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[TRANS] 170703 Jisoo’s Note to BLINKs

Note: Because of CH+’s policies, we don’t post anything from CH+ onto this blog. However, this note to BLINKs from Jisoo is something that we believe fans should see and the translator (black2dpink824) who posted this note thinks so as well. Given their first win yesterday, we thought that BLINKs would appreciate the note and Jisoo’s words.

Jisoo to BLINKs:

Nyongan BLINK ✨

I’ve washed up, read all the letters, organized everything, and am lying down. Hwaa..!! Yesterday, it’s… not today anymore!! It’s already Monday. It felt like there were so many things going on this past weekend, didn’t it? Starting from the ice cream event on Saturday, till our win on Inkigayo and our first fansign since our debut on Sunday… It somehow feels like I’ve been living in a dream.

To meet, talk, and laugh with our BLINKs up close, and amidst all that to have our BLINKs gift us with our first win during our “As If It’s Your Last” promotions… thank you so much 😊

We, BLACKPINK, intended the ice cream event and the fansign to be a way to repay BLINKs for your love and to make you happy, but instead, it became a time for us to receive even more strength and to be happier. I think of this time as a step towards us becoming closer. You’re waiting for more time together in the future, right? 

To the BLINKs we couldn’t see today too… Thank you always, and we feel that it’s such a shame too. Thank you for always supporting and loving us. We’ll become a BLACKPINK that will never forget that love, and will repay you and will be grateful!

Let’s meet more often, we’ll meet all the BLINKs.

There were many BLINKs who came today who had exams coming up, and there were also international fans, and there were also international fans who came with their letters already translated. There were also fans who loved us since before our debut and also people who had never been fans of anyone else before us… For us as well, it’s also our first time to exist while receiving so much love from so many fans like this so… we’re still very awkward and lacking but! 😽

We’ll take care of each other and become strong together! We’ll work hard to always be able to become a source of strength for anything BLINKs go through. Everyone, stay strong and let’s see each other often 💛 We love you.

Ah! The weather is dangerous so everyone take care of your health and make sure to eat well.

Nyeongan ✌️ Ppong! 💜

Trans: black2dpink824

Natasha was the person to introduce Steve to skinny jeans and Tony has not stopped thanking her since. 

The first time Steve wore them was when they went out on a team dinner and Tony almost cried tears of joy.