thought i'd give it a toss

The only person who saves me is me

Had a thought as I was waking up this morning. What if the Author does change things, and a Dark!Emma is created from the potential darkness that was in Lily that was hers to begin with. A bizzaro EF is created where that Dark Emma wreaks havoc. Then the Emma we all know ends up in that EF (thanks to dagger shenanigans), and has to find a way to merge with that part of herself and save herself and everyone else?

Spitballing, but I liked the idea of Emma coming face to face with an evil self and having to figure out how to right that wrong. It gives us Dark!Emma and a chance for Light!Emma to have to prove who she is to those who love her but don’t know the good version of her and enlist their help. We’d get pirate Killian and a not as evil Regina, and a terrified Snow and Charming. Perhaps.