thought this was pretty clever

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What's the deal with the orange soul? I've never seen any depiction of an orange soul mode before (just orange attacks, though I've seen a light blue soul mode)

“Orange mode is a new mode exclusive to AT. It forcibly causes the player to move at a faster pace. The movement sensitivity heightens to the point where controlling your soul becomes much more difficult. Basically, it’s the opposite of BLUE MODE.”

(taken directly from the masterpost)  

So my mom likes to dictate her texts instead of typing them.

The thing is, my mom swears a lot, and she’s often at home with my impressionable little brothers. So she programmed her phone to type “bitch” whenever she said “B” and “f**k” whenever she said “F.” For a while, we all thought this was a pretty clever idea.
Yesterday, she sent me a picture of my brother sitting in his car seat and crying. The caption was, “he got stung by a bumblebitch!!! 🐝🐝🐝”

Theories (Peter Quill)- Part Two

Pairing: Peter Quil x OC

Prompt: Sequel to Theories (Peter Quill)

Warnings: Smut, smut, smut for daysss.

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I paced the tiny length of my room at least a dozen times, trying to shake off what had just happened between Quill and I. Even with weeks of grazing touches and longing looks behind us, that was the closest we’d come to…to what? What exactly had I been about to say to him before Rocket had interrupted with his imperfect timing? That I had feelings for him? That he was right?

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I Can Show You the World

Anon: Lazy day with Superboy?
Series: Young Justice
Genre: Fluff
Words: 889

           "You know..“ you speak loudly over the harsh wind of the Metropolis skyline, "for a two-year old, you’re pretty clever.”

           Superboy grunts in the seat in front of you. You laugh at his disdain from the back seat that Sphere morphed for you. The three of your were parked on top of the Daily Planet.

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only 90s kids : band of brothers 90s teens aesthetics

Donald Malarkey and Warren “Skip” Muck

Awkward & Adorable (Matt Murdock x deaf!reader)

Request: One shot where the reader meets Matt Murdock but she’s deaf. Awkward and adorable pls!!

“You’re not listening to a word I’m saying!”

“News flash, Karen, I’m deaf,” you said as your hands also signed the words in front of you.  “I’m sorry, but I never listen to you.”

“Shit, (Y/N), I’m sorry! Bad choice of words.  God, I’m so stupid.  I did the same thing to Matt…well, not exactly the same, he’s blind, not deaf…but anyway, I told him to look at something as if he actually could and I felt like such an idiot like I do right now-“

“Woah, slow down,” you interrupted, “I can’t read your lips when you talk that fast.  All I caught was that Matt’s blind and you’re an idiot.”

When she threw her head back and squeezed her eyes shut in a laugh, you wished that you could hear the noise that matched such an animated expression.  You had heard it many times during your childhood together, growing up as neighbors and best friends, but all it took was one long and mismanaged illness during high school to take the joy of that sound from you.  

“Well, I suppose that’s all you really needed from it anyway,” she smiled, glancing over your shoulder and waving to summon her friends over to join you.  “Hey, guys, you’re late.”

“It’s not my fault!  Someone couldn’t find their other shoe and insisted that they didn’t need help,” Foggy laughed and nudged Matt with his elbow.  “I bet this is the first time you’ve been late to meet a girl, and all over some stupid loafer.”

“Well, I wanted them to match.  She might think I’m colorblind too,” Matt deadpanned, disappointed with the lack of laughter in response.  “Really? I thought that was pretty clever.”

You turned to see Karen’s friends, one of them a bit shorter than the other with shaggy hair and an older suit coat, the other tall and slender with sunglasses and a white cane held at his side.  When she stood to welcome them both with a hug, you stood with her and extended your hand, smiling at the shorter man as he stepped up first.

“Hey, I’m Foggy, nice to meet you.”

“Pleasure to meet you, I’m (Y/N),” you said, “Karen has told me a lot about you.”

His eyes flicked from hers to yours quickly before he grabbed your hand for a firm shake.  “That’s not a terrifying idea,” he smirked sarcastically.  “I’m sure none of it was true.”

“I’m Matt,” he interjected almost urgently, holding his hand out and waiting for you to release Foggy and take it.  His skin was rougher than you had expected, and his grip was solid; much more solid than that of his friend.  You could see a slight hint of his eyes behind the lenses as the sunlight shone through them, and you could see that he was staring at you.  You knew he couldn’t see, but you couldn’t shake the feeling that you were being studied.  

“Hi,” you sighed, a little breathlessly from the intensity that he naturally exuded.  “So, you’re the ‘Matt’ that she never shuts up about. I can see why.”

“Hey!  That’s not why!” she gasped.  “I mean, I do not!”

When the two men started laughing, you looked back at her and smiled at the growing pink flushing her cheeks and felt a little bit bad about embarrassing her in front of them, but not so much that you felt the need to apologize.  She told you that Matt was attractive, but she had downplayed it far too much and deserved what she got.

“I’m flattered,” he said quietly with a small smile.  When you didn’t respond to him, Karen pointed behind you so that you knew he was talking to you again.

“Oh!  I’m sorry, I have to be looking at you to read your…lips.” Realizing what you had just said, you groaned and squeezed your eyes shut with mortification.  “But you can’t see that I wasn’t looking at you…” you mumbled to yourself, “nice, (Y/N).  Real nice.”

“It’s okay, it happens a lot.  I’m sure you have similar things happen.”  With your eyes still shut, he slowly reached out and tapped you on the shoulder to get your attention.  “I’m sure you have similar things happen,” he repeated, taking the seat next to you.  

“Case in point,” you chuckled quietly.  You turned away and looked into your empty cup and decided that you would need a refill, grabbing Karen’s as well.  Without saying anything, you stood and pushed your chair back slightly, catching Matt’s attention.  He stood to be gentlemanly and pull it away, but since you didn’t hear him it caught you off guard and made you jump, dropping both cups to smash on the ground. Your foot slipped to avoid the shattered glass and you fell back against him, pushing him back into his chair.  His arms quickly wrapped around your waist, seating you securely on his lap.

“So that’s how he does it,” Foggy said to Karen, “they just fall into his arms and bam!, he’s the hero they can’t resist.”

“Shut up, Fog,” Matt snapped.

“What?  She can’t hear me…”

“But I can see your lips, genius,” you groaned, pulling yourself upright.  

“Oh, I like her,” Matt nodded in agreement and mouthed silently to Karen, still forgetting that you couldn’t hear him.  

I like him’, you signed to her, thankful that he couldn’t see. You sat back down on your chair as you waited for the server to clean up the shattered cups, apologizing several times for your clumsiness.  Karen kept looking over your shoulder and talking, but she was covering her mouth in such a way so that you couldn’t make out her words.  After a moment, she stood and smiled at you with her hand out to keep you in place.

“Okay, so our job here is done,” Foggy announced, taking Karen’s hand, “you kids have a great time. Remember, take it slow, and safety first.”

“Fog…” Matt huffed, “that’s a little rude.”

“I meant because you’re blind and she’s deaf!  You’re an accident waiting to happen, clearly.  What did you think I meant, ya dirty old man?” he laughed, turning to walk away; after he was out of ear shot he leaned in to whisper to Karen with a wide grin.  “He’s right though, that’s exactly what I meant.”

Awkwardly Accidental

ajfkdsa i just re-read the six thatchers blog entry and it is literally not possible within the sherlock universe to encounter TWO cases about six pottery figures of thatcher and them being smashed because something is hidden inside them like sherlock. pal. have you no shame

I thought that what he’d done was pretty clever but Sherlock described as disappointingly simple.

i’m just gonna continue laughing by myself over here,

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You said you where thinking again about in which house the pasta's would be, right? Would you like to share with us in which house they would be, and why? I'd like to read that

I’ve put way too much thought into this, but whatever.

I think that BEN is most likely an (almost textbook) Slytherin. Seeing as there’s not much to go on concerning his personality before he became BEN, and seeing as he’s mainly a mind-games kinda guy, I think he fits in there quite nicely. He’s most definitely resourceful and even more so, cunning.

I originally put him in Slytherin, I believe, and he would possibly fit in there pretty well. But actually, I’ve come to think that he might just be a Hufflepuff. Taking Slenderman out of the equation, his remaining motivator is his loyalty and love toward his sister, which is very much a Hufflepuff indicator, in my opinion.  Although I’m extremely torn on this one. He’d fit in either Slytherin, Hufflepuff or maybe even Gryffindor. I guess the Sorting Hat would have a field day with this guy.

Eyeless Jack:
I think I originally put him in Ravenclaw and it is hard for me to imagine him in any other house. In his ‘origin’ story, he’s very much portrayed as a studious guy, and I’m inclined to believe that he’s quite witty and intelligent.

Originally, I put him in Slytherin, but actually, I don’t think he has a lot of cunning to go for him. On the other hand, he’s definitely quite the ressourceful kind of guy.
But he’s also very loyal to his ‘cause’. So I’d say, an interesting mix that would either get him sorted as an unusual Slytherin, or maybe even a Hufflepuff(although that thought makes me laugh so fuckin hard)

I originally put her in Gryffindor on a hunch and didn’t really put a lot of thought into it at the time. After pondering it a bit, I’m quite sure she’d actually be a Gryffindor. Pointless heroics is definitely a trait she has, with all that making it her mission to save the world from Jeff, which also indicates a sense of righteousness. An (albeit misguided) sense of chivalry plays into the mix, too.

I didn’t really give much thought to which house Laughing Jack or Sally would end up in, yet.

For the Marble Hornets Guys:

I think he’d very likely be a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff, if I think back on the series and am to assume that Masky has a similar personality to Tim. He’s definitely brave, but I always thought he’s also quite loyal. Then again, I think he’s pretty clever as well and most definitely witty, which would point toward Ravenclaw. So I guess he’s one of the field day candidates for the Sorting Hat.

His most defining trait that we see in the series are his incredibly enormous loyalty toward Masky, and Brian shares that trait towards Tim, I think. Therefore, I’d put him very clearly into Hufflepuff.

Damn I was very amused by how many of them I’d actually consider putting into Hufflepuff. But that does explain a lot about Hufflepuffs, actually.
And I would be very concerned should there ever pop up any Hufflepuff dark Lords or Ladies. That would in all honesty be incredibly terrifying.
Better befriend all the Hufflepuffs now, in case I decide to try taking over the world, hehe.

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What did you think of the new bomb? :O

OKAY so tl;dr: much better than sb5. which yeah, is still a pretty low standard, but this bomb had far more interesting elements to it! the first three eps had a season 1 vibe that i really liked, and the last two were pretty engaging as well. that isn’t to say that my sentiments are all praise though. i’ll put an episode-by-episode opinion under the cut!

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A Cheesy Line for Every Situation

Rating: T

Summary: A dangerous idea began to form in Ray’s head.  “Tell ya what, if you’re so desperate to entertain, we can always play a little game.”  She leaned in closely so their lips were only a breath apart.  “Try to actually amuse me and I’ll throw you a bone for once, ‘kay?” 

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The Mass Effect au that I really want is a trashy high school one.

I’m talking geeky STEM nerd Garrus who’s on, like, the mathlympics team – or better yet, one of those robot building teams with Tali. And then there’s Shepard who’s the accidental golden child of the school and does basically every sport available. Not because she considers herself a jock or really cares all that much, but because she just… enjoys sports? and her friends were doing them so why not. She joined wrestling because Wrex is the captain and he’d been pestering her to join for ages. Ashley wanted to start a female rugby team so Shepard’s co-captaining it with her. Vega’s new to the school and was looking for a friend so she goes to the gym with him. Her and Kaidan have been doing soccer since they were old enough to kick a ball. And I mean she’s not actually a part of the student council, she just argues with then a lot, but people have just started to assume? she’s related to them somehow or that she has any sort of sway over them?? as opposed to just a thorn in Tevos, Sparatus, and Valern’s collective side.

So people have started seeing her as this really cool, collected sort of person, but like… the reason she’s always standing to the side at parties looking “aloof” is because she’s a shitty dancer and gets embarrassed about it?  And no, she’s not flirting she’s just being nice, why do some people have such a hard time seeing the difference, it’s not her fault people think she’s some sort of unattainable heartbreaker??  And okay, yes, she has been in a fight or two (or ten) but they always fucking deserved it and no one can tell her otherwise, she wasn’t doing it to be tough.  Like she’s normally hanging out with Ashley Williams and Kaidan Alenko and Jeff Moreau on weekends trying to figure out how to get their homework done.  And she sucks so much at driving it’s almost funny if it weren’t so terrifying.  For fuck’s sake, she talks to her pet hamster. But how the hell is she supposed to tell people to please stop acting like she’s some sort of fucking high school hero when it seems to have been going on for years and at this point she’s just exhausted. No thanks, Linron, I don’t care how “big” your party is going to be I absolutely don’t want to spend my weekend at your rumour mill, especially not after you talked shit about my buddy Wrex.  And that Jack Harper kid can literally go fuck himself in the ass, no I don’t want to hang out with your obnoxious clique stop texting me.

Honestly, Shepard mostly wants to do her thing and hang out with friends and not get dragged into everyone’s drama, it’s just that everyone else seems determined to get her involved. Not that Garrus Vakarian knows that. When he ended up in Citadel High and got paired with Shepard on a project he’d thought she seemed blunt but fun and intense and clever, and he’d thought they’d hit it off pretty well – hey, maybe he’d found a friend in this school!  …Until he realized who exactly this Shepard kid is to the rest of the school.  So now he has this giant fucking crush on someone he sees as totally untouchable, someone who moves in the highest circles of high school society and who turns down even the coolest kids that ask her out and that definitely isn’t him (and poor Tali who needs to listen to Garrus mope when he could be helping her figure out how to get their robot to stop listing to the left). Shepard, meanwhile, is trying to figure out why that new kid’s suddenly avoiding her? He seemed really nice but now he’s acting like she’s got the plague – god, did he hear those rumours about Aria and– because those were blown very out of proportion… or, god, okay there were actually a lot of rumours about her that could scare someone off, shit.  Though if he was going ot believe some stupid rumours then fuck him, right?  Right.  …right.  fuck


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In the area of a car, there are only so many places for lust to go.

Req: Can I pretty please request a tired and angry Namjoon and you trying to soothe him with a nice and relaxing message and some sexy time hehe Thanks!

A/N: Since you asked so nicely here you go! Enjoy the *cough* car  *cough* and give me your thoughts. Much love nonnies~ 

Namjoon sighs in frustration, pressing his hands against the steering wheel and cracking his back against the now uncomfortable leather seat. We’d been sitting in unmoving traffic for hours now, accidents from the snow preventing movement for miles.

I could feel cold beginning to seep through my layers of clothing, Namjoon had only been running the heat sporadically in order to save gas and I’d neglected innocence to naughty thoughts in order to keep me warm.

“Jesus christ it’s so crammed in here.” He curses, stretching once more.

He’s so sexy when he’s upset, eyebrows furrowed and thick lips pursed with disdain. I wish I could feel their heat along mine, the cold tips of our noses pressing against each other’s cheeks.

I reach over the center console and rub his thigh lightly in what seems like a soothing gesture, but I can already feel the rose between my legs ready to bloom, watering with excitement.

“I’m sure we will be moving soon.” I promise, giving him a small smile as he pulls out his phone.

“They put out a warning to people in the area.” His clipped voice strains. “It’s going to be at least another thirty minutes.”

I hum, finding no car windows directly beside us, unable to see straight into our car.

How perfect.

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I tried making a phone call, but I continued to have no luck phone hunting. I thought it sounded pretty realistic, but I guess the wild phones were more clever than I thought.

catch ‘em, tag ‘em with a region-locked SIM, release ‘em

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when i saw ur medusa and the blind priestess ocs i gasped!! i love them!! i also think they're a pretty clever pair! i always thought medusa would have to be all alone because she would turn people into stone but this is such a cute idea? i can't remember when's the last time i saw a blind character either? i love them

iofdhfig thank u!! Tbh i was thinking about Medusa and how she could interact with anyone and then yeah! this popped up 

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It's been a few days now but I'm still disappointed that 'hurry' was the last thing Clarke told Bellamy before they got separated. But the writers are clever cos they're always putting other characters in crucial scenes btn Bellarke or having the characters interrupt them. It's frustrating bc it's not like they were going to admit any feelings in front of Raven and Murphy. Yet I'm still sad that Clarke only said 'hurry' And now there's this agonising wait till season 5


I thought that was pretty clever.

Considering how slowburn it’s going.

I think it’s an acknowledgement, in a way of our own frustrations with the slow pace.