thought tumblr might appreciate this

mentioned this elsewhere but i thought tumblr might appreciate it/get some use out of it.

with how often i’ve seen karaoke bars come up in fic i’m surprised no one has leapt on the chance to have barry and leonard since “anything you can do” to each other. it’d be perfect, especially with barry as annie and len as frank. look–

len: i can open any safe.
barry: without being caught?
len: sure.
barry: that’s what i thought, you crook.

and, of course, we can’t forget the back and forth of “anything you can say, i can say faster. i can say anything faster than you.”

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So if you didn’t know I’m technically a ~certified professional face painter~ and I worked for a themepark for ~5 years in the summers doing this shitto

So some days it was slow as hell so I started drawing/painting animal spirits on my arm and it got to the point where I did it EVERY DAY and it made work really fun actually

I thought tumblr might appreciate some of them tho so I dug them out