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Thanksgiving Feast

“Today is the day,” Davis thought, “today is the day I finally get to stuff that hot man, Schoggi.”

He’d wanted to stuff Schoggi for a long time, and see just how big that belly of his can get. And also to have a little fun with his navel and sexy, fat gut of course.

Schoggi would be over soon and he wanted to be prepared for his arrival. Since it’s almost time for Thanksgiving, Davis thought it was only appropriate to make a Thanksgiving feast for the man. Davis cooked all kinds of delicious, fattening foods: deep fried chicken, barbeque wings, stuffed turkey, smoked ham, grilled hot dogs, steak, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, mashed potatoes with gravy, baked beans, and more. He made a feast for an entire family.

Just as Davis was setting out the last of the food, he heard a knock at the door. He went to open the door, and there he was, Schoggibear, in all his glory. Davis loved the little overhang his belly had over his waist. Being only 5'9 surely impacted how fat he looked, which Davis loved too.

“Well hey there sexy. Come in, follow me.”

“Haha thanks,” Schoggi said, and entered the house and followed Davis to the Dining room.

Davis sat Schoggi down in front of the feast he’d prepared for him. Schoggi eyed the table wildly, eyes going from one food to the next his mouth practically watering.

“Is this all for me?” Schoggi asked.

“It sure is. You said you have a big appetite so I wanted to make sure you had more than enough food.” Davis responded.

“Well let’s see if you’ve cooked enough to satisfy my hunger then. Let me warn you though, I haven’t eaten all day.”

“Well let’s see indeed. But first,” Davis tugged on Schoggi’s shirt, “you might wanna take this off first. You know, it looks like a nice shirt and I would hate for it to get ruined.”

“Haha you’re right! Thanks!” Schoggi pulled his shirt off from over his head causing his soft pecs to bounce and gut to jiggle a little bit. Davis noticed and could feel himself getting turned on by the Mexican Bear that sat before him.

“Here I’ll take that.” Davis said, taking the shirt from Schoggi and placing it in another room. Davis returned to find Schoggi already gorging on the feast before him, hands scooping what was nearest to them and shoveling it down his gullet.

Macaroni and cheese, as well as baked beans, mashed potatoes, and cornbread all went down his throat. Davis swooned at the gluttonous man shoveled more food into his mouth, swallowing and filling his empty belly. Schoggi’s soft pecs pounced and his belly jiggled as crammed food after food down into his gut. Davis walked up the the greedy pig of a man and began rubbing his filling gut. Davis squeezed Schoggi’s gut and felt the fat ooze between his fingers. This made both Schoggi and Davis moan in pleasure. Davis continued to play with Schoggi’s gut as he continued to feast on the food in front of him.

The smoked ham and deep fried chicken were Schoggi’s next victims. He devoured the meats without mercy, their quantity rapidly diminishing. Davis could feel Schoggi’s gut getting firm now as he finished off the ham and chicken and moved onto the grilled hot dogs. One by one the dogs fell to the gluttonous titan.

“That’s it Schoggi, keep eating. Feed your hunger. Fill this gut. I want you to keep eating till you’re so full that you…” Davis didn’t finish his sentence, but instead went under the table and stuck his tongue inside Schoggi’s navel and began to lick all around. Schoggi moaned as he felt Davis’s wet tongue wandering all around his belly button.

“Oh yeah, keep that up,” Schoggi moaned as he downed another hot dog.

Davis licked, sucked, and blew all on and around Schoggi’s navel. Schoggi groaned in pleasure as he finished off the hot dogs and moved onto the barbeque wings. His stomach felt full and tight, but he wasn’t about to stop any time soon. The food was just so good that he just had to have more. Schoggi’s stomach now started to slowly expand with each swallow he took. Schoggi didn’t notice, but Davis sure did. He rubbed the expanding gut with both hands as his tongue worked from Schoggi’s navel to gut. Davis placed his hands of Schoggi’s soft pecs and squeezed, feeling the warm flesh ooze between his fingers. He played with the Mexican bear’s pecs more, pinching his nipples, as well as licking,  sucking, and nibbling on the fleshy, football sized moobs.

Schoggi loved all the attention Davis was giving his body. It felt absolutely amazing, close to orgasmic. He felt his cock spring to life in the restrictions of his underwear.

Davis stuck his middle finger into Schoggi’s gut’s hole, and proceeded to finger fuck him. This really turned Schoggi on, making his cock ache with pleasure. Schoggi moaned with a mouth full of food as Davis jammed his finger against his navel.

“You like that huh piggy?” Davis asked.

“Oh god yes.”

“Just wait until I stick my dick in there. I’ll have you moaning and howling as I fuck this fat gut,” Davis forcefully jammed his finger into Schoggi’s navel and shook it up, “then I’ll pump you up with my cum until you can’t take anymore.”

“Oh yes, I want you to fuck my navel. Fuck it till I can’t take it. Fuck my gut until you blow your load and make it expand with each pump.”

“Wait here, give me a second,”  Davis went to the kitchen and returned with a giant beer keg, “just something to wash it all done.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Davis stuck the hose into Schoggi’s mouth and watched him drain the keg, each gulp making his belly swell. His gut was becoming round and taut, like a huge overinflated exercise ball. Schoggi could feel his tight jeans cutting into his waist. His fat ass and thick thighs were being suffocated within the confines of his jeans. He felt the pressure rise, especially in the bottom of his gut, as he guzzled down the beer. Beads of sweat ran down Schoggi’s face as it turned red. His gut glistened as sweat formed on it as well.

Davis, becoming more and more lustful, started to grind himself and his boner against the sweaty ballooning gut, his hands gripping at the globular mass feeling it expand. Schoggi groaned with the hose still in his mouth as he contiued to swell with each swallow. He could feel his gut reaching it’s max capacity. His entire stomach felt sore as it throbbed and ached from the overpowering fullness. Schoggi’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he strived to drain every ounce of beer from the keg. His gut rumbled in protest, begging for relief from the beer. Schoggi ignored his stomach’s pleas and continued to chug. His face turned red as sweat ran down it. His stomach groaned as it fought to contain all the beer as well as food inside. He knew for sure his gut was going to pop like a food filled balloon, splattering beer, food, and fat everywhere.

“Oh god…I think…I think I’m about to -”


Schoggi’s jeans exploded off his fat ass and meaty thighs, scraps of the destroyed jeans littering the ground. He even burst out of underwear, leaving him naked in the chair.

“*BELCH* oh god that feels so much better.”

Schoggi let loose a monstrous belch that rattled the walls.

“Oh damn, that was sexy.” Davis said, caressing the tight ball of flesh.

“Haha you think so? Well I definitely got a few more in me.” Schoggi slapped his overstretched gut, producing another earthshaking belch.

“Hell yea.” Davis climbed over Schoggi’s gut to lock lips with the extremely bloated man’s greasy lips.

Schoggi, feeling the pressure rise in his belly as Davis lied on top, moaned through the kiss. He felt Davis’s tongue enter his mouth and connect with his.

A surge of gas erupted from Schoggi’s gut up his throat and out his mouth into Davis. Davis’s eyes shot open as Schoggi belched in his mouth.

“Oh sorry, didn’t mean to-”

“Do it again.” Davis commanded.

“Oh - okay.”

Schoggi did what he was told. He locked lips again with Davis and produced another burp in his mouth.

“Damn, now you got me really worked up.”

“Oh yea? *belch*”

“Fuck yeah.” Davis said as he began to strip, removing everything single piece of clothing.

Davis lubed up his ten inch cock and positioned himself in front of the giant ball of flesh. Schoggi felt Davis’s thick cock slowly enter his stomach’s hole, pushing against the flesh around it. It felt like an invading force trying to force it’s way into Schoggi’s belly. He felt Davis’s dick slide in until it pressed against Schoggi’s navel. Davis reeled his dick out and forced it back it. Davis repeated this process, picking up his tempo and getting more aggressive with each thrust.

Schoggi grunted and moaned as Davis navel fucked his tight gut. It gurgled and rumbled as Davis picked up speed, smacking his hips more intensely against the giant ball of flesh. Davis slapped the gurgling belly with both hands and pumped harder into it, his dick smashing harder and harder against Schoggi’s navel with each thrust. Schoggi felt ready to burst like a food filled balloon, his navel ready to give way to Davis’s relentless dick.

Davis was now slamming his hips against Schoggi’s tight ball belly, his balls slapping against the taut flesh while his dick rushed in and out practically trying to penetrate his navel. Schoggi didn’t know which was going to give first, his belly or his navel. He knew one was about to give though, or both.

The more Davis’s hips pounded against Schoggi’s gut, the more he felt like it was going to bust. And just when he felt like he was going to burst, his navel gave way. Schoggi grunted as he felt Davis pierce through his navel with his cock now literally moving in and out of his gut, increasing the pressure tremendously.

“Fuck, the pressure. It…feels… soooooooo…good…ugh….”

“You feel so good.” Davis replied.

Angry stretch marks started to appear all over Schoggi’s gut. His gut began to pulse as Davis continued to thrust in and out of it.

“Oh fuck, I think I’m gonna blow!” Schoggi groaned, clutching his gargantuan gut.

“Me too!” Davis moaned, “oh fuck here it comes!”

The overpowering tingling sensation finally seized Davis in the form of a blissful orgasm causing him to unleash a torrent of cum inside of Schoggi’s jam-packed gut. Schoggi felt as if he had a hose attached into his gut. They both watched the overstuffed fleshy ball swell with each pump. The giant globular flesh quaked in Schoggi’s lap as it grew, desperately trying to contain Davis’s load. Schoggi could feel his stomach pulse and vibrate as it groaned in protest with angry stretch marks all over thumping wildly. The pressure peaked and Schoggi writhed in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He could feel his gut getting ready to blow, splitting right down the middle.

Schoggi came, coating his underbelly with thick, white ropes of seamen. Schoggi convulsed in his orgasm, gripping his gut as he grunted and moaned in the best pleasurable release of his life.

As Schoggi came down from his orgasm he felt his stomach settle and stop rumbling. He closed his eyes and sighed in relief, rubbing his dangerously overstuffed gut.

Davis shot one last stream of cum into Schoggi, grinning knowingly it would be the final straw.

The pressure in Schoggi’s gut flared up, becoming the greatest it’s ever been. His gut began to quake again, more violently from the last time. Schoggi scrunched his eyes shut tight, the pressure and fullness finally becoming too much.

And just like the man in the Yoshi Island commercial, his eyes shot wide open just right before…


Schoggi’s gut exploded with deafening, pop, splattering it’s contents all over the room. Food as well beer, fat, and cum covered the both the floor and the walls. Even the ceiling was dripping with the splattered remains. Davis was sent flying back by the impact of the explosion, landing on the other side of the room.

He got up grinning, wondering which fat boy would be his next victim.