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It’s Okay

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You missing out on date night.

You opened the door to his room, the only light coming out from the opened door; only to find him curled into a ball on bed. You walked towards the left side of the bed kneeling next to him. You could see the top of his head, a head of hair and the rest of them covered by the duvet. You had promised to come see him around 8 but you had completely lost track of time recording in the studio. You sighed feeling guilty watching your boyfriend snuggled under the duvet all alone. You ran your hand through his locks as he stirred a little from your warm touch. He had send you multiple texts and the last one was just a frown emoji.

 You got up walking out of bed and going to the kitchen to get a glass of water as you put your backpack down on the kitchen island. You took out a glass and pour in some cold water and hot water. You picked up the chair pulling it out trying to make as little noise as possible. You sat down putting down your hair from the messy bun it was in. You knew you were not the best girlfriend someone could have but this was just too much. You could see the boxes of takeouts on the table in front of his TV. The two of you had always opted to eat there than the kitchen table.

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