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Falling down is the easiest thing in the world. After the first few times, it barely hurts at all. 

No, the hard part is always, always, always to start again.


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A/N - There’s nothing sexual in this, but if I do write another part, there probably will be. This was more or less a thought I had to get out, nothing too fancy, just mindless typing when I had some semblance of inspiration. 

All around that world at any given moment, awkward moments with varying levels of barely bothersome to cataclysmic proportions occur. Someone might have tripped in front of someone, hanging on to a prayer they didn’t catch their brief moment of clumsiness. Another person could have stumbled upon someone they haven’t spoken with in five years and get roped into a fifteen minute conversation about ‘what’s new’ to save face and be polite. Jungkook didn’t have the fortune of experiencing either of those instances, instead facing something much more flush-inducing, and the poor boy had been blind-sided.

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the most unrealistic thing about tv shows is how no one ever wears glasses??? there’s approximately one (1) character that wears them, and most of the time it’s just to fit in the nerd steoretype? half my friends wear glasses, including me, and i can name like other 20 people that do??? how is it possible that all of these character have perfect eyesight i’m

nina and daniela for @smoltinypumpkinchild


nina doesn’t give in and now has a nice new bob


“this is getting a little personal”. i love pet names. look at this cutesy crap.
guys, i promise, i have dark stuff on the way. this… isn’t it.
(apologies to any polish-speakers out there… feel free to correct me if I use words wrong!)


Smile, the worst is yet to come
We’ll be lucky if we ever see the sun

Mikky Ekko - Smile

There’s not just pain in bbc Sherlock! <3

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tfw you’re writing and your fic is turning into something you didn’t intend it to be

tfw you’re writing and a character says something you didn’t expect them to say and it sort of opens up a new plot point you’re going to have to resolve now by the end of the fic