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i always get a little miffed when i see apollo refered to as “the only man artemis ever loved” because no he wasn’t there was this dude named orion who accidentally stumbled on her hunting camp one time and she got all “hey fuck off im not having any of your rapey shit” but he was just like “dude wtf no its night time in the forest and youve got a campfire i just want to get warm” and she was like “???? okay?? this is weird and i don’t trust you but whatever” and they got to talking and they became the bestest hunting buddies ever and then apollo showed up like “oh HELL no youre not having your way with my sister” and tried to kill orion but artemis was like “damn it you sunbaked asshole think before you attack do you really think i couldnt have killed this guy on my own if i wanted to? hes cool af okay ima be mad as hell if you hurt him” and apollo was like “oh okay i get it i have to be sneaky about the fact that im a jealous fucknut who wants to kill this dude just because youre hanging out with him instead of me” so he gave orion a dream where he got killed by a fucking 10 foot scorpion and when he woke up there was an actual 10 foot scorpion outside his house so he did what any reasonable motherfucker would do and grabbed his gods damn sword to try and kill it but it was too strong and it pushed him back into the sea so he just goes “fuck this shit ima swim for it” and then apollo went to artemis and was all like “hey i saw this dude rape and kill a girl and i could have killed him myself but i thought youd want to do it” and artemis is all “youre damn right i do” and she shoots an arrow through orion’s face from so far away that his head looked like a tiny dot on the water at which point apollo just starts laughing like “haha lmao you said i couldnt kill him so i got you to do it for me also btw i lied about seeing him do some shit see ya” and fucks off to leave artemis alone with her dead best friend so she does what gods always do when shit goes down and hangs orion in the stars and goes to kill the scorpion but you know apollo didnt like that too much so he tries to send his fuckening scorpion up there to get orion a second time but artemis fuckin swats it and the scorpion ends up on the other fucking end of the sky so it never comes anywhere near him and theyre not even up there during the same months so since orion’s up there trying to hunt down that fucking scorpion and it’s trying to obey apollo and kill him, they just chase each other in circles for all eternity BUT orion got the better end of that deal because his belt is one of the most recognizable asterisms in the sky and i fucking dare you to tell me what scorpio looks like.

Jealousy / hg

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“Bye mom, I’ll see you Sunday night!” I yelled from the passenger seat of Hayes’ car. I was on my way to spend the weekend with him at his house. Even though it is invested with all of his friends as well, I miss hanging out with him. He’s been so busy with the fame he’s gotten.

“I’m so happy your staying for the weekend.” He said smiling at me. He reached over and set his hand on mine, rubbing his thumb on it.
“Last time we saw each other in person was like 5 months ago.” I said laughing, putting my hand on top of his. I live about an hour away from him yet we never find time to hangout.
You see, Hayes and I are very good friends. We met a few years ago, when we were both 13, now we’re 16. The funny thing is, he was my first kiss. It was a dare from Nash who didn’t know I’ve never had a kiss before. Then, last time we hung out, we had a do-over kiss because of how awkward it was. Now, whenever we are together it’s normal for us to flirt. We don’t even notice we do it.

We pulled up at his house, and he grabbed my backpack from the back seat. We walked into the house and I was bombarded with hugs from everyone.
“I missed you guys” I said with a huge smile. I looked around seeing Nash, Skate, Tez, and the Jacks.

I said my hellos and hugged each one individually until Hayes called me up to his room. I walked up and met him with a smile.
“Now, can I have an actual hug?” He asked. I laughed and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head in the crook of my neck.
“I missed this.” I said. He looked at me and smiled.
“So where am I sleeping?” I asked after we let go.
“In here. Duh.” He said, sitting on his bed. I jumped onto the spot next to him, making him laugh.
“What are we doing this weekend?” I asked laying next to him.
“Tonight’s pretty chill. Eat dinner, maybe watch a movie. But tomorrow, the guys are throwing a party.” Hayes said, spreading his arms out, and putting one around me.
I rolled my eyes playfully and laughed.

-The Next Day-

Hayes and I were messing around on the basketball court when loud music blasted through the house. We looked at eachother. “Party time.” Hayes said. We walked in and there were already tons of people inside. Hayes stopped me and turned towards me.
“Shit. My ex is here.” He said.
“Ex?” I asked confused. I didn’t know he had a girlfriend at all.
“Well, never official but I really like her. Do you think you can help me make her jealous?” He asked with puppy dog eyes. I sighed and nodded.
“What do you need me to do?” I asked. Johnson then butted in the conversation like he knew what we were saying.
“I think you sit around with his friends while on his lap, Flirt around like you guys always do, then get up and dance to a song. You can kiss him then take him upstairs. If she doesn’t follow you up to stop you guys, she’ll confront you when you get back down.” He said. I looked at Hayes and shrugged.
“Why not?” I laughed.

We walked to the couch, and Hayes pulled me onto his lap. The guys soon followed, have random conversations while drinking or smoking. Me and Hayes had or own conversation. We were flirting more than usual. And it honestly didn’t seem weird. But if he wants to be with someone else, I’ll help him cause I just want him happy.

He kissed my shoulder and smiled at me like he’s never done before. I slightly blushed. He had his hand on my thigh, drawing circles. Our little moment was soon interrupted when Johnson caught Hayes attention, telling him it was the song.

I stood up from his lap and grabbed his hand leading him towards where everyone else was dancing. I turned towards him.
“Is she watching?” I asked, since he hasn’t pointed her out to me. He looked to the side.
“Yea.” He said. He smiled at me when I turned away from him, allowing him to hold onto my hips. I moved back so our hips were connected, they swayed together on beat with the music. I laid my back into his chest and let the music control my body.

I soon felt Hayes lips on my neck. I took that as a sign to kiss him so after a few more kissed to my neck, I slowly turned to face him. I smirked up at him and put my hand behind his neck, pulling his faces towards mine. Our lips met and he pulled my hips closer to him. The kiss got more heated than I expected, so i pulled away.
“Make sure she sees us.” I whispered in his ear. He nodded and I grabbed his hand leading him upstairs to his room, as instructed.

“Oh my god we did it.” I said sighing in relief as soon as he shut the door. I plopped down onto his bed and laughed.
“Now what? We just wait until she comes up?” I asked.
“We can’t.” He said walking towards me.
“What do you mean we can’t?” I asked sitting up.
“She’s already up here.” He said laughing nervously. I gave him a confused look.
“Y/N, I like you. I have since we were 13. I just made up the stuff about making a girl jealous so I would have an excuse to be with you like we were earlier.” He said scratching the back of his neck.
“Are you kidding me? Why did you think you would have to make up this huge plan Hayes?” I asked standing up slowly.
“I didn’t think you liked me. So I thought if i tried to do anything youd pull away and want to leave or-” he rambled on. I cut him off by walking to him and kissing him.

He was shocked but he kissed back, pulling me closer to him by my waist. I pulled away from him.
“You dont know how long I’ve waited to hear you say that.” I said to him. He laughed and sighed of relief.
“Funny thing is, I actually got jealous earlier.” I said laughing nervously as we stood in each other’s arms still.
“Then why did you go along with it?” He asked.
“Because I want to see you happy.” I said shyly.
“Well you can see me happy with you.” He said. We smiled and he kissed me.


Astro Reaction To You Having Tattoos But A Sweet Personality

here you go <3 (this is in bullets)


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  • when he first met you he thought you were an angel
  • sweet personality, cute laugh, ummm you’re adorable ok???
  • he always thought you were cuddly teddy bears, kittens and puppies, unicorns, you know…
  • then when you went on the stage with your rock band he would be like
  • W O A H 
  • I  T H I N K  I  F E L L  I N  L O V E
  • so like backstage when you get off the stage he’s in awe at your performance
  • he compliments you incessantly like “omg you were so good” and “sTEP ON ME YOURE PERFECT”
  • and you just laugh cutely and he’s like (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • and then you two go on a date bc you think jinjin is rlly kyoot too
  • and on the first date you decided to show him your tattoos
  • you show him your favorite one which is a rose on your shoulder, a dragon on your neck, some quotes hidden on your body, and basically everything that means a lot to you and is your soul
  • and at first he’s taken aback bc he never thought you to be such an edgy person
  • but now that he knows he feels closer and more in love than ever
  • he’s t o u c h e d you showed them to him and he’s even considering getting a tattoo now too

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Right so heres this week’s unpopular opinion of mine, and as always feel free to debate in the comments i love opinions (but please construct actual coherent sentences not just insults ya feel)


- okay, i can understand that the phandom loves dan and phil, we are the PHANdom after all, but im sure the boys are already aware that they are significant in our lives, so tweets like these arent really necessary. Not to mention theyre terribly unoriginal. Sure the tweet itself is authentic but the captions beneath are always so similar depending on which user is fishing for likes/ attention.

- this particular example has a tweet from 2009. 2 0 0 9. Dan was very different from then to what he is now, people grow and people change and this tweet especially doesnt seem like a very funny and ironic kind of dan tweet which we see a lot of today. In fact, this tweet doesnt seem like something you’d want to resurface and float around, not to mention past struggles are never really something you want to see anymore. Its like you’ve overcome something thats held you down only for your friends and fam to start yelling “HEY REMEMBER WHEN YOU HAD THAT PROBLEM THAT MADE YOU SO INSECURE?? EVEN THO IT HAPPENED YEARS AGO WE ARE BRINGING IT UP NOW AND REMINDING E V E R Y O N E SO WE CAN ALL FEEL SORRY FOR YOU AGAIN AND GIVE YOU UNWANTED ATTENTION ABOUT AN ISSUE YOUVE PROBABLY TRIED TO SUPRESS. ILY.”

- youre probably thinking “well, dan did post this to a public platform” which is absolutely right. But we are not in 2009, he had a much smaller fan base and social media was still a mystical new thing that was barely mainstream enough for this to get an exempt amount of attention.

- the phan’s hearts are in the right place, im not attacking users who do this, it is quite a kind thought, but bringing up troubled pasts are never something that youd want to go viral again.

Okie dokie thanks for tuning in, as my philosophy teacher always said: attack the argument, not the argue-r

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Im a trans guy and rdcart type shit makes me feel like no one will ever want me except creepos like him and i can never be found attractive or sexy outside of a fetish :/. I'm not sure why im bothering you with this but i wanted to tell someone and idk i thought youd care *shrug* thanks for standing up for us.


Honestly that’s the harm shit like rcdart and erica moen and the massive amounts of futa stuff out there do. and it’s even worse for trans mlm/wlw because it also teaches them that their love for other trans women/men is also a fetish, and that’s just, ugh.

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I only literally jsut saw, but one of the writers on ao3 I follow started writing a Fic based on your art and I thought youd want to know,its called 'once upon a rune stone'

(So this is where that one ask disappeared to! That this side-blog has a draft folder too didn’t even cross my mind *lol*)

Oh! Nice! Thanks for letting me know! ♥ I’m really flattered that this verse seems to be liked well enough to inspire people! ;w;

Here’s the link!

Once Upon A Rune Stone by IggyLikesPie

Summary: Castiel Novak went to Sweden to research rune stones for his book on mythology and religions, he certainly didn’t expect to go back home with a pagan god who wanted to be his friend.

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Maybe you could tie in Sam's drunk texting with the Wrong Dorm somehow?

Rest of the Wrong Dorm au can be found here.

It’s late. I wish Sam would call when she would be home at this hour, or crashing elsewhere. I have plenty of reasons to worry about this girl and she certainly doesn’t make it easy for me. 

I fidget with the ‘History of Peruvian Tapestry” and dog ear the text for another time, tapping my fingernails against the tabletop and clicking on the telly to distract myself. It’s not as if she didn’t do this all the time. She’s fine, no doubt.

My phone buzzes twice on the kitchen counter across the room, but my attentions on a grueling documentary on Tutankhamen’s tomb and I’m having a really hard time ignoring the terrible mistakes.

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Request: hey um could you please write one where sams getting bullied and the reader helps him and dean patches the readers injuries i didnt make this up myself but i thought youd do an amazing job at it i wanted you to try it please and thank you

You opened your locker, only for half of your books to fall out. You sighed and began putting everything back in. Thank God you could drive, otherwise you’d miss the bus everyday. The bell rang again, warning kids that the buses were leaving. You finally shoved the last book in, and quickly closed your locker. You could deal with it again tomorrow. 

You started walking to the exit, excited to go home and nap. Just as you were about to leave, you heard somebody grunt in pain. You stopped in your tracks, and looked around. Nobody was in the hallway, but you definitely heard something. You stood still for a moment, listening. You heard it again and followed the noise. You peered around the corner, and saw two huge kids beating up a smaller kid. 

“Hey!” You screamed, and they stopped hitting the kid to look at you. 

“The fuck do you want?” The bigger one asked.

“To leave the kid alone.” You told them, moving closer. 

The shorter, uglier one laughed. “Oh yeah? What you gonna do about, sweetheart?" 

You sighed, not wanting to get into a fight. You didn’t answer them with your words, instead you hit the shorter one in the nose. Blood started flowing right away and he fell to his knees, tears in his eyes. The bigger one looked at you, anger behind his eyes. 

He dropped the poor kid he’d been beating up, turning to you. You stayed on the balls of your feet, ready to move. The giant swung, and you easily dodged the clumsy fist. You danced around him and hit him in the side. It was like punching a meat sack. He made no indication that he’d even felt it. He turned around and grabbed your arm, then slapped you across the face. 

He threw you to the ground, and the shorter one you’d punched earlier got up. He moved towards you and kicked you once in the side. 

"Hey!” You heard a gruff voice scream. The two looked at the guy, and had the same reaction as they did with you. 

“What the Hell do you want?” They asked.

You watched as the guy pulled something out of his pocket. “Leave her alone.” He commanded, and the two idiots ran away. It was only after a minute that you realized it was gun in his hand. It freaked you out a little, but he put the thing away, and ran up to you. “Are you okay?” He asked, concerned.

You moaned in pain. “Oh, yeah. I’ll just rub some dirt in it.” You joked. 

The kid chuckled at your remark, but still looked concerned. The small kid they’d been hitting earlier came into view. “Dean, she’s hurt.” He said.

“I know Sammy.” The kid, Dean, replied. “What’s your name?” He asked.

“Y/N.” You said, wincing in pain. 

“Would you mind if we took you back to our place? I just want to patch you up, nothing else.” He said. 

“That’s probably a good idea.” You said. 

He nodded and wrapped his arms around you, picking you up. You placed your arms around his neck, in pain the entire time. He took you outside the school, and walked up to a beautiful car. He opened the backseat and gently put you down. “Nice car.” You commented. 

“Thanks.” He replied, smirking. He drove to his place, which turned out to be a motel. 

“Why are you staying here?” You asked him.

“The house isn’t ready.” He answered. 

You nodded and watched as he unlocked the door. There were two beds inside the room, and he placed you on one. Sammy came in the room a minute later, carrying a bucket of ice. 

“Here, Sammy, let me have piece.” You requested, and he walked over. You took a piece and started sucking on it. 

“Thanks for helping me.” He said, not leaving your side. 

“I couldn’t just let you get beaten up.” You explained. 

“You’re like my brother, he wouldn’t have let them hurt me either.” Sammy informed you. 

Dean came into the room with a first aid kit. “Where does it hurt most?” He asked. 

“Stomach.” You answered, lifting up your shirt a little. You looked down and saw a huge bruise forming on your side, right where the little toad had kicked you. “Fuck.” You muttered. “Oh, shit! Sorry, Sammy.” You said, remembering there was a little kid in the room. 

Dean chuckled and said, “He’s heard worse, right Sam?”

“Damn straight!” Sammy answered. 

“Alright, alright.” Dean laughed, pushing the kid away. “I’ll have you fixed in no time.” He promised.

You sat silently, wincing every now and then. Dean knew what he was doing. He put antibacterial shit on your cuts, and Sam put band aids on them. He placed ice bags over your bruises. “That jerk hit your face?” He asked, examining the shiner you were bound to have.

“Yeah, slapped me.” You told him, sitting up. “Thanks, really. I actually feel a lot better." 

"That’s because I’m a miracle worker.” Dean smirked. 

You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can you drive me back to the school? My car’s still there." 

"Sure. It’s kind of late though. Do you want to get something to eat?" 

"What did you have in mind?” You asked.

“I saw a diner just down the road.” Dean informed you.

“They have the best pie in town!” You told him. 

“You’re speaking my language!” Dean exclaimed, grabbing his jacket. 

“We can’t leave Sammy!” You said.

“I wasn’t going to. But I like that you think of him.” Dean said, looking you over. 

“C'mon Sam,” You said, tossing him his jacket. 

“Are you two gonna flirt the whole time?” He asked.

You looked at Dean, and at the same time you and Dean said, “Probably.”

(I hope you like it!)


150716 the red bullet in nyc ■ cypher part 3: killer (suga ver.)
by FORYOONGI @ TUMBLR ◇ please do not reupload (that includes youtube, tumblr, etc.)。 and please watch in HD!

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Bts wings is on tidal! It's their only album on there and ive searched them before and they weren't on the service so a contract mustve been signed :') big bang isnt even on there (it has their group icon but none of their albums or tracks) idk if it counts towards the charts?? But tidal's a paid service so maybe?? (Idk why i have it tbh) but i thought youd want to know!!!!!

OMG isn’t TIDAL like owned by Beyonce, Jay-z, Usher and everyone else or something? YOOOOWWWW this is hugeeeee ;_; I hope their music gets noticed by these other big names or something that’s amazing!!!

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listen I have no advice bc the only date i ever went on was w this ugly B-list hoe who I only dated bc I was C-list and needed the publicity and I bought her a dress and then she dumped me for ignoring her like the dress cost $750 and the date took 2836156 energy points fuck her