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Can you believe I had never drawn these four all together before

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The White Bench

Requested: Anon

Hope you like it! I rushed the ending because I took forever to write this and for that, I’m so sorry!!

               “Wait, what do you mean, you kind of like me?” you questioned the boy in front of you, who had a slight shy face, with the smallest amount of blush glowing on his face. This was not at all what you expected would happen when you came out to your normal spot today or any day for that matter.

               Finally, it was lunchtime, the only time of the day you were able to go outside, go anywhere in this school you wanted. You had particularly found comfort on the bench outside in the courtyard. No one went out there much, so it was always very quiet, and you loved it.

               You hurried out of the class and went straight to your locker, grabbing your home-made lunch and ear buds, and then high-tailing it outside to the bench. As you rounded the corner, you spotted a boy sitting on the bench, your bench. You didn’t mind your friends coming out here with you, but you didn’t know this boy. He wasn’t facing your direction and he had a hat on, two of your identifying points were gone.

               As you got closer, and as the boy slowly turned, you saw something rather unexpected.’ Why is Wonho here?!’ You shouted inside of your brain, cursing your luck. Wonho was a new kid, a transfer that started the second week of school. You never really got close to him despite him being in almost all your classes. The girls crowded him way too quick, not surprising given their personalities, even through that you were always socially awkward, not having many friends to lean back on didn’t help either. However, you couldn’t help but develop the slightest crush on the blonde-blue haired boy.

               You just stopped in the doorway, not noticing Wonho turning towards you and looking relieved like he’d been waiting for you. Nervously but surely you walked over to your normal spot in the courtyard, breathing deep with every step you take, trying to calm your nerves. Looking crazy in front of him was the last thing you ever wanted; even though you were sure you looked crazy to everyone.

               Sitting down in your seat, you pulled out your notebook, ready to write your thoughts down, or maybe even do some note-taking,; you preferred the first choice. You noticed Wonho turn slightly towards you, like he wanted to talk but couldn’t get himself too, and it made you more nervous. Out of the corner of your eyes, you saw him stare at your paper in hand and you stopped writing, taking a moment to look at the sky, while Wonho looked at you. Then, at that moment, Wonho piped up.

               “U-Uhm, Y/N, right?” he stuttered, making him sound even cuter.

               “Yah, Y/N, that’s me, do you need something?” you questioned to him, ready to dash out of this place in a second, if only your feet would move.

               “I’ve been meaning to tell you something but before I can something always pops up so I found out you came here and I wanted to say it to you,” he admitted, sending your heart into a racing frenzy. You nodded your head as if to say, ‘go ahead.’

               “I kind of…like you.” Wonho quickly shot out, looking you straight in your widening eyes.

               You couldn’t think, but one thing had caught your attention, and you decided to cover up your shock and embarrassment by teasing him.

               “Wait, what do you mean you kind of like me?” you questioned the boy in front of you, tilting your head to one side. You watched his eyes widened a bit before he looked away embarrassed. Noticing how he looked so flustered, you decided teasing wasn’t for you, nor was it good for your heart either.

               “I-I mean I do, I do like you.” he quietly muttered, which made your heart do a 360 and speed up. You didn’t know what to say, your mouth wouldn’t even open if you tried to talk. You cursed yourself inside for the inability to answer the boy in front of you, although you were scared to, you wanted to tell him you felt the same.

               As you were going to reply, the bell rang, making you scared you were going to be late. Without thinking, and without time, you grabbed a piece of paper and pen, and wrote your number down, handing it to him.

               “I like you, too.” You said, smiling, then turning to walk away before you could embarrass yourself further.

               Wonho turned to walk to his class as he opened the note and saw your number. He honestly counted believe that this just happened, he had your number and you liked him back.

               Both of you went to your next class, which you didn’t have together, smiling like fools and daydreaming about the first date.

simplywicked  asked:


SCARLET = You have influenced my decision/thoughts on something. (IS IT SNAPEHART LMAO)

MAROON = You taught me something new.

PERIWINKLE = You make me laugh

MAUVE = You are really talented

BLUSH = Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better.

INDIGO = I’ve been following you for a long time

TANGERINE = I love your aesthetic

FALLOW = I want to run through the Northern wilderness barefoot with you

hcgdjkdsfjksd IM LOVE U PANSY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, u and draco need to get ur asses UP HERE

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