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So, about my fic "Complicated Little Emotions"

*HEAVY SIGH* Ok here’s the thing, I’m overthinking this fic WAY too much lol. It is coming but lemme tell you I have made myself question everything endlessly. My brain is being a big pain in the butt! So I don’t want to make any more promises about timing at this point. Because the whole thing is literally written and beta read and was ready in AO3 (and it’s LONG) and yet I cannot make myself hit post because I have other thoughts now about how to rework it. I’m usually not so much of a perfectionist, but in this case I think the weightiness of the ILY scene has built things up in my head way too much and I’m not going to want to share something I’m anything less than thrilled with.

Trust me, I’m annoyed with my own self. XD


perfect brow tutorial | alexis kaymor

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~Dancer AU Voltron~

I came up with a dance AU where Voltron is a dance studio passed down from Allura’s family with the trusted family friend, Coran, as the manager and Allura as the head instructor. Kieth was the first to enter with lance, pidge, and hunk after them. I had a pretty edgy story for Shiro that I’ll talk about when i make more :’)
Plus i thought of the Galra Empire is an opposing dance studio, having sucked Voltron dry of its previous dancers to where they almost shut down their studio.


If the raven has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, it supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation, and connection with magic.

Featured crystal: Amethyst. (promotes calm, balance, and peace)

This is the first piece of my “spiritual animals & crystals” watercolor series.

Marie’s watercolors in canson paper.

For more please visit my instagram /starseedraven