thought tumblr might appreciate this

Okeeey so I don’t usually post stuff but a friend of mine asked me to make a true crime tag yourself and I thought tumblr might appreciate it. I have no idea why there’s like 400 typos in it I swear English is my first language wtf. Anyway it’s just a meme it’s not meant to be disrespectful or gross or anything please enjoy my completely unfunny sense of humour. (Also I blatantly stole the d a m a g e d thing from another tag yourself I apologise)


So if you didn’t know I’m technically a ~certified professional face painter~ and I worked for a themepark for ~5 years in the summers doing this shitto

So some days it was slow as hell so I started drawing/painting animal spirits on my arm and it got to the point where I did it EVERY DAY and it made work really fun actually

I thought tumblr might appreciate some of them tho so I dug them out