thought this couldnt be possible

With the arrival of Matt we’ve all seen Lance feeling even more left out… but have y'all thought about Keith feeling left out?


BUT now MATT is back and Shiro hangs out more and more with him and less and less with Keith.

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w-warning for… Major Character Death….

Sweet Milk Extras

(bits that were cut and I still like but can’t fit in anywhere)

“What are we doing?”

“Eating breakfast.”

“I meant, you know, the big picture. Why are we here? And no, I don’t mean why-why. Just, why did we come to this house?”

“You’ve asked me this before and I wonder if the answer is simply not enough for you or you merely keep forgetting,” Hannibal smiled, purely at Will’s expense. “You did hit the water awfully hard.”

“I’m glad to see your sense of humor has matured passed puns.”

“We’re healing,” Hannibal unfolded a napkin with a flick of his wrist, he tucked it into Will’s shirt. It would be annoying if Will were paying much mind to it. “Taking a breath. Maybe I should ask you. Why are you here, Will?”

“Because you are.”

“There’s your answer.”


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You can find part one here (x)

It has been two weeks since I last saw Michael. Everytime the boys asked me to hang out with them  I always said I had other things to do, or that I didnt feel like hanging out with them. After that night I wasnt really keen to spend time with Michael. But he was always on my mind, doesnt matter what I did, he was there. The memories of the time we spent together. I dont even know what “we” is or were. Really close friends? A couple? He never called my his girlfriend. We never hold hands or kissed in puplic. Only when we were alone. When we were alone he practically never wanted to let me go again. So why did he…?

I had to push these thoughts aside. Calum knew something was going on with me. In the past two weeks I have been rather distant. I just wanted to be alone, alone with my thoughts. I never meant to shut Calum out, but I couldnt possible tell him what was going on either. No one knew about Michael and I. We never told anyone, well, never wanted me to tell anyone about us. I couldnt do that to Calum. He was always there for me. After Michael let me down, he was there to compfort me, everytime I had a bad day he was there with pizza and a movie. He never let me down. Calum and I have been through so much and I’m really greatful for him. I really do love him.

I was in the kitchen, preparing myself a snack when I suddenly heard my phone ring. It was a text, I froze when I saw from who it was. I took a deep breath and opened the text message.

From: Michael 

‘Can we talk?’

I shook my head, was this kid serious? He practically ignored me for month and now all of a sudden he wants to talk? No thanks. I typed back

To: Michael

'I dont think thats a good idea.’

Two minutes later my phone rang again. I opened the text.

From: Michael 

'I dont care. I’m coming over.’

Great. Just great. I finished preparing my snack and walked into the living room, turning on the tv. 'Im just not gonna open the door.’ I thought to myself. After a shot while my mind wandered off, back to the first date Michael and I had. 


“So, uh- I was wondering if you’d like to go out with me. You know…on a date?” he asked scratching the back of his head. I had a crush on him since forever, of course I wanted to go out with him. I was surprised he even asked me to go out with him at all. I pretended to think about it for a moment before I said “Yeah sure, why not?” I was really proud of myself, it sounded a lot more casual than I tought it would be. I was super nervous when I got ready for this date, since it was actually my first real date. He took me to a restaurant near the beach. I think he had some sort of deal with the owner, the restaurant had a really beautiful roof-top garden. Flowers and light everywhere. You had the perfect view over the city and the beach and no one was allowed to go up here. We were right in time to watch the sunset. “This is so beautiful” I said admiring the wonderful view. “Not as beautiful as you are.” he said and reached out for my hands. I felt the butterfies in my stomach nearly exploding as he moved closer to me and kissed me.


I got ripped out of my thoughts when I heard the doorbell. It was probably Michael so I didnt even bother to get up. “Open the door.”  I heard his voice yell from outside. I didnt answer. “For god’s sake (Y/N) open the damn door or I swear I’ll break through it!” He yelled again, I rolled my eyes, got up and opened the door. I knew he wouldnt leave. “What?” I asked annoyed. “I want to talk to you.” he stated and sneaked passed me into the house. “Yeah sure,come on in” I mumbled and closed the door behind him.

“We need to talk" 

"You repeat youself." 

"What is your problem (Y/N)? Jeez I just wanna talk to be such a bitch” he mumbled.

“Dont be such a bitch? Are you fucking kidding me Michael?” What in the world is he thinking? Insulting me like that.

“Sorry…sorry I didnt mean to…(Y/N) I’m sorry. For everything. For everything I’ve done wrong.” he said looking down to his feet.

“Sorry? You ignored me for month, you broke my damn heart and everyhting you say is 'I’m sorry’? Sorry but thats not gonna cover it Michael.” I tried to calm down, steady my breathing.

“What do you want me to say? I’m sorry okay I never, ever meant to hurt you like this (Y/N)!”

“Well too late.”

“What can I do to make it better? I will do anything to turn everything back to where it was! I miss you! I miss spending time with you! I miss being with you! I want you back..” he said, his voice trembling. 

His words hit me hard, was he serious? Why? Why now? I cant go back. Not now. Not after what happened. I just shook my head, tears approaching. 

“Why Michael? Why now? I dont understand! You were the one who broke it off in the first place! You were the one who said 'its not gonna work for us’, you were the one who said 'you need to back off’, 'I need more space’ you were the one who made the mistakes! You cant do anything to make it better! You cant turn back time and I am glad that I found out what a miserable ashhole you really are before things got even more serious! I was happy with you! I loved you! and you…you had to -” I stopped myself from talking, I didnt want these words to leave my mouth.  The tears I tried to hold back were now streaming down my face. He walked towards to me and cupped my face, wiping away my tears with his thumbs. I didnt move away, I love the feeling of his hands on my skin, I hate to admit it but I missed his touch more than anything in this world. “Please dont cry, I’m so so damn sorry. I- I made a mistake, yes. But everyone desevers a second chance righ? I will never let you down again. I want it to be like before.” He wispered, moving his head closer to mine. “I dont want it to be like before. I have Calum now, and I really love h-” I got interrupted by Michaels lips on mine. 

I shouldnt enjoy this moment so much, but I did. I didnt even try to push him back. The butterflies in my stomach appeared again, I never wanted this moment to end. It felt like falling for him all over again. But wait, what was I doing? I have a boyfriend who I love. I just wanted to break the kiss when I heard the front door shutting down. “What the fuck is going on here?” I heard Calums angry voice. We quickly broke the kiss and I took a step back from Michael. What have I done? I opened my mouth to defend myself but nothing came out. Calum walked over to Michael shoving him away “What the fuck man? Piss off before I rip you head off!” he angrily yelled at Michael.

“Dude, calm down okay.”

“I am not calming down, I am serious man fuck off!" 

"Cal, stop it, please. Michael you should leave.” I said looking down to my hands

“ But-" 

"Just leave. Please!” I sobbed. Without another word he stormed through the door. Calum turned to me and raised his eyesbrows “So? Do you want to explain al this?” he asked angrily. “I- We just talked and then suddenly he kissed me, I-”

“You didnt even try to push him back and it sure as hell seemed like you enjoyed this kiss." 

"Calum I-”

“Forget about it. I’m out of here.” he said and stromed through the door. “I’m sorry.” I sobbed and slid down the wall, crying. What was wrong with me? Why did I enjoy this damn kiss so much? I was over Michael. 'I love Calum.’ 'I love Calum!' ’But I’m still on love with Michael.’

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