thought you were forever

Our friends asked about you.
Saying your name didn’t hurt like it used to.
I told them I haven’t heard from you,
And for months now that’s the truth.

This is the longest we’ve been apart.
Almost a year now but it feels like it’s been longer.
I still feel the cracks in my heart,
But every day without you I grow stronger.

—  K.N.B.
At this age, everything is changing. Day by day we don’t notice, but just look back over the past year and you will realize everything has. People you thought were going to be there forever aren’t, and people you never imagined you’d be speaking to are now some of your closest friends. Life makes little sense, and the more we grow the less sense it will make. So make the most of it now, before it all changes once again, because in the near future, all of this is only going to be memories.
—  Anonymous
It’s strange to think that only two years ago I was writing love poetry about you. If I had been told two years ago or even one year ago that I would be the one to walk away I would have thought that person was insane. But look at us now. Still in this little town and yet we couldn’t be further from each other or who we used to be. Even when I’ve had to drive past your house it feels as if we’re a world apart. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if you feel the distance too.
—  K.N.B.
With time
Tears will dry,
Bruises will fade,
Cuts will heal.

But this pain in my heart
It just won’t go away.
No matter what I do.
No matter how long I wait.

—  K.N.B.

You loved him, didn’t you?“

“I loved him so much it killed me not to be with him.”

“And he loved you back?”

“Just as much.”

“Then why did it end?”

I could feel the familiar lump forming in my throat now. My eyes closed to keep the tears from falling.

“Because we were young and we were so crazily in love but we didn’t know the dangers that awaited us in the world. We were young and we were foolish and we thought the “I love yous” meant forever and that that was all there was to it.

“We thought we had the world figured out and that nothing could touch us or ruin us, so long as we were in love. But in that adolescence, we didn’t realize that we were taking each other for granted as the times passed by, and that as we were finding each other, we ended up losing ourselves.

We loved each other, and we tried to be each others’ true loves, but the end was inevitable and we knew that.

—  D.N. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #100
I wish I could have you in my arms tonight instead of just in my thoughts...

SOOOO i have been letting a fan run my tumblr for the longest time, because i had no time to do it, i just got on here and looked through all my messages and shit and WTF, i apologize if you thought you were talking to me but i haven’t touched tumblr in forever, I was under the impression the account was just posting content not messaging you guys, super super disappointed and sorry if you thought you were talking to me, i changed my password and will be posting my self now, probably less frequent but it will be me. this is fucking crazy.