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I just found some old pictures of my first love. I was 1, she was 2 in the first picture (that I like to call “my first kiss”). I’m the one with shorter hair. We went to pre-school together and wanted to get married when we would grow up. But when I told my mom she said “It’s not possible  in France honey”. I was angry, I didn’t believe my mom so she brought me to my preschool teacher. She said to me “I’m sorry Maryne, two girls or two boys can’t get married in our country, your mom is right”. I cried for days. As she was a little older than me, she went to elementary school and I was alone, still in pre-school. We lost each other, and met again in high school. We were talking a little but not that much. 

This year when the same sex marriage law passed in France, I recieved a message saying “Now we can get married ;)” from this girl. And that was the most adorable thing ever.

I really wish that marriage equality would pass in every country. When I thought about my childhood and my mom remember me how I cried for days ; it breaks my heart to think of all the little kids who, since their younger age, think that they aren’t supposed to love who they want freely.


I was addicted to his pain
I had never known anything good, so when he came along he fit into my world perfectly
Every time he left me I felt distraught
But it was okay, this was how it was supposed to be I thought
I thought that my pain and his pain would turn into something great
But that was the biggest mistake I ever made

And someone else out there will be enough of a disaster for me to love
I’m sure of this