thought it should be lee

supercorp famous au

ok so below i have attached all the ideas you guys have sent me for the supercorp famous au

- kara is famous, maybe a singer or an actress, and lena isn’t

- they meet through social media or at a small convention for some old sci-fi show(firefly maybe) that isn’t big, but lena and kara are both huge fans of, and kara posts a picture with the lena, but doesn’t tag her and the internet goes crazy trying to figure out who lena is

- kara joins in on the search because she was so flustered by the pretty girl she
forgot to get a name or number and she wants to take her to her red carpet event

- lena doesn’t like kara because she starts seeing all kara’s posts and thinking she’s really full of herself but she’s really like the sweetest person ever and she does volunteering work and it’s just winn posting pictures of her doing it

someone please write this, i would but i’m super busy in the next few weeks and you’d have to wait a while to read it. if someone does write it though, pleasse tag me or send me a message or something. just tell me because i’m eager to read it and i know others are as well so i’ll promote it for you

edit; so i’m gonna include an idea of my own, maybe supergirl can be like kara’s most iconic role if she is an actress or (someone else’s idea) supergirl is her stage name if she’s a singer

edit; someone sent me this so i thought i’d include it; Lena should say her name is Lee and make it harder for Kara to figure out who she is and be wearing glasses or sunglasses in any photos of her with Kara

imagine nct’s official lightstick having the function to switch between colours for each unit….. and not only can it be done manually, but it could detect the song and the unit performing it, and change accordingly to the colour….. and when all units are performing together it would blink all the unit colours in a loop

The Eurovision High School AU

- Jamala the overdramatic history teacher that everyone loves anyway
- Petra and Måns the vice principals who do the morning announcements. They’re hilarious. Måns is an alum.
- Donny, Poli, Greta, and Ira the seniors. Donny has this sort of fuckboy reputation which is absolutely unwarranted because he is really sweet actually and was a very dorky freshman. Poli is everyone’s best friend, she’s super cool and everyone loves her. Greta is less well liked which is weird because once you’re her friend she’s…so cool? and Ira is highkey sophisticated like she seems like she’s in college already
- Jamie-Lee the freshman. This should surprise no one.
- Laura and Sandhja leading the dance team
- Hovi and Sanja the super cool juniors who are best friends with Poli but no one really knows how. It just sort of happened.
- Jüri and Justs the hot sophomores (which is kind of an oxymoron because /sophomores/…but it’s a thing. Somehow.)
- Frans is also a freshman but he’s that freshman who is weirdly chill. There’s always a freshman like that trust me
- Zoë and Francesca the leaders of the gardening club. They’re underclassmen or something.


sassy drunk ji and his ‘i love my phone’ tendencies when seungri brings him up the stage


There are other skilled anaesthesiologists. Why? Why it has to be you?!

Video Game Boyfs

1. Cullen Rutherford (DA)

2. Alistair Theirin (DA)

3. Fenris (DA)

4. Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassins Creed)

5. Edward Kenway (Assassins Creed 

6. Robert Joseph Maccready (Fallout 4) 

7. Vilkas (Skyrim) 

8. Jaal (ME:A) 

9. Leon Scott Kennedy (Resident Evil 4) 

10. Gerald of Rivia (The Witcher) 

After reading some of the LJK’s interviews and watching his behaviour at SBS awards I can say one thing for certain - he’s such a SHR trash just like all of us. He genuinely loves this drama and Wang So. Also, he might be the biggest SoSoo shipper in the world like even we can’t compete with him.

What a talented dork with relatable SHR obsession. Just like have you seen how he sang along to For You or all these “I just came back from Goryeo” phrases?

Ah, I love that.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

I don’t usually post reviews of dramas, but I have so many feelings about this drama so I’ll share. Spoilers for episodes 1-10. 

Meet Kim Bok Joo. She’s a pro-weightlifter, who is aiming for a gold medal in the Olympics. She’s strong-willed, nice and has swag. 

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I don't think people realize how important Hakyeons birthday pic is

like every member alone is gold

first we have the cute lil bday boy

next our “ever the life of the party” jung leo

Kim “My mom says I can’t throw gang signs so heres a V" ₩on$hik

now theres Kenbin over here lookin’ like a married couple

like Hongbin wheRE IS YOUR HAND GOING HMMM????
srsly tho guys they have the rings and everything I’m weak

and my personal favorite:

"When the blunt hit you too hard” Stoner maknae

A Bet - Fred Weasley Imagine


Yay! I’ve been dying to send this request in! Okay. So, hopefully this makes sense. Can I get a Fred x Reader where Fred and his friends make a bet on Fred trying to make the reader fall in love with him. They start dating for awhile and he kind of isn’t interested, but he fakes it. Then along the line, he actually starts to fall in love. At some point, the reader finds out that the only reason her and Fred are together is because of the bet. You can choose how to end it. Please and thank you!!
Hi! Can I request something? Can it be stargazing with fed and can it be full of fluffy-goodness? Thank you! Btw: you’re account is my fav

A/n: I decided to add the stargazing request because if I made it by itself it wouldn’t be long.

~Fred’s POV~

I laughed hysterically as my twin brother, George, smacked Seamus Finnigan on the back of the head. “Sorry, mate” I heard George mutter to Seamus before walking back to me and my friends. Oliver wood, George, Lee Jordan and myself have been making bets all day and I’ve earned myself about six galleons today, it was just a boring Tuesday and we thought we should have a little fun.
“Fred’s next!” Lee chuckled rubbing his hands together. I take a deep breath ready for the task that’s going to be thrown at me. Lee; Oliver; and George look around and huddle up. They whispered to each other quietly and started to snicker. They pull back and look at me, a smirk on all of their faces.

“I bet that you can’t make (Y/n) (Y/l/n) fall in love with you within a week” Oliver said smugly. (Y/n) (Y/l/n)? “The girl I sit next too at potions?” I ask, they nod their head and start laughing together. “If I do get her to fall for me, how many galleons do I get?” I add “10 galleons from each of us” Lee smiled. “Deal” I smirk, I look beyond their head to see (Y/n) walking towards us. She’s clutching her books tight against her chest. She almost passes us but I step in front of her. “Hey there” I say flashing my signature smirk.

“H-Hi” (Y/n) stutters out clutching her books against her chest even tighter. “Here let me help you out” I say grabbing her books “Let’s start heading to potions, we don’t want to be late. You know how professor Snape gets.” I say quietly. She laughs and nods her head. We walk side by side towards the dungeons, I turn around and mouth “I got this” to George, Oliver, and Lee. George picks up seven fingers telling me that my seven days are starting right now. “Did you know that you have a really cute laugh?” I keep flirting with her during the lesson making her blush and laugh. I’ve got this in the bag! “I was wondering if maybe we could go out sometime?” I ask her as we leave potions class. “That…. That sounds lovely” she says giving me a smile. “See you around, Fred” I nod my head and wave goodbye to her. I can’t wait for next Tuesday.

~4 Days later~

I can’t help but feel something for her. For (Y/n). For the past three days I’ve been giving her presents, planning out little dates for us, helping her out with anything she needs. She’s so kind and - and beautiful. I think I’m falling for her. Which isn’t supposed to happen! This is just a bet! They expect me to break up with her once a week passes and I’ve made her fallen in love with me. I can’t break up with her! I’ve never felt this way before. She makes me feel different and I like it. Tonight, I’m planning a surprise dinner up in the astronomy tower. I placed down a blanket and put a basket filled with sandwiches and sodas on top of it. I lit a few candles and put it around the blanket. I walked down the stairs of the astronomy tower and made my way towards Gryffindor tower where I told (Y/n) to wait for me. Before I enter the common room I combed down my hair with my hands to make sure it looks presentable.

“Password?” The fat lady asks. “Fairy lights” She swings the portrait open at my words. (Y/n)’s sitting by the fire, I take out a black blind fold and put it over her eyes. “Fred?” She asks. “Don’t worry, it’s just me” I say soothingly in her ear, I help her up. I’m right behind her, I put my hands on her arms and guide her to the staircase of the astronomy tower. “Fred, where are we going?” She whispers almost losing her balance. I pull her closer to me.

“It’s a surprise” I pick her up bridal style making her squeal. “Sorry, love. Don’t want you falling on the stairs” she wraps her arms around my neck out of fear that I might drop her. We make it to the top, I set her down on her feet. I slowly take off the blind fold, I hear a light gasp “You. You did this for me?” She asks turning around to face me. I nod vigorously before I can react she presses her lips against mine softly. It takes me a few second to realize what’s going on but after that few second I kiss her back. She puts her hands on my face while I hold her hips firmly. I never felt this before. Her touch makes my skin burn, her kiss makes my stomach do back flips. She pulls back slowly her eyes still closed. “I’m sorry” she whispers opening her eyes, I put my forehead against hers “It’s okay. I was planning on making the first move but you beat me.” I chuckle, she laughs briefly before sitting on the blanket I laid out. We eat sandwiches and drink sodas while talking about each other’s days, I like hearing her talk. Her voice is gentle and sweet it almost makes me swoon. I catch her looking up, I look up too to see what has caught her attention. The stars. They shine brightly against the black sky. She lays on the blanket, her beautiful hair all around her head. I lay down and look up at the sky too, I’m debating if I should put my arm around her or not.

I slowly put my arm near her head, she picks her head up and I quickly wrap my arm around her shoulder. “The stars are beautiful tonight” she whispers “Not as beautiful as you” I whisper, she smiles. “You’re too charming” she laughs lightly “Only for you” she picks up her head and places a kiss on my temple making me shiver. Her kisses make me feel warm and safe. I think I’m really falling for her and I can’t help it. She keeps her eyes on the stars while I watch her. I admire everything about her, her lips the way they turn up into a bright smile; her eyes that have a twinkle in them day or night; just her being her is enough for me to fall for her even harder. Her eyes close slowly and the next think I know, she’s sleeping in my arms. I take off my jacket and wrap it around her; I hold her close against me. I rest my chin on top of her head while her face is nuzzling my shoulder. I think and think, I never want Tuesday to come.

~3 Days Later~

Today’s Tuesday and I have a horrible feeling in my stomach but I have a plan. I’m not going to take the money, (Y/n) is worth more than a million galleons and I’m not taking 30 just to let her go. I’m not going to tell her anything about the bet and I’m not going to break up with her because I love her. All day I’ve been trying to hide from Lee and Oliver but they seem to always find me. At the end of the day, they caught me. “I don’t know how you did it but here.” Lee said giving me the bag of 30 Galleons “Why haven’t you broken up with (Y/n) yet, mate? The bet ended this morning plus we already know how she feels about you.” Oliver asked, I hand the bag back to Lee. “I don’t want the money and I’m not breaking up with (Y/n).” “Why not? You did what we told you! You made her fall for you and that’s it, that was the bet. Unless you love her too.” Lee asked suspiciously. I heard a faint gasp, I turn my head to the side to see (Y/n) standing a few feet away. Her eyes tearing up, I walk forward but she takes a few steps back whenever I get closer.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I walked around bored out of my mind. I was looking for Fred maybe he had something in mind that we could do. “Why not? You did what we told you! You made her fall for you and that’s it, that was the bet. Unless you love her too.” I hear a voice say loudly, I turn the corner to see that the voice belonged to Lee Jordan. I gasp making them look at me, Fred walks towards me but I walk back away from him “It was a bet?” I cry “It was but, I fell in love with you too” he says sadly “Why should I believe you?! Your just a lair who broke my heart!” I scream running from Fred. I have no idea where I’m going but my legs are taking me somewhere. I stop running when I reach the top of the staircase, I was at the top of the astronomy tower. The place where me and Fred shared our first kiss, I start crying and place my forehead against the wall. I hear footsteps approaching making me look up, Fred comes into view. I marched up to him and slapped him across the face as hard as I could. He stumbled back a little “I deserved that but (Y/n) please listen to me” I turn around, my back facing him. I stay quiet telling him that I’m listening “It was a bet all along but if I didn’t agree to do it, I probably wouldn’t be in love with you right now. It gave me the chance to know you and I fell in love with you because you’re my everything. I love the way you smile, I love that sometimes when you laugh to hard you snort” he says, you laugh sadly “And I love you for you. Me wanting you to be my girlfriend is not a bet, I love you with all my heart, please let me be with you” he cries, I turn around and wrap my arms around his torso. He buries his face in my hair “I hate you” I mumble angrily “I love you too” he whispers making me laugh.