thought some of you guys might be interested. :p

We're The Same, You and I

Character: Benny Lafitte

Summary: Dean phones the reader and asks her to keep tabs on Benny

& “Imagine the look on Benny’s face when you tell him he’s not a monster at all.”

Warnings: None I don’t think!

Reader Gender: Female (Unless a dude likes being called ‘darlin’ :P which I can totally get!)

Word Count: 1525

AN- I was feeling some Benny love lately and I know I said I would write a part four to the previous Benny fic I had written, but I didn’t see a way to keep the story going and also interesting (honestly I didn’t even like the third part!) But anyway I thought this would hold off whoever wanted that fourth part.

I might make a sequel/series to this, depends on you guys! Let me know if you want some and I’ll try and deliver best I can!

Requests and Feedback appreciated as always!


            “Thanks so much!” You smile at the waitress as you grab your takeout from her wrinkled hand. Her blue eyes look older then they should, wore down from worry and working what you assumed to be 12,or 18 hour shifts. You plunk your change into her tip jar and leave the diner on the edge of the small southern town, your stomach growling as you near your beloved car. You look into the cooler in your backseat to make sure you had everything you needed before you got back on the road. Satisfied, you sit down and are just about to delve into your supper when your phone rings. You recognize the one of many numbers belonging to Dean and slide it on. “Hey Dean, how are you and Sam?”
            “Hey (Y/N). We’re doing alright, still alive. Yourself?” He answers. His voice seems a bit distant, like he was outside somewhere.
            “Not too bad, just finished up a werewolf case. Are you outside or something? Anything wrong?”  You look into the sky and watch the stars start to come out; it had to be around midnight. You were damn lucky you found the diner open this late.
            “No, no we’re fine. It’s just I got a favor to ask, a big one and I don’t want Sammy to hear, that’s why I’m outside.” He explains. You take a sip of your milkshake and a bite of your food.
            “Well, go ahead Dean, I’ve got nothing on the radar and you know I love a good hunt. What’s on your mind?”
            “It isn’t exactly a hunt (Y/N), you remember Benny?”
            “Oh yeah, your little Purgatory pal! What about him?” You hear a long pause before Dean speaks up.
            “Well uh, Sam didn’t really trust him. And I had to end the little                 “Bloodaholics Anonymous” thing we had going. But I know he’s not in a good place right now. And I was wondering if you’d mind, uh, keeping tabs on him?”
            “Yeah sure, no problem Dean.” You reply not even batting an eye.
            “What? Just like that?”
            “Uh yeah Dean? It’s not a big deal; remember that Wendigo hunt that went wrong a few years back? I owe you one dude. Plus I like Benny, I’ll keep him on the straight and narrow, don’t you worry.”
          “Wow, alright, thanks (Y/N). I knew I could count on you, what’s your 20?”
            “Just south of Mobile. Alabama. You know where Benny is?” You buckle yourself in and start driving down the deserted country road.
            “Huh, just tracked his phone, he’s in the same town!” You stop your car as you see something out of the corner of your eye.
            “Hey Dean, does Benny still drive that old pickup?”
            “The death trap? Last time I saw him yeah.”
            “Well then I found him.” You pull into a clearing beside a huge pond, a good distance away from the rusted old truck, the moon reflecting off the surprisingly clear water. “You got a plan? You want me to just follow him everywhere? Or should I just go right up and tell him I’m there for him? You know him better than me Dean.”
            “I’d just go up and tell him, he won’t do anything believe me. But if he does resist, back off and just keep a distant watch.”
            “Alright Dean, I’ll call you later, you take care of yourself, and Sam too.” You hang up the phone and unbuckle your seat belt, breathing out the butterflies in your stomach. For some reason, Benny made you nervous, not because he was a vampire mind you, but because he just seemed so-good. He would cut off his right arm for a complete stranger, he seemed more angelic then most of the angels you had met for god sake!
            Grabbing your sunglasses and hooking them in the collar of your tank top, you climb out of your car and carry your half full milkshake with you, taking a nervous sip along the way. You kick the rocks that you see on the way just to make sure you make enough noise as you approach. When you get to the window, you peer in to see Benny seemingly asleep, hat pulled down and semi reclined. Tapping on the window you grin around your straw as he flicks the brim of his hat up and looks at you. His eyebrows knit together at the surprising guest; he sits up, and rolls down his window.
            “Well, well, look who moseyed up into my neck of the woods.” Benny greets. “Fancy bumping into you (Y/N), how have you been darlin’?”  You take another sip of your milkshake and lean on the door, your arm stacked on over the other.
            “Oh not too bad, just finished up a hunt down the road. Dean called, told me him and you had to part ways and said you were in the area, so I’d check up on you, see if I could help you out.” You take a drink and offer the paper cup of icy goodness to Benny. “Milkshake?” Benny grins and shakes his head, patting the small cooler sitting in the middle of his bench seat.
            “No thanks darlin’, got all the nourishment I need right here.”
            “Well crack one open Benny, I don’t fancy drinking alone. Mind if I- Come in?” You ask gesturing to the empty passenger seat. Benny laughs and nods, opening the cooler and grabbing a bag of crimson energy.
            “You don’t mind? Makes some folks uncomfortable.”  You nod and walk around the front of the truck, joining Benny in the cab.
            “Believe it or not, I’ve seen a vamp drinking from those IV bags hundreds of times.” You take the bag of blood from Benny and slice the tip of the bag’s tube with your switch blade, allowing for more blood to get through. Handing the bag back to Benny you continue to sip your rapidly melting drink. Benny raises an eyebrow at you, to which you smile and say “It’s a long story.”
            “I got all the time in the world for a good story, if you want to tell it.” You shrug and start telling Benny about your past. From hunting with your father to the day he got taken by vampires and made one of them. It was tough; after you got him back you had to help him cope with the need, the overwhelming hunger. He did pretty well, stuck to hunting for around 5 years, keeping the blood lust under control with donated blood. But it got to be too much for him. He came to you one day, handed you a machete and laid his head down on the kitchen table. He never said a word to you, but he didn’t really have to. You were 19 years old.
            When your story was finished, both of you had finished your drinks and you could see the sun start to appear.  “I’m real sorry (Y/N).” Benny says. It seemed you had surprised him with your past. You didn’t really seem like a person that had such a traumatic event happen to you. You smile and poke down the tabs of the plastic lid of your cup.
            “It was a long time ago Benny, I’ve had a lot of time to deal with it, that’s why I do this you know. Keep the baddies away from innocent families, so their kids, mothers, and fathers, don’t have to go through what mine did.”
            “What happened to your mother?” He asks cautiously.
            “Killed by vamps, I was seven. I always assumed that’s why Dad couldn’t take it anymore, the guilt and fear of becoming one of the bad vampires, ones that killed his wife. Almost why I agreed to keep an eye on you Benny, though you might think you don’t need a babysitter that is very true. That’s why I’m not one. I’m the same as you, trying to survive, staying alive as long as I can.”
            “You sure you wanna ride shotgun with me darling? I know you were around your father, but I had the hunger longer then he did. Hell I was a monster long before he was even born. You wanna come along and keep me on the straight and narrow I’d appreciate it, but I won’t be offended if you backed out. “You take Benny’s calloused hand in your own and smile.
            “You listen and listen well, you are not one of them. You did what you did a long time ago to survive. And the fact that you had the strength to get off the killing not once but twice, is something a monster wouldn’t even think of doing. You are not a monster Benny Lafitte.” You see his eyes soften and fill with what you were sure was relief and something else you couldn’t identify.           

           Taking a deep breath, you take your hand away, unbutton the top two buttons of your shirt and pull the shoulder down a little, revealing a bite mark long healed but still left an ugly scar, showing where teeth had obviously sunk into your skin.
            “And neither am I.”

Interview with SKAM producer

There was an interview with Håkon Moslet in a Danish paper today and I thought this bit might interest some of you. Also apparently Skam is almost bigger in Denmark than in Norway, or at least the Danish fans are more intense in their love for the show :p.

“The third season has a specific theme in that we have these to guys who are in love with each other. We wanted to work with this because we thought this was a perspective that the young people in Norway were missing and needing, but I also believe that the story of Even and Isak, is a story that a lot of young people in other countries need to hear as well. There are no place in the world where this type of love story has been portrayed with this many complex issues. Isak is a young man who does not see himself as stereotypical, while he thinks that beeing homosexual is stereotypical [I think he means that Isak has a stereotypical view of homosexuals]. This means that he has great difficulty coming out of the closet, which might just be a much more common conflict than what pop culture suggests.”

(His wording is acutally a bit clumsy or unclear in the Danish version?? maybe because the interviewer didn’t translate it well from norwegian… but anyway, it might shine through in the english translation as well)