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songofsarcasm  asked:

Hank, I know you get probably thousands of questions every day, but I thought I'd take a shot. I'm almost 24, and I'm moving back home after failing miserably to live on my own. I know that a lot of people do this, and I thought I could assuage my own embarrassment by asking you to make a video/post on the topic. Did you ever struggle to make it as an adult in the "real world"? - Kate

I moved back home after college. I got a job, saved up, re-learned CSS, read some books, hung out with old friends, did some freelance design work, and travelled a bit. I didn’t see it as a failure because it wasn’t one. It was another step forward, not a step backward. I was a different person, I knew lots of things I didn’t know when I lived in that house before. I had lots of good ideas during that time and I set myself up for success when I moved to Montana about a year later.