thought it was cool!

I heard Joey outside my door and opened it to find him shaking, he obvi wanted some comfort but he’s so well trained to not go in my room that he got up and started to walk in then just froze in my doorway and it took so much convincing to get him to come in. When he did he sniffed around a little and I showed him my bed which he thought was pretty cool and relaxed quite a bit. When he decided he was ready to go back out he grabbed a wool ball from my needle felt basket and set it in my lap then took a needle felted triceratops I made and trotted away.


Coming off anon to show the pics! She’s laying on a full size pillow for size ref btw. Everyone was like ‘are you really gonna make it that big?’ Yes. Yes i did. I thought using some cool patterns as well would make her look cool as well!
Hope this satisfies your curiosity!!! :)


So yesterday @mysmoldarkfictionalsons wrote about an PORTUGUESE! Grantaire and I thought it would be cool and amazing if in this universe Courfeyrac was Brazilian.

- Courfeyrac moved to France when he was 16, because his parents found better job opportunities (plus he has this french heritage he always wanted to know more about, so it was already in his plans moving to France)
- Speaking portuguese with family, french with friends plus learning english in school, his life was a mess (poor babe wasnt that good with languages when younger)
- He wasnt aware Grantaire was Portuguese until Grantaire sighed “caralho” in the end of his first meeting and Courfeyrac just burst into a laughing fit because that was the last thing he was expecting to come out of the guys mouth
- Courfeyrac was a little bit embarrassed one time when he asked Grantaire to speak slower because he wasn’t understanding what the other was speaking. “Its the same language” they said “its not difficult” they said… (bitterfeyrac)
- When Grantaire speaks proudly about Portugal and how they kicked Napoleon’s ass, Courfeyrac laughs and just says “at least OUR king didnt RUN AWAY” you can hear joly and feuilly in a choir of “ooooooh"s in the background
- They actually have discussions like that all the time "I said, if Portugal hadnt fucking robbed Brazil we would have been AWESOME and rich ”, its their meme
- Grantaire and Courfeyrac have some moments where they exchange cultural differences, mostly language related, like “grama/relva”, “puto”, “bicha”…
- They have a thing called “author of the week” , where each week they go back and forwards with brazilian and portuguese authors. One week “Machado de Assis”, the other “Camões”, and so goes on. They learn so much…

Ok thats all I have.

What do you guys think?

Ok, so I have a proposition for all of ya’ll! 
Because, while I’m at work I barely have the time to keep the fics coming, I thought it’d be a cool idea to introduce another little thingy to the blog. 

A friend of mine has suggested that I add a questionnaire thingy where you guys can send messages/asks to Anti, Dark, A and Gear and my friend will act accordingly to your messages. 

So to put it simply, my friend will be a new admin and also be Anti, Dark, Aa and Gear for your entertainment. 
Because he’s bored and basically obsessed with Teamiplier as much as the rest of us. 
He won’t be writing anything though, but he’ll add requests to my list and answer any questions you guys have. 

What do you think? 
He’s a little shy and he didn’t want to impose on the blog without mine and you guys’ permission. 
I’m up for it because it sounds like fun, but he also wants to hear what you guys think of it. 

[Cuz @tyranttortoise writes cool stuff and feels like crap, I thought I’d write stuff. Also, I’ve never written Stretch or romance fluff before.]

Of course you’d get sick. Everyone around was getting sick, so the universe mandates that you’d be next on the chopping block. And on your movie date with Stretch, too. Today was certainly not your day.

You texted Stretch to call off the date, saying that you ‘felt like shit and needed to not feel like shit’. He didn’t text you back, so you assumed he was either upset or he didn’t care. You had just sat on the couch near the front door, and you had covered said couch in old sheets and blankets with both a Kleenex box and a bucket nearby, when you heard someone at the door.

“knock knock.”

Oh. You knew who this was.

“Who’s there?” You asked, feeling the scratch of your voice as you spoke.


“Orange who?” Ugh, talking hurts.

“orange you gonna let me in?” He spoke, and you could hear the barely contained laughter through the door.

You started to giggle too, but oh my god did it hurt your poor throat to do so. Thankfully, phones were a thing, so you texted your bonefriend [ha] what was up.

'My throat hurts so much. Talking is a bad idea. You have a key.’

You heard shuffling for a bit, before you heard a small 'pop’ and Stretch was by your head looking a bit concerned. He placed a cold hand on your head, making you unconsciously move towards the cold on your burning skin. Stretch just looked even more concerned.

“do ya need me to get you something? i’m pretty sure humans aren’t supposed to feel this hot.” He took his hand away and watched as you pulled out your phone again to tell him what you needed.

'Water would be nice. medicine is in the kitchen drawer.’

Stretch took a look at your text and almost immediately left to get the things you asked for, reappearing only a few seconds later with what you asked for. You of course took the disgusting medicine and chugged the water to rid yourself of the bitter aftertaste. Stretch tried to hide a smile at your expression, and left saying he was gonna get something real quick.

He returned moments later with your laptop opened up to YouTube. You let him sit with you on the couch, which he then cuddled you closer so you could both watch random videos until you feel asleep. The whole time he was there, he got you whatever you asked for and cuddled you the rest of the time.

anonymous asked:

This is a long read and i understand if you dont want to spend your sweet Bee time reading my troubles. Recently I've been thinking I have a learning problem or something along the line of that. Ever since I was a kid starting around grade 3 I've has assistance with my schooling. Usually leaving to go to another classroom with other kids in my grade once or twice though the week. Looking back I thought it was great, missing class to do fun things.  1/6

But it’s when I got older into middle school/junior high I’ve noticed that back when I was in elementary most of the “cool” kids did not leave class and kids who got picked on did leave for extra help. This now made me hate leaving class for extra help (I believe the class was called Resource). I would go at first but the people who went I myself didn’t think they were cool, honistly I thought they were losers mainly because that’s what everyone else said.  2/6

So that made me think that people who went to Resource were seen as social outcasts. I remember sitting in that classroom with the few people taking what I called back then the “stupid people’s test”. (A version of a test that the class would take but I got more “easier” questions.) I remember sitting there feeling hot as my muscles contracted as I thought to myself “I shouldn’t be here, I’m not like THEM, I’m not going anymore, I want to be NORMAL”  3/6

So I didn’t go, everytime they called upon me in middle school to go to Resource I would refuse  (they didn’t persist). Though I still got the “stupid people’s test” I would try to hide that I got different tests from my deskmate. In high school there was nothing like that, though I did fail a class every year I still passed. Though I knew university wasn’t going to be for me I’m in collage now at this moment I’m doing a rather simple assignment that’s taking me forever to do.  4/6

I’m getting anxious over it and it reminded me of when I was a kid on how much Maths and even writing properly was a mountain for me but a molehill for others.  I’ve noticed that my body language is sometimes different from those around me. Like I stair off into space a lot while putting the rock on my ring around my lips or pressing my lips on my sweater. Other times I bolt from one topic to another.   5/6

I am also terrible at articulating my thoughts. In a stressful situation I go halfway in a sentence but can’t think of the word im about to say so I’m just hand gesture and studder. My dad is against anything like ADD or ADHD etc. So I feel like if I ask my parents they’ll say “no you’re normal” I don’t know if getting tested would make me feel better but right now I’m not feeling too hot. Thanks for reading Also sorry you didn’t get the last message 6/6

Hey sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, thanks for waiting! I hope you’re doing okay

I wanted to say first of all, what you went through was really unfair. A lot of kids with mental conditions and disabilities are kept in the dark about their own conditions and it never helps because it leaves us really confused and ashamed. What your parents and teachers did– by not explaining anything to you– hurt you. They were irresponsible and now you’re struggling because they didn’t give you a healthy foundation to stand on. You deserved so much more, but I promise that the problem isn’t with you. 

You’re not broken or wrong, you’re different and your parents/teachers didn’t properly educate you in a way that suited you best. They ignored your specific needs and made you feel ashamed of something you don’t need to be ashamed of.

That being said, I know your parents are against labels like ADHD, but it really does sound like what you may have. Even if you don’t have the courage or money to get officially diagnosed, you may want to look up stuff online in your own time. A lot of my close friends have ADHD, and online help has been a big contributor to their comfort.
You may also want to look into Autism (or Autism Spectrum Disorder, abbreviated as ASD) for your body language and comforting motions (like your ring)
I don’t have many resources on ADHD, but here are some masterposts for Autism: [Link 1] [Link 2]
Here is a link that talks about both ADHD and Autism: [Link]

I know these links may be overwhelming, and I’m in no way trying to diagnose you or tell you what to do. But I know going to a professional can be scary and I also know people who have relied heavily on online resources to help them make sense of themselves. I hope these can do the same for you, and that you can eventually feel more comfortable in your own skin.
I hope talking with me helped, please don’t be shy to come to me again in the future :) I’m wishing you the absolute best!

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if u wanna, can you tell me a bit more about your necromancer?? that seems like a cool concept, i never thought of how necromancy would affect a person's aura!!!

yeah i love talking abt her no worries!! her name is nat and she’s one of the main characters from the novel i’ve been working on for the past five years.

a tldr; of how the magic system works is that there are humans descended from the fae, and these humans are called faeblood. nat’s descended from a type of fae that draws its powers from the lifeforces of living things. most faebloods descended from these particular fae use their magic for healing, and nat was raised learning how to do that too. but as she got older, she became fascinated by the potential uses of necromancy - which, like a lot of fantasy things, is a forbidden magic because of all the ways it could go wrong, plus its just seen as morally wrong - and started studying it; it was purely academic, at first!

and then there was an Incident™ and the tldr; for THAT is that a dog of a friend got out of the house while nat was housesitting and the dog ran out into the road and was killed, and nat panicked and tried to put the necromancy she’d learned into practice without any previous knowledge of actually USING it. she succeeded in binding a spirit back to the dog’s body, but she grabbed the wrong spirit: instead, her friend’s dog now has the spirit of a cat that had died nearby and had yet to move on bouncing around inside of it. and like. the dog/cat is OKAY. but it’s very much a fuck up.

since then her aura has a bit of a… black smudge on it? as a mark of her messing around with things that go against the cycle of life and death. animals don’t like her because they can sense something’s off with her. (note: animals that have crossed the veil and were brought back don’t seem to mind)

she still practices necromancy on a much smaller scale, but instead of animals she focuses in on trying to adapt necromancy to the usage of plants which is… a complicated research project that’s ongoing at this point in her story lmao.

ok but neda never said using gays was cool? she didn’t say that? her and sindy we’re having a convo on how guys keep falling for kevin and sindy said he doesn’t care about gender and will accept a hug from a man or woman which neda thought was cool. can we stop saying this now?

precisespace  asked:

Hello!! I was at Colorado anime fest yesterday, and I just wanted to tell you how I loved your art!! I unfortunatley did not possess enough money to buy something from your booth, but i wish I did!! I loved all your pieces and I really loved your crayon comissions! (I just cannot use crayons well) I hope you had fun there and sold a lot of art! (Btw I was wirt the edge lord)

I remember you! :D
Your cosplay was super awesome! OuO
thanks for hitting me up on tumblr! :DDD
It’s totally fine, I understand how cons go, I’m just happy that you like my art and everything ;w;
Crayon commissions are very fun to do, so, I’m glad you thought they were cool! ^w^
And heck yeah, con was awesomely fun and made tons of money! XD
Will def try to be back next year!!!
I hope you also had a good con and are having an awesome day!