do not want to start an online debate.  In my experience, that’s not the best way to understand a person’s point of view.  I would rather use this space to understand a person’s whole worldview, his or her whole perspective.  I try very hard to regularly keep up with you all’s lives.  I care very much about your opinions, thoughts, worries, joys–all of it.  I don’t have to always agree.  I think you’re wonderful and you help me grow and expand my understanding of the world and I appreciate each and every one of you for it.

Hello my dear Joshifer friends, 

I know it has been a tough year for us and it’s been also the year of disappointments and ridiculousness. However, I do have a few things to get off of my chest. 

I have bee seeing posts, rants, and a few backhanded comments from a few fellow supposed Joshifer “shippers”. Now I completely understand that everyone is entitled to their opinions but in these few short weeks it has gotten out of hand. 

Let me be clear I LOVE Joshifer both as a whole and separately. I do in fact have an immense fondness for Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson for many many reasons that they’ve established within me. They are both incredibly kind, sweet, thoughtful,giving, funny, they stand up for what they believe in. They do in fact have so many things that endear them to me that if I were to list them all then this post would never finish. 

However they are also human beings with the great capacity to fuck up. They are not in any way shape or form perfect and we should all do well to remember that. 

That doesn’t mean that we should be smearing their names through the mud just to shine a beacon of goodness on the other. Jen is no better than Josh and vice versa. They have both equally been shitty this year. At least in my eyes. If you are unable to be impartial over both, then you really can’t call yourself a fan. I’m sorry but that’s just the way it is. If you for some reason put Josh in a pedestal and berate and bitch about Jen, then you’re not only being a hypocrite. You’re doing yourself and your followers a disservice. You can’t pretend to call yourself a Josh fan if you slander his name and yet gloss over Jen’s ridiculous fuck ups. It’s not right. 

Now many of you might be wondering why in the fuck am I supposedly “wasting” my time writing this. There is an answer, but I think I’d rather drive you all down the shitty memory lane that is Joshifer and their very recent assholery in an effort to call BOTH of them out and to show all of you guys how incredibly alike these two can be. I want to point out that this article is in no way an attempt to screw them over but It is in all fairness an effort to show how impartial some Joshifer Shippers can be. 

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Freshman Fever (High School AU! Ravi)

Part 1

Originally posted by leojuseyo

Type: Fluff

Request: Omg can you pretty please write a part 2 for the ravi Highschool!au? God it was so great dkkskskks

You smiled as you laid on your bed working on your homework before your friend started texting you before a knock brought you from your thoughts. You door opened revealing Wonsik “my family is over for dinner” he say as he plops himself down on your bed “I never understood why you needed a queensized bed when we were younger but I guess I see why now” he flirts as you just nod not really catching onto what he was saying.

“Do you have a crush on anyone?” he asks as you turn to him raising a brow “why would I tell you?” you asked as he pats your back “come on you can tell me” he coos as you roll your eyes. “Maybe I don’t want to” you tell him poking his nose before he grabbed your finger. “Tell me” he says as you try to pull your hand back but he held it. “Tell me” he says as again as his other hand starts tickling you. “Ravi stop” you cry out as he gets on top of you “come on tell me” he says as you laugh.

“You know I think your friend Leo is pretty hot” you tell him as he clenched his jaw “you’re kidding right?” he asked. “Why are you jealous?” you joke as he looks at you for a moment. “I would be” he told you as you glanced up at him. “Ravi” you whisper as he leans down and presses a kiss onto your lips. You froze for a moment before you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

A few moments later Wonsik sat up and pulled off his shirt he smirked as your eyes were looking at his six pack. “You can touch” he says as he grabs your hands and runs them along him. He pulled you up and began tugging your shirt up when your door opened as he froze with your shirt half way up. “Oh um dinner is ready” your mother said as Wonsik nodded she hurried out. Your hand quickly smacked his chest as he cried out in pain “I didn’t know your mom was coming” he whined as he rubbed the smack mark.


Your mother kept glancing up at you and Wonsik as you awkwardly ate. “What’s wrong with you Ravi normally you can’t shut up” your dad joke as Wonsik smiled and covered his mouth as he cleared it. “Well um nothing happened” he said as you swallowed “did you guys know that the two of them were dating?” you mother asks quickly as Wonsik dropped his silverware looking at your mom. “What? No we-” “we are. I’m sorry I didn’t know how to tell you guys” Wonsik spoke as he grabbed your hand.

He brought it up to his lips and kissed it as you chuckled nervously. “Cute right?” he asked as you smiled. You got even more awkward as he smiled “I mean it. We’re together now” he whispered to you cleared your throat as your parents were looking at the two of you. Wonsik smiled at them as he took his hand from yours and began eating again like nothing was wrong.

1 time ryan and i were making out and i like. thought he wanted to put his hand on my neck so i was like. if you want to do that you can just dont squeeze. and he was like. so horrified and he said something like oh my god i would never. i would never want to do something like that. and in my head i was like… Good. 

Alright, so it’s been recently brought to my attention by someone that will not be named (not @paststory) that I have completely neglected my OT3 Adventures series… which I never intended to do!! I love that series TuT

It just stops after Kiri and Denki’s wedding and I’m like… oh, yeahhhh… I got completely side tracked OTL

Soooo I’m opening this for discussion here to see if you guys have anything you would like to see happen in that series? Thoughts?


So, the year is ending and this is probably going to be my last follow forever of the year. I decided to make it into a holiday one because Christmas is my favorite holiday. Christmas gives me everything - even feels. This FOLLOW FOREVER is a special one though. As many of you know, I was absent for six months this year (if I’m not counting that wrong). I didn’t write during those months though I tried to keep the blog active with some reblogs here and there. College and real life completely made me leave this account. I thought it was going to be a short hiatus but it turned into a LONG one. I thought that I would never return to tumblr anymore and focus entirely on life BUT, here I am. And I do hope I can stick around for a long time if life allows me to. 

This follow forever is a THANK YOU to the people that stuck with me through these months despite my absence - the ones that didn’t unfollow my blog. Also the ones that received me with open arms. When I came back of course, my number of followers decreased greatly and it included people I used to write with. But here - I’ve reached 300 followers and counting. So let’s leave all the celebration for later and let’s start with the list. ( putting it under a read more because it’s a long one!!! )

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Almost 200 followers :D

Okay so i put this together for my celebration and i just wanna post it now! XD 

Sarah’s 200 follower Celebration!

Okay guys so I finally hit 200 well 189 but hey im excited! I never  even thought I would get this many let alone 100 so I want to thank you all for following me! Okay So I will be doing a few  things for my celebration. First thing first THANK YOU ALL FOR FOLLOWING ME AND  I LOVE YOU ALL.! :D Also I’m thinking of starting a rec list I want y'alls opinions also feel free to tag me in anything! CHALLENGE BELOW CUT

I am going to try and do drabbles for gifs/pictures,  so submit me some gifs and pictures and i will try my best to write a drabble for it (sorry if im no good) ASK OR SUBMIT FOR GIF/PICTURE DRABBLES.

Ships! you tell me a little about yourself and I will pair you with someone (its my first time so sorry if you don’t like it) I will also need to know the gender you prefer to be paired with. ASKS ONLY FOR SHIPS,



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Question for Jessica Steen?

Hey gang. I am soliciting your help again. I have the opportunity to ask a question of Jessica Steen today, like I often do with a lot of our cast. I typically ask plot-related episode questions, but we’ve never seen Jessica do this before. 

So, I want to come to the people that will care the most. I need a good question for Jessica. It should be character-related and possibly even episode specific. Does anyone have a question for her? 

I would only caution you one thing, actors work on a lot of projects and will probably not have comments on or maybe not even remember things done too long ago. So, keep that in mind. 

I just thought it would be fun to get the question (or two) from you guys.

Fire away! Message me or reply. Thank you!

earthquakefox  asked:

I just now thought about how it was for Jeff once he was incarcerated with the fact that once he was locked away, he could never drink ever again, especially after many years of heavy drinking. I'm sure coming off of all of that was one contributing factor of his depression, lethargy, and also him getting a tad chubby after being in prison. Do you think getting completely off alcohol after years of abuse of it would definitely have that affect on a person's mental state as well as their body?

This was kind of addressed in Dahmer Detective, Jeff was expected to have more problems with his lack of alcohol than he actually did, when they asked Jeff how he was dealing with it over time, he said cigarettes and coffee were really helping and it wasn’t so bad. Despite his blatant alcoholism, Jeff always seemed kind of in denial that it was really that much of an addiction, more like a coping mechanism. At any rate, drinking beer makes you gain weight (have you ever seen a beer gut?) and alcohol is a depressant, so even if he probably felt some psychological distress from having it removed from his life completely, he was definitely much better off without it, physically and psychologically. Overall, anything he had cope with after his arrest went far beyond his alcoholism.

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omg can u do "they kids, they ambushed me" for saeran ? or saeyoung omg ;;;

Hello! I may add Saeyoung later, but here’s this for now. (I thought these small prompts would be fun but I change my mind I’m really bad at writing these lol)

40- “The kids, they ambushed me. ”


“Saeran~ can you come…”

You arrived home from getting groceries to find the house completely quiet.

Too quiet, considering that when you left the house there were two children and your husband there, alive and well. That situation never ended in silence. At least, not until today…?

You set down groceries, starting a one-person search party to figure out what had conspired while you were gone. “..Saeran?”

When you called, a thump sounded from down the hallway, followed by a muffled voice. Hurriedly you went to find the source.

You opened the door to your kids’ bedroom, your heart skipping a beat when you saw your husband tied up on the floor, his hands behind his back and gagged with a stuffed octopus. Not knowing what to do first, you sat down beside him and removed the octopus so you could understand what he was saying.

“So, what did you do when while I was away?” You smiled at Saeran, him giving you a frustrated glare in return.

“The kids. They ambushed me.” You stopped, staring at him. He stared back, completely serious. I smile formed on your face as you began to laugh.

“That’s adorable. We raised criminals.” You giggled as you untied his feet, thinking of your three year old and seven year old tying up Saeran. “Where are they now?”

“..” he avoided your gaze. You awaited his answer before realizing he wasn’t going to answer. immediately you were out of the room, calling your children’s’ names and leaving Saeran half-tied.

“MC, come back!”

avengers-avenging-shit  asked:

Hey so I saw your post about Depp and RDJ, and I thought RDJ's role in Tropic Thunder was supposed to be satirical? Like, how Hollywood is always whitewashing their films, so they had an American white guy play an Australian play a black guy, making fun of it? I'm white and so I haven't experienced being marginalized, but I genuinely never realized it was offensive, because the role was making fun of Hollywood, not black people. Am I totally wrong on this?

I get what they were trying to do honestly but it’s still blackface. I still think it would have been better if they had a black actor who was playing a white character because that would have highlighted how ridiculous it is, idk. I’m white af so I’m not really the best person to talk about it.