thought you might call

  • Chuuya: You remind me of Rapunzel.
  • Dazai: Really?
  • Chuuya: Yes, but instead of letting down your hair you let down everyone in your life.

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I wanted to tell you about a novel that I thought you might like called Lovecraft Country. There's a recent post by the author Matt Ruff in the Big Idea category on John Scalzi's blog and reading through the post it sounded like your sort of thing- it's about Lovecraftian horrors faced by a black family in the 1950s; horrors both of the monster/ghost variety and the white supremacy variety.

“Lovecraft Country is a genre-bending attempt to address the severe problem of race in modern America, skewering the prejudices of older pulp works while maintaining their flavor, but it’s also a compulsively readable horror-fantasy in its own right: timely, terrifying, and hilarious.” ( Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog)


“Derek? Its me Will.  I’m sorry for calling so late.  I got a new phone, cos I left mine at home. Um…I told my brother, but it didn’t go well, so I left….um. I’m staying at the Haus for a while.  I’ll see you when term starts again, yeah?  Call me, I need to hear your voice. [muffled sniffling and possibly crying].  I love you.”


“Will?  I’m sorry for calling at 4am, I thought you might still be up.  I’m not leaving you there alone babe, no way.  I’m coming to Samwell.  See you in a  few hours.  Love you”

so I’m rewatching TGG right now and I’m at the pool scene where Moriarty says “I gave you my number… i thought you might call” and I’m just imagining how funny it would have been if Sherlock had actually called him and said something along the lines of “hey jim just checking in if u still fake-dating Molly? cause i’d love to hit that. and by that i mean you. you free tonight?”
i mean just imagine Jim’s reaction i’m sobbing


Yoona X Reader
Word Count: 2181
Rated: smut, girlxgirl

A/N: The anon asker didn’t specify whether the reader should be female or male, but since I’m a female I’ll write it as girlxgirl. 

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You huffed, trudging up the four flights of stairs to your apartment. It was going to be a long night for you. Your students English exam was soon and you, as their teacher, had many papers to grade and many plans to make to help the last few students who were a bit behind catch up. You wanted all of your students to do well on this exam, you knew what a big deal these exams were to them and to their future and you wanted to make sure they had the best shot possible. Finally, you reached your landing. You trudged to apartment number 367 and sighed in content when the lock clicked and your door swung open. There was a nice bottle of wine calling your name and you thought you might need at least half of it to make it through these papers.

Sliding your shoes off, you padded towards your small kitchen. You’d just placed your bags down on the island when a soft “fancy seeing you here” trilled out from behind you

You jumped no less than six feet in the air before the person who’d spoke wound their arms around you. You sighed in relief. You knew these arms.

“Yoona?” you whispered against her hair. “What are you doing here?”

Your girlfriend had been gone for months, busy with her idol life of promotions, performances, and variety shows. You two had swore you’d keep in touch every day, call at least twice a week, FaceTime at least once. For the first few weeks it seemed feasible, and you’d listened to her talk about her face paced life with joy. Quickly, though, you felt yourself falling behind. “How was your day?” She’d ask, and you’d answer with the same thing every day. “This student was misbehaving but it was good! Test tomorrow! You?” You felt you werent’t fast or exciting enough to keep up with her anymore. She was around beautiful people every day, doing the same thing she loved, supporting her more than you ever could. It didn’t matter for long, though, since less than two months in the calls started dying off. Scheduled FaceTime sessions were nonexistent, your calls were reduced to empty conversations with her answering machine. Texts dwindled and lately, less than six months since she’d left, you were lucky to get a text at all. The last text you’d gotten from her had been four days ago. You were in this too deep to quit though, and you refused to end it until she did.

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Payback (Bobby)

Anonymous asked: Can you write a oneshot with Bobby where another idol rapper releases a diss track centered at Bobby and he brings up how he’s dating an American (you) and disses you as well, and he gets really upset about it? thank you! <3

I got some help on the plot of this from my good friend and fellow writer over at @k-hiphopshit :)

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    You blinked sleepily, reaching for your phone as it kept buzzing. You thought at first it might have been a phone call, but when you looked at the screen, it was instead a series of texts. A few phrases stood out - what the hell, it’s so stupid, i didn’t even do anything! so given how something was obviously wrong you decided to just call your boyfriend instead of reading through all his texts. As soon as you heard him pick up you asked, “Jiwon, what’s going on?”

    “There’s this JYP trainee Seungwon, and he released this diss track about me, and he totally went off on you too- I don’t get it! I never did anything to him!”

    “He’s probably just looking for attention,” you said.

    “Yeah, but doing it like this? It’s just so low and stupid. He hardly even had any good diss material! All the stuff he said about you wasn’t even true and his main complaint about me is that if I like stuff like Show Me the Money, I should just rap underground instead of being in iKon and stuff. Like, what the heck? That isn’t enough to make a song off of!”

    “You’re right, it’s not,” you said calmly. “Jiwon?” It was weird for him to get so angry about this; usually it was hard to perturb him, and there was only one reason you could think of that would have thrown him off so much. “What exactly did he say about me?”

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Just a little teaser....

The cold was too much for her,the snow was falling thick and heavy all around her.She wasn’t cut out for this climate,she wasn’t supposed to be here.She struggled to walk forward a few more paces,she had to get out of this weather.The pain was unbearable.She collapsed to the ground,the pain under her wing was too much to endure.

She didn’t dare to look at her wound,but she could feel how deep the spear had been driven into the sensitive area under wing.She glanced back to find a slick trail of blood upon the snow.She closed her eyes and snorted sharply.“Damn savages,how dare they think that they can try and own me like a childrens toy"she thought.She shook her head to try and bring herself back together,trying to dismiss the pain that ripped through her body.She tried to stand and walk forward,but soon found that she was unable to move from her current position.

She lay her head down in the snow to accept defeat.“Guess your sleeping here”.She tried her best to curl her body up tight into a ball,to keep herself warm.She pulled her tail under her wing and tried to do the same with her head,she soon found out that wasn’t the best idea as she was met with sharp stab of pain to her side.She recoiled her head slightly to ease the pain from her wing.

She sighed,her eyelids began to feel rather heavy and she soon found herself falling asleep.A couple of hours had past and she found herself being awoken by the sound of boots upon the snow.She may have been wounded bad,but that didn’t affect her senses,they were as sharp as ever.Her eyes became wide,this being wasn’t a human,but a dragon,a male dragon.She started to snarl at this figure walking towards her.A deep growl ripped from the back of her throat,in hope that she might scare him away.He paused in his tracks to glance at her,she couldn’t make out what he looked like because of the damn snow.When her snarling had died down a bit he began to walk towards her getting closer………….

//To be continued//

Thank you for the inspiration @blindgeishateahouse @oreanagalena Thought you might like to read this as well @fanfictionauthoress

  • Sirens
  • The Weepies
  • Sirens

How I drift through history, this small Sargasso Sea, rising, sinking, still unthinking. I hear their voices, sirens, singing in the street, I thought they might be calling out for you, for me. 

Hoi! I drew this at school and thought you might like it! I’m calling it Tumblrtale! I know you already have a character like this, but I decided to make you Alphy! Hope you like it!


Awwwww she’s so cute!~

“i consider myself married to my work”
“hello sexy”
“we were made for eachother, sherlock”
“i like to watch you dance”
“i gave you my number, i thought you might call”
“is that a british army browning L9A1 in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?” “both”
“daddy’s had enough now”
“i’ve loved this little game of us”
“did you like the little touch with the underwear?”
“i felt we had a special something”
“suddenly i’m mr sex”
“all my life i’ve been searching for distractions. you were the best distraction.”
“i am you, prepared to do anything, prepared to burn, prepared to do what ordinary people won’t do. you want to shake hands with me in hell and i shall not disappoint you”
“you are not ordinary, no… you are me! you are me! thank you. bless you.”

Hoi! I drew this picture in school and I thought you might like it! I’m calling it Tumblrtale! Right here I guess I drew you as Undyne! Hope you like it!
Adorable art submitted by @angelica55ink

Awww thx chu its su cute X3

She’s Mine.

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A/N: I broke my pinkie so it’s kind of hard to type so imagines are going to take me longer to upload :-(  Request are still open!!

OTP: Stiles & Reader

Stiles was always the over protective boyfriend because he was only human, he couldn’t protect you like say Scott could. He was always afraid for you were going to leave him for one of the other pack members but you assured him you would do no such thing. Jackson saw Stiles weakness and he picked at it whenever he could, which consisted of flirting with you. 

Before lacrosse practice you were looking for Stiles to tell him you couldn’t stick around to watch him. You searched but you found Jackson, you thought he might know where your boyfriend was. 

“Hey Jackson!” you called with a smile. His large frame started walking over to you with a devilish smirk. 

“Hellooo Y/N” Jackson got a little too close to you for your liking and you took a step back, thus making him take a step foreword. He leaned against the wall while you stood your ground. You were not going to be intimidated by Jackson. He looked you right in the eyes with a look you could only describe as mischief and lust. 

“Umm do you know where Stiles is? I’ve been looking for him but I can’t seem to find him.” You adverted your eyes from his heavy stare, it  was making you feel a bit awkward. 

“I do not know where he is.” Jackson stated and leaned in closer to you and you could feel his hot breath fan out on your neck. “But I know where you can find me is you’re looking for a good time.” he leaned back with a wink.

“What the fuck? No Jackson you’re such a fucking-” You were furious and cut off. 

“What’s going on here?” Stiles busted in to the conversation like a bull in a china shop. His face was red and he was shaking. He assumed the worst. You  reached out for his trembling hand but he snatched it away and looked at you with hurt and angry eyes. “What the hell is going on?” he said again

You were about to speak but Jackson beat you to the punch. You looked at him with eyes as wide as saucers, silently begging him. “Y/N was looking for you and I just simply informed her that I didn’t know where you were but I knew where she could find me if she ever got tired of you. And wanted a real man, one that could protect her.” He smirked and pushed off the wall squaring up with Stiles. 

Stiles face went from rage to sadness and back like four times during Jackson’s embellished retelling of the story. “You know what Whitmore?” Stiles pushed Jackson back “I may not be some supernatural being. I can’t grow claws out of my damned finger tips, or turn into a lizard on a full moon. But I love Y/N more than I love the air I breathe. And I will do anything, anything to protect her. And if that means I have to kick your ass for you to get the message that she’s mine. Then so fucking be it.” He pushed Jackson again before you intervened.  

“Stiles stop! He gets it” you dashed in between them and held Stiles’ balled up fist and lowered it. He looked you in the eyes and it was like the whole room vanished. 

“Y/N I’m sorry I just can’t lose you.” he held your face in his hands and kissed you gently. You pulled back and rested your forehead against his. 

“I know babe, I don’t know what I’d do without either.” you smiled up at him. “Oh and I can’t stay today, by the way.” He pulled you in for a hug you head resting on his chest, hearing his steady heartbeat. 

“Okay little one.” he rubbed your head with his hand messing up your hair. 

“Hey!” you exclaimed squirming out of the embrace and turning away to leave when you feel a light smack on your behind. 

“You know where to find me if you want to have a good time.” he winked and smiled a genuine Stiles smile. 

“Oh believe me I’ll be there.” you teased with a giggle.

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Oooh, I just remembered, I was watching one of those Barbie vlogs yesterday, and they had a girl who I think was based off the blue haired, curvy doll. Barbie said her name is Harper :D I thought you might think that was interesting

I’m gonna try calling the 2014 teresa sculpt the harper sculpt then lol