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Jelly Legs – Michael Mell x Heere!Reader;

Author’s Note: yep, i had to do it. sorry, michael mell deserves better. also, there will be a part 2 and i mainly got the idea of this fic (and of the featured song lol) from @yikesjaredkleinman who has the coolest bmc stuff like ever. it’s epic. so thanks for that, adam xD

Pairing: Michael Mell x Heere!Reader;

Request: not requested by anyone (although requests are open!), i just had to;

Word Count: 1164;

TW: swearing as usual;

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“Y/N, that’s a terrible idea,” Michael told you, raising an eyebrow. “You’re probably gonna get both of us killed.”

“Stop being so dramatic, Michael,” you replied, rolling your eyes slightly. “We are not gonna die. We’ll be fine.”

“Y/N, guys like me… We don’t do that! I can barely stand up without tripping, you’ve seen it!”

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EXO reaction | to you wearing their shirt


  • He would be surprised at first though extremely… interested.
  • He’d think you look cute all dressed in that black sleeveless shirt of his, resting just above your mid-thigh.
  • Oh, and let’s not forget his black cap.
  • He’ll adore you wearing all his clothes despite looking awfully hot.
  • He’d definitely know what that could eventually lead up to.
  • And he’d be playful, oh yes. 

“Trying to seduce me in my own clothes, are we, princess?”

“Maybe…Is that what you want?”

“Oh, yes, yes.”

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  • It would definitely leave him flustered and all.
  • A giggly mess.
  • He’d be confused as to what you intended with that.
  • Did you only want to be playful and wear that so flatter-fitting white shirt or did you expect something more?
  • Either way he’d find you completely adorable.

“You like my shirt, eh, darling?”

“It smells like you.”

“Ah–” -shies away-

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  • Would love it.
  • So much, too.
  • He’d find you more lovable, wearing his shirt.
  • He’d love the idea of you being comfortable, more so if it’s because of him
  • –even in an indirect way.
  • He’d adore your smile and cute giggles when you find him staring at you funnily. 

“How is it?” -twirling around in his shirt-

“Beautiful. Do you like it that much? Do you want more? Wait, should I get more so that you can use them too?”

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  • Well, he’d be all for it, honestly.
  • Even more when he’s not exactly that tall
  • –and it doesn’t really fit you that long.
  • You know what I mean.
  • He’d joke around at first, obviously.
  • But…

“Staring like that, eh, Byun? Give me a break, I might wear off.”

“Oh, no, just an idea, that’s all.” “I could always, you know, try your shirt on too or something… Let me just get this one out of the way first.”

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  • Unexpected.
  • He’d be unexpected.
  • You’d have thought seeing you in that not-quite-long-not-quite-short long sleeved shirt of his would, I don’t know, activate that little part of his brain.
  • But no.
  • He would become so sweet and careful with you
  • Thankful for having you with him, so, so close.

“You know I love you so much, right, (Y/N)?” -hugging you-

“Dae, I can’t breathe.” -struggling-

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  • Boy, oh, boy.
  • He would be very much whinny.
  • Why didn’t you wear his stuff more often?
  • For once he would complain about his height.
  • His shirt reaching down almost to your knees, fitting much more loosely than desired.

“Baby.” -whining-

“What.” -whining back-

“Don’t you think another shirt will fit you better than that?”

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  • Okay, so, here, his hair grew.
  • “no, no, no, no, no, baby don’t say you want no bad guy”
  • But really, he would feel bad.
  • You standing there
  • A little lady sporting his shirt around mid-thigh, innocently soft and all–
  • he would feel bad.

“(Y/N), do you really want me to be the bad guy here?” -pouting his bitten lip-

“I never said I don’t want a bad guy.”

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  • He’d be so fluffing excited, honestly.
  • A giant tail-wiggling puppy.
  • Would have so many things in mind.
  • No, not those things.
  • Yes, you look damn good, but you know what is damn good too?
  • Cuddling down next to each other to watch some movies and binge on sweets. 

“WOW, baby, you look great. wAIT, what if I get a shirt on too, get a movie going, pop some corn–”


“–get some chocolates, and pillows and blankets aND–”

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  • He would try to keep his calm on, alright.
  • Oh Sehun is proud.
  • Letting you know he’s feeling all flustered and chummy chummy by the simple act of you wearing his shirt would damage the reputation he’d built with you
  • (that of a cool, composed boyfriend)
  • –one which, after all, always broke with your antics. 

“Mhm? Something wrong, Hunnie?”

“W-Why do you ask?”

“You were staring.”

“Was I?”

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character: lai guanlin.

genre: fluff, soulmates!au.

word count: 953w.

concept: your soulmate has a unique scent that only you can smell when they’re near.

summary: “he smells like cinnamon. i hate cinnamon.”

you always fantasized about meeting your soulmate. you dreamt that they’d smell of something like lavender– calming and soothing as they sang you to sleep. or perhaps they’d smell of the fresh ocean breeze, like the candle in your room– refreshing and energizing as you started off your sunday mornings beside them.

you didn’t imagine that you’d be overwhelmed by the scent of cinnamon as you entered your high school campus. immediately, a foul expression appears on your features as your hand flies up to cover your nose, causing your friends to look at you oddly.

“are you alright?” doyeon looks at you oddly, attracting the attention of your other friends.

“don’t you guys smell the cinnamon? it’s so overpowering,” you scrunch your nose, quickening your pace at an attempt to get away from the stench that’s overwhelming your senses.

“cinnamon? i don’t smell anyth– oh my gosh, are you perhaps about to meet your soulmate?” sejeong grins as she catches up to walk with you.

“god, if he smells like cinnamon, i hope not. i’d rather not deal with that scent everyday.” sejeong pouts at your words, before taking her soulmate’s hand and walking off to their class. 

“you’re kidding. you’ve been waiting for this moment your whole life.”

your first day back from the winter holidays goes by smoothly, and you join the gorls at your usual table from last semester for lunch. as soon as you place your lunch down on the table and slide in-between mina and sejeong, sejeong excitedly grabs your hands, forcing you to face her as she begins to blabber.

“there’s a new transfer student in my homeroom.” there’s a sparkle in her eye as she speaks, causing you to arch a suspicious eyebrow at her. “his name is lai guanlin.” she pauses at every sentence, watching your expression for a reaction of some sort, but you refuse to let up. “he’s really cute.” nothing, still. “he must be your soulmate.” 

“what makes you think that?” you frown, attention piqued despite your efforts to appear neutral as you grab at the meat with your chopsticks to take a bite.

“because you never sensed anything last semester here, but suddenly, you do today, and i wonder who it might be? it’s definitely not going to be anyone who was here before. so it has to be that new exchange student!” sejeong rambles on and on, eliciting a chuckle from chaeyeon, who nonetheless agrees that the boy is indeed cute.

with a roll of your eyes, you continue to eat your lunch before packing it up midway through. “i’ll be going. i still need to hand in my holiday project to mr. kang. i have no idea why the heck he thought it was an okay idea to give us a project over break.”

the girls wave you off, with a reminder to meet at the gates after school. 

the further you get from the cafeteria, the stronger the scent of cinnamon grows. but as it doesn’t quite grow to be as strong as it was this morning at any point of your journey, you continue onwards to pick up your project from your locker and deliver it to your art teacher. 

“and i thought you would be late, kid,” your teacher starts, chuckling at your sheepish smile, “as always, coming in last minute with the highest quality of work.” you bow wordlessly to your teacher, thanking him for his (eternal) praise and patience with you, and leave the room.

you’re about to turn in the other direction, when you slam into someone’s chest and get a strong whiff of cinnamon. amidst the overwhelming scent, you register a deep chuckle coming from above you.

“hi,” he says, and it looks like it took him all his courage to say that.

“oh my god.” 

silence, as you slowly crane your neck up to look at him.

“sejeong and chaeyeon were right.”

a crimson slowly appears on both your faces, confusion dawning on him.

“you are cute, lai guanlin.”

you grin and he stammers unintelligibly, dumbfounded.

“i think i can learn to like cinnamon if you’re my soulmate.”

he doesn’t smell like lavender, but he does very quietly freestyle a rap for you at three am over the phone when you find yourself unable to sleep. he doesn’t smell like the ocean breeze either, but he does send you selfies of his sleepy smiles at eight am on sunday mornings, reminding you to get lots of rest.

“cinnamon helps the brain, you know,” guanlin says with a cheeky smile as he lays his head on the library table atop his arm, watching as you pull out your books from your backpack.

“don’t you have basketball practice? anything better to do than bother me while i study?” you frown, cracking open your chemistry book and flipping to the next empty page in your notebook.

“mm, woojin hyung cancelled. besides, what better thing to do then watch my cute baby study while i fall asleep to the scent of cherry blossoms?” 

“i’m older than you.”

“i’m taller than you by twenty centimeters and counting.”

“shut up and go to sleep.” 

“study well. wake me up when you need help?”

“i’m a year above you–”

“i took chemistry last year.”

“go to sleep, you smartass.”

the scent of cinnamon does keep you awake and revived, and guanlin’s peaceful sleeping features keep you anchored at bay when you feel like banging your head against the table while studying for your gruesome chemistry test. 

when you pass the test with a decent b the next, you proudly declare cinnamon as your favorite scent.

“i know.” guanlin says with a smug shrug, “that’s just my impact.”

Studying tips

As someone who really struggles to concentrate and study due to anxiety, I thought it may be useful to share some of my studying strategies/tips on here in hope they might help someone else!

-Study away from home. It’ll allow you to relax better when you sleep and therefore your body and mind will be more prepared for the next day.

-Give yourself breaks. It’s pointless trying to do hours of revision straight as you’re not going to absorb everything as best as you can. Give yourself 10 minute breaks every 50 minutes, and then carry on. I use chrome extensions with timers and won’t allow myself to touch my phone until the timer has run out.

-Use pretty notebooks and colourful stationary. It will motivate you to study more and the results of your revision will be more satisfying, making it more likely that you will read back over your notes.

-Eat well and make sure you get sufficient nutrients. People often neglect their health during exam period, but a healthy diet is important as a healthy diet will ensure you feel as energised and well as possible. The last thing you want is to feel ill during exam season.

-Give yourself something to look forwards to when exams finish. Book yourself in for a spa treatment. Plan a lil day trip. Find a book you want to read. A place you want to visit. Having something to look forwards to will help you power through.

-Have a relaxing and happy study playlist. It’ll allow you to stay calm when struggling to understand and learn concepts. Music influences our emotions a lot more than people realise, and emotions affect our studies.

-Don’t study all day every day! You need evenings off. The last thing you want to happen is to ‘burn out’ and end up lacking motivation. Watch a film before you go to sleep. Spend an evening with a friend. Relax.

-Try not to stress. Exams are not the be all and end all. The most important thing is that you’re happy. If you fail an exam, so what? You can still resist. You can still complete your degree. School and university isn’t everything. You’re only going to lead a happy and fulfilling life if you’re happy yourself, so don’t fret.

Good luck for everyone currently taking exams 💞💞💞

  • Naruto: Sasuke
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Naruto: You've got issues
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Naruto: Like enough to fill an entire ocean or a mountain or no, a GIANT butt-load
  • Sasuke: How big is this hypothetical butt, usuratonkachi?
  • Naruto: I thought you were asleep.
  • Sasuke: As if anyone can sleep with you yelling insults in their ear.
  • Naruto: I was whispering well-known facts, bastard
  • Sasuke: It's three in the morning. Go back to sleep. We can argue tomorrow
  • Naruto: Or, uh, since you're up, we could argue right now
  • Naruto: Come on Sasuke, just this one thing, just one time. We don't even have to invite anyone.
  • Sasuke: Then what's the point?
  • Naruto: Do it for me
  • Sasuke: No.
  • Naruto: But we're already basically, uh, com-committed to being together, so why is this such a big deal?
  • Sasuke: I could ask you the same thing.
  • Naruto: Seriously bastard, you can just give in and do it, or have me harass you until you give in and do it.
  • Sasuke: Or?
  • Naruto: Or, you can tell me the real reason you're against it, and I might... Give you a break. For a while.
  • Sasuke: That's it?
  • Naruto: I could do this all night, teme.
  • Sasuke: *raises eyebrow*
  • Naruto: *blushes* You know what I mean
  • Sasuke: Fine. You want us to have a wedding. A traditional marriage ceremony.
  • Naruto: Duh.
  • Sasuke: So, which one of us is the bride?
  • Sasuke: These rituals follow a specific set of guidelines and require each party to take on a certain role. If this is really what you want, one of us has to be the bride.
  • Naruto: Seriously?
  • Sasuke: I thought you knew that.
  • Naruto: Yeah I did, and the answer is pretty obvious, but I didn't know that's the reason you-
  • Sasuke: What do you mean, 'the answer is obvious'
  • Naruto: Well, you're the one who always, er, is the one who takes *vague hand gestures* when we do the, uh, ya know, the thing that we *cough* do.
  • Naruto: So you'll be the bride. Problem solved.
  • Sasuke: Naruto, you...
  • Naruto: Yeah, what is it?
  • Sasuke: Should sleep on the couch.
  • Naruto: Aw, c'mon. If you really don't want to I guess I could... But Sasuke, you'd totally be the perfect bride.
  • Sasuke: *activates sharingan*
  • Naruto: Gah! It was a compliment, you asshole! Okay, okay, I'm going. Geez.

Summary: Obi-Wan is Cody’s General no matter what…even he does happen to be a Sith Lord.
A/N: for the infiltration for @finish-the-clone-wars writing Wednesday! As always i’m my own beta! If you like it give me a heard and a reblog :D It helps. 

I tried my best D: But I’m so tired, and so busy but I want to stay committed to these prompts even if I am a day late! I’m also my own beta, so beware of the mistakes!

Cody is silent as he snakes through the Senate prison with a blaster held tightly in his hand.

Boil has done his best to take out the surveillance, therefore buying Cody what little time he needs to navigate through the building while going unnoticed (the clones stationed at each checkpoint, however, are Cody’s problem).

As a clone, he has walked these halls numerous times to put prisoners away, and as a Commander, he knows the building like the back of his hand.

And with that knowledge, comes the location of the newest inhabitant, the “hot topic” of the Senate, Jedi Order, and the Barracks.

The Sith Lord. Otherwise known as former Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Otherwise known as his General.  

From what Cody had heard, along the lines of the war (or even before that, according to the hushed gossip of the others), he had aligned himself with the “Dark Side” due to unclear reasons.

Someone had figured it out—someone had turned him into the Order, and provided undeniable evidence while doing so.

Of course they had assumed he’d been allied with the Sith Lord pulling the strings behind the war, of course they had sentenced him to death without a fair trial due to this (Despite his constant “It’s not me” as he was being dragged away, and the painful “Anakin please believe me”).

Of course Cody is saving him, because no matter what, Obi-Wan Kenobi is his General, and he is Obi-Wan’s Commander. And Sith or not, General Kenobi is the same man he knew when he was given command of the 212th , the same man who’d protected he and his brothers with his life, and the same man who Cody would protect with his life.

And besides, if Obi-Wan truly is a Sith Lord, then is far kinder than many of the Jedi that Cody has met.

 When he finds him, Obi-Wan is sitting in the middle of his cell, legs crossed and hovering just above the floor. There are six guards standing in front of the transparent screen—four of them clone troopers and two of them Jedi temple guards.  

“Shit.” Cody hisses, hiding behind the corner as he readies his weapon.

The clones, he can take. The Jedi, he’s not so sure (there is a small part of him, perhaps for the first time in forever, that reminds him that he is a genetic copy of Jagno Fett—and Jango was a Jedi killer. And if his General is a Sith, then he might as well live up to his dark reputation as well).  

“Boil,” he states dryly into his commlink, switching his blaster to kill, “Can you do anything about the lights.”

There is a second or two where Boil doesn’t respond, and Cody prepares himself for the worse as the pristine, white mask of one of the Temple guards turns towards his hiding place, gloved hand edging towards their saber.

Then, it all goes dark.

Jango used the element of surprise, and lethal speed for his kills. So Cody finds himself doing the same.

His blaster fires six shots, and in six seconds, six bodies hit the floor.

After that, the light comes back on, and time moves in a blur.

Obi-wan is standing, quite shocked and perplexed as his eyes—golden honey, a color Cody had never seen before—stares in horror at the bodies.

“Cody…did you kill your brothers?” Asks the older man, as the said clone fumbles with the key card.

“You stepped to the Dark Side, so I figured I’d give it a shot too,” he jokes, bitterly, pulling his General over the threshold, “Now let’s go, Boil will meet us outside.”

“I’m the Sith, Cody. Not you—“

“Would you rather they contact others?” Cody hisses as he drags his general through the halls, “And if I’m going to be stuck with you, I might as well get used to it.”

“I never thought I’d live to see the day when you of all people would break the rules, Cody,” he attempts to adds mirth to the situation, but there is something terribly off about him as they clear the corridor.

“What is it General?”

“You don’t have to do this, Cody,” he mutters, eyes dancing between a soft blue and gold, “ Not for me. I may be a Sith, but you’re a respected Commander.”

“You’re the best General I’ll ever get, Sir,” He states in all seriousness, “We all think that. Where you go, we go.”  

He looks touched, even through the blush of exhaustion, and beads of sweat that pour down his forehead as he continues down the hall.

“Thank you, Cody,” he responds sincerely.  “Just…thank you.”

It must mean a lot, Cody thinks to himself, as he escorts his General to the landing pad. He’s lost the support of the council, lost the support of the Senate, and has gained the eternal hate of Anakin. He must have thought Cody would hate him as well.

“You’re welcome, Sir.”

The Sith cringes at the title.

“And if we’re going to be on the run together, Cody, then call me Obi-Wan.”

The clone tries it on his tongue, the name so foreign and unnatural coming from his lips. Eventually, he gives up when they make it to the roof where Boil and a small ship await them. There are other clones standing around as well, Obi-Wan notices, the yellow markings indicating  the 212th, guns in their hands as if they are patrolling.

“Wait, Cody,” he stops in his tracks, marveling in gratitude at the men who wait ahead of him, “Who’s all helping me.”

“The entire 212th, si—Obi-Wan,” Cody corrects himself, “You’ve got yourself the beginnings of a Sith Army.”

“They might as well think I am pulling the strings,” exaggerates the older man, as Boil helps him into the ship, “But I guess this just gives us the element of surprise.”

not my best but I hope you all liked it! I kinda like Sith Obi-Wan, and I was debating on whether or not I wanted to make Plo a Sith too. Either way, if Obi is a Sith in this AU so is Plo :D the ending is cheesy but it  means Obi-Wan and the 212th will have a bigger presence in the war while using the element of surprise, because everyone thinks Obi-Wan is the Sith orchestrating the war.

tagging as codywan because i ship these two :D 

How Ochako Learned to Stop Worrying and Try Kicking His Butt (IzuOcha one-shot)

“You know, you really have to watch how hard you push yourself.”

Ochako furrowed her eyebrows, her muscles still aching as she vomited out onto the grass, her stomach churned in agitation. She recovered after a couple of heaving breaths, swallowing the swell of sickness as she wiped the remaining bile off her mouth with her sleeve. Despite the awkwardness of the unflattering retching, she managed to form a sunny smirk as she heaved herself back upright and shifted her gaze from the ground.

Deku stood tall, adorned in costume as she was, his eyes creased in worry as he watched her compose herself. His doting concern was touching, but she quirked an eyebrow at his hypocrisy. Her eyes ran over his body (while definitely not appreciating his physique) to see a mixture of nicks and bruises. The wounds seemed to migrate across his skin through the weeks of hero training.

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ML Fluff Month Day 28 || I Got This For You, But...

When Chloé accidentally causes Nathanaël to drop his sketchbook in a puddle, she goes a bit overboard when trying to replace it.

Rated G || 726 Words

Cross posted on Ao3 || FF

After a Rainstorm

Nathanaël was pissed. After The Great Sketchbook Fiasco of 2017 that had occurred the previous day, he had some choice words for one Chloé Bourgeois.

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a (not-so) disaster guide to: presentations and public speaking

So. You’re a few days into lectures, when suddenly a lecturer drops a bomb and says you have a presentation due in ten days. You’re working with two people you don’t know that well. The title is broad. You’re freaking out.

This has happened to me.

And I survived it. In fact, I got a B in it, even with losing my train of thought, having a brain fart, and forgetting what hydrogen bonding is. Oh, and I completely bullshitted the lecturer’s question (but he was cool and used it as a teaching moment)

Full disclosure, I’m super chill about public speaking, because I’ve done my fair share of it. And I totally get not everyone is. So this mightn’t work for everyone, but it might help somebody. There are three parts to every presentation.

Part One: Preparation

What the hell is the use of hydrogen bonding in pharmaceutical chemistry? What even is hydrogen bonding? Why am I even doing chemistry?

Break it down. Give yourself an evening to plan and plot and think about the topic. Set up a group chat for your presentation group and arrange to meet in the next few days. Then plot out the entire presentation as if you’re doing it yourself. (Full disclosure, I’m a total control freak.) Then, when you meet with your group, share your ideas. They might have thought of another angle. Make sure each person has a topic by the time your little group meeting is over. Arrange to meet in a few days.

And then go home and start planning again. You won’t be able to read papers and find articles for every topic. So use your textbooks. Use your notes. Message older students and ask them if they have any notes on that topic. Compile everything you have. Meet with your group, see if they found anything, share if you found anything useful for them. Make sure you all know what you’re talking about so you’re not just repeating information.

Find out how you’re expected to present. I used a slightly different style when I was asked to use acetate and an overhead projector than when we were expected to use Powerpoint. And write down everything you’re going to say. Read it out loud to someone else to make sure it makes sense. And practice, practice, practice.

Part Two: Practice, Practice, Practice

So, obviously, you’re not going to have quite a much time to practice when you have ten days, an online assignment due, and god knows what else going on, compared to when a lecturer gives you three months notice. If you have time, practice with your group. Give each other feedback, get used to talking in front of other people. If you don’t, it is vital you practice by yourself. And it’s pretty damn important even if you do have time. I find that nearly knowing what I’m going to say off by heart makes it so much easier to present. Read it off your cue cards (I strongly advise against reading off a piece of paper, cue cards look a lot more natural), try and recite it from the top of your head, try and recite it using your cue cards as prompts. Use your visual aids, if you’re using them. Get used to presenting and to using everything together.

Part Three: Present!

I find dressing up and wearing makeup helps me feel a little more professional and ready to present. I have my cue cards in hand, even if I think I know the whole thing off by heart. Do not just read from your cue cards. Do not just read off a piece of paper, or your visual aid. You will put your audience to sleep, no matter how hard they try and listen. Use an appropriate register- I found a little bit of a casual tone helped it feel natural. If you find yourself getting anxious, or you lose your train of thought, or you realise you’re rambling, stop and take a deep breath. Focus briefly on your feet on the floor, and then continue, apologising if necessary. Go slow. A slow speaker tends to be better than a fast one. I walk around a lot when I’m presenting, I don’t know if this keeps the audience’s attention on me or not, but it feels natural to me. Do what feels natural. Talk with your hands and move around, or just stand still. Feeling natural and feeling comfortable is the most important thing.

These are the steps I use for any presentation, be it worth 10% or 1.5%. Like I said, I’m very comfortable with public speaking. You might need to practice more, you might find walking around just makes you more anxious, you might hate taking control of your group. It’s okay to be anxious. Public speaking is one of the most common phobias in the world. It’s okay to want to throw up, to want to run away and hide. But you can’t do these things, and I hope these tips make it a little easier. If you have any questions, please send me an ask, I’ll do what I can to help!

findmeinthevoid  asked:

“No, no, let’s not put me in the spotlight. Seriously, I refuse.” with lukaniel because goodness knows i have been lost to the rarepairs

“No, no, let’s not put me in the spotlight,” Nathaniel flushed, taking a few steps back. “Seriously, I refuse.”

“Please, Nath!” Rose squealed, clasping her hands together. “We want everyone to know who designed our awesome banner! You’re practically a part of Kitty Section now!”

“Really, it’s okay.”

“You totally deserve the credit,” Juleka shrugged. “We’re going to say something at the show.”

“Oh, you should bring him on stage with you,” Mylene teased, eyeing Nathaniel’s increasingly red face. “Maybe he could even sing a little. Do you sing, Nathaniel?”

“No,” he mumbled. 

“You could stand by me with a tambourine,” Ivan grinned.

“Hey, give him a break.” Luka boarded the houseboat and set his guitar case down. “You keep teasing him and he might not ever gift us any of his awesome artwork again.”

Nathaniel’s blush had been slowly fading but flamed up once again. He ducked his head shyly. “It’s okay.”

“You’re late or whatever.”

Luka frowned at his sister. “Yeah, sorry. This teaching guitar thing is going to be a lot of trial and error. It took longer than I thought.” He leaned down to open his case and glanced back over his shoulder. “Are you staying while we practice, Nathaniel?”

Every other set of eyes went to the redhead and he attempted to shrink in on himself. “Uh, I should probably go.”

“Oh.” Luka stood and looped the guitar strap over his head. “That’s too bad. I was hoping maybe we could hang out after or something.”

Rose’s eyes lit up and she grabbed Nathaniel’s arm. “Oh, please stay! We can all hang out and watch a movie later. It’ll be like a triple date!”

Nathaniel made a choking sound and Luka blushed, busying himself with grabbing a pick from his case. “Uh, I don’t know.”

“It would be really cool if you wanted to stay,” Luka said, “but no pressure.”

Mylene cleared her throat, trying to subtly signal that everyone should find something else to pay attention to for a few minutes.

Nathaniel scuffed his foot against the deck. “I mean, I could stay, I guess.”

“If you don’t want to watch a movie with everyone, we could always do something else,” Luka offered. “It’d just be cool to get to hang out.”

“Yeah, definitely.”

“Oh my gosh,” Rose whisper-squealed. “I hope they invite us to the wedding. They are so going to fall in love!”

Juleka laughed softly, kissing her girlfriend’s head with a smile.

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“The problem is Sakura-chan, and this is the way I see it, you have the right to ignore my love for you, but you ignoring me doesn’t stop me from loving you. I am dreamer Sakura and in this case, the only solution is for me to wake up. You’ve got to wake me up, you’ve got to reject me for real.”

Sakura who had been half-way through a ramen slurp choked momentarily on a noodle.

“Naruto, you’ve got to let a girl finish slurping before dropping that kind of talk on her.”

“Before you reject me. Give me a week.”


“Give me a week to win you over.  If I can’t win your heart by the end of the week, you can reject me for good and I’ll move on forever.”

Sakura glanced over her shoulders to see if anyone at the Ramen Ichiraku was eavesdropping on their suddenly serious conversation.

“Let’s slow down for a second Naruto, I’m still trying to process the unusual direction this conversation seems to be taking.”

“Sakura, I know this sound strange. But I’ve made this promise to myself to finally win your heart.”

“You made a promise to yourself?”



“Just now.”

“Just now?”

Naruto nodded. “Yes, as I watching watching you slurp I promised that I’d put everything I have on the line to win you over. But I need you to give me a chance. Give me a week.”

“Okay let’s summarize all of this. You, just now-made a promise to yourself to win me over in seven days.”

“If I can’t do it in seven days I’ll move on.”

Sakura looked at Naruto closely now, gauging his seriousness. “I appreciate the melodrama. I actually enjoy melodrama to be honest, but it’s not–”

“All I need from you Sakura is a chance.”


“You can reject me at the end of the week” Naruto interrupted. “No hard feelings.”

“I understand what you’re saying but–”

“We’ll still be friends, as close as ever, I swear.”

“That’s good to know bu–”

“One week Sakura, just give me one week.”

She sighed. “There’s literally nothing I can say right now that’s going to stop you from going through with this right?”


Sakura took a moment to consider this. “How do you plan on–.”

“I don’t know. But it’s gonna be romantic and it’s going to be memorable. I guarantee that it will blow you away.”

“Is it wise wise to make that kind of guarantee when you have no idea what you’re going to do?”

“If I knew how to win your heart Sakura, I would have already done it. But I am going to do it, I just need you to open to it. Just give me a chance Sakura-chan.”

Again Sakura paused to reflect. “You’ve….okay you’ve got a chance.”

“Thank you.”

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The Queen

Chapter one! Chapter two! Chapter three!

Finally some smut! It’s more or less quick, for reasons you’ll understand more or less. It will all get better! Same warnings as last time! Enjoy!

WC: 2615

Originally posted by the-winchester-s-guardian

Chapter Four

 The next morning you were released, and were given cups of all types of alcohol to provide you with a constant buzz to keep the pain down. It was Negan’s orders until he returned.

 The two days that followed your release were filled with slow exploration of the old factory. Each of Negan’s people knew you, and what you had done to their own, so most of them were fearful of you. The moment you would enter a room, or walk past a group of people, it would fall silent. You didn’t really mind though. Not that it really made you miss your people. They had all became quite tired of your games with Negan, and some were even saying they wanted to leave.

 You were used to being a bit of a loner, even before the apocalypse struck. You were a bit out there, and you knew it. Maybe a bit is downplaying it, even.

 You had somewhat become friends with the girl named Amber that was staying with you while you were in the care unit. She wasn’t even really your friend, as she didn’t want her reputation with the other wives to go down due to being seen with you. Not one of the wives were a fan.

 “It’s because everyone’s saying you’re going to be the new wife,” Amber explained, you were confused as to how they could not like you if they hadn’t even met you.

 “So?” you laughed, “You’re all friends, I bet one of you was a new wife at some point.”

 “But, its different.”


 “A lot of us became wives out of best interest for our people. We went as exchanges for certain promises from Negan. However, you’ve been playing with him for months, and there’s a lot of talk going around that he may have real feelings for you. Or even that you may have real feelings for him. I mean, think for a minute what you have to offer him? And not in some emotional type of way, think strictly as a business man such as him might.”

 “But what if its that simple?” you smiled, “What if we both just have real feelings for each other?”

 Her face fell as I watched a million thoughts run through her head.

 “I mean,” you continued, “is that really such a bad thing? Yeah, maybe it might seem a little weird to some people-”

 “He killed all of your people.”

 “And I killed lots of his.”

 The silence overtook her again.

 “We’re both, different but that doesn’t make us any less human. If anything, it makes us more so. We give in to our primal cravings, where others may not.”

 “Him caring about you lessens our value to him. What if he breaks those promises he made us? If we’re of no use to him, what use is his word to us?” you could feel the genuine stress as she tapped her foot.

 “That’s exactly what I want!” you clapped your hands, your mind was flooded with thoughts of it being just you and him, having him all to yourself, “Not the whole you guys being hurt and forgotten, but having him to myself! I’m sure he would be too busy being in love with me to even bother hurting you and your families.”

 These past few days, and all of the alcohol had made you realise how much you really did care for Negan. Why else would you play this constant game with him? Entertaining him when you could have ended him all that time ago? There was something about the man that drew you, maybe it was chemical, and maybe it was just pure insanity, but you wanted whatever it was.

 Amber stormed towards the door and as she ripped it open Negan stood in the doorway, one hand behind his back and the other in front holding a cup with a golden liquid in it. Amber jumped back and stood straight, eyes on the ground; she was just as surprised to see Negan as he was to see her.

 “I was just leaving,” she quickly spoke.

 “That’s a good idea,” he smiled as she sped out of the room, he then turned and looked at you.

 It hadn’t been long, and had only just come to terms with your feelings for him, but god damn were you excited to see him. You smiled and patted the space beside you on the bed.

 He kicked the door closed behind him and walked over to you, sitting down  softly, obviously concerned about your condition. He handed you a cup and you took a sip.

 “How you doin’?” he asked, voice low.

 “I’d be a hell of a lot better if this was my type of cure, rather than yours,” you smiled, the alcohol warming your stomach.

 “Cheeky,” he chuckled, “Listen, y/n, I’ve been thinking, a whole hell of a lot lately, about this and you and fucking everything. Are you okay?”

 You removed the blanket that was covering you to reveal that you weren’t wearing any pants and placed the cup on the floor before walking over to the fireplace. You could feel his eyes burning into you as you spun and smiled at him, “Well, that depends. Is daddy still mad I don’t like his drink-y poo?”

 He let out a low moan before standing off of the bed and walking over to you, one hand still behind his back as he grabbed your chin and leaned in so closely you could almost taste his breath, he then licked his lips, “Listen, sugar,” his low voice growled, “daddy hasn’t gotten his fucking dick wet since you got here, so I’d ease up on the teasing bullshit.”

 “Funny,” you giggled, “I always imagined you as the type to savour foreplay. Whatcha hiding?”

 He backed off and smiled slightly, “Oh right,” he used his free hand to scratch the back of his neck, “Uh, listen dollface, uh, well, shit, this type of thing isn’t what I normally do. But I wanted to do it, because I wanted you to fucking see how serious I am about being sorry,” he pulled out the hidden hand to reveal a bouquet of wild flowers.

 You gasped to yourself and grabbed them, sniffing them excitedly as he continued.

 “Listen, I really was thinking about you this whole time. You were on my mind this whole fucking time. All I could think was, great, finally catch what I’ve been chasing and I break it. You weren’t like anything or anyone else I’ve gotten my hands on in a long time. You didn’t come with a group of people who could work for me, or an arsenal of weapons. You were all by your fucking self. Nothing to add to the sanctuary. Yet, I worked my ass of to get you. This crazy fucking nutcase that slaughtered my own family. And yet the moment you’re here, the fucking second I have you in my clutches and can return the fucking favour, I realise something. This crazy bitch is what I’ve been craving this entire time. You sat in front of me, covered in the blood of a man I considered to be a good friend of mine, and all I wanted to do was fucking hold you.”

 You blushed as you took a cup of water from the night before and placed the flowers inside, placing them on your small desk. You then began to walk towards him. He watched you silently as you came to him and crawled onto his lap, straddling him so that you were face to face. He parted his lips but before he could speak you crashed your lips onto his. He was shocked for a second before pulling you closer, with one hand on your ass and one on the back of your neck.

 He stood and you wrapped your legs around his waist as he spun and lowered himself back onto the bed, your back resting on the mattress as his hand then slid up your shirt and grabbed your breast. You let out a high pitched moan and he smiled into the kiss and then moved his hands down your body. You moved your hands to begin peeling off his shirt and he let out a growl before pinning your hands above your head.

 “Don’t fucking touch me unless I say so, we clear?”

 “Yes daddy,” you nodded, just wanting his lips back on you as quickly as possible.

 “Fuck I love that,” he groaned before sucking your neck.

 You continued to let out low moans as his fingers worked into your panties and he began to circle your clit using his thumb. You bucked your hips and let out a cry in pleasure as he forced two fingers inside of you. It had been a while since you had been made to feel like this, and had no idea how to handle the euphoria that was coming in quick waves.

 Within seconds, suddenly it was his tongue working your clit. You looked down only to lock eye contact with him as he pumped the two fingers in and out at a constant, intense speed. As he hooked them up and drug them out, you threw your head back, moaning loudly. Your orgasm was coming, and he knew it.

 He then stood, and smiled down at your confused and needy body.

 “No,” you whined quietly as he chuckled, staring at you and taking in your entire body.

 He peeled his shirt off of his incredible body and began to unbuckle his jeans.

 “You’ve been so good, baby,” his voice rumbled, sending shivers up your spine, “I just wanted to join you.”

 He stood naked in front of you for a few seconds, and allowed you to take in what you had been obsessing over the past few days. He then grabbed his length and stroked it slowly a few times. You slid off of the bed and onto your knees in front of him, looking up at him hungrily.

 “I wanna taste, daddy, let me taste you. I’ve been a good girl,” you moaned, “You said so yourself.”

 Negan nodded before taking a fist full of your hair and forcing his length into your throat. You gagged but quickly adjusted and began to slowly bob your head.

 “That’s it,” he moaned, “take it all, be a good slut for daddy.”

 You swiveled your tongue around the head of his throbbing cock as you came up for air and he moaned loudly, pulling you up and spinning you around so he could bend you over the bed. Pushing your face into the mattress he smiled and leaned into your ear, licking your neck as he whispered, “You tell me if this is too much for you, okay kitten?”

 You nodded, ready for him, and he slowly pressed himself into you. You pressed your ass against his body and bit your lip as your body adjusted. Almost as if he knew what you needed before you did, he quickly thrust himself in and out a few times, the pain quickly being replaced with pleasure as he filled you entirely.

 “Fuck,” you cried out as he moaned loudly with you, “You like this pussy, daddy?”

 He groaned against your neck as his paced picked up, his hand going below your body so his fingers could resume playing with your sensitive clit. You were edging onto your orgasm again as your body twitched from the intense pleasure coming from two different sensations. He had possessed your body as he bit roughly at your neck.

 “I want you to fucking tell me when you’re going to cum,” he commanded, his voice shaking. You threw your head back and called his name loudly.

 “Negan! Fuck, Negan, I-I’m gonna f-fucking cum!” you cried. His hand moved from your pussy to your throat as he choked you gently. You orgasm finally crashing through your body in waves of prolonged pleasure, he let out a tight moan as he then caved into his orgasm, filling you with his cum as he released hot, shaken breaths onto your back.

 He collapsed onto your body, detangling his fingers from your hair as he wrapped his arms around you and snuggled you for a moment. He then rolled off to the side and smiled, staring as you as you struggled to return to earth.

 “Y/n, you’re everything I’ve ever wanted from a woman,” he sighed, “and I know I probably sound like a fuckin’ broken record, but I want you to know how real this is for me. You terrify people. You turn people on. All at once. I’ve never in my life met a woman who can silence a room like you do, nor have I fucked a woman like you. You’re this sexy, submissive, up for anything slut that I’ve been praying for.”

 You smiled and rolled onto your back, breathing in and out slowly. He propped himself up on his elbow before continuing. “I want you to marry me, y/n.”

 You let out a sigh, “Negan, I’ve been thinking too. And I do care about you. I do want you. I want a life with you. I want this,” you turned your attention to the roof and stared, “It just sucks to realise things can’t be the way I dreamed they would. With the ring and the ceremony and it all. I had hoped this whole shit show wouldn’t steal any big moments from my life.”

 Negan smiled before getting up and reaching into his pants, “Do you think this is a big moment for you?” he asked, crawling back into the bed, “Why’s that?”

 “Well, I mean, would you still want to be with me if the world went back to normal?” you asked, watching him as he rubbed his beard.

 “Y/n, I want  to be with you in every way I can imagine the world being,” he smiled, for the first time since you met him, he looked almost nervous, “If someday I could have a normal home with you, fucking neighbours and a big living room and that shit, I would want it. If the rest of my fuckin life is spent killing walkers and living in an old factory, well, shit, as long as I’ve got you that doesn’t sound too bad. Here,” he opened his palm and grabbed what he was holding, showing it to you. It was a ring, “it took a while to find one of these, but eventually a walker of all fucking things walked up to us wearing this. I had Dwight clean it all up for you and everything.”

 You fought back tears as you took stared at it. Negan slid it onto your finger and squeezed your hand before planting a quick kiss on it.

 “There is no other person in the entire fucking world I would do anything like this for, but I’m not about to gamble on something that finally fucking makes me feel human. Marry me.”

 You nodded, “Yes, Negan, yes absolutely one hundred times yes!”

 He smiled and kissed you, slowly cupping your entire face with his hand. You wanted to melt into him.

 “I hope you still think I’m exciting now that I’m just one of your million wives,” you teased.

 “This ring makes you different from them,” he responded, taking your hand and twisting the band on your finger slightly, “They can all be wives, you’re my queen.”

 You were glowing, Negan pulled your bare body close to his and began to kiss your shoulder along the outline of the mermaid tattoo you had, whispering to you about his trip until you fell asleep.



  • “ all that i want is to wake up fine ”
  • “ tell me that i’m alright ”
  • “ all that i want is a hole in the ground ”
  • “ you can tell me when it’s alright for me to come out ”
  • “ hard times are gonna make you wonder why you even try ”
  • “ hard times are gonna take you down and laugh when you cry ”
  • “ and i still don’t know how i even survive ”  
  • “ i gotta get to rock bottom ”
  • “ where do i go? ”
  • “ give me some sort of sign ”
  • “ if you hit me with lightning, maybe i’ll come alive ”
  • “ tell my friends i’m coming down ”
  • “ we’ll kick it when i hit the ground”


  • “ low-key, no pressure ” 
  • “ just hang with me and my weather ”
  • “ i hear you making all that noise about the world you want to see ”
  • “ i’m so annoyed ” 
  • “ i just killed off what was left of the optimist in me ” 
  • “ hearts are breaking ” 
  • “ wars are raging on ” 
  • • “ i have taken my glasses off ” 
  • “ you got me nervous ” 
  • “ i’m right at the end of my rope ” 
  • “ don’t make me laugh, i’ll choke ” 
  • “ just let me cry a little bit longer ” 
  • “ i ain’t gonna smile if i don’t want to ” 
  • “ we all can’t be like you ” 
  • “ i wish we were all rose-colored too ” 
  • “ my rose-colored boy… ”   
  • “ i want you to stop insisting that i’m not a lost cause” 
  • “ ‘cause i’ve been through a lot ” 
  • “ really, all i’ve got is just to stay pissed off” 
  • “ if it’s alright by you… ” 
  • “ you’re turning it into a joke ”
  • “ leave me here a little bit longer ” 
  • “ i think i wanna stay in the car ” 
  • “ i don’t want anybody seeing me cry now ” 
  • “ we gotta look on the bright side ” 
  • “ well, maybe if you wanna go blind… ” 
  • “ you say my eyes are getting too dark now ” 
  • “ you ain’t ever seen my mind ” 


  • “ the best is over and the worst is yet to come ” 
  • “ is it enough to keep on hoping when the rest have given up? ” 
  • “ i hate to say i told you so ” 
  • “ they love to say they told me so ” 
  • “ i know you like when i admit that i was wrong and you were right ” 
  • “ at least i try to keep my cool when i am thrown into a fire ” 
  • “ throw me into the fire ” 
  • “ throw me in, pull me out again ”


  • “ you hurt me bad this time 
  • “ no coming back ”
  • “ i cried ‘till i couldn’t cry ”
  • “ if i lay on the floor, maybe i’ll wake up ”
  • “ i don’t pick up when you call ”
  • “ your voice is a gun ”
  • “ every word is a bullet hole ”
  • “ if i never look up, maybe i’ll never notice ”
  • “ you want forgiveness ”
  • “ i just can’t do it yet ”
  • “ there’s still a thread that runs from your body to mine ”
  • “ you can’t break what you don’t see ”
  • “ will we just be alright? ”
  • “ it could take me all your life to learn to love ”
  • “ how i thought i could love someone, i haven’t even begun ”
  • “ if it’s all up to us, we might as well give up ”
  • “ i can barely hang on to myself ”
  • “ i’m afraid that i’ll have nothing left ”
  • “ don’t you go and get it twisted ”
  • “ forgiving is not forgetting ”
  • “ i’ll never forget it ”


  • “ i love making you believe what you get is what you see ”
  • “ i’m so fake happy ”
  • “ i feel so fake happy ”
  • “ i bet everybody here is just as insincere ”
  • “ we’re all so fake happy ”
  • “ i know fake happy ”
  • “ i’ve been doing a good job of making them think i’m quite alright ”
  • “ better hope i don’t blink ”
  • “ no one sees me when i crawl back underneath ”
  • “ if i smile with my teeth, bet you believe me ”
  • “ i think i believe me ”
  • “ please, don’t ask me how i’ve been ”
  • “ don’t make me play pretend ”
  • “ oh, what’s the use? ”
  • “ i bet everybody here is fake happy too ”
  • “ i’ll dress up my fears”
  • “ you think i look alright with these mascara tears? ”
  • “ i’m gonna draw my lipstick wider than my mouth ”
  • “ if the lights are low, they’ll never see me frown ”
  • “ i know I said that I was good and that i’m happy now ”
  • “ i should’ve known that when things are going good, that’s when i’d get knocked down ”


  • “ you really know how to get someone down”
  • “ everything was fine until you came around ”
  • “ i’ve been chasing after dreamers in the clouds ”
  • “ wasn’t i the one who said to keep your feet on the ground? ”
  • “ you really brought me back down ”
  • “ hold onto hope if you got it ”
  • “ don’t let it go for nobody ”
  • “ they say that dreaming is free ”
  • “ i wouldn’t care what it cost me ”
  • “ you got me tied up but i stay close to the window ”
  • “ i talk to myself about the places i used to go ”
  • “ i’m hoping someday maybe i’ll just float away ”
  • “ i’ll forget every cynical thing you said ”
  • “ when are you gonna hear me out? ”
  • “ you really bring me down ”
  • “ reality will break your heart ”
  • “ survival will not be the hardest part ”
  • “ keep all your hopes alive when all the rest of you has died ”
  • “ let it break your heart ”

hart-and-friar  asked:

Thanks for doing this again!! I'd love to read a Dancing with the Stars Bellarke AU if possible!!

The nice thing Clarke has found about Dancing with the Stars is that, as a general rule, the less she likes her celebrity partner, the sooner she’ll be eliminated.

It’s not a purposeful thing; she always does her best with every season, she’s way too competitive to not. But it tends to be hard, to work with people she dislikes, as the root cause of her dislike is generally that they won’t fucking listen to her. When she goes out early, it’s almost because her stupid celebrity refuses to listen to her or thinks she’s too harsh or the dance is too hard. It’s not like she usually gets to know them on any deep level; they spend a few weeks together in a surreal environment, and then she never sees them again.

Finn Collins, though. Finn Collins is new.

“You could just break one of his legs,” Bellamy suggests. They’re getting drinks and Bellamy is mocking her because while Ontari is something of a nightmare, she’s at least an expected kind of nightmare. She’s a controlling former actress who wants this to reboot her career and thinks Bellamy is there to serve her, not teach her. It sucks, but they’ve all dealt with that before. “Like, casually.”

Clarke snorts. “What’s the casual way to break someone’s legs? Ski mask and a tire iron?”

“I was thinking you just trip and fall and get him with your knee as you go down, but if you’ve got a ski mask and a tire iron–”

She elbows him. “Seriously, I’m worried that if he gets to the final he’s going to propose or something. Just to get audience votes.”

“That is how he got famous, right? Deciding he was going to marry a woman he barely knew?”

“If he tries to give me a rose I actually will break one of his legs,” she grumbles, and Bellamy laughs.

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this dreadful, terrible ‘it’

pierre bezukhov (great comet) x reader
~1300 words

Pierre is feeling low. You decide to comfort him. 

author’s note : I was on my roof when I decided to write this and I went on my roof the same night I finished this lmao

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anonymous asked:

hi! would it be okay to request yoosung and mc's first big fight in which yoosung says something hurtful and mc leaves (like in the heat of the moment) because she's overwhelmed and heartbroken but it has a happy ending? thank you!

Hi there anon, of course, it’s okay! Thank you!! Especially for saying ‘happy ending’, I live for fluff

A/N: Please let me know if you liked it! Or if you didn’t haha;; also, I know I’ve read a couple similar to this request, but they were about his gaming habits or the whole ‘rika’ situation, but I personally feel like by the time they had their big fight, he’d be passed both of those things. So this fic’s about them trying to open up the hospital! note: I don’t really know how that’d work, so…yeah. I tried my best tho! 

Word Count: 1459 (this is the longest I wrote in a while th ank)

edit: screw it i don’t trust cuts anymore ahahah 

Honestly, MC didn’t know it got that bad. Right now, she was sitting on a random bench, watching the sun slowly go down while wiping leftover tears. It was the first big fight between her and Yoosung, and she had walked out after he said something particularly hurtful. Thinking back, walking out was probably not the wisest choice, but she felt like she had no other choice. Their fights never got that bad before, even the ones about the same subject. This time, though, something just…pushed them over the edge.

It was about the hospital, again. The two of them spent about half the year finding a space, getting their materials and paperwork, and all the start up work. MC felt like Yoosung was rushing through the whole process, even if he only graduated and got his license last year. She kept trying to tell him that they had time and they needed to be thorough with everything before opening the hospital, but he was pushing her. “You know I just want to get started as soon as possible, honey.” He first said in one of their previous arguments, “Then I can move on from this job and be happier!” While they were working on the hospital, Yoosung managed to get a job at a family-owned pet hospital. It was similar to what he wanted to do, but it was a lot smaller. He was full of ambition, which was great, but it also stressed both him and MC out more than it needed to. Though, what he said was right. The two of them probably would be happier once the hospital opened, but they definitely not true right now.

“Yoosung, hun, can we please work on revising those legal vaccine documents tomorrow? It’s been a long day for both of us already..” MC asked. And that was true. It was still a bit early, but the both of them just came back from the RFA meeting, where they went over results from the last party and ate dinner. Before that, there was a full day of other work for both of them and MC could tell by the look in his eyes alone that it was a rough one. Not to mention the small rip at the back of his shirt from an accident with one of the dogs. Of course, she didn’t have the best day either, but she figured both of them needed rest more than anything. “Sorry babe, you can go rest, I’m gonna read them. It’ll get us one step closer to the hospital.” Yoosung said, picking the papers up and walking to their dining table. MC frowned, following him to the table. “Yoosung…the hospital isn’t going anywhere, right now, you need rest.” She put a hand on his shoulder, pressing down softly. He let out a small sigh, “I know, MC, but I told you…I really want to open it up already. Then I can really provide for us and we can be happy.” Maybe it was because it had been a long day, maybe MC misread his tone, or maybe it was something else, but she felt something off about what he said.

“What do you mean ‘happy’?” She asked, making him turn to look at her. “I’m happy just spending time with you, Yoosung. But you staying up to do all this isn’t making me happy…and it’s not making you happy, either.” Another sigh from Yoosung. “MC…you’re right, and that’s why I’m staying up. The faster I get this done, the faster we can not worry about it. Right? That’s why I worked hard to get my license. Why I was the fastest to do it.” “But Yoosung, you’re working too hard. It’s been a long day for the both of us, let’s just go to bed..” She took her hand off his shoulder, stepping back to let him get up, but he still sat there. “I can’t afford to waste time, MC. You go to bed, I’ll be fine.” “Taking care of your health isn’t wasting time, Yoosung. Can you please come with me?” Yoosung stood up then, leaving the papers on the table. “Do you not want me to achieve my dream or something, MC? We’re so close to finishing all this. I can stay up one more night.” MC blinked, caught off guard by his words. “Of course I want you to reach your dream, Yoosung, but that’s not the point. You said it yourself, we’re so close! So you can afford a night to rest.” “Really? I don’t know about that since you’ve been trying to slow it down since we bought the office.” “I’ve been doing nothing but helping you, Yoosung, you know that.” “If you were really helping me, these would be done already!” He gestured to the papers. “The hospital would probably be open already too!” It was clear the day had been getting the best of both of them, but neither of them saw it that way for now. “You can’t just open a hospital because you want to, Yoosung! You have to be careful about it. And be serious about it!” MC started unintentionally raising her voice, which only made Yoosung do the same. “I am serious about it! That’s why I want to get it done! I thought you were motivating me, not holding me back!” “Am I not allowed to care about your health? As someone who cares about you? As your girlfriend?” “No!”

It continued like that for a while, even if it probably could’ve been fixed easily. Until Yoosung said, “God if I knew you were going to do nothing but complain, I wouldn’t have dated you!” Both of them immediately shut up after that. Yoosung looked like he regretted it, but he didn’t get the chance to say anything before MC said, “You’re right. If I’m complaining too much to you about your health or the right way to open up a hospital - because I honestly don’t know how to do that - I should just go, right?” She started walking towards the door, grabbing her purse that, luckily, still had everything inside. “MC…” Yoosung tried. “No, I said you’re right. I’ll go then.” And she left.

Now here she was, on this stupid bench, trying not to cry anymore. She missed a few calls, but there wasn’t that many. Four, if she counted? One of them wasn’t even Yoosung. Maybe he really didn’t want her…

“MC!” She heard someone call, making her turn her head. It was Yoosung, running toward her. She looked away but answered him. “What? Is there something else you needed to say besides how much I complain?” He knelt in front of her, making her try to turn her head again, but he wouldn’t let her. “I do have something else to say, actually…” He caught her face, gently making her face him again while his thumb brushed away a tear. MC still refused to look at him, but she didn’t say anything. So he continued.  “I haven’t been treating the RFA’s party coordinator well, have I?” MC scoffed, her first reaction being the thought that calling her that wasn’t appropriate. And then she remembered that he used to call her that for the longest time until she finally convinced him otherwise. She let him keep talking. “What kind of Superman Yoosung does that make me? No, what kind of boyfriend does that make me?” MC looked at him now, seeing him make a small smile as she did so. “…A mean one..” She spoke softly, but it made him laugh. “You’re right, a mean one…which is why I came to apologize.” Both of his hands rested on her cheeks now, tracing the tear stains. “I shouldn’t have said that. I know you weren’t complaining. And I should’ve listened to you…you were only looking out for me.” Yoosung moved to stand up again, helping her stand up after. “Which is why, if you aren’t still mad at me or you don’t actually want to break up with me, I thought we could go home…I only called a few times because I also made us some dessert. And then we could cuddle…?” He finished with a smile, but his whole face said ‘nervous’. “Yoosung..” MC started, giving him a look of concern, “I think that’s a great idea. And I’m sorry, too. I know how much you want to open the hospital…and that you’d be much happier with that job-” “No, the hospital is close to opening. I can wait for a new job. A job might make me happy, MC, but I’m happiest with you.” Both of them smiled. “Now let’s go home. Okay, honey?”

The new girl.  -volume 7-    Making shit up.


( The series is Jonathan Byers x reader, but I guess this one is Steve Harrington x reader)

warnings: some cursing

note: Y/n means your name and Y/ln means your last name

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word count:957

THIS IS THE 7TH PART. YOU CAN READ THE PREVIOUS ONES…you can find them on my master list.

Previous parts:1 The new girl 2 The liar 3 The driving and blushing 4 The fight 5 The coincidence  6 It’s complicated

I wake up in a hospital. Attached to some tubes and I can feel my heart beating in my leg.

“I think she  should be awake by now.” I can hear a feminine voice coming from far away

I can catch steps coming from another room. I look around and Steve is snoring beside my bed, I giggle…he has his mouth wide open and he is drooling like a baby.
Someone walks into the room, probably a doctor or a nurse and clears her throat, Steve wakes up.

“Well, you’re awake at least, you’ll need to tell us a few simple things like your name and your parents’ names.“ she looks at me with a bored face and waits for me to respond.

I  panic. I can tell her where I’m really from because then they’ll contact my grandpa and he can’t found out I’m not at my school in France right now.

”…mhm..I..I…Im…my parents …..“ I’m getting really sweaty …I was not ready for this. I hesitate ..I have to come up with a lie and fast.

"My parents are dead,”
I say a little bit too loud. Well, that’s not a lie deep shit…i think to myself.

“I mean they died and I came here to live with a family that my parents were  friends of…. because the parents were really good friends and they agreed to take me in.”
Well, that just made a lot of fucking sense didn’t it, you stupid fuck…I continue to talk to myself…in my head.

“And who are these people, sweetie?” she says with that same monotone voice.


I look around the room and my eyes stop on Steve… he just stands there…awkwardly.

“Steve” I practically yell and make him jump up …and I must say the nurse too almost looks like she isn't a fucking robot and she is surprised by my scream.

“….I live with his family…Steves family I mean…”

He looks at me in confusion like I just dashed a gallon of ice water on him.

I grab his hand and squeeze him real hard and give him a meaningful look and hope he understands.

“ouch…” I slacken my grip a little…I don’t want him to think I want to tear his hand off..he looks confused enough already. He starts speaking again.

“I mean yes. She lives with me…I mean us…you know whatever she said.”
He smiles at me…like he just said something truly smooth and not something remarkably dumb.

The nurse looks at me and then Steve and back at me.

“Well ok than…should I call your mother then, Steve?” She is back to talking like a machine.

I look at Steve and pray to God he doesn’t say something moronic.

“Oh…no there is no need for that. I can take her home…my mum is not in town at the moment.” He replies.
I sigh in relief and release his hand.

“OK than children…have fun I guess. Just sign these… miss?…”

“Y/n ….I’m Y/n Y/ln,” I say…finally something I know the answer to.

I sign some papers. She nods and walks out.

Steve turns around and stares at me.

“Care to explain.” He looks confused.

I say. Now it’s my time to give him a flirty look….I don’t think I’ll ever see him off guard like that ever again.

He just stares at me for a while and then says…

“explain why you just lied to that poor nurse…I’ll understand if it was just because you felt the need to somehow connect us so you would get my attention.“

And it’s over.

"Oh, I never thought I lost your attention.” I feel a strange need to be sassy so I don’t stop at that.
“Sorry, it’s not your lucky day sweetie.” I giggle…the giggle that usually drives boys crazy.

“Well, it might just turn into it if I take u home like I said I would.” he doesn’t give up.

“well actually…” I try to argue with him.

“No excuses sweetheart… u made me lie today…but I won’t break my promise to the nurse just because of you…I’m not like that, you know,”

I swear he just winked at me.

“well I guess you’re right” I give up.

I wish I could blame my stupidity on the fact that my head still hurts a lot, but its actually the fact that Steve Harrington wants to take me home even tho I look like shit right now..or dead… I probably look dead.

So I just let him help me up and into his expensive car.
We drive in silence and then he stops in front of a big house, helps me out of the car and into the house where he practically drags me…because I’m putting almost all my weight on his arm… into the living room and places me onto the big couch…

“Do you need anything…or?” he asks politely.

“No, I’m fine thanks.”
Is he trying to pretend that he’s a gentleman?

He nods and walks out.

“I’m going to sleep now…”

I shout after him….

“…so don’t try anything funny.”

“Good night babe…” he calls back.
I can hear him chuckle.

Why is he calling me that I think to myself…but strangely I don’t yell anything back at him but just lay down and fall asleep.


by Maia Mayor

When I was little
I used to rip the wings off of butterflies so they would never leave me.
Crippled their beauty so they knew the hurt of being lonely.
And while the rest of the world flew by,
I watched as their broken bodies tried to fly without wings thinking
these were the things I’d take with me—
the lessons I’d learn in how to love you selfishly.

We took pieces of each other to make ourselves feel whole.
Cradled the weight of our loneliness with borrowed arms
like they’d be enough to hold us up.
But give too much, and you’ll find yourself ripping at the seams
Trying desperately to stitch love back together through interlaced fingers.
We held on for dear life.
Clung to each other on nights where we thought we might break.
Nights where the ache of loneliness threatened to slice through our psyche,
inviting spiteful words to cut into us like sharp knives
because everything hurt less than silence.
You were silent
the day I asked you for her name.
The girl with hair the color of sunset
whose beauty left you breathless.
You were silent
the day I picked up the remnants of your broken heart
and settled like bits of speckled dust
who mattered just enough to exist beside you.
when you had nothing left to give,
and we lived like broken butterflies
ripping away what once made us beautiful.
We lived without ever having learned to love properly.
Used the warmth of our bodies like security blankets
to fake whatever happiness we couldn’t find.

But still I was yours, fully and wholeheartedly
Still you were mine
And I would’ve spent centuries exploring the emptiness in your eyes,
letting gravity’s relentless pull bring me closer to those black holes so dark
I’d see the reflection of heartache staring back at me.
I would’ve stayed by your side for eternity
if it meant not being alone.
Because loneliness can break you.
It can make you believe that you aren’t worthy or good.
It can take you back to when you were six years-old
and fully convinced that because butterflies didn’t love you,
no one ever would.
It can scare you into submission and tear your self-worth to shreds
until you’re lying in bed wishing your hair was the color of sunset
and that your beauty left him breathless.
It can make your world feel so small that no matter how loud you screamed,
your words would fall silently through the cracks.
It wasn’t until the day you left,
until the day you found someone to be selfless for and grew your wings back,
that I realized how crippling the soul-crushing nature of loneliness can be.
How the absence of three weighted words can bring strong women crashing to their knees
pleading and praying
love me.

anonymous asked:

I know this sounds like it's coming from a deranged shipper, but season 14 could finally be the season destiel becomes canon. It has a perfect set up, it's when they are (hopefully) getting Dean back. They have hit him with basically everything. Sam's out for the count and Castiel's nearly there too. Michael is about to take one last swing at Castiel when Cas starts talking about his favorite memories with Dean. Some we didn't even know existed, Michael feels Dean's soul start to awaken, (1/2)

(2/2) Michael feels Dean’s soul start to awaken. Michaels still hitting Castiel but he’s still trying to keep Dean’s soul at bay. Michael’s finally had enough and is about to strike Cas with the Angel Blade but then Cas hopelessly whispers, “I love you, Dean.” And we see Michael muttering to himself and then Michael is expelled from Dean’s body. When Dean comes back fully he blinks a few times and shakes his head. His eyes land on Sam first, then Cas. He smiles and whispers, “I love you too.”

I thought about the possibility of a scene like that too, though not necessarily in the context of canonizing Dean and Cas as a couple. I was pondering if we might get a scene in which it is Cas that breaks through to Dean, as a mirror to the Crypt Scene. Back then Cas almost killed Dean under the influence of Naomi and Dean’s words (claiming Cas as family, saying that Dean needed Cas) allowed Cas to break through the hold she had on him. I think it would be nice to reverse that and give us a similar thing where Dean is being controlled and Cas words (love you, need you) break through to Dean. I know Cas already told Dean he loved him, but it can’t hurt to do it again. And while we’ve had a scene of Dean beating up Cas while he had the Mark of Cain, Castiel failed to break through to Dean and Cas’ words actually caused Dean to lash out. So I feel a reverse of that would be lovely.

But, and there’s a big but here, that isn’t taking into account that Sam and Dean had exactly this situation back in Season 5 where Sam was possessed, Dean spoke his heartfelt words and that broke through to Sam, allowing him to gain the upper hand over Lucifer. I think, considering that Sam and Dean’s relationship will always be the focus of the show, I suppose that they would rather go with that for some sort of beautiful (and painful) symmetry.

Then again, they might feel it’s too predictable (it is) and since it would probably not occur a the dramatic season finale, it can’t be as impactful as the scene in S5 was. So that would maybe make that scene happening between Dean and Cas a possibility.

While I’m still pro canon Destiel, I just don’t know what they’re gonna do. The relationship between Dean and Cas is always qualified with an “almost”. They go part of the way, but then draw back before following through. Nothing ever comes of any of it. Sure, Dean and Cas’ relationship continues to build in ways Dean and Sam’s or Sam and Cas’ didn’t. Every season it is fleshed out more and we get more intimate insights into a relationship where A LOT happens off screen for them. (And it’s always been like that. Just think of the “we’ve talked about this? Personal space?”)

… I feel I got off topic. Anyway! Dean being possessed by Michael must be horrible for Cas and it would be a shame not to use it to give us some more juicy Dean and Cas scenes.