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tfw you’re writing and your fic is turning into something you didn’t intend it to be

tfw you’re writing and a character says something you didn’t expect them to say and it sort of opens up a new plot point you’re going to have to resolve now by the end of the fic


I mean… I didn’t think so before…

but…I think theres something wrong with their surfaces? its hard to tell in this light, but I didn’t see it earlier either? did something happen? they were just a little wet from the rain for a few hours.

…oh…ohhh man thats it isn’t it? but why?? I know natural earth lapis lazuli is notably fragile, but water hasn’t hurt them before? they swim in it every day!

Maybe it has something to do with them being inactive? I’ve never heard of this happening before… though I guess most gems aren’t this delicate. if other gems are susceptible when inactive, a crack would’ve happened regardless.

oooor maybe the lapeeps are just weird! how am I supposed to know?

I really hope it isn’t enough damage to effect them. I’ve fucked up enough.

It all hurts a little less when you kiss me
—  J.I. // a ten word story - you’re my medicine

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could u tell us more abt Sven/Keith? i saw u mention that they were a thing in previous voltrons n got curious thanks

They weren’t


If any couple should have been a thing.. 

Like, Keith and Sven were obviously the closest two out of the 5 (I think it was like Hunk/Pidge, Keith/Sven who were the closest buddies), and Sven was kinda older and more experienced and seemed like he’d be the leader, but Keith was, and Sven was second in command. Which seemed kinda odd, but was never explained why it was like that. (this is what I think VLD is trying to do)

And it’s obvious (both in Golion and Voltron) that Sven meant alot to Keith, but we never get the reason.

And that, combined with Keith’s seeming lack of interest in Allura, who the american version made inlove with Keith (wasn’t the case in golion) and some funny changes to the dialog, I think made it very easy to get the impression Keith was gay for Sven haha (in Voltron, less in golion) atleast until the special commissioned episodes forced Keith and Allura together.

Like the scene where Allura takes the black lion, in golion they are all complaining about her and saying how “Sven” would have never done that, and Keith is the only one who doesn’t mention “Sven” and supports Allura piloting black. 

But in Voltron they made Keith be the only one who says the “Sven would have never done this” line, and combined with Allura’s romantic feelings for him in this version and how he keeps shutting her down all the time, it just becomes really funny 

Then you also got “Sven dying” in Keith’s arms

The happy reunion where they hold hands and look into eachothers eyes

The original ending where Keith lets Lotor destroy Voltron to save Sven’s life

I dunno, I think even back then that relationship really stood out, but was never explained. So I think it left alot of room to do something very significant with it this time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if when watching the old series before making vld the vld staff were all

 “He loves you”

and then went all TOMODAAA and wrote them the love story they deserve in VLD haha (cause seriously if any two characters should have been the “gay couple”…)

But you kno, in DotU Keith ends up with Allura (for the american audience). Sven and Romelle were an actual thing in both, but in Golion they dun end up together either (cuz Ryou dies)

So obviously they could have gone with those two relationships too and just developed them into better more believable love stories than they were in the original, but I just wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to go the Keith/Sven way either, because well, there was definitely a base there imo.. 

Anyway, @misterpoofofficial is the fandom’s expert on vintage Sheith, so maybe they can expand on the whole Sven/Keith thing more

If he leaves you babygirl, don’t chase him.
Don’t beg him to stay. Don’t send him sweet texts telling him how much you love him and it doesn’t matter. Don’t tell him how he is going to miss you or stuff like that. Don’t say a word. Just walk away. He will break his head for you baby. He will think about the fact that you didn’t said a damn word and it will make him wonder what he did. If he did good and made the right decision. At first he will leave it the way it is and be like ” fuck that shit “. But at one point it will haunt him. And let me tell you this. You did good. He doesn’t even deserve a damn word. The way he broke you is just heartbreaking. Sweetie, you have to know that your Prince will come. Don’t settle for less.
—  Keep this in mind. // A.S.B

modern au where stephanie is sportacus’ daughter, and one christmas she gets him a personalized mug with a picture of them with “world’s best dad” written on it. it’s objectively awful (graphic design is my passion-esque) probably with comic sans text, but sportacus literally tears up when he opens it and it’s one of his most precious belongings

of course at some point he starts dating robbie. stephanie and robbie don’t exactly get along at first but over time they warm up to each other and robbie even moves in, but he still isn’t 100% confident in his role in stephanie’s life

during robbie’s first christmas living with them, he’s surprised when stephanie has a gift for him - obviously he has one (or many) for her, because let’s be real he’s still trying to win over this child, but he certainly wasn’t expecting to get anything other than something (probably also objectively awful) from sportacus. she gives a matching present to sportacus, telling them to open them at the same time. they open up the gifts to find two matching mugs, this time the photo featuring sportacus, robbie, and stephanie together, saying “world’s best dads”

I really hope I’m not overstepping here, but the Ghostbusters ship disagreements made me realize something tonight. 

We can all argue over which ship is the best and which is the most canon, but when it comes right down to it, this movie was just so gay that we all saw different ships. And all these ships have enough evidence that honestly if a sequel were to happen any of these ships could become canon and it wouldn’t feel forced or out of the blue. And I think it’s just so cool that we got a movie with such strong leading ladies and where you can ship any of them and it just works.

Ship who you want (personally I think they’re all valid and even though I ship one more than others I also wish that we could just accept all of them without argument), but let’s also appreciate just how blatantly gay this movie was.

(This is just my opinion. If you disagree, and it’s totally fine with me if you do cause I get that this is a heated topic, be kind about it?)


kc mates · All I want is the taste that your lips allow
-“Mother used to told us that, when you finally find your mate is like, the time stops. Something deep inside tells you, the one you where waiting just appear. It can happens anywhere, at store, at cinema, at school, walking around; with anyone, a long time friend, someone new, your neighbor down the street. Somehow have met each other in a previous life. Is like your soul recognize the other one. You feel that pull between of you,  just need to look at their eyes and, then, you don’t want ever look at other thing for the rest of your life. Is like discover that part of you didn’t know you where missing and you don’t ever want to lose again. Is have a partner for the rest of you mortal life, someone who, in the better of the case, will love you, protect you and cherish every moment. In your mind will be only Mine, mine, mine” Something of this sound familiar, Niklaus?
-Bloody hell