thought tumblr might appreciate this

Okeeey so I don’t usually post stuff but a friend of mine asked me to make a true crime tag yourself and I thought tumblr might appreciate it. I have no idea why there’s like 400 typos in it I swear English is my first language wtf. Anyway it’s just a meme it’s not meant to be disrespectful or gross or anything please enjoy my completely unfunny sense of humour. (Also I blatantly stole the d a m a g e d thing from another tag yourself I apologise)

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Hi, I'm not on tumblr but I thought you might appreciate this. I got one of my friends into Shield, she's now on early season 3 and recently described Iain as "sneakily hot". I'm waiting for her to catch up to show her some of your gifsets and fics and ruin her life completely lol

sneakily hot is a vv good description of this infinitely frustrating man, and that sounds like an A++ plan to me, buddy ;-D

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re: your tags, cuz you generate amazing content for AoS/FS, also your fics are boss.

well, I - cheers, buddy, haha, but that doesn’t really explain how ppl who aren’t on tumblr come to know my blog! maybe some find it through AO3, but then - do they subscribe to the RSS feed? just refresh? idk I just don’t get it if they’re not on tumblr, it surprises me is all!