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The Light We Share (m)

Synopsis: Jeon Jungkook, the most known greaser in town. Every girl would do anything to stand by his side, but you? You’re wiping tables and spending every single day brushing off his flirtatious self. It’s just one date… right?

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Pairing: Greaser!Jungkook x Reader (Outsiders AU)

Genre: Fluff/Smut

Word Count: 6543


A/N: a quick little thing i typed up yesterday! ^^

UPDATE // February 6: re-written!

Jeon Jungkook.

As if his name is not said enough around this monotonous town. He has an efflorescing reputation that is effortless for him to keep up with his bright smiles and charming looks down to devious motives and inhuman talents. Perhaps it’s the way he dresses: all slack, the same color scheme of black, white, and vermillion as his signature- down to his playful persona that babbles jests every so often. He is the golden boy of the town, the city’s pride, and every citizen is aware by either striving to be him or associate with him. Sour glances from the lucky few who are unfazed by his distinct self are always tossed his way when a flock of girls circle him like a centerpiece at the local diner her visits from time to time. Those foolish girls would fawn over the tiniest things, whether it would be jostling his broad shoulders or tussling his ravenous locks, and you would have to deal with the annoying sight every second during work.

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I swear on my life that every mp100 manga reader all had some sort or telepathic message sent to them. a thought, an idea, planted into our brains on a massive scale. a subliminal message hidden in a chapter somewhere. some higher force told us that Shou’s hair was red. And collectively we all decided “that seems true”. and then it was

I once read this quote that true love is recognizing another human being as real. I loved you because you were so real to me. Every scar, your eyes, your smiles. They were all so real to me. You smelled of rain and a childhood lost all too soon. You felt like hurricanes and your mother who just wouldn’t, couldn’t, love you the way you deserved to be loved. Your embrace felt like your parents battleground, you on the sidelines alone, wondering what you did wrong. 

You are complex, metaphoric, philosophical. You are part of my soul, the yin to my yang, my polar opposite. You are the quickening of my pulse, a heart beat pounding at the mere mention of your name.

You are the tears on my pillow at night. My trailing thoughts when my friends notice I’m lost in conversation. You are my every day dream.

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Does it ever bother you that the Uchiha clan will likely die out after Sarada because she probably won't continue the name? That's why I always wanted Sasuke to have had at least one son to ensure the clan's continuity :(

To be honest, the only thing that bothers me is this trail of thought, and it really bothers me. Quite frankly, I think it’s a horrible thing to say.

Can you imagine how bad Sarada would feel if she heard people saying that? Saying how she’s not good enough because she’s not a male and therefore can’t continue the Uchiha name (even though that’s not true, but I digress)?

Can you imagine how terrible it would be for Sarada to overhear her father voicing his disappointment at the fact that he didn’t have a son? It’s awful.

It was never Sasuke’s desire to revive the Uchiha clan in numbers in the first place; all he ever wanted to do was to restore their honour and reputation, and he did that. And now, Sarada is likely to take the clan to even further heights by becoming the first ever Uchiha Hokage in the future (something which is long overdue, considering it was an Uchiha who gave the village it’s frigging name).

Sasuke couldn’t be prouder of the fact that he has a daughter, and I can only see her doing more things to make him even prouder in the future. To add to that, I’ve always said that if Sasuke and Sakura were to have another child, I’d much rather it be another girl. The Uchiha clan was over saturated with males.

All is Fair in Love and War

Oliver Queen x Reader

Request 1 of the Holiday Specials

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It had become very apparent that you were in need of a vacation.

After weeks of nonstop threats, multiverse travel, assassination attempts, and world-domination plots, you thought you were more than entitled to a few days off. The holiday season was approaching quickly, an excuse which you used to your advantage.

“Ollie,” you began quietly, innocently. You’d only been back from Central City for a few days and Oliver was already starting to get back into a familiar pattern with you there.

“What do you want?” He asked suspiciously, recognizing that tone of voice.

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Rebekah x Reader

Warnings: Reader and Rebekah strip

Requested By @maymayhamilton

“(Y/N)?” Elijah said as if he’d known he’d bump into you.


“Elijah?” You asked dubiously as he approached you like you would a wild animal.


“I believe it would delight my sister to see you again.” He watched as your eyes widened.

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Requested, thank you

“Hey” you sang as you walked up to Reid. “Hi” he smiled happily. Reaching him you leaned in and kissed him gently and you could feel him smiling as he kissed, back cupping your cheek. “Spence!” a voice boomed. He pulled away and looked up seeing your mirror image looking at him. “What are you doing?” Reid frozen brows furrowed as he looked between you two. “Y/N?” he asked, a confused look on his face. “I can’t believe you would kiss my sister” you scoffed. “No I thought…” he trailed off wide eyed. You both began laughing as you placed your hand on his chest. “Spence, calm down we’re just playing” you laughed. “You kissed the right sister” you assured him, patting his chest. “That’s not funny” he said, breathing a sigh of relief. “It was a little funny” your sister said holding her fingers up, index and thumb close together.

Good morning

Pairing: Sam x reader.

Type: Drabble.

Word count: 546

„Well, this is the kind of morning I could get used to.“, I said upon entering the kitchen and seeing Sam making breakfast only in his black boxer briefs.

His brown, ruffled hair reached his broad shoulders. Watching his back was always a guilty pleasure of mine, simply because it looked so toned. My legs shuddered at the thought of trailing my nails along his muscles, which always somehow made him groan in pleasure.

Sam turned around and chuckled when he saw me staring. His gaze lingered on my morning ‘outfit’ as well, since I was only in my panties and one of his plaid shirts, which was more of a dress when I was the one wearing it.

„I could say the same.“, he smirked after observing me from head to toe.

„If Dean saw you half-naked in the kitchen, he would kick your ass.“, I grinned.

„Who says he can kick my ass?“ Sam questioned confidently. „Besides, he’s not here now. We can walk around naked if we want to.“

The seductive and playful look on his face made me laugh. I smiled and walked over to him, wrapping my arms from behind and around his strong torso.

„That sounds really tempting.“, I responded in the same alluring manner.

He was making pancakes and he already had a stack of them ready on a plate. He also had fresh fruit cut out into little pieces, maple syrup ready and steaming hot coffee poured into two cups.

„You’re amazing.“, I whispered into his ear and kissed his cheek.

Flipping the last pancake and settling it on the plate, he turned around.

„I’m amazing, but I only get a single kiss on the cheek?“ he quirked his eyebrow and smirked again.

That was my cue to wrap my arms around the back of his neck and pull him in for a gentle kiss. His hands roamed my back and then down to my thighs, lifting me up like I’m light as a feather and pressing me against his bare chest. I loved feeling his large hands all over my body. The kiss quickly got a bit more rough and passionate, my lower lip between his teeth and my hands in his soft hair.

„Okay, new rule.“, a low, gruff voice spoke behind my back, at the kitchen entrance.

I almost jumped, but Sam held me tightly in his arms.

„No sex in the kitchen!“ Dean ordered strictly and I turned my head around to see his mad face.

I chuckled as my feet touched the floor again. „We were just about to eat breakfast. Care to join, sunshine?“

Sam grinned and settled the plates on the table.

„Only if you didn’t defile the table.“, Dean sat down and frowned.

I rolled my eyes at him as he kept glaring.

„Aren’t you supposed to be out?“ Sam scrunched his eyebrows.

„Aren’t you supposed to keep the kitchen clean?“ Dean shot back and I stifled a laugh, sitting down at the table.

„It is clean.“, Sam responded simply and sat across from me, sending me a wink.

Dean just kept glaring. „If it wasn’t for this pancakes, I would kick your ass.“

I sent a knowing look to Sam and only a second passed before we both chuckled.

Of Ninjas and Foxes (SLBP) Epilogue part3

For a moment, she got a frown between her brows and she bit her lip. She turned her head aside avoiding Masamune’s eyes before she turned to look at them again a smile on her face. Masamune could see the smile didn’t reach her eyes, there was something he couldn’t quite grasp and when she started to speak, her voice sounded eerily cheerful,

“I was… with the… with some good people who took care of me before I came here in Kyoto,” she stopped for a while and Masamune could see her forced smile turning into a genuine one, “I really love it in here. Everyone has been so kind to me and have helped me when I have needed it. I’m truly blessed to have met all these people, especially him… And the children,”

Him…? Did she mean her husband? Sasuke had mentioned a name, Saizo? Masamune’s trail of thought was interrupted yet again by Shigezane,

“The children! Kojuro and Masamune mentioned you have a herd of brats running after you, but I have still only seen few,” Shigezane asked a grin on his face, making her giggle again,

“I wouldn’t say that, lord Shigezane, if you still want to return to that beautiful wife of yours,” she told him, making him turn pale,

“No! I didn’t mean anything bad by it! I’m sure they are lovely kids!” Shigezane tried to save himself, but Masamune could see she was holding in a laugh,

“It’s all right, lord Shigezane. I told them you are my friend too,” she grinned, making Shigezane sigh relieved,

“You know… What Masamune told about that girl, Hiyori… They are not regular children, are they?” he asked seriously,

“Some of them are orphans if that’s what you mean,” she said blinking slowly, obviously misunderstanding on purpose.

“And the ones that aren’t…?”

“Are here, because they were sent here, one reason or another and wished to stay,” she avoided the question masterfully, Masamune congratulated her on his mind. He had noticed the only children he had seen smiling, were the ones Sasuke had told were her own, but it could just be him. Children rarely smiled in his presence.

“Mother!” she was on her feet before the door had slammed open and running to the yard. Masamune stood up and looked after her. He could see some of the children in the yard, one of them sitting on the ground holding his knee. She kneeled next to him and looked at the small scrape he had gotten. She cleaned it with her handkerchief, hugging him afterwards. That’s when Masamune saw it, the smiles on the faces of the children. They didn’t know he was looking so they could smile at her undisturbed.

She made her way back inside, closing the door after her and asked him to sit down. Just when she had sat down and put some food in her mouth, they could hear shouting from outside,




Her eyes widened and she put her hand over her mouth, swallowing quickly, before she ran to the door, opening it to the yard again. Masamune glanced at her and realised she had that same look she used to have when he had been away in a war. The relief and joy were so clear on her face, Masamune felt jealous of the man he could see through the open door. The silver haired man greeted the children smiling, glancing every now and then at her, but she waited until the children had finished greeting him before she walked to him smiling.

Before that smile had been reserved only for him, Masamune could feel his hands turning into fists when she leant in and kissed the man, as if he wasn’t even there. The man turned his eyes on him, never breaking the kiss as if he was gloating for the fact she was his, not Masamune’s. Masamune averted his eyes from the scene, but he couldn’t help overhearing her,

“I’m so glad you’re home. I thought you were coming yesterday, I was so worried. Are you injured? Hungry? Do you need a bath? Do you want to go to bed?” she kept asking questions, making the man chuckle,

“I think we are forgetting something, little lady,” the man said, nudging towards the house. She turned around noticing Masamune and looked surprised as if she just now remembered she had guests. She laced her fingers with the man’s, looking at him smiling, pulling him inside.

“I’d like you to meet my husband, Saizo, this is lord Date Masamune, Date Shigezane and Katakura Kojuro,” she introduced them, never letting go of his hand,

“A pleasure,” the man said a mischievous smirk on his face.

“I think we’d better go, you obviously have some family issues to take care of, ____,” Kojuro said standing up and bowing at them, Shigezane following suit.

“Ah! Let me walk you to the door!” she finally let go of Saizo’s hand and walked them outside, “Thank you so much for visiting me, lord Masamune, lord Kojuro, lord Shigezane,” she bowed at them. Kojuro nudged Shigezane along with him moving a short distance away, leaving Masamune alone with her. They stepped away from the door and Masamune looked at the ground before he finally managed to say,

“… I’m glad that you are happy. That you have found someone…” he went silent for a moment, before he continued, “Masaru… Saizo is not his father, is he?”

She smiled a bit sadly, “No, he is not,”

“… Is there some kind of trouble with his father?” Masamune asked, looking at her face closely. She looked a bit troubled,

“No, not anymore. I…“ she trailed off, biting her lip looking at the ground. There was clearly something about Masaru’s father that troubled her. She had told him she was staying with the Takeda. And if he guessed right, Masaru looked very much like his father.

Masamune felt guilty, if he guessed Masaru’s age correctly it wouldn’t have taken long for her to get pregnant after he had seen her last, it was even possible she had already been pregnant by then. Had she been in some kind of trouble? That would explain why that man, Sasuke, had been so harsh towards him.

“Is there something I could do?” he smiled kindly at her. This was the only thing he could do to her anymore, he would do anything in his power he could to help if she asked.

“Thank you, lord Masamune, but no. He doesn’t know about Masaru or where I am, so everything should be fine. Just… it would be better if you didn’t tell anyone you saw me here.”

“…I won’t. I promise,” he said reaching for her hand, but he stopped himself on time. Suddenly she looked like she remembered something,

“Actually! There is one thing you could help me with,” she said, the happy smile she had had a while ago returning to her face,

“Anything,” Masamune said seriously.

“Hiyori liked you. She was wondering if she could come and work for you?”

“…She liked me?” Masamune blinked confused. It certainly hadn’t looked like the girl had liked her at all.

“Yes. I have never seen her like anyone before. She keeps telling me everybody is too noisy, but she really liked you. You were all she could talk about last night,” she sounded so delighted when she told him about Hiyori, he couldn’t but smile,

“… I guess I could give Kojuro and Shigezane some break being my bodyguards,” Masamune thought Hiyori was a bit too young to be a bodyguard, but he couldn’t deny her, especially when she smiled so happily at the idea.

“Great! She’ll come to you when she is ready,” she suddenly turned serious, “And I promise, if I ever get into trouble and I need your help, I’ll let her know.”

“Thank you… Goodbye, ____,” he bowed at her and she bowed back,

“Goodbye, lord Masamune,”

He walked to Shigezane and Kojuro, turning to look back, but she was no longer looking at him. Instead, she was in the arms of the silver haired man, smiling at him, her arms around his neck,

“She really does look happy, lord Masamune,” Kojuro said after they had stood still for a while. Suddenly a group of children ran past them, surrounding the happy couple smiling and jumping excitedly. She took the smallest to her arms and ruffled another one’s hair before she stepped inside the restaurant.

“… Yes, she does,” Masamune said, a small smile on his lips.


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Dark Streets pt. 4

“(Y/N)?” A harsh voice called. “(Y/N)?” it called louder.

(Y/N) opened her eyes. The light that shone through, thoroughly blinding her. She was on the couch from before. Jerome stood above her, glaring down at her curled form. “You’re not dead. Get up.”

A sharp pain made it’s way directly to (Y/N)’s head, causing her to groan deeply.

“Oh, doll, you shouldn’t do that, you might get me going in ways you don’t want.” Jerome grinned.

(Y/N) sat up slowly, as to not disturb her head again. “I-I don’t understand.” She struggles to speak. “I thought.” She trails off, in a daze.

“Wondering why your not dead?” He leers down at her.

(Y/N) could only nod.

“I thought about it. How easy it would be to slit your throat.” Jerome leaned down, meeting (Y/N)’s eyes. “But then I remembered what I could do. How I could break you! Make you my perfect psychopath.”

She glanced up at him through half lidded eyes. A silent threat hidden behind them. Forcing herself upwards, despite the pain, she faced him full on.

“I’m not something you can just play with.” Her voice cut dangerously. “I won’t apologize for the words that I said earlier. You can try whatever you like, but I will never become what you want me to be.”

“Would you rather me kill you?” He produced a knife. (Y/N) shivered in obvious fear. Jerome grinned wider, fisting a hand in her hair pulling her closer to him, then lifting the knife to her neck. “I’m sure you would look just beautiful, crimson sliding down your neck, the light draining from your eyes. Death is a beautiful thing. Even more beautiful on a beautiful girl.” He leans in close, inhaling her scent.

“You’re a psychopath!” She spits.

“See that fire!” He stands back, dramatically spreading his arms apart. “You need to use that. That is fuel for so much! You could turn against your enemies, beat down those that defy you. Why be loved, when you could be feared.”

It takes a moment, (Y/N) thinking about his words. In all honesty, she had thought once or twice about it. What it would be like to take down those that hurt her. She had just never wanted to face the consequences of doing so. Shaking her head from the thoughts, she replied. “No. I could never do that! I could never be like you.”

Jerome’s smile falters before returning as it was. “How about this, you tell me who. You give me a name, and I kill them. One condition being, you have to watch. You tell me a name, or I just take you instead.” He proposes, waving the knife around.

(Y/N) paused. Her life, or the life of someone she hated, despised even. The rational, humane part of her screamed no. She could never live with that on her conscience. Then the dark side of her spoke up, creeping it’s way towards the forefront of her mind. Yes, do it. Why let some scum live instead of you? Her mind was a battlefield making the thundering headache she had, grow into a storm.

While (Y/N) sat in her daze of unsure confusion, Jerome creeped his way around the room. Deciding what his next move was. Switching the knife to his right hand, he leaned down behind (Y/N). He leaned forward, knife sliding to the front of her neck. “Time’s up.” He whispered.

Jolting in surprise, the knife Jerome was holding bumped against (Y/N)’s throat causing a small line of blood to emerge. Jerome, fed up with the silence that still hung between the two, pushed the knife harder into her neck.

“Thomas!” she yelped.

“Thomas?” Jerome stopped the pressure he was applying. “Who’s Thomas?”

(Y/N) held her breath, realizing what she had just done. All but sentencing someone to their death.

“(Y/N).” Jerome purred. “Who’s Thomas?”

Exhaling, “A co-worker I had. He tried to sexually assault me in the parking lot after work one night. He was an asshole, entitled. I got him fired.”

Jerome’s constant grin fell. The mention of someone so disgusting and vile making his blood boil. Of course he murdered people, most deserving it, others just happening to be in the wrong place wrong time, but he would never do anything so vile.

“Is that it? You live, Thomas dies?”

So scared of what she had just done, (Y/N) only nodded.

“Looks like we’ve got a fun night ahead of us!” Jerome cackles, removing the knife from her neck and walking off to get ready.


Cheryl Strayed’s best-selling memoir Wild brought renewed attention to the Pacific Crest Trail, 2,659 mi. long trail that stretches from the Mexican-Californian border to British Columbia, Canada. Maybe you even thought about hiking the trail yourself … until you realized you don’t have the time, stamina, or outdoorsmanship to do so successfully. Fortunately, Rizzoli USA has you covered with their beautiful new book, The Pacific Crest Trail: Exploring America’s Wilderness Trail by Mark Larabee & Barney Scout Mann, with a foreword by the aforementioned Cheryl Strayed. Even if you can’t hike the trail for whatever reason, at least you can enjoy some of its most stunning scenes via the photographs found here.

Two Winchesters Are Better Than One

Summary: You and Sam meet in a bar, he invites you back to the motel room to meet Dean.

Warnings: THIS IS PURE SMUT, threesome (no Wincest)

Word Count: 2150ish

A/N: I have had several requests lately for more threesomes. Here you go!

The last thing you expected was for Sam to pull away from you, lips still swollen from your kisses, to tell you that he had to leave.

“What? But I thought…” Your voice trailed of nervously. Maybe you had misread the situation. You thought when he pulled you into the alley beside the bar, and pushed you against the wall, that this was headed somewhere, hopefully somewhere with a bed. But maybe he hadn’t been enjoying himself as much as you had.

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“Are you done yet?” Dean asked in an exasperated voice tone. He looked at you and then at James, the guy you’ve been talking with for the past two hours. Or well, more like flirting.

“Uh yeah, just a minute” James answered instead of you and Dean made a face, then glared at him. Or more like his back. James had turned to write his number on a small paper. He turned to you and handed it with a big grin.

“Hope I hear from you soon, beautiful” he said and kissed your cheek. HE got up and made his way out of the bar, not forgetting to wave at you.

You waved back at him with a huge smile and then looked down at the small paper with the number and his name written on it. You bit your lips to keep the big smile from spreading again, in vain though.

“You’re kidding me, right?!” Dean’s voice broke your trail of thoughts and made you look at him.

“Huh?” you only asked and he rolled his eyes.

“You can’t be serious, right now! You’re really considering calling him?!” he asked with wide eyes.

“Uh, yeah yeah. I think so” you said with a little shrug.

“Seriously?!” he asked again and you frowned at his reaction.

“Yeah, why? He is smart, funny, charming, cute and let’s not forget freaking hot!” you said with a big smile.

Dean scoffed, rolling his eyes “You call that hot?” 

“Yeah, I actually do. Why, you have a different opinion?” you raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, well, you could do a lot better than that. And he definitely ain’t that hot. I mean, if you’re looking for someone actually hot to flirt with then, well, you know you could try with… me ” he said trying to act normal.

You looked at him with narrowed eyes, trying to understand what was actually going on until it all clicked.

“Oh my gosh” you exclaimed and the started laughing. You put a hand in front of your mouth to stifle your laughter in vain, though.

“Why are you laughing?” Dean asked with a frown and a small pout.

“You- you’re jealous! You’re actually jealous of him!” you exclaimed, still laughing.

Dean’s eyes widened a while but then he tried to brush it off as nothing “Wh-what? N-no, of course not! How did you even think of it? You saw that guy, why in hell would I be jealous of someone like him?” he laughed nervously and tried to avoid eye contact with you.

“I really have no idea what you’re talking about, (Y/n)” he said with another nervous laugh, but then pursed his lips and looked away from you.

“Oh Winchester, I never thought you felt that way about me. But really, there is no need to be jealous of him. I definitely think you are much hotter” you winked at him and got off your seat making your way out of the bar.

It took Dean a while to process what you had actually said “Wh-what?”

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