thought you might call

When I first met you, I thought that you might be something that I was going to call home.
And I was right.
—  d.p.a

161104 BTS Yongsan Fansign - Jungkook © headliner_jk

fans: jungkook-oppa!

jungkook: i’m not your oppa!

fans: but you’re oppa to me!

jungkook: you keep calling me oppa!

fans: jungkookie-oppa! handsome oppa!

jungkook: from now on, our armys must bring id cards here, i’ll check them

seokjin: that’s right, show us your age.

seokjin: and one more thing, everyone who’s younger than me, don’t call me ‘seokjinie’. you got it?

fans: yep! seokjin-oppa!

jungkook, namjoon: seokjinie!

seokjin: last time a 02-liner girl called me ‘seokjinie’.

jimin: hyung, a 04-liner also did that to me. she was a middle schooler.

seokjin: a 02-liner called a 25-year-old ‘SEOKJIN-AH!!!!!’

jungkook: anyway, you have to bring your id card.

seokjin: that’s right, bring your id card and show us your age. if you don’t have an id card, bring your student card and ask ‘oppa, this is my age, can i call you ‘seokjinie’ once?’ (in formal language)

seokjin: those who don’t have id cards are all babies. you have to call us oppa.

yoongi: passport is accepted too. passport, id card, driver license. 

Humans and aliens in relationships

In this world where humans are Space Orcs™, Capable of Anything, Afraid-of-Nothing…

Imagine the alien actually having a relationship with a human. First, their friends are so curious and awed and thinks their friend is brave for getting involved with a human.

Second, they are too, at first, until they realize humans are not one particular species that all do the same, but that the specific human they are building a relationship with is pretty cool. Their mind boggles when they realize this, as this would mean that no human can be the same, that they all have different upbringing, likes and dislikes, everything infinitely complex. They finally figure that they, while understanding all of humanity might be impossible, they at least can try understand the one in front of them.

“Hey, C’Lom” the human says as it snaps its fingers in front of their eye-stalks. “Are you still with me?”

“Yes,” they say, “apologies, I was, as you might call it, lost in thought.”

The human stretches its neck muscles to one side, keeping its weird, big eyes on them. It’s very observant, but in a concerned way, like it wants to find out what it can do to make things better.

“Penny for your thoughts?” It says, eating another fried something from the container in front of it.

C’Lom bows their head a bit. Humans and their weird expressions. They ponder a while on how to best use the English language to express such abstract things. The dark room around them is only lit by a few night lights, the mess hall silent for another half hour before everyone starts their shifts. C’Lom had just woken up early and found their crew mate, and learned that it couldn’t sleep. They had started talking in hushed voices and now it was almost morning. Not that the time mattered on a spaceship anyway.

“The vastness of you amazes me,” they finally settled on, watching the humans expression as it took another bite.

The human swallowed, nodding.

“Likewise,” it said, and smiled a smile that made the whole room seem brighter.


I also can’t help but imagine the sex. Like, the alien might not know that humans procreate in any special way because they have never heard of it. They don’t really know anything about different sexes either because not all aliens has those, or they might have moved past it so that it isn’t part of their culture anymore, or something. TLDR, sex isn’t a thing this alien knows about, and even less human sex.

And after a while they are in a relationship and they want to make their human feel good, for their birthday or something. So they ask another human, and this human, after the shock dies down, start asking what kind of relationship they are having. Are they just friends? Are they lovers? Do they meet other people or are they exclusive? Have they kissed? Are they going to have a family?

The alien is so confused and preoccupied they don’t get a present for the human at all, they just sits around and stares vacantly until the human flat out ask them what’s wrong. The alien tells it and the human is making a facial expression where it’s both concerned and amused at the same time.

“Yeah, Dana has very strict ideas on what a relationship should be like. I don’t think that such definitions are as important as long as we are happy together.”

“Do I make you happy?”

The human smiled and traced C’Loms face with its eyes.

“Yes, you make me very happy.”

Maybe their relationship turns physical after this conversation, and C’Lom learns that the Strong, Capable Human™ can turn into putty if you know where to touch them.

Aaand maybe the alien does have tentacles or something similar and maybe they aren’t compatible enough to make babies but they might not want that anyway, and maybe they can adopt?

Anyway, this were just some things on my mind ;)

Every love poem addressed to him
was a cry for help.
I tried to make burning
seem passionate,
but he only desired me
the way flames desire
a wooden house.
I proclaimed him to be the ocean,
but you don’t drown
the one you love.
And I might have thought
it sounded poetic
to call him
a vine
growing on me,
but there’s no poetry
in how he choked the life
out of me
so he could live in the sun.
Poets are all liars, there’s
nothing romantic about hurricanes,
nothing romantic
about destruction.

So when I call her a candle,
I do not mean she is insignificant
compared to him.
I mean she is my light in the dark, a
quiet warmth to
make me feel safe.
She is rainfall;
she sustains me, helps me grow
and I want to dance with her.
She is a meadow
and loves when I
fall asleep in her arms.
She is a cool breeze,
a gentle relief.
No, she doesn’t
take my breath
But I can finally
breathe when I’m with her.

—  L.H.
Dear Padfoot - Part 1

“Dear Padfoot…”

“I thought maybe if I started calling you Padfoot again you might actually reply.”

“I’m worried your mum is destroying these letters, or something’s happened.”

“Or maybe you’re being dramatic and keeping all of these under your pillow and wallowing.”

“I really hope it’s the latter.”

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Electric Currents - Nightwing x Reader

Originally posted by lematworks

Requested by Anon - a nightwing imagine where the reader has electrical powers but no one on the team trusts/is nice to her for an unknown reason and one day on a mission they are attacked and she saves everyone but almost dies herself.

You sat in the living room of the cave, using your electrical powers to charge your phone as you played a game on it. Everyone else had gone somewhere, leaving you alone. Shifting to lie flat on the couch, you smiled when you beat your high score. From the position you were laying, no one could see you on the couch from the kitchen area. 

Soon your peace was interrupted at the sound of laughter. You froze, stilling your breath as you heard footsteps in the kitchen.

“That movie was so great,” Cassie giggled, moving around the kitchen. “Not to mention the pizza place afterwards.”

“Yeah, I needed a day out,” Karen agreed as the fridge opened and closed. “It was nice M’gann invited the whole team along. We never do anything fun anymore.” You frowned at the words ‘whole team’, your heart sinking when you realized you had never been invited along for movie and pizza. In fact, you hadn’t even known everyone had left until you searched the cave and found it empty. 

The snap of a pop can opening echoed through the kitchen as more footsteps entered the kitchen. “Hey, is there more of that?” Jaime asked, opening the fridge again. Another pop can opened. “That pizza was amazing, but it left my mouth feeling like a desert.” 

“Maybe you have to be careful not to inhale your food,” Cassie teased as they all laughed. You swallowed hard, closing your eyes as an empty feeling grew in your heart. 

Suddenly, light footsteps came running down the hall and into the kitchen. “Hey guys, Conner’s trying to surf outside!” Garfield cried before running back outside. The others laughed, following him at a much slower pace. 

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anonymous asked:

Did David already say something about 13 actually?

Yeah he’s made a few comments about the casting at sdcc:

“I’m very excited! I’ve known Jodie for a long time, and I got an inkling that this might be the way it was going. I spoke to her and she’s just so excited and so up for it. She’s a great choice, it’s gonna be magnificent. I got a phone call from her just before it became public, and I thought, why are you calling me, is this what I think it might be…? So yeah, it was exciting.”

“Well, I know Jodie very well, I’ve known her for years, and I can’t think of a finer choice, I’m very excited. Because she is a great actress, and that’s what that part needs; the better the actor, the better the show. And Jodie is one of the best actors working in Britain right now, so I think the show has lucked out.”

“…Doctor Who, another show with a strong female lead…” * 

* according to Radio Times, he said this last one during the Call of Duty: WWII panel at sdcc, but I just watched it and didn’t hear it. Not sure if I missed it or if there’s a different panel RT was referring to.

anonymous asked:

For an imagine. If you could do one where reader finds the group (whichever era) she's about 25 and has dad/guy trust issues. Very independent and doesn't want any help from a man. However you want to take it from there :) smut and fluff would be a huge plus.

Yeah, I hope you like it!

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My Stranger

Daryl x Reader
Words number - 1500
Warning- fluff and little smut

You entered the store to scavenge something to keep you satisfied for the week, you have been on your own for almost a year now, sure its lonely and depressing but its also safe.

It keeps you from getting hurt and betrayed.


something you knew all too well, even though it was right in front of you all these years, you refused to see it. refused to believe that the only person you loved would betray you

Your dad was a drunk, he would drink himself to sleep. Gambling with every cent you earned, even with your mother’s medical payment, he would still use that money you kept aside for her treatment, and well now she is dead and so was he.

He used you for money since you were 14, and now you were 25, yet the horrid memories wouldn’t leave you. you thought with you boyfriend around, he could be your wall, your stepping stone, your backbone that held you up, even though he cheated on you, he promised to never do it again, and being 17 and in love, you believed him.

Until a year ago, when your camp was being attacked by walkers and to save himself he pushed you in front of them so that he could escape.
Sad thing, he didn’t escape and before taking further steps, a walker attacked him and ripped him apart, saving you instead.

you didn’t feel sad, remorse or regret. indeed it was that day that you realized that you dont need any man, or anybody in fact to take care of you. you took care of your mother and drunk father. you damn well could take care of your damn self and didn’t need anyone.

and thats how you ended up alone, for a year.

grossed in your own thoughts, you didn’t notice the walker that threw itself on you, knocking you to the floor, your gun flying away from your reach. Trying to reach for the knife in your back pocket, you couldn’t. the walker was so heavy and was persistant of having a bite of off you.

“Fuck!” you cursed as you tried to push it off of you

You thought you would die, but what you didn’t expect was the arrow that flew, and ended up right between the eyes of the walker.

you pushed it of off you, much easier now that it wasn’t struggling and stood to see a tall guy with long dark hair covering his face, he had a crossbow in his hand and he was wearing a vest and worn out jeans

“I could have taken care of it myself!” you said annoyed, you hated to admit that, a ‘man’ saved you

“Yeah” he scoffed as he turned, he started searching the shelves in the store

“Daryl, we found nothing!” A dark female, with swords on either sides of her back and a tank top appeared, behind her followed a man with a light scruff and grey color eyes

they saw you and drew their weapons, pointing it at you

“Where is Daryl?” the grey eyes man spoke, pointing the gun at you

“I dont know who Daryl is” you said simply as you walked around, not bothered with the gun pointed at you

“Rick” the man that saved you came, through a back door “Dont” he said motioning the grey eyes man to lower his gun and he did

The three of them seemed to have a silent conversation going on between them and suddenly all three approached you

“What?” you asked looking between them

“How many dead, did you kill?” the grey eyes man spoke

“And why should I tell you?” you asked amused

“Just answer him” Daryl said

“I dont count!” you said honestly

“How many living?” grey eyes dude asked again

“Ten” you said honestly

“Why?” Daryl asked

“Why? you tell me why?” you hissed as you tried to move around them, you were done with their games, but the girl with them came in front of you blocking your way

“Do you have a camp?” she asked and you laughed

“I’m all on my own!” you said as you tried to move but she didn’t let you

“Since when?” Rick, you think asked

“A year? I dont remember!” you said annoyed

“How about you come with us, we have camp and everything” Daryl offered and you smiled

“Yeah, no! I dont do well with groups!” you said honestly

“Just come, and if you feel you dont fit, than go back to the road!” the girl spoke and you nodded, you got nothing to lose anyway


All this, took part almost one year ago, you going to Alexandria, meeting and getting to know people, having your own house, a place to call home. something you thought you might never have again.

But what you really didn’t expect was your unconditional growing feelings towards Daryl.

before you knew it, you were in love with him, but you would never admit it. you had your fair share of heartbreak and betrayal and you would be damned if you let anything like that happen to you again. so whenever Daryl tried to get close to you, you would push him away, be rude and mean. hoping it would work

but Daryl could see right through you. he knew why you did all this and he would be damned if he lost you because of some stupid fear you had.

“Y/n!” Rick yelled and when you looked up, you saw a walker launch himself on you, his teeth inches away from your arm.

Before you could react, an arrow landed in the walkers head, saving you. you sighed in relief thinking it was all over now, oh boy how wrong you were

Daryl who just saved you, didn’t notice the walker that jumped him and now he was under the walker’s mercy, Daryl was far you couldn’t get to him on time. he was going to die because he saved you

fucking idiot thinks he can save everyone and now he was going to die

Thankfully, Michonne was there and she swung her sword, cutting the walker in two

You were so pissed with Daryl all the way back home, the bloody idiot thought he could save everyone at the cost of his life, who told him to save you, you could save your own damn self

when you reached Alexandria, you jumped off the car and stormed to your house annoyed

“Y/n!” Daryl jumped right after you, yelling your name, but you ignored him.

you went into your house, ready to slam the door, only for a foot to stop it from completely shutting.

you walked up stairs towards your room. you weren’t going to sit and talk to him, you hated him for defending you, he thinks he is invincible

you went to your room and as you were about to enter, a rough hand grabbed your arms, pushing you towards the wall

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Daryl yelled at you and you pushed him, you hit him hard against his chest, making him stumble a step or two.

“Stupid, Bitch!” he growled rubbing his chest were you just hit him

“You are the bitch!” you spat annoyed

“Whats your problem?“he asked calmer now

"You!” you snapped at him “You are my problem! you think you are superman? news flash Daryl, you bleed!”

“What are you even talking about?” he said honestly confused

“Who told you to try and help me? I dont need your help! I dont need anyones help! i can save my own damn self!” you yelled at him, he looked much calmer now

“Y/n..” he said softly as he approached you and you backed away, hitting you back to the wall

“What are you doing?” you asked breathless, Daryl was incredibly close to you right now

“I like you” he admitted and your eyes were wide “And I know you like me too, and you are trying to push me away” he confessed and your mind went blank

“What?” you breathed

“Just tell me that I’m not reading this wrong, that my feelings aren’t one sided” he said as his nose brushed yours, his lips inches away

“Daryl..” you whispered

“I wont ever hurt you, I promise, you dont have to be afraid when you are with me” he said and you felt his hands on your hips, rubbing small circles with his thumb


And just like that his lips were on yours, kissing you hungrily.

his hand pinned yours upwards as he started sucking at your neck, making you moan.

your hands pulled out of his grip and reached out and grabbed fists full of his vest, holding him to you desperately as his tongue lay claim to yours. It moved at slow and languid pace against yours, yet it was strong and demanding. A groan rose up in your chest as his hands gripped you tight, making you shiver under his touch

His mouth left yours, causing you to whimper, until his sinful lips trailed down your jaw, to the juncture where your neck met your shoulder as he sucked a dark purple mark.

“Y/n!” he moaned against your skin, moving lower to plant reverent kisses on the swell of your breasts. Ripping your shirt open, a gasp escaping your lips. Pushing your shirt off your shoulders and kissing you fiercely again.

Your hands ran along his neck and into his long hair, the tips of your fingers dancing along the long hairs on his shoulder.

Daryl grabbed your ass and hoisted you up, and you to wrapped your legs around his waist. He moved away from the wall, walking you into your bedroom. He threw you on the bed and smirked. He removed his vest, tossing it in a chair before hovering over you, his breath mixing with yours

“You dont need anyone, but I need you!” he confessed

And this night he spent it proving you, just how much he needed you!

We All Fall Down - Seven

Over the next few days you sunk back into old habits. The first morning after the funeral you awoke to find the house empty. Not even a note from Spencer telling you where he had gone. You couldn’t text him, you’d smashed your cell a while ago in frustration, never bothering to replace it, and there was no landline in the house either. You pottered around, opening doors to the rooms upstairs and discovering that Spencer was sleeping in what must have been Henry’s room for when he stayed over. His bags were in there and the bed clothes on the child sized bed were slept in.

You wondered why, having observed that was another guest bedroom which you had passed by. When you went back to check it out though, it became apparent that mattress was shot to pieces. Anyone sleeping on that bed would need a trip to the chiropractors. The bed did seem slept in though that led you to believe that he must have at least attempted this room first. During your wanderings you located the master bedroom. You could see that Diana must have emptied a good portion of her belongings out already, or perhaps Jennifer and Will had. Every surface though was still littered with pill bottles, dressings, cream. Some names you recognised as painkillers and muscle relaxants, codeine, diazapan, tramadol. Others you’d never heard of before, tarceva, sunitinab. Next to one side of the bed was a drip stand, an empty saline bag still hanging there. There was an odd smell to the room too, something you couldn’t quite place. If you looked beyond the mess, the room was huge and although one side of the bed looked raised (pressure pads added to the mattress you discovered), you’d bet that if the sheets were changed and the room aired out, it would make for a loverly room. Given its current state though, you could see why Spencer had chosen Henry’s room.

You took in the downstairs, room by room. A large kitchen which you’d seen already with a casual dining area. A grand looking dining room which looked like it hadn’t been used in years. A large sitting room with beautiful window seats which in a different life, you could have imagined yourself loving. There was a study that doubled up as a library, works by both William and Spencer Reid adorning the shelves along with the classics. And there was another study room, a tiny area with medical texts stacked on overflowing shelves, Diana’s study you assumed.

After realising that you couldn’t exactly leave the house as you couldn’t even find a set of keys to lock up, you wandered back to the kitchen. Although the fridge had been stocked by Jennifer it was with basics only. Butter, milk, a few packets of deli meat. There was still bread that was in date and you located a pantry with a large chest freezer of which the contents had frozen over so badly you couldn’t ever chip a packet out to see what it contained. There were also some tins and jars lining the dusty shelves, their expiration dates past. The only thing of real interest that you found was a wine rack. Not finding anything better to do with your day, you grabbed a bottle and took it back to the sitting room, flicking on the TV and channel surfing until you found a cooking show marathon.

You slept on and off, curled up on the sofa and trying to ignore the noises of the house settling. After draining one bottle, you went and made yourself a sandwich, it barely registering that there wasn’t anything for Spencer to eat when he came home. Grabbing another bottle you retreated to your spot on the sofa, remaining there until around 9pm. With no sign of your husband returning, you took yourself off to bed, crashing until the morning.

The next day you repeated your actions, finding the house empty again. You knew Spencer had been home, you’d poked your head into Henry’s bedroom, seeing the sheets in a different position to the day before. When you entered the kitchen, there were empty take out cartons on the counter. A piece of paper was taped across the two empty bottles you’d deposited on the counter top last night.

“The moving company are bringing our things today. Be sober enough to let them in. The front door opens on a yale lock.”

So you could open it from the inside but if you let it shut and you were on the other side of the door, you couldn’t get back in. If this wasn’t his parents house, you’d have thought he’d had that type of lock installed on purpose. Still, at least you could open it. Upon discovering that the back door was also the same sort of lock, you pulled back the dead bolts, jammed the door open with a chair and ventured outside. The garden would have once been beautiful but was now overgrown and unkept. Diana had had her hands full with other things. Locating the garbage bins, you disposed of the wine bottles and take out containers and went back inside, taking up your spot on the couch. After around an hour of yet another reality show marathon, you heard the tell tale sign of a large vehicle pulling up, and moments later a door bell you didn’t even know was there, sounded.

The movers made quick work of unloading box after box into the hallway and sitting room, stacking them against the walls. You felt bad, wanting to offer them a drink or something, but the milk was out of date as of this morning and you didn’t think they’d take kindly to being offered wine. You couldn’t even tip them, Spencer hadn’t left you any cash. After they left you sighed, surveying the mountains of boxes, not having the first clue what to do with them. Spotting a few labelled as your room, you carefully carried them up to the room you had been sleeping in, stashing them in a corner. You ignored the rest, not wanting to risk doing something to upset Spencer further. At least it was just boxes and not furniture, Spencer had sold the New York apartment fully furnished. Your stomach rumbled and you went in search of something to eat. You lucked upon a jar of honey, remembering that Spencer had once told you that it was the only first that never expired. It had crystallised slightly but that somehow made it tastier. Toasting some slightly stale but definitely not moldy bread, you sat and ate honey on toast.  Afterwards you wandered around downstairs, spotting a wooden cabinet in the dining room which upon opening its doors, rewarded you with a choice of rum, whisky, gin, vodka, some deep copper coloured liquid which had lost its label which you suspected to be brandy, and some tequila. You settled on the gin, not realising you had left the cabinet doors open. Scrawling “food?” on a piece of paper and taping it to the fridge, you took the gin to bed. You glugged down a good portion of the bottle, wincing at the taste before climbing into bed and falling into that altered reality of not quite being asleep but not quite being awake.

The next morning was different. When you peeled your eyes open there was a note taped to the inside of the bedroom door.

“I’ll bring food home later. Make yourself useful instead of draining my mother’s liquor cabinet and actually start unpacking. Oh, and this room reeks. Have you even showered recently?”

You sniffed the air, wrinkling up your nose when you realised he was right. But what was the point in showering when you had nowhere to go. And how were you meant to unpack when you didn’t have the first clue where anything was to go?

The doorbell sounding pulled you put of your wonderings and you make your way downstairs, peering through the peephole and seeing your neighbour, Emily. As much as you wanted to ignore her you didn’t feel able to. You pulled open the door, hoping she wouldn’t judge too much.

“Hey Y/N! So I catered for a party last night and made way too much food. I always used to bring the leftovers here for Diana so I thought maybe you’d appreciate them instead? I know how it is moving house and stuff.”

She held out a foiled covered tray and your stomach literally growled with delight.

“Can I come in for a sec?”

You moved to one side and let her in. She didn’t even try to hide her curiosity, her eyes raking over the boxes lining the halls.

“Lots to do eh?”

You nodded. “I don’t even really know where to begin either.”

“Well when Tara and I moved, we started with the bedrooms,” she offered, looking around still.

“I would but… Well the master bedroom is still full of medical equipment and stuff. I don’t know what to do with it.”

“Give Diana a call and ask her. She’ll probably arrange for it to be taken to a free clinic or somewhere where they can get some use out of it. She wouldn’t want things like that to be wasted but I can understand why she’s not been back to do it herself. Still, thought JJ might have come to give you a hand.”

“I would call her but I erm…. I don’t have her number,” you shuffled your feet awkwardly. “Or a phone. I broke mine a while ago and have made do without. And there doesn’t appear to be a landline.”

The truth was that you’d smashed it up yourself after your last interaction with Derek. And since then you just hadn’t bothered. It had suprised you how easily you’d come to live without it. There were days when you’d have spent hours online, watching shows or just clicking through articles on the internet. Now you spent hours staring at the ceiling.

“You don’t have a cell? Jesus Christ, I don’t know how I’d even live without mine,” Emily pulled out her phone and started scrolling through her contacts. “I’ll call Diana though.”

You started to protest, “Wait! It’s fine! You don’t have to,” but she already had the phone to her ear. You waited, listening to the one sided conversation.

“Hey Diana, how you doing?….. Yes thank you, yup….yup. Hahaha… You betcha I will….. Listen, I’m at the house with Y/N and the poor thing is surrounded by boxes with nowhere to put them…. Yeah…. Yeah… Yup, she mentioned the master bedroom too…. That’s what I thought. No, it’s cool, I’ll tell her…. No it’s fine! Don’t you worry…. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye!”

She disconnected the call and turned to face you. “She says that she’s very sorry she hasn’t been around to see you here yet or to help out, but to box any of her and William’s things up and make yourself at home. She said that if you bring all the medicine and equipment diwnstairs, she’ll arrange for JJ or Will to pick it up. Anything else you can stash in the attic, and that’s there’s some empty storage boxes in the closet in the smaller guest room. So basically, have at it.”

So now you had no real excuse to not begin. Emily stepped a little closer, her nose wrinkling up slightly.

“What’s that I can smell?”

Your cheeks flamed red. “I erm… It’s me, I think.” You thought quickly, seeing her eyes widen slightly. “I’ve not very well over the last few days so I’ve mainly been sleeping. I haven’t really had chance to clean up.”

“Oh! Is everything okay? I can call Tara and get her to call around this evening? It’s no bother.”

“No!” a little too loudly. “No, honestly Emily. It’s fine. It’s just migraines. I get them quite often.” So apparently even you were using Spencer’s lie.

She still looked a little concerned but dropped it. “Okay, well if you’re sure… I gotta be going anyway. I’ll pop back in the next few days, give you a hand with things. See ya soon!”

You didn’t get chance to protest, she was gone as quickly as she’d arrived.

You took a deep breath, ignoring the scent of yourself. You’d bathe later. Now, apparently you had a job to do.

You worked for hours, after devouring half of the tray of food Emily had bought over first. That woman sure could cook, and the little cupcakes that she’d included were to die for. After fueling up and locating the storage boxes, black garbage sacks, and a linen closet, you decided that you would attempt to do some thing nice for a change. It couldn’t be comfortable for a 6ft 1 man to be sleeping on a bed made for a child so you decided to try to make the master bedroom habitable. You threw the windows in the room wide open at first and then set about striping the bed, folding the pressure pads down as small as you could and stashing them in a box, and then stripping the bed. You completely emptied out two of the chests of drawers, folding up any clothes you found and bagging any dressings and creams separately. It was weird going through his parents drawers, not that you were when particularly looking at anything, just moving item from one place, to a storage container. You spent a good hour just on the closet alone, carefully folding expensive looking suits and wondering what Diana was going to do with William’s things. Perhaps she’d donate them to charity?

After taking a small breather, you started hauling box by box downstairs, grabbing one of the boxes labelled with Spencer on them, each time you returned upstairs. Your arms were going to ache terribly tomorrow but you actually felt like you were being useful and that sparked a tiny piece of happiness inside you. You located a vacuum and duster, giving the room a once over a removing the good few layers of dust that was clouding the air. Finally, you flipped the mattress and remade the bed, thinking that if Spencer didn’t want the room perhaps you could have it? Spotting a few more pill bottles that had slipped between the bed and the cabinets at its side, you picked them up and took them downstairs, placing them in front of the box of medication you put together. One was almost empty, it’s cap falling off as you settled it down.

By now, it was getting late and you felt achey and grimey. You grabbed a quick glass from the kitchen, filling it with the last inch or two of whisky from the liqueur cabinet and snagged another cupcake. You left the now empty bottle out on the table with the boxes from upstairs. You’d take it out to the trash tomorrow.

Searching out a fluffy towel and some bath salts from one of your own boxes, you drew yourself a hot bath, settling in and relaxing when it was ready.

The water pipes in the house were old, still clunking away as you closed the your eyes and inhaled the sweet smell of the bath salts, feeling the hot water soothing your aching body. Slowly you inched further and further under the water, until just your nose was peaking out from underneath the surface, allowing you to breathe as the water encased you. You barely heard the slamming of the front door downstairs, or Spencer calling out your name.

Spencer arrived home earlier than the last two nights, bringing two large bags of groceries in with him. You were right, you did need food. He was pleasantly surprised to see that some of the boxes that adorned the hallway yesterday had been moved, even more suprised when he passed the dining room to see boxes and boxes laid out on the table, him recognising them as things from his parents room.

He felt a surge of anger. How dare you start packing up that room? He was considering doing it himself, the bed in Henry’s room wasn’t suitable for an adult at all and he was spending hours tossing and turning each night. But that fact that you had taken it upon yourself to start removing things from that room? Without consulting him? No.

It was then he spied the empty bottle of whisky, sat directly next to an almost empty bottle of pills. A rush of panic coursed through his brain as he saw the label. Tramodol - 100 tablets. He called your name, once, twice and then three times, each one louder than the last. Realising he could hear the water pipes, he bounded up the stairs heading for the bathroom attached to your bedroom.

“Y/N! Oh god, Y/N! What have you done! Oh fuck!” He knew he’d been terrible to you recently, you’d been a terrible to each other really. But he’d just abandoned you in a new town, with no way of contacting anyone, or any way of leaving the house. He hadn’t thought you’d do this though, that you’d be so desperate for a way out of it all.

You hadn’t locked the bathroom door, not seeing any reason to. When Spencer flung it open he was greeted with the sight of his beautiful wife, her eyes closed and her body completely submerged under the water.

A Wild Dog Chase

Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1200ish

Warnings: None I think

Prompt: Person A’s pet runs away and Person B finds it.

A/N: I love dogs. This took too long

Originally posted by mxcali-94

“Sophie!” The chances of the puppy listening to your calls was slim to none, but with no other idea of how to find her in this park, desperate times call for desperate measures. All around you, you saw families, couples, kids, and more dogs but none of them yours. The baby pit bull was nowhere to be seen.

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Lost and found

Summary: What would you feel if you found out that everyone you used to know thought you are dead? What if the person you loved the most thought you were dead and nobody told him you weren’t? How would you break it down?

Warnings: Angsty-ish.

(Y/N) walked calmly down the New York streets. She stopped near the always majestic Stark Tower that stood as tall as always and somehow watched over the city and its inhabitants, making sure everyone were more or less safe. She sighed, with a light smile on her lips and carried on with her way. She noticed something on a light post just a few meters away from the tower; it was a paper stuck to it, but completely battered now. Looking closer, she recognized herself in it, above a question that read “Have you seen this girl?” and with a whole bunch of number available to call to for any information, even a reward was offered, and it was a hell lot of money. She took one and shoved it inside her bag and walked away, hurrying her footsteps to get as far from there as possible.

She got to her boss’s office, enraged and demanding an explanation.

“What the hell does this mean?” She yelled, taking the paper out and showing it.

“You might want to take a seat, agent (Y/L/N).” Replied the man on the other side of the desk with a calmed voice. He knew this moment would arrive, but nothing had prepared him for this unwanted conversation.

Somewhere, not very far away, Steve Rogers laid on a new bed. He had bought it a few months ago, after the team’s persistence to get rid of the old one because the love of his life was not coming back unless he knew a way of bringing the dead back to life, but neither him nor the rest knew if there was a chance of bringing them alive, so they didn’t try.

This was a smaller bed; it was big enough for one and a half and Steve, with all his heart, believe she was his half. He was a full man due to his size and the other things the super-soldier serum had done to him, but the way he remembered her, she was tiny, gorgeous, funny, and overall the woman that’s one of a kind.

“Steve…” Natasha’s soft voice dragged him out of the usual daydreaming about her. “The guys and I called for some pizzas and we thought you might want to join us…” Her voice lingered and slowly faded away. She bit her bottom lip and rested her head on the door frame. Steve looked at her for two seconds, but then looked away to the ceiling.

“Not hungry.” He retorted.

Natasha entered and left a plate with several slices of different kinds of pizza put together in a pile and two bottles of beer on the TV table in front of the bed. “I’ll leave this here if you get hungry and thirsty, and if you get lonely… just go and meet us downstairs.”

If I get lonely.” The blonde soldier repeated in an absent-minded voice. “Thank you, Natasha.”

“Steve, you know I didn’t mean to say that.” She sighed, almost as if she was apologizing for something unsaid. “I worry about you, ok? We all do. I know it’s hard to think (Y/N) is dead, but she is, and it’s about damn time you let her go.”

“The same way you all have done?” Steve asked, growing angrier and even more heartbroken.

“The same way she would have wanted us to do, Steve.” The Russian spy replied coldly. “Don’t forget she was my friend and that I’d known her for longer than you did.” She got out of Steve’s bedroom, slamming the door behind her slim figure and feeling even more hopeless to get both her friends back.

Steve felt lonelier than ever and as much as he hated to make his teammates feel bad for him, he couldn’t just go there and talk it out because they wouldn’t understand. Sure, she was everybody’s friend because who could resist her bubbly personality and sweet words? But no one felt like she had arrived to their lives to pull them back on earth, and surely nobody felt like she was a beacon in the middle of the night. No, because for Steve she was that and so much more.

“What do you mean Steve thinks I’m dead?” (Y/N) asked in a loud voice. Louder than it ever was. She paced around the room trying to find an explanation herself, but it all seemed too crazy and out of an action movie to be real. “Coulson, I am certainly not dead and I haven’t died!”

“I know—I know,” he replied, trying to sooth (Y/N), “but no one else knows that. Well, apart from Fury and Hill, of course.”

“What did you say?” (Y/N) asked again, feeling even more furious than before, but before Coulson could reply, she spoke again. “Fury knows everything, so what does he know?”

“Of course he knows you’re alive—(Y/N), please stop and take the damn seat. It makes me nervous to see you like that.”

“Oh, Coulson, it makes me nervous to find out that everyone I love thinks I’m dead!” She shot back, giving him a menacing look. “Steve and I were supposed to get married, to have kids and all that crap. I wanted that.” The tears started to pool in her eyes. “I wanted to fight side by side with the man I loved and the team that respected me so much—”

“Well, tough!” Coulson replied, feeling exhausted of the conversation. “I had a life too before SHIELD, you know? And I got killed and I was brought back and here I am, running a team and staying away from the one I love. None of us here got it easy, but we move on because that’s what we, agents, do.”

“I am not one of your soldiers, Coulson.” (Y/N) replied coldly and left the office.

Everyone awaited outside Coulson’s office to check out what happened and why all the crazy yelling, but all they got was a fuming (Y/N) that gave no answer and exalted Coulson trying to calm himself by taking deep breaths. May was the first and only one to go inside and with a serious voice, she warned Coulson.

“I don’t want to say I told you so, but you knew damn well this was gonna happen one day. You can’t expect (Y/N) to be away from New York—”

“Agent May, I don’t need this, thank you.” He sighed tiredly and pinched the bridge of his nose.

(Y/N) was far too nervous to do it, but she was already in the elevator on her way to the common room to back down and run away. It seemed like a lifetime since the last time she was there. Her hands were sweaty and her breathing was unsteady, and as she looked around she found everything as if it never changed, but she knew, deep inside, that things had changed and a lot. A soft voice, a very familiar voice, startled her.

“Miss (Y/L/N)?” JARVIS, the AI, asked. “I’m sorry to ask you this, but… is it really you?”

“Yes, J. This is me…” She replied nervously. “Can you please call Captain Rogers to go to the meeting room… if it still is where I think it is?”

“Not a problem.”

Steve was told to go to the meeting room, but he had not heard the usual pacing on the hallway on the way there. It was quiet and it seemed like there was nobody home, but it was JARVIS’s special order.

The soldier slowly walked towards the room, making up a hundred excuses if this was one of those ridiculous interventions from the Avengers. He was ready to put up a fight and a million ways of saying no, but what he saw there made him forget everything he had planned.

“Hello, Steve.” (Y/N) greeted. She was on the furthest seat, intertwining her hands on the table and looking as gorgeous as she ever did. “It’s been quite long, isn’t it?” She pointed at the chair that was near him to sit down, and he did, but it was more of a reflex act than something he wanted to do. The first thing he wanted to ask was— “Yes,” she said, dragging him out of his thoughts, “I am alive and I’m here and all that’s happening is real.”


“I never died…” she explained; the words hurt more than she had thought, “I went missing and Fury found me before you guys did. He and Maria put me back together and then Coulson—”

“Coulson? As in Phil Coulson?” (Y/N) nodded, without giving him a worded answer. “He’s alive too? Why?”

“Steve, please calm down…” her jaw trembled and the tears pooled in her eyes, “I will tell you everything but I need you to calm down.”

She explained everything she had found out thanks to Skye, and she told him everything about the new team of agents Fury had put together, how different they were from the Avengers and the things they fought against and how she thought there was something wrong in SHIELD. They maintained the professional distance between them, even though their bodies longed to be close to one another.

(Y/N) was even more gorgeous than Steve’s blurry memories could remember, and she looked like she had been under some heavier training now. It was as if somebody changed the outside of the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and changed for a woman, but deep inside this new woman he found, there were remains of his (Y/N).

“Why didn’t you call?” Steve asked after the long explanation. He still found hard to believe what he heard, but after seeing aliens, the Norse god of thunder and being brought back to life, he could get used to hearing some strange news. “I mean… you could’ve told me you were fine…”

“I couldn’t do it. Melinda kept a close eye on both Coulson and I because we had connections with the outside world. We both had our lives tied to someone else…” She looked down at her lap and stayed in silence for a while. “I’m sorry if this makes everything worse. It was not my intention.”

“At least I know you’re not dead, (Y/N)…” he shrugged, “I knew you weren’t.”

“I just came by to say howdy… I gotta go now.” She sighed and stood up. “Please, move on… I’m alive, I’m fine and that’s pretty much all you need to know.”

“You’re gonna leave again?” Steve stood up and stopped (Y/N) before she could run away.

“I have to… it’s my job.”

“Please, don’t go…” Steve pleaded, holding (Y/N)’s hand and gazing into her eyes, looking for that spark that he knew she still had and it would prevent her from escaping his life again. “We need to you.”

She smiled and placed a soft hand on the soldier’s cheek. “You’re Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, you don’t need me.”

I need you.”  Steve corrected, and leaned to gently crash his mouth on hers. They needed one another so badly that it hurt. He longed to hold her in his arms once again, and he loved the taste of her lips and how they naturally molded to his.

She pushed him away, knowing that if she had stayed just one second more, she would have surrendered to his words. She had a job and she couldn’t just leave it.

“I’m sorry, Steve.”

Secret Love Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 4)

Part 3

Who is Harry Styles Trying to Kid? by Y/N

As most of you already know, Harry Styles from One Direction came out with his first solo single and performed it for the first time in America on Saturday Night Live. I was lucky enough to interview him and hear the single a few weeks ago. 

Here is my opinion on both Harry Styles and his music. 

While the interview went okay, Harry was very rude and couldn’t wait to get out of there. Going solo as turned him into a bit of a dick of a pop star. 

And his new single isn’t anything special and outside of his vocal range, as shown on during his SNL performance when Styles couldn’t hold a note to save his life. 

The fact of the matter is Harry Styles the solo artist will not see the amount of success as Harry styles from One Direction.  


You had just gotten out of the shower to get ready for work. You were picking out your outfit for the day when you got a phone call. You smiled when you saw Harry’s name flash across the screen of your phone. Your article came out that day, so you were wondering if he had read it yet. 

“Morning, Harry,” you smiled. 

“What the fuck Y/N?” He shouted from the other side of the phone. 

“Woah, what’s up with you?” You asked confused. 

“Me? What about you? I can’t believe I trusted you,” he said. “You played me and I let you. So, our time together was just a game to you, right? Now, you’re going to put all the shit we’ve done and talked about in another article right? I can’t believe I fell for that bullshit about how you were worried about your job.” 

“Okay, I have no fucking idea what you’re talking about? And what other articles? The only article that I’ve written about you is the one that came out today,” you said. 

“Exactly. Did you think I wouldn’t read it?” He asked. “That I wouldn’t what you really think about me or my music?” 

“Everything I said in that article is the same thing I’ve told you,” you said confused. 

“Yeah, don’t exactly remember you saying there wasn’t anything special about my single or that the notes were out of my vocal range. Or that I was fucking dick either,” he said. 

“Woah, woah, woah, I don’t think that and I never said those things in my article. Are you sure this is my article?” You said. 

“It’s in the magazine that you work for and it has your name in the fucking byline Y/N,” he said. “My Mum and sister were right, I never should have considered seeing you because you were just going to use me and you did. But not anymore. We’re done.”

The other line went dead and you just stared at the phone with furrowed eyebrows. You quickly went to the website of your magazine and saw the publication. You clicked on it and searched for your article, but as soon as you started reading it, it was not your article. 

You threw your phone down and quickly got dressed. You knew this was Madison’s doing and her way of getting back at you. 

When you got to your office, everyone was staring at you as you angrily walked towards Madison’s office. 

“What the hell is your problem Madison?” You asked pushing her office door opened. 

“I take you read the article?” She smirked. 

“What did you do it? I never said anything like that and I can’t believe that you still put me in the byline when I didn’t even write it,” you said. 

“Look, it’s nothing against you. Your article was good, but that article wouldn’t have sold any magazines. My changes to the article create drama and bring readers to the magazine. Any magazine can write about how nice he is or how great his music is, but by us having an article calling him out for shit, makes us stand out on the newsstands,” she said. 

“That’s such bullshit, you and I both know you wanted me to look bad because it was your article first,” you said. “And Harry is nothing like what you pegged him out to be.” 

“You know, you’re quite upset about this,” she said. “There wouldn’t be some other reason for you to be angry about this would there?” 

“Other than the fact that you’re messing with my career as a journalist, no,” you said. 

She laughed. “You’re not a journalist, sweetie. None of us our journalists. We work for a gossip magazine and that is what my article provided gossip. Now, run along and work on something else, unless you’d rather be on intern status again.” 

Your fists clenched and you glared at her before walking out of her office and into your own. 


Harry was furious, so he decided to get some of his anger out at the gym. He didn’t know what pissed him off more, what you had written in your article or the fact that you played him and he really liked you. 

He punched the punching bag as hard as could. His arms were burning and sweat was dripping all over him. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he stopped and grabbed the bag, putting his forehead on it. He tried catching his breath, but all he could think about was you. 

He had been at the gym for an hour by the time he decided to call it quits. He grabbed his bag and headed to the car. He drove home and went up to take a shower. When he got out and redressed, he signed when he saw the magazine laying on his bed. 

He picked it up and started ripping it apart. His initial anger was now turning into hurt because he finally thought he found someone to be in his life, but once again he got screwed over. 

His phone had been going off all day, mostly from his mom and sister and a few from Nick. He knew they knew who had written the article and he didn’t need his family to say they were right. 

He went downstairs to make himself some lunch, trying to get his mind off of everything. 


You sat in your office for over an hour trying to work, but you couldn’t. You were so upset. Not only did this hurt you as a journalist, but it obviously screwed up any chance you had with Harry. 

You really needed to talk to him and explain the situation, but with the way he sounded on the phone this morning, you weren’t sure he would hear you out. 

You emailed your boss and told her you were taking a half day and would just work from home for the rest of the week. You grabbed your things and headed home. 

As you made yourself some lunch, you kept looking at your phone. You bit your lip as you contemplated on calling Harry or not. You thought it might be better to give him space. 

You were eating lunch and you jumped when your phone started to ring. Deep down you hoped it was Harry, but it was your best friend instead. 

You sighed answering the phone. “Hey,” 

“What are you doing tonight?” She asked. 

“Um, sitting at home eating ice cream while watching Netflix,” you said. 

“I take it things are over with mystery guy?” She asked. 

“Pretty much,” you sighed. 

“Girl, that’s sucks, but drowning yourself in ice cream in Netflix isn’t going to help,” she said. “Come out with me tonight.” 

“You know I don’t do clubs,” you said. 

“No, but you do drinking and dancing,” she pointed. “Plus, you might meet a new mysterious guy to have a secret love affair with.” 

You rolled your eyes. “You’re not going to drop this until I agree to go are you?” you asked. 

“Nope,” she smirked. 

“Ugh, fine, pick me up around 7,” you said. 

“Perfect,” she said. “See you then.” 

You sighed hanging up the phone, you did not feel like going out tonight, but she was right, ice cream and Netflix wasn’t going to help.


Harry was searching through Netflix trying to find something watch. Everything that was popping up was either something he had already seen or some rom-com movie. Usually, he always loved watching a nice romantic movie, but not today. He wanted to stay far, far away from it. 

There was a knock on the door and he groaned. He got up and went to answer it, seeing the one and only Nick Grimshaw standing there. 

“I see you’re still alive,” he said. 

“Yep,” Harry nodded. 

“Well, had you been answering your phone, I wouldn’t have had to make this trip,” he said. 

“You didn’t have too,” Harry pointed out. 

“No, I didn’t, but when you’re not even answering your Mum’s calls, I know you’re going through some shit,” he said. 

“I just didn’t want to talk to anyone,” he shrugged. 

“Look, sulking in your house isn’t going to help the situation, so why don’t you come out with me tonight,” Nick said. 

“Yeah, not exactly in the mood,” he said. 

“Too bad, not get changed and we leave in 10,” Nick said. 

Harry rolled his eyes and let out a few choice words before making his way to his bedroom. He threw on some clothes and went back down to the door. 

“Happy?” Harry asked holding his arms out. 

“Ecstatic, now let’s go,” he said. 


Once you arrived at the club, you felt really uncomfortable. You hated being around that many people, but you made your way through the crowd following your friend. 

“Isn’t this place great?” She shouted. “I mean look at all these hot guys.” 

“Is that all you think about?” You shouted over the music. 

“Yes and no,” she shrugged. 

You laughed shaking your head. You both finally found a spot to be at and you sat down at the booth. You looked over the menu to see what drinks they had, when you heard your friend scream. 

“What the hell?” You said. 

“HARRY STYLES IS HERE!” She shouted. 

You felt yourself go numb and your face flush. 

“Didn’t you interview him?” She asked. 

“Yeah,” you nodded. 

“Well, I would ask you to introduce me, but after seeing your article about him, I don’t think that’d be a good idea,” she said. 

“So, you read that?” You asked. 

“Of course I did,” she said. “But is he really a jerk? And I can’t believe you didn’t like the song or his performance. You were pretty harsh on him.” 

“I didn’t write any of that. What was published wasn’t the article I wrote. Madison changed everything and it was her article that was published under my name,” you sighed. 

“Wait? Seriously?” she asked. 

“Yep. She claimed it was for the benefit of the magazine, to sell more and create drama, but I really think it was to get back at me for being the one to interview him in the first place,” you said. 

“What a bitch,” she said. 

“Yep,” you sighed. “Anyway, let’s get some drinks.” 

Harry and Nick arrived at the club and went right in. The place was packed, which annoyed him a little bit. He wasn’t in the mood to be around a shit ton of people. He just wanted to go home. 

“So, do you want to talk about it?” Nick asked. 

“Talk about what?” Harry said taking a sip of his drink. 

“I think you know,” he said. 

“There’s nothing to say,” Harry said. 

“The article was brutal. I never would have pegged Y/N for that. You two seemed to really hit it off,” he said. 

“Yeah, we’ll I guess we didn’t really know her,” he said. “And whatever was going on with us is over now, so can we drop it? I thought this was supposed to be a fun night out?”

“And it is,” he said. 

Harry sighed downing the rest of his drink. “I’m gonna go get a refill,” he mumbled getting up and walking to the bar.

Of course, the bar was completely crowded. Everyone was pushing their way through to get drinks and you were stuck in the middle of it. You felt your palms getting sweaty and your heart starting to beat faster. You felt a tight knot in your throat and you were looking for a way out of the crowd. 

That was when you noticed Harry making his way towards the bar. While you wanted to see him and talk to him about everything, you knew this wasn’t the time or place. 

You breathing started to quicken and you were beginning to feel dizzy. You called for you friend, but she wasn’t able to hear because of the noise from the crowd and the music. 

Your chest began to tighten and you grabbed it as you tried to push your way through the crowd. 

“Excuse me,” you said in between gasps, but no one was paying attention. 

You felt tears forming in your eyes until you felt someone take your hand. You looked up and saw that it was Harry. He pushed through the crowd, holding your hand as he pulled you through. He found an exit door to the back of the club and you felt the cool air hit your face. 

“Hey, it’s okay,” he said rubbing your arms. “Just breathe. Take deep breaths. In and out.”

You gripped onto his arms and tried taking the deep breaths. You closed your eyes and after a bit, you felt it going back to normal. When you finally were over your spell, you opened your eyes and looked at him. 

“T-Thank you,” you said shivering as the cold London air hit your shoulders. You had left your jacket at the booth. 

“Here,” he said taking off his jacket and wrapping it around you. “Are you okay?” 

“Sort of,” you said. 

“What happened back there?” he asked. 

“I uh, I get like that sometimes in big crowds,” you admitted. “It just got to be too much.” 

He nodded. “Well, I’m glad you’re okay,” 

“Thanks,” you said. “Um, can we talk?” 

“I should probably get back inside,” he said. 

“Oh,” you whispered. “Okay.” You took his jacket back off and handed it to him. 

He took it back and put it back on. “Well, uh, are you sure you’re okay?” 

“Yeah, I’m fine,” you said. 

He nodded and went to go inside, but noticed you weren’t following him. “Aren’t you going to go back inside?” 

You shook your head. “I’m just gonna go home,” 

“What about your friend?” He asked. 

“I’ll call her and let her know,” you shrugged. “I’ll be fine,” you said wiping your eyes. 

You turned around and started walking towards the front of the club through the alleyway. 

Harry sighed. “Y/N, wait!” he said running up to you. “Let me take home.” 

“You don’t have to do that. I don’t want your pity,” you sighed. 

“I’m not pitying you. I just, I want to make sure you get home safe,” he sighed. 

“Okay, so you won’t talk to me, but you feel sorry enough for me to make sure I get home safe?” You asked annoyed. 

“Look, I’m just trying to be nice. If anyone should be upset, it’s me,” he said. “That shit that you wrote about me…” 

“I DIDN’T FUCKING WRITE IT,” you screamed. “And if you would have given me the chance to explain what the fuck happened you would know that.” 

“It had your name on it, Y/N and you interviewed me, so if you didn’t write it, who did?” he asked. 

“My editor! She hates me and it didn’t help that she was the one who was supposed to interview you that day, but she got fucking hungover and couldn’t make it. So, she wrote that shit about you making it look like I was the one who wrote it just so I could look bad. But she claimed it was for the magazine or some shit because it would create drama, but whatever,” you said. “So, please spare me the nice guy routine about making sure I get home okay when you obviously don’t really care.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, I do care,” he said. “And that’s reading that article hurt me, Y/N. God, I was pissed and hurt because I care about you and I thought you…” he sighed. 

“I don’t think of you like that and I don’t hate your song. God, none of what was in that article is true. And I get why you were so upset because I’m upset about it too. If I had known Madison was going to pull that shit, I would have tried to stop it or at least warn you,” you sighed. 

“I really like you Harry and these past few weeks have meant a lot to me and I’m sorry that I ruined it,” you sniffled. 

Harry sighed walking closer to you. “You didn’t ruin it. I did. When I called you this morning, I should have asked you about it, instead of acting like I did. And I really like you too. More than anyone I’ve ever been with in the past. These past few weeks, I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been,” he smiled. 

You looked up at him. “Me too,” you smiled. “But I guess, they’re over now.” 

“They don’t have to be,” he whispered taking your hand. 

“Are you sure?” you whispered. 

“Yes, I’m sure. I know what I said this morning, but now that I know the truth…” he whispered. “I know I was a jerk and shouldn’t have said what I said, but if you’re willing to give us another shot…” 

“Only if we both promise to talk about things first before jumping to conclusions,” you said. 

“I agree,” he smiled. “So, what do you say?” 

You smiled leaning up to kiss him. Harry smiled into the kiss and pulled you closer to him. After a bit, you pulled away, “Wanna go back to my place? I can let you read my real article?” you asked. 

“I’d love too,” he smiled. 

Harry called for his car to pick you two up around back. He helped you inside and gave the driver your address. On the way to your house, you wrapped your arms around Harry’s and he kissed your forehead. 

That day had been a whirlwind of emotions, but you couldn’t be happier with the way it had ended. 

Return - Part 15 - Jim Kirk

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14

Summary: series following the events of loot– takes place during events of star trek beyond. in this chapter, you tell Jim where you are.

Warnings: language

A/N: thank you to any and every person that read this story :)) 

Light and heat pouring in from the wide, uninhibited windows stirred Jim from his sleep the following morning. He opened his eyes slowly— a crack at first, then halfway as his heavy eyelids didn’t allow for more. He stretched his arm out, hoping to catch your waist or hip, but instead felt cold cotton sheets, free of creases, free of any sign that you’d been there just the night before.

He reached for your pillow, bringing it toward him and inhaling deeply. The scent of tea tree shampoo deeply imbued in the cotton fabric filled his lungs and told him the night was real. You were there, so beautifully tangled in him, so intoxicatingly warm around him, he needed the smell of you to remind him it wasn’t a dream, to assure him this wasn’t a nightmare when he saw the dress he’d removed from your body missing as well.

He sat up, letting the sheet below his chest pool around his hips. Bedroom door still wide open, he leaned to his left to peek down the connecting hall. He thought if he strained his hearing, he might hear you shuffling around, maybe the sound of water running in the shower or at the sink. He thought if he narrowed his eyes and focused enough, he might see you tiptoeing down the hall so as to not wake him. He thought if he called your name gently enough, you might find yourself back in his bed again.

Each avenue proved futile. There was no sound of water, no sight of your gentle footsteps, no feeling of the warmth of your skin. You were gone.

He climbed out of bed and pulled a clean pair of boxers on, slipping his arms through one of his dozen white t-shirts. He combed his fingers through his hair and pulled on the ends as he padded across the hardwood floors of the bedroom to the ensuite bathroom.

He stood at the counter, placing his hands on the edge several feet from one another. He stared at the basin, following it to the stainless steel of the faucet. He traced the shapes for a few moments with his gaze and sighed, lifting his head to meet the eyes of his reflection.

He thought his eyes must have been brighter a few hours back, only beginning the process of dimming the moment he felt the cold sheets— he didn’t think the blue could be this dull when he was looking at you, he didn’t want the blue to be this dull when he looked at you.

His eyes glazed over and the sight before him was a secondary, an unimportant stimulus as he thought about the night prior.

You seemed happy, you seemed to be on the same page he was. You were smiling in that small way that still managed to light up your eyes and wrinkle your nose, you laughed in that unmelodic, totally unflattering way that you only let yourself do when you were alone with him.

Maybe the unhappiness, the terror lied in the hitching of your breath, the flustering of your words, the shutting of your eyes each time he told you how much he loved you. Maybe you’d only asked to hear it once to determine if you actually felt the same, without the risk of him hurtling into open space and without the fear of disappointing him.

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one thing that always bothered me about the chantry explosion. Why did anders target the CHANTRY? Why didn't he try to blow up the Templar Barracks in the gallows? Even for the sake of starting the war wouldn't that have been a more obvious and direct gesture? Hawk and co can waltz in and out of Templar Hall any time they like so why not plant a bomb there instead? Why not put it right under Meredith's desk?

Because what Anders wanted was for the Right of Annulment to be called. 

“But wait!” you might be saying, “I thought Meredith had already called for it.” 

You’re right about that. It is confirmed, several times, by Templars and by Orsino, that Meredith had “sent for” the Right of Annulment. But what exactly does “sent for” mean? Let’s ask our good friend, the Right of Annulment page on the Wiki: 

The Right of Annulment is the right of the templars to kill all mages in a Circle of Magi, used as a last resort to restore order.

Divine Galatea granted the Right of Annulment to all the Grand Clerics of the Chantry in 2:83 Glory after an abomination slaughtered all mages and templars in the Nevarran Circle. Normally, the Right can only be invoked by a Grand Cleric or a de facto successor (Revered Mother); if there is no access to a Grand Cleric or Revered Mother, then Knight-Commanders of the Templar Order have legal authority to invoke the Right.

Pay close attention to that second paragraph. Let me emphasize that a bit: All Meredith could do, before the Chantry bombing, was ask nicely for the Right of Annulment. According to Chantry hierarchy, she should have asked Elthina, but we know that she went over Elthina’s head and asked Justinia. Why? Probably because Meredith saw, as any person who is actually paying attention to what Elthina did would, that Elthina would never have granted it. 

But would Justinia have granted it? Justinia, who inspired Leliana to change the Chantry? Justinia, who called the conclave because she wanted peace between the mages and the Templars? Justinia, whom we know respected Elthina? You’ll have to decide for yourself, but even if she would have, it would have taken a very long time, and Orsino could easily have put a stop to it if he had simply gone to Elthina and let her know how Meredith was undermining her; which is exactly what Orsino was trying to do when… Anders blew up the Chantry and killed every single one of the women who could have stopped Meredith from invoking the Right of Annulment. The Grand Cleric, and every single one of the Revered Mothers: they all had to die in order for Meredith to be able to invoke the Right of Annulment on the spot. 

Anders wasn’t trying to stop Meredith from invoking the Right; he was clearing a path for her

Oh, and he basically admits to this if you call him on it

But maybe that doesn’t get to the heart of the question: Why? 

I can’t pretend to have any kind of intimate understanding of Anders, but I’ll say that it looks to me like he wanted to use the Kirkwall Circle as sacrificial lambs. He wanted the world to see the largest Circle in the Free Marches slaughtered, down to the last child, in hopes that this would cause enough outrage for the mages and their allies in other parts of the southern Thedas to finally rise up. Best case scenario, in his mind, was probably for there to be a few survivors from Kirkwall to help spread the outrage and convince others to fight. 

Anders wanted a war. A war requires an enemy to fight. If he’d blown up the Templars, there wouldn’t be an enemy left for the Kirkwall mages to fight. No enemy, no war. So instead, he blew up the only thing holding the Templars back.

I would never!

You and your best friend Jackson were drinking Boba in a store near the JYP building since it was both your breaks. Your group Pure Eternity decided to go have some Bulgogi instead and you weren’t that hungry so you went with Jackson instead. Your Korean wasn’t as good as your english so you and Jackson always spoke in english. He kept making jokes and you were dying. Your best friend is just so funny, he put straws into his nose and that’s when you blew up laughing “OH JACKSON! STOP HAJIMA!!” You were gonna pee your pants. “Ok ok come on break is almost over we have to go back” reminded Jackson “nahhh Jackson we have english class next so we don’t have to go. Ohh can you teach me Chinese, I wanna impress Winwin!” After a few, more like 100 tries you finally learned to say “I love you” and “I am winwin’s only” and Jackson secretly taught you “I am stupid” by telling you it meant “I am Jackson’s best friend”. An hour later Jackson told you he will drop you back home so you can rest, you told him you can go alone but he is too protective so he didn’t allow it. Once you arrived home and Jackson left after eating all Winwin’s favorite candyㅋㅋ you decided to take a nap.

An hour later you heard the door open and you knew it was Winwin. You excitedly stood up and went to hug him, but you were surprised when he pushed you away. Confused you asked in a nervous tone “Winwin… What’s wrong?” “DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT’S WRONG!? YOU’VE BEEN CHEATING ON ME WITH THAT GOT7 JACKSON. I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. I SHOULD’VE KNOWN BETTER THAN TO KEEP YOU IN JYP TO MAKE BOYFRIENDS WITH THESE SUNBAES!!!” You were taken aback. Shocked. Frozen. Your eyes welled up. Tears were fighting to fall. “Win..” “DON’T, DON’T START” he pushed everything infront if him and they shattered on the floor. You got so scared and so sad that he was doubting you like this. You thought he would trust you. You ran out of the house to Pure Eternity’s dorm.

You started to cry to your members as you told them what had happened. They were disappointed at what Winwin had said and they were surprised on how he got this information. Your leader quickly checked the internet and her prediction was right. It was all over the internet headlined “A MEMBER OF PURE ETERNITY DATING GOT7 JACKSON” you felt your stomach flip. JYP was gonna kill you and Jackson. All the photos from the article were taken today when you were at the boba shop. You didn’t blame Winwin for believing them since they looked pretty convincing but you were so sad that he didn’t trust you and that he didn’t let you explain. Your members prepared your room and you immediately went to sleep since you were so tired.

The next day at the JYP building JYP asked to see you and Jackson to discuss the false article “So explain you two” started JYP. Jackson started explaining that you two were only best friends and that you were at the boba shop for your break not a date and that all the rumors were false. JYP believed you since he knew you were dating Winwin and that you and Jackson were indeed very close. He sent an email to his assistant to write an article saying it’s all fake and to clear everything up. Many of the comments were surprisingly surprising saying things like “Awwww I shipped them alot” and “Dammit I thought my ship was sailing” you wanted to laugh but Jackson started tickling you for no reason

Back at your apartment Winwin couldn’t sleep for the night. He was busy recalling the events that had happened and the harsh things he said to you. And once the new article was released he felt worse. He didn’t know why he believed the article. He knew you would never do that but jealousy took over this little cute boy. He wanted to call you but he thought you might be mad at him so he decided not to. Suddenly he heard a knock on the door. He ran to open it hoping it would be you however he saw someone he didn’t want to see: Jackson. “Hey, I got you a Chinese book so you can… Oh hi Winwin! Wow! You look like a mess and the house too!! What’s wrong?” He asked Winwin with concern. Winwin was shocked at how nice Jackson was. “No wonder she likes you more!” Winwin spoke. Jackson was so confused. “Who?” And after Winwin said your name Jackson burst out laughing. “HAHAHAH ME!? DUDE SHE LIKES YOU SO MUCH SHE MADE ME TEACH HER CHINESE JUST SO SHE CAN IMPRESS YOU!” And Jackson continued laughing. Winwin was shocked at his words. He felt so happy that you like him but he also felt sick. “Hyung what do I do now?” asked Winwin. Jackson gave Winwin a great plan and Winwin decided to do it. Him and Jackson started planning it.

You decided to go back to your apartment, since you knew Winwin would be at practice at this time, to grab some stuff. However when you entered you weren’t expecting to see NCT standing in a line holding a rose each. First in line was Kun he gave you a flower and said “Sorry” the same thing was done by Mark, Yuta, Jaehyun, Taeil , Taeyong and Johnny. And after that you felt hands cover your eyes and someone whispered “I’m so sorry. I got so jealous I burst and I didn’t mean anything I said. I love you so much” you felt a drop of water on your shoulder so you turned around and saw Winwin crying. He pulled you into a very tight hug. You hugged him back as tightly as he was hugging you saying “It’s okay. You dont have to be jealous though. I love you too much to ever cheat on you!” You wiped his tears and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Okay thanks guys you can go now” and so left NCT, Winwin hugged you again. He was so cute, he looked like a baby.

Winwin wouldn’t let you go until you reached the bed you shared. He tucked you in and told you to rest until he came back, and once he came back he gave you a beautiful necklace with both your initials as charms. You looked at him with sincere eyes and thanked him. He hugged you once more and scooted next to you pulling your head into his chest still wrapping his arms around you “I love you” said Winwin while stroking your hair, you looked up at him about to answer back but you were shut up by the softest lips crashing into yours. He kissed you for almost a minute and once you let go he had the biggest and goofiest smile ever on his face. He was too adorable he put your head again into his chest, however this time to hide himself from you because he was so so red. “I love you too Sicheng” you said in Chinese and you hugged him to sleep. “I love you way more” he layed a kiss on your forehead as he too went to sleep.

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The Blue Raven

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Summary: “Maybe she’s just developed her powers. Or maybe she didn’t know how to use them before.” Caitlin theorized. 

 “Either way, I would have died.” Barry said, deep in thought. Caitlin and Cisco shared a look. 

“Let’s see if she shows up again. We’ll see if this Blue Raven can work with Team Flash.” Cisco said. 

“You’ll never defeat me, Flash! No one can stop my power!” A metahuman yelled to the speedster.

“Never say never.” Barry said, running at him.

The meta was equipped with light manipulation and had made its first attack on Central City. Barry ran at his newest villain, landing a few good punches. He was moving to knock the meta out when a burst of blinding white light knocked the speedster backwards.

The meta stood, pushing the light harder against the Flash. Barry cried out as the he writhed blindly. He felt like he couldn’t breathe, and his suit was too tight and burning. Cisco and Caitlin were trying to help him, but he couldn’t focus on their voices.

“Hey!” A voice yelled.

A chunk of cement broke free from the sidewalk and hit the metahuman. He shouted and grabbed his arm, relenting in his attack on the Flash. Barry was disoriented, trying to focus on his blurry surroundings.

He made out a figure in dark blue off to one side, and objects flying in the air. Barry tried to stand, but something kept him on the ground.

“Stay there, Flash. You’re hurt.” The voice said.

Barry complied, groaning in pain as he lay back down on the ground. He heard Caitlin say something about a bruised rib over his comm. As his eyes refocused, he saw a street sign wrapped around the meta, restraining him. The person in blue, Barry saw, was a woman. She had a piece of impossibly dark fabric.

With what Barry could only assume was telekinesis, she wrapped the fabric around the meta. The police who had stayed on the sidelines came to collect the metahuman, the woman in blue ran over to Barry. Her face was partially covered by a mask the same color as her suit.

“Who are you?” He asked, sitting up with a wince.

“The Blue Raven. Is there somewhere you can get medical attention? Do you want to go to the hospital? You got hit bad.” She said, concerned.

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4 Dinners and A Funeral

Written by: @historywriter2007

The prompt I had was: Prompt 49: Haymitch has died and Katniss and Peeta , who are just acquaintances, have to drive across the country together to take his ashes to where he wanted them scattered. Haymitch may appear at times during the journey in spirit form. [submitted by Anonymous]

As I started to write I found this was going to take a lot longer than I thought to do the prompt justice.  Here is part one, I will have 2-3 more, but never fear I have it all mapped out and I am going to actually have time to work on it so you shouldn’t have to wait too long. 

Summary: Katniss just lost the last family member she had left, and now he is sending her on a journey to discover her past. To top he asked she take his handsome neighbor, Peeta, with her. Along the way they both find out they must face their past to have a future. 

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