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Worlds 2017 Updates 

Canes: Lindy, Rasker, Nordy, and Lacko for Sweden, Skinny for Canada, Sepe for Finland, and Hanny for USA. 
Bolts: Heddy and Stralsy for Sweden, Killer and Pointer for Canada, and Vasy and Kuch for Russia. 
Stars: Klinger for Sweden and Rouss for France.
Avs: Landy and Soderberg for Sweden, Picks, Tyson, Nate,and Dutchy for Canada.
Flyers: Giroux, Simmonds, Konecny for Canada. 
Islanders: Lee and Nelson for USA, de Haan for Canada.
Coyotes: Larsson for Sweden, Murphy, Dvorak, and Keller for USA, and Rieder for Germany. 
Hawks: Panarin for Russia. 

Games start May 5th and go on until May 21st. 


@illegitimatestark // @vengefulwinter : You are like a sister to me, and you’ve become such a huge part of my life honestly. Di you are an amazing person. You speak up when you know something is wrong, you’re a bloody good friend. You’ve been there for me when i was at my absolute lowest, when i was so low i couldn’t see a way out and you helped me get through it. You helped me get back to a happier version of myself. I respect you for so many reasons, you’ve taught me how to deal with certain aspects of my life. You’ve never judged me for things i couldn’t control. You are an amazing person and an absolute talented writer. Your portrayals of every single one of your muses constantly have me in awe honestly. You capture their voice so well that i can hear them in your writing. The thought you put into your backstory for Jakz was so deep and well thought out that it had me change one of my rules regarding OC children. You had me wanting to write with you and you still do to this day. Thank you for being you, for being so creative and inspiring on a daily basis. Thank you for your patience with me, because i know that sometimes i can be the most frustrating person on the planet. Know that i love you, and all your muses. Jakz Stark is one of those really fleshed out OC’S, you can see how much work you put into making sure that she was not only relevant in her own story line, but also that Tony’s arc was not changed either. You really thought about it, and you have multiple verses that can help accommodate everyone. Honestly i am really glad i met you, i don’t know what my life would be like without you. Also my muses absolutely adore yours, tony just wants to cuddle them all and protect them from the world. Whenever you need to rant, or if you’re having a bad day, just know i’m on your side and i will listen if you need to talk whether it’s three am or 4pm, i will always respond to the message even if its when i’ve just woken up. <3

@dualclaws : Dany, we have been through a lot and i am really thankful for the place that we’re in right now. We haven’t always been in such a good place, and things have been hard but we’ve both grown as people, we’ve helped each other really, i know that you’ve helped me. Your friendship is something that i am incredibly thankful for, as well as your ability to be incredibly empathetic to those around you. It’s inspiring, to see the way you connect with people, because you truly are a good soul. You want to help people and as a person you’ve become stronger. I’m incredibly proud of the person you’ve become Dany and your writing is incredible. The passion you have for Laura? that’s something to be cherished. It’s something i hope you never lose, because honestly you understand Laura Kinney, you know her strengths and her weaknesses. You’ve done a hell of a lot of research and your face claim choices reflect that. You do your best to stay true to Laura’s portrayal in Logan, but you also keep up with the comics and study them. I love your main verse, it shows how much you truly care and the how much time you’ve spent carefully planning out your vision for Laura. That’s important to me, that it’s YOUR vision, because as much inspiration you take from Mangold and 616, you also have a unique perspective and to me that’s important. Yes you’re writing is very in character, and thats a beautiful thing but it’s also entwined with your perspective and how you see Laura as a person. It’s wonderful truly.  I’m always here when you need to talk, when you’re having a bad day and you need to call someone? know that 9/10 you can always call me and i will do my best to be there.

@notacyclonefan : Chelly you are…..well sometimes i think your Steve Rogers personified, your writing is that beautiful. You really capture his essence, who he is behind the shield and that really resonates with me. Because you know that he’s so much more than his title on the field and honestly the way you write him is unique. You incorporate his flaws, you remind people of the fact he actually does have a sense of humour. Chelly you bring him to life and writing with you is honestly one of my greatest joys. Not only are you a talented writer, you’re a super positive person. You make me smile, even on the days where i feel utterly miserable and i hope i can do the same for you. Chellybean, you have such a beautiful outlook on life, i love the way you can make anything into a pun, and how you can make a joke out of the smallest thing. You brighten my day and you’ve always been so supportive and encouraging. You’re such a good friend, an amazing person inside and out, and one of my favourite people in the world. Never stop being you <3 I’ve always got your back Chelly

@threeclaws : We’ve never actually spoken before but i just want to say that your presence on the dash is a blessing. Your threads with @dualclaws are honestly wonderful, you write Logan brilliantly and i love your vision for him. You are talented and appreciated and i just wanted you to know that.

@siberianwreckage : What can i say about Holly? well i can say that you are honestly inspiring. Your graphics truly are gorgeous. Not only do you make beautiful things, but your writing has me emotional every single time because of the depth in it. My muses absolutely adore your Bucky, in fact Tony is constantly grabby hands for him. You are also a great listener, and it means the world to me. I hope that i can always do the same for you, just know that i will always be here for you. I love your passion for animals, every time you send me a picture of a deer and it’s fawn i can’t help but grin from ear to ear. Not just because their cute, but because at one stage you literally woke up super early just to take that picture, and that’s proof of how much you care and love animals. I love that you feed squirrels, you take care of the creatures around you. You have such a big kind heart Holly.  Never change because you are amazing.


@qceenmother , @erodedauthenticity , @xscarletvvitch , @expendablc // @vleermuiis ( anna i love you so so much ) , @fightingsouls , @engineeringmonkeywiz , @tcmbraider , @mutantproud , @swellofpity , @mcrtii , @badasshybridqueen , @warstopper , @sightedmundane , @pepperpxtts , @cxpt , @captainbrogers , @readyforyours , @witcheswrath , @hiddensteel , @tragicloss , @vnmblasts , @youusedme , @jemmasimmonsbiochemist , @gammagreen , @thundrer , @kiiindheart , @battlehardencd , @fatigucs , @keepmarching , @loathedlineage , @haosvestica , @orphanis , @vireous , @influencedbyfear . @snarkofstark , @prettyhcrts , @harleenie , @amongwclves , @bringerofthestorm , @ledgerfilled , @movefcrward , @servinglies , @witchyserena , @ofbecomings , @theevolutionaryapex , @symboltothenation , @stolenparticles , @hackedpower , @warricrhearted , @weightofmyshield , @queencfdisaster

   And to everyone else i follow, know that i love you all and that each and every single one of you is loved and appreciated<3

1D Hiatus: Day 362

* An official statement regarding the passing of Louis’ mum on Dec 7th is published

* The boys, their friends and families show support and let Louis and the whole family know that they’re not alone via Twitter & Instagram

* A preview of Louis and Steve Aoki’s song ‘Just Hold On’ is released

* Louis will be performing on The X Factor tomorrow as a tribute to his mum

* Pictures of Harry out in London yesterday are released

* Niall posts a picture on Instagram

* Niall arrives in New York City, meets fans at the airport

It’s Dec 9th, 2016.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Sunday 8th January, 2017.

This was my first show since September so to say I was excited was a bit of an understatement. Not even a tube strike was going to bring me down! Anyway, as you’d expect from someone with my username, this is 90% Albus and/or Scorpius. I tried not to describe everything in minute detail because it’s been done a hundred times already (my previous recaps are here), yet this still managed to be 9k+ words long! Fear not, I’ve written this scene by scene so you can skip to the bits you are interested in. Or just because I’m a self aware rambler, you can skip riiiight to the end for the TL;DR bit I did at the end! 

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