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john + dirk? (otp ehhh im sorry)

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Could you write a scenario where Izuku has an older sister who is a pro hero and she is asked to teach a lesson to class 1-A about starting off in the hero business.

wow I really love this ask, but holy hell the costume design took a long time to write. Have some cute brother Izuku moments at the end and I hope you enjoy it!

You were a pro hero, dammit, not a teacher to some snot nosed teenagers. You knew Izuku was going to be in there, and that made you feel a bit better, but the rest you didn’t know. You knew Aizawa, or better known as Eraserhead, but barely. When he asked you about the opportunity, he, and you quote, asked, “Tell them about being a pro hero, they need to hear it from someone who doesn’t hound them every day.” At that you laughed at his face, but then your smile morphed into a horror-filed stare.

What makes him think you could tell these brats about being a pro hero? You had only been in the business for about a year, but you guessed it was because you were gaining attention fairly fast and they would appreciate being taught by someone who sat in their seats recently. You spent the whole night planning a lesson for them; telling them about your quirk, explaining how to get recognized and gaining the public’s attention (because let’s face it, if you wanna make money being a hero, you gotta’ be flashy for the public), and then a fun activity which involved hero trivia. You picked hero trivia because you knew Izuku would be the best at that, and you wanted him to show off his skills to his class.

The morning came and you dressed yourself in your hero costume you designed at their age, and you thought it looked nifty if you said so yourself. You designed it to match your quirk and give you a little fashion as well. The fire resistant fabric adorned your body from the nape of your neck to your ankles, and the arms ended at your wrists. The material on your neck was black and feather like, and it came down into a V shape, nearing the top of your breasts. The rest of the garment’s color was a blaze red that had an ombre effect into a fire orange, with the top being the red and the bottom orange. Gold knee high boots adorned your feet, adding an inch to your height. You were glad you quickly put black fingerless gloves to your costume sheet, because these gloves were bad ass. On you arms, feather like strands of cloth billowed with each step you took, the fabric colored to look like fire. Adding your beak like mask to your face, you were ready to teach these kids about shit you barely understood yourself. You made sure your hair was looking at its best before stepping out the door, locking it with the

Walking down the street in your hero costume was your favorite thing, because people would stop you and either ask for pictures or autographs. Being a pro hero has its perks, and being in the spotlight was one of them. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. The trip to Yuuei was quick, and you held your special permission pass in your hand. Entering the school yard brought you memories of not studying and sleeping in class much to all your teachers dismay.

You waited by the entrance, waiting for Eraser Head to show up and lead you to his classroom. You may have graduated a couple of years ago, but the school was terribly large and you were sure you’d get lost like you did when you went here. When your eyes caught sight of the tired teacher, you walked to meet up with him.

“Hey teach’.” you nodded.

“Call me that again and you’ll be wishing your wings could actually make you fly.” he monotoned, making you smile.

You followed Aizawa up the flight of stairs, your memories from years ago flooding back. This was the staircase you had your first kiss, the break up that broke your heart, and where you and your friends pigged out. Ah, memories of eating food and crying made your heart simmer with nostalgia. The hallway was still the same, but you thought you saw scorch marks on the wall.

The class 1A door was still large and in charge, and the apathetic teacher was still looking at you impatiently. You directed your arm to the door, and with a teasing manner, you said, “You first, Mr. Aizawa.”

He rolled his eyes and opened the door, stepping into the air conditioned room before you. With one foot in front of the other, you put your hero face on and proudly walked into the room.

“Instead of first period today, you’ll be hearing from an actual hero about the job. Ask questions, be engaged, don’t wake me up.” And with that, Aizawa stepped into a sleeping bag and flopped onto the floor.

This was awkward. What were you supposed to do? Introduce yourself, that’s a start! You shook off any nerves you had and beamed.

“Hello, class,” you started. “I’m Phoenix Fire, the pyrokinesis hero! And just like you, I started my path to being a hero here!”

Nobody seemed to be interested in what you were saying; some looking off into space and others looking down at their notes. Well, if they wanted it to be interesting, they could have just asked. You raised a gloved hand and fire shot out. You conjured the fire into a tight ball and threw the ball into the air, making it float. That sure caught their attention.

“That, kids, is what practicing with your quirk can do. When I was sitting in those chairs, all I could do was shoot it out of my mouth like a dragon. Being a hero isn’t just about having the looks or the attitude, or even having a flashy quirk,” You looked the students over, gazing at Izuku for a moment before continuing the inspirational speech you hoped it would be. “It’s about the dedication you put into it. It’s about having the want and need to help others; putting away your fears and anxieties for the benefit of others. You may have a quirk that hoots and shoots out cupcakes, but if you just show it off without actually helping, then you’re as useless as a singular sock in the dyer.”

Your monologue ended, and the students finally began to ask you questions about being a hero, their curiosity peaked. Soon after, the bell chimed and the period had ended. You motioned for Izuku to come over to you as students left the room, eager to get their break from class. Once the classroom was completely empty, save the sleeping Aizawa, you stood beside the short teenager.

“How did I do?” you asked, wanting to hear what he had to say.

“Great, Y/n! It was amazing, and that speech! Did you plan that?”

You chuckled, “Nope, not at all.”

“I’ve missed you,” he said. “So does Mom. It’s weird not having you at home anymore.”

You sighed, “I know, me too. I’ve been meaning to come see you two, I swear I have. I don’t have any fancy excuse for not coming by, either, I just haven’t really thought about it. Don’t think I forgot about you though, because I haven’t, not in a million years.”

Arms wrapped around your shoulders, and you hugged your little brother back. This little dork was the best thing that ever happened to you.

“I could come by today and stay the night. We can stay up and watch movies like we used to.” you mentioned.

“I’d like that.” Izuku agreed.

You both let go of each other. You grinned at him with adornment, “It’s a date then.”