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I just saw that you're only 5'4! Idk why but I thought you'd be taller? But you're a tiny precious bean

U kno that picture of the small dog on the counter and then with the caption “he likes to be tall” bc that’s me

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hi guys! i'm loving your blog so far and your stories are great! :) Can i request a scenario where Kags, Daichi, Kuroo, Bokuto and Tendou find out that their s/o or crush can actually play volleyball and is quite good at it too? Sorry if that's asking too much ;\


-is shook

-like this boy thought he was good

-but his precious s/o is amazing

-he’s super excited

-because this means they can practice with each other

-which means more time with his s/o


-proud dad is proud

-he’s even more proud when he sees that his s/o is the captain

-they can share tips on how to deal with the teams

-can’t stop smiling because he’s just so happy

-will start to gang up on each other’s teams like the parents they are

-joint practices become a thing


-his heart just grew three sizes

-his s/o is the starting setter

-is glad that the guys aren’t there

-cause this boy has the goofiest smile on his face

-will not shut up about all their sets after the game

-wonders if this is what love feels like


-kinda hurt that he didn’t know this about his s/o

-but also really happy

-because he has someone else to help him knock Bokuto down a notch

-or 10

-can’t stop bragging about how good his s/o is

-brings her in to join practice a few times


-he didn’t think his s/o could be any more perfect

-he was very wrong

-as soon as he sees them playing, he knows exactly why he loves them

-he catches them doing his little dance while waiting to go in

-smirks because he’s rubbing off on his s/o

-starts telling Ushijima that his s/o is better than him


the most precious boy !!! 😭💘

When you see a hot girl for the first time and realise that you might not be as heterosexual as you first thought.


Introducing the one-in-a-million duo, Basil and Rosemary! …Of course they couldn’t be particularly energetic for this blog’s first official post; you see, they’re busy with very important business. Namely, napping.

But hey! This is our new catblr! I, their personal muppet servant, will be taking photos and videos of them for everyone to admire them by. We’ll also sometimes be joined by our cat roommate Mucka, as well as any other kittyfriends we happen to meet. These kids are a lot of fun, so I hope you love them as much as I do :,,)

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Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate Lee Chan.

  • Seventeen’s maknae.
  • Helps Hoshi choreograph.
  • Has a strong rapping voice
  • Michael Chanson. Powerful and sharp-edge dancing.
  • Has a stable singing voice.
  • He can do falsettos.
  • Brave. Brave enough to break a gourd thing on Jeonghan’s head.
  • Jeonghan’s baby. Even if he doesn’t like it.
  • He can actually MC well.
  • His glow up.
  • I mean, he endured an era with that Dinosaur hair. Praise him.
  • Girl group dances. Michael Chanson style.
  • Facial expression changes in a split second.
  • Cute, precious child.
  • With this pure, adorable smile.
  • …But also pretty hot. But he’s still a baby. RIGHT? :( 
  • Cinnamon roll.
  • Sinnamon roll.
  • Had Seungcheol and Jihoon soft enough that they let him use a “gat” for their OMG performance– even if the two knew it was ridiculous– in Seventeen Project because he sulked and wouldn’t talk. If that isn’t power, I don’t know what is.

I probably missed a lot of things. But we just got to keep adding to list and spread the love for Seventeen’s precious maknae.