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I thought the Venus rx wasn't gonna hit me, I was all like "it's in Aries Pisces what can it possibly do to me? Lol" and then I fall in love with a boy, he then tells me that he feels like he's using me and stuff so he doesn't wanna be a boyfriend but more so a friend, then a week later he gets asked out and he says yes cause I was too nice to say I still liked him. GIRL this Venus retrograde has snatched my wig off. Seventh house stellium too.... I'm such a doormat lol

You had a 7th House stellium during a retrograde that focused on relationships… of course it was gonna affect you lmao

#he said clarke so softly #like he was taking a big breath #like she killed him with her words #and stole his breath #look at how determined he gets #like he can’t hold his feelings inside anymore #he thought clarke was dead for a moment #she told him he thought of him as something other than a murderer #as someone special #and now he has all these thoughts about this being the last time he sees her #bellamy motherfucking blake #WAS ABOUT TO CARVE HIS HEART OUT AND GIVE IT TO HER #he was about to say i love you #not expecting her to say it back #just needed to say it #one time #cause he’s afraid he would never get the change #and he wants her to know #cause this boy is so full of love #it’s gonna explode if he keeps it inside for another moment #clarke if i dont see you again (x)

Viktor Nikiforov: pre-episode 1
  • What he says: I’m fine
  • What he means: Why hasn’t that Katsuki boy contacted me ever since the banquet? Just that one night of dancing with him made me so much happier than I’ve been in a long time. I thought we really hit it off that night. That was the best night I’d had in a long while. Is he really not gonna talk to me after that? Is he just shy? Did he talk to me just because he was drunk? Did he get embarrassed about it? Did he

drake: hey rih, guess what? i did it! i asked sufjan to the dance! and he said yes!

rihanna: omg aubs! i’m so proud of you! holy shit! tell me everything!

drake: well i was like, “hey, i was thinking maybe me and you could go to the dance together?” i was so nervous, oh man, i could hardly get the words out.

rihanna: yeah? and then what?

drake: well, he wasn’t answering, and he looked kind of, like… shell-shocked? and i thought he was gonna say no! so i was like, “but only as bros though!” you know, so he wouldn’t, like…

rihanna: oh… my god…

drake: what?

rihanna: aubrey drake graham, did you literally pull a no homo while asking a boy to junior prom? is that seriously what you’re telling me right now?

drake: i was freaking out! i didn’t think he’d say yes unless i-

rihanna: of course he would have said yes! dumbass, he’s been in love with you since the fourth grade! since you sat on the swingset with him and his weird-ass imaginary friends!

drake: i… you’re reading too much into things, i don’t know if he-

rihanna: i can personally guarantee you that right now, as we speak, sufjan stevens is lying on his bedroom floor. he’s listening to pet sounds. on vinyl. and he’s dropping the needle right on the first chord of “i just wasn’t made for these times.” he’s letting the song play out, and then he’s dropping the needle again. in the same place. over. and over. again. he’s not even crying. he’s just allowing brian wilson to drag him headlong into the vortex of human suffering. and that’s your fault, aubs. that’s on you.

drake: oh… oh NO! :( how can i fix this?


annie: Sufjan My Dear Friend If You Do Not Turn Off That Dirge And Arise From The Floor In The Next Thirty Seconds I Am Afraid I Will Have No Choice But To Shatter Your Copy Of Pet Sounds With My Tiny But Powerful Fists

sufjan: What Ever Annie I Know All Of The Lyrics By Heart And Am More Than Capable Of Singing Them By Myself

annie: Sufjan Please I Grow Weary Of Your Wallowing

sufjan: 🎶 They Say I Got Brains But They Ain’t Doing Me No Good! I Wish They Would! Each Time Things Start To Happen Again I Think I Got Something Good Going For Myself! But What Goes Wrong? 🎶

annie: Your Singing Voice Is Lovely Sufjan But I Refuse To Enact This Emotional Labor Any Longer Get The Fuck Up

sufjan: But How Can I Get Up When My Life Is Irrefutably And Irremediably Over

annie: Your Life Is Not Over You Big Baby You Are Attending The Junior Prom On Friday And With The Boy You Love No Less

sufjan: We Are Attending As Bros! He Thinks Of Me Merely As A Bro!

annie: Have You Considered That Perhaps Aubrey Is Dealing With Severe Anxiety Surrounding His Feelings For You And Retroactively Rendered His Invitation Platonic In An Effort To Guard His Heart Should You Not Reciprocate

sufjan: No That Sounds Fake Annie

annie: Well Sufjan Do You Want My Insightful Advice Or Do You Want To Allow Brian Wilson To Drag You Headlong Into The Vortex Of Human Suffering

sufjan: The Latter

annie: Oh My God

sufjan: 🎶 Sometimes I Feel Very Sad! Sometimes I Feel Very Sad! Sometimes I Feel Very Sad! Sometimes I Feel Very Sad! Sometimes I Feel Very Sad! 🎶

  • What she says: i was busy
  • What she means: i didnt sign up for this, i thought this was gonna be like any other sports anime, but now it's like fuck m8, the episode hit me today and i just cant take it even though it's been four hours since, because all of these fictional boys are just precious and shit, and i can't ???? All this ice and they got no chill, they just PDA so much, he just confessed on national tv and fuck wth i can't deal with this, i cant exercise right now because my mind just cant deal with this????? their relationship is so healthy and beautiful and they've come so far and everyone is so supportive, i have never seen this before in anime, i jus
What the Dragon Said: a Love Story

by Catherynne M. Valente

So this guy walks into a dragon’s lair
     and he says
why the long tale?
                 HAR HAR BUDDY
says the dragon
                 FUCK YOU.

The dragon’s a classic
the ‘57 Chevy of existential chthonic threats
take in those Christmas colors, those
impervious green scales, sticky candy-red firebreath,
comes standard with a heap of rubylust
goldhuddled treasure.
                 Go ahead.
                 Kick the tires, boy.
                 See how she rides.

Sit down, kid, says the dragon. Diamonds
roll off her back like dandruff.

Oh, you’d rather be called a paladin?
I’d rather be a unicorn.
                 Always thought that
was the better gig. Everyone thinks
you’re innocent. Everyone calls you
pure. And the girls aren’t afraid
they come right up with their little hands out
for you to sniff
like you’re a puppy
and they’re gonna take you home.
They let you put your head right
in their laps.
                 But nobody on this earth
ever got what they wanted. Now

I know what you came for. You want
my body. To hang it up on a nail
over your fireplace. Say to some milk-and-rosewater chica
who lays her head in your lap
look how much it takes
to make me feel like a man.
                 We’re in the dark now, you and me. This is primal
shit right here. Grendel, Smaug, St. George. You’ve been
called up. This is the big game. You don’t have
to make stupid puns. Flash your feathers
like your monkey bravado
can impress. I saw a T-Rex fight a comet
and lose. You’ve
got nothing I want.

Here’s something I bet you don’t know:
     every time someone writes a story about a dragon
a real dragon dies.
                 Something about seeing
and being seen
                 something about mirrors
that old tune about how a photograph
can take your whole soul. At the end
of this poem
                 I’m going to go out like electricity
in an ice storm. I’ve made peace with it.
                 That last blockbuster took out a whole family
                 of Bhutan thunder dragons
living in Latvia
the fumes of their cleargas hoard
hanging on their beards like blue ghosts.

A dragon’s gotta get zen
                 with ephemerality.

You want to cut me up? Chickenscratch my leather
with butcher’s chalk:
cutlets, tenderloin, ribs for the company barbecue,
chuck, chops, brisket, roast.
                 I dig it, I do.
I want to eat everything, too.

When I look at the world
     I see a table.
All those fancy houses, people with degrees, horses and whales,
bankers and Buddha statues
the Pope, astronauts, panda bears and yes, paladins
                 if you let me swallow you whole
                 I’ll call you whatever you want.
Look at it all: waitresses and ice caps and submarines down
at the bottom of the heavy lightless saltdark of the sea
                 Don’t they know they’d be safer
                 inside me?

I could be big for them
     I could hold them all
My belly could be a city
     where everyone was so loved
they wouldn’t need jobs. I could be
the hyperreal
post-scarcity dragonhearted singularity.
     I could eat them
     and feed them
     and eat them
     and feed them.

This is why I don’t get to be a unicorn.
Those ponies have clotted cream and Chanel No. 5 for blood
and they don’t burn up like comets
with love that tastes like starving to death.
     And you, with your standup comedy knightliness,
covering Beowulf’s greatest hits on your tin kazoo,
you can’t begin to think through
     what it takes to fill up a body like this.
It takes everything pretty
and everything true
     and you stick yourself in a cave because
your want is bigger than you.

I just want to be
the size of a galaxy
so I can eat all the stars and gas giants
without them noticing
and getting upset.
Is that so bad?
                 Isn’t that
what love looks like?
                 Isn’t that
what you want, too?

I’ll make you a deal.
     Come close up
stand on my emeraldheart, my sapphireself
the goldpile of my body
     Close enough to smell
everything you’ll never be.

Don’t finish the poem. Not for nothing
is it a snake
that eats her tail
and means eternity. What’s a few verses worth
anyway? Everyone knows
poetry doesn’t sell. Don’t you ever feel
like you’re just
a story someone is telling
about someone like you?
                 I get that. I get you. You and me
we could fit
inside each other. It’s not nihilism
if there’s really no point to anything.

I have a secret
down in the deep of my dark.
All those other kids who wanted me
to call them paladins,
warriors, saints, whose swords had names,
whose bodies were perfect
as moonlight
     they’ve set up a township near my liver
had babies with the maidens they didn’t save
     invented electric lightbulbs
     thought up new holidays.
                             You can have my body
                             just like you wanted.
Or you can keep on fighting dragons
writing dragons
fighting dragons
re-staging that same old Cretaceous deathmatch
you mammals
always win.
                 But hey, hush, come on.
Quit now.
You’ll never fix
that line.
                 I have a forgiveness in me
                 the size of eons
                 and if a dragon’s body is big enough
                 it just looks like the world.
                             Did you know
the earth used to have two moons?

Beast Boy: Tonight, I’m gonna make her a nice dinner, then I’m gonna put the ring in her champagne glass.

Cyborg: You might as well put it in her cham-lame glass.

Beast Boy: Okay, Mr. Know-It-All, what would you do?

Cyborg: Okay, first you gotta get, like, 50 candles, right?

Beast Boy: Mm-hmm?

Cyborg: You spread ‘em all over the room with some rose petals….

Beast Boy: That’s right, because the roses are beautiful, and they make the room smell amazing.

Cyborg: Like a meadow in springtime.

Beast Boy: Mmm.

[Raven walks in]

Raven: What are you guys talking about?

Beast Boy: Nothing; guy talk!

Cyborg: Yeah, bitches and hoes.


Can we all just appreciate our gay boys who made some questionable decisions because they were scared/mentally ill/thought they were genuinely doing the right thing? <3

Fuck Cho PD

Like he didnt learn SHIT from what happened with BLOCK B. Why would you steal from TOPP DOGG and their fans????????? Why would you take money from them knowing they’re struggling in korea as it fucking it. TOPP DOGG isnt out here busting their asses for you to be stealing from them. TOPP DOGG is so fucking underrated and underappreciated that its not even fucking funny anymore. All those boys are got damn fucking talented and yet they’re wasting away because Cho PD couldnt get his shit together. Shout out to P-Goon for being an awesome and caring asf leader for calling out Cho PD to get their money back. That shit aint cool AT ALL. I hope Hunus get TOPP DOGG’s money back cause honestly fuck Cho PD. I’ll say it til they can get their money back. TOPP DOGG stayed loyal to his fuck ass because they thought he wasnt gonna do that to them. My poor babies TOPP KLASS will ALWAYS be here for y’all. 

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So one of my coworkers is trans, and she usually doesn't work register. But she was backing up one day and this mother brought her absolutely awful shitpisser of a spawn through. This kid goes "Mommy-that boy is wearing girl clothes! That's disgusting. He shouldn't be doing that!" And the mother. Says. Fucking. Nothing. I thought my coworker was gonna start bawling, she was so mortified. We live in an area where shit like this is rare too, most people bother to teach their kids basic respect

Okay this has probably already been said, but I’m gonna say it too. I love this pic from Alpha and Omega from SPN season 11

This is GOD leaning on SAM. The creator of the Universe as we know it is hanging onto SAM. Sam Winchester. The Boy with the Demon Blood. The one who thought he needed to be purified. The one who felt like an outsider in his own family. SAM is holding up God, and not only doing it effortlessly, but doing it defensively. That perfected stance of protection and support, the one he’s used for Dean, for Castiel, for any one else he ever cared about, only this time he’s holding up GOD - the being he had once prayed to often, believed in for years without any proof, the one who let him down the hardest. We all know at some point he stopped praying, probably sometime after his soul got shoved back in or maybe even before then. After so many years of letting him down Sam stopped praying. But SAM WINCHESTER is there for GOD when He needed Sam.

It’s beautiful. It’s underrated. And I’m gonna keep talking about it.

I’m finally going to share some of my thoughts on Tythan since I reblogged Eth’s ask regarding the ship. This isn’t a ship blog (other than tyler x reader) stuff, and will never be a ship blog so I’ve been quiet on the subject.

It’s fine to ship things privately where the boys won’t see it. So I don’t have any problems with discord servers or shared google docs because the boys won’t see it. 

What’s not okay is even though Ethan has repeated said that ship stuff of any kind makes him uncomfortable people tag him and Tyler in it anyway. They recognize that they don’t have any control over it but I personally think it’s super disrespectful that people continue to tag them even though they don’t want to be tagged in it.

I won’t lie, I lowkey think they’d be cute together. BUT I keep that too myself because I don’t want to make them uncomfortable because I really care about them and their feelings. And I don’t have any dellusions that they actually are together.

Another thing is, some shippers really do take it too far. Not just with the blatant tagging, but also by insisting that there’s “proof” of Tythan. It’s not real guys. Unless they ever say it is (which, based of Ethan response, I doubt they ever will) it’s really not cool to turn into zealots of the ship. Idk what other word there is for it. Ty and Eth live together, they’re friendly and they happen to own the same shirt - that doesn’t mean that they are romantically involved. 

I don’t know if you guys noticed but yesterday during the livestream Tyler put ‘Tytan’ as his name for one of the jackbox games. Ethan thought it said Tythan and immediately his mood dropped and he was so uncomfortable. You can’t tell me that shipping it doesn’t affect them when they both say it makes them change their typical high spirits.

Please just keep your ships to yourself out of respect to both of them.

mad men, part 1.
created by matthew weiner.

  • i’m in the persuasion business, and frankly, i’m disappointed by your presentation.
  • answer the phone, sweetheart.
  • the last thing i’d have taken him/her for is open minded.
  • it’s complete chaos over there.
  • that’s not comforting.
  • i’m sorry, am i bothering you?
  • what’s going on?
  • it’s the strangest thing.
  • i don’t know what to do.
  • go home and be with your family.
  • because that’s what people do.
  • everything’s exactly the same.
  • there’s life, and there’s work.
  • he/she’ll be fine.
  • i like to offer a nice bouquet of thoughts.
  • i took care of it.
  • i’m enjoying the story so far, but i have a feeling it’s not gonna end well.
  • lots of people were asking me about you.
  • i think your father would like it if you lit a candle for him.
  • i pray for you.
  • pleased to meet you.
  • go back to bed.
  • i don’t need a book to know what little boys do.
  • i’m not gonna fight. i’ll say whatever you think i should say, i’m not gonna fight with you.
  • welcome back, daddy.
  • what did you bring me, daddy?
  • i’m not gonna tell anyone, though you were so brazen, you don’t deserve clemency.
  • conversation must be stimulating.
  • because you’re the one that got away?
  • we’re practically family here.
  • i’m sorry for your loss.
  • i never would have guessed you were in your thirties.
  • is it so hard to just leave everything at the door and do your job.
  • they can’t stand it. they’ll drag you into the garbage out there. they just want you to be as miserable as they are. i say let them have it.
  • i’m almost embarrassed to say this; you fooled me.
  • shall we grab a bite?

I just had this thought but I already have 8? 9? unfinished drafts so I’m just gonna say it instead of leaving it to be half-written a month from now:

So, there are lots of fics, mine included, where
1. Baze and Chirrut either abstractly are sort of always in love/come to it naturally, or
2. Chirrut gets all crystal goth tumblr witch aesthetic™ and announces they’re meant to be in some kind of cute mystical boy way

I really love both of these things! But consider: young Baze Malbus totally infatuated with unimpressed Chirrut Imwe
- fighting like a champ trying to catch his attention
- becoming the most devout studious little monk nerd to try to impress him
- bringing him little carved kyber trinkets
- finding excuses for them to spend time together
- just doing his best to be floppy haired and adorable until Chirrut notices because talking?? about feelings??? I think not

I’m tired so maybe it’s just me but I just have this very cute image in mind idk

she’s my home

Paring: Bucky x fem! Reader

Summary: out to face the world, Bucky finds someone to help him. She fills him up of joy, love, compassion makes him a better person. She helps him love himself.

Author’s Note: the summary makes me cringe SO HARD. So, this is a song fic  based on work song by Hozier (LISTEN TO IT). I thought that Bucky could relate to this song a lot when he finds a good lover hence, I wrote it. It’s all fluff.the reader’s power is element manipulation. Hope you like it!

Warnings: mentions of alcohol and implied sex. (aint gonna say sexual act, get over it)

Word Count: 1389

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Boys workin’ on empty

Is that the kinda way to face the burning heat?

I just think about my baby

I’m so full of love I could barely eat

There’s nothing sweeter than my baby

I’d never want once from the cherry tree

he was on his way back to you from a mission. You; his home

 ‘(y/n).’ he whispered to himself. The word like sweet nectar to his tongue.

You were the best thing that had happened to him. He was close to a very few people and you were the one he had opened up to the most. he was ‘the ladies’ man’ back then but when he first met you he was in a loss of words.


  He had been in the real world for just a few months when Steve had decided to take him along to your house for dinner.

‘come on buck, she’s an avenger you haven’t met. It’ll be fun.’

  He agreed after showing great reluctance.

‘if this doesn’t go well, you’re the one to blame punk.’ He muttered as he stood on your door with white roses in his right hand while his other one was shoved in the pocket of his jeans.

‘don’t worry buck, she’s a great person. She’ll be happy to see you.’ he faced him. ‘loosen up.’ He hit him lightly.

You opened the door and hugged Steve.

‘hey Steve! I’m so glad you could make it.’ You moved back and looked at Bucky. To his surprise your grin didn’t fade, it wasn’t something he was used to.

‘you must be James, right?’ you smiled at him.

‘yes, um, these are for you.’ he gave you the flowers and you took them gratefully.

‘thank you, James. They are perfect. Come on in.’ you welcomed them.

That day he laughed and smiled after a long time. He had the best time with you. You were the perfect mixture of everything. You were smart, funny, caring and everything one could ask for. And god, were you beautiful; long, shiny hair, perfect lips, great (y/e/c) eyes and a great smile.

‘you liked her?’ Steve asked on their way back when he saw his friend’s faint smile.

‘what?’ he broke out of his thoughts. ‘yeah,’ he looked down. ‘she’s great.’ He gave him a small smile.

‘I can tell that, she called you James and you were kinda enjoying it.’ He said with a teasing grin.

‘shut it.’ Bucky glared at him blushing and he chuckled.

  Boys, when my baby found me

I was three days on a drunken sin

I woke with her walls around me

Nothin’ in her room but an empty crib

And I was burnin’ up a fever

I didn’t care much how long I lived

But I swear I thought I dreamed her

She never asked me once about the wrong I did.

It had been a few weeks after when he had met you. You had met a few times and he had by know understood that he had developed feelings for you. He was walking to your apartment for you had convinced him to go to an amusement park with you. He was on his way until a man recognized him.

‘hey look he is the winter soldier.’ He whispered to a bunch of his friends and they looked at bucky with disgust. ‘why are they letting a monster like him roam around the streets.’ He whispered and bucky started walking faster.

‘mommy, who is that man with a metal arm?’ a little kid asked his mother.

‘a very bad man. Don’t look at him, honey.’ She replied.

Tears were pricking his eyes. All the wrong, the sins he had committed were now before his eyes again. He wanted to scream, to cry, but his brain wouldn’t allow it. He then spotted a liquor store, he had found the medicine to numb the pain.

You were getting anxious and decided to go find him. You opened the door only to find him already standing there. His eyes were blood shot and puffy, his cheeks were tear stained, his hair a mess and had liquor heavy on his breath. His lips were trembling and he looked away.

‘oh, Bucky…’ you cooed and wrapped an arm around him. ‘come in.’ he didn’t reply, he was trying to hold back tears. You sat him down on the couch and brought him a glass of water.

‘James, what happened?’ you asked in a soothing tone.

‘I’m a monster. I don’t deserve to live.’ He looked at you and a tear trickled down his cheek. It felt like someone had stabbed your heart.

‘oh buck…’ you pulled him in a tight embrace and rubbed his back. He couldn’t hold back and wrapped his arms around you as he let the tears fall.

‘it wasn’t you, sweetheart. You’re the most caring guy I’ve ever met…’ you assured him that he was a good person. You soothed him and let him sleep in your bed while you slept on the couch.

Things escalated quickly from then. He realized that he loved you. He asked you out in the dorkiest of ways and you instantly said yes. You could have given anything to see that grinning face of his every day.

My babe would never fret none

About what my hands and my body done

If the Lord don’t forgive me

I’d still have my baby and my babe would have me

When I was kissin’ on my baby And she put her love down soft and sweet

In the low lamp light I was free

Heaven and hell were words to me

You had been together for a month now and had only shared a few kisses or had a make out or two. You were lying together in the bed watching one of the rom-coms he had missed on. You looked at him and took in all his face’s details. You soon started to kiss him but he stopped you as you reached to his neck.

‘(y/n).’ he said and you avoided his gaze. He put two fingers under your chin and made you look in his eyes. ‘doll, I really want this to happen, trust me I do more than anything.’

‘then why not James? I just feel like I am pushing you or I am someone dying to sleep with you.’ you looked at him with moist eyes.

‘please don’t think that. I-I just don’t want to hurt you.’ he cupped your face. ‘this.’ he held up his metal arm. ‘it reminds me that I can only destroy.’

‘you are never going to hurt me James Buchanan Barnes, I trust you. I feared hurting others because of my powers too. I can understand. do you not trust me, babe?’ you caressed his cheek.

‘of course I do.’ he put his hand on yours.

‘then don’t be afraid of hurting me. I love you.’ you kissed him softly and he deepened it.

The movie was soon forgotten as the night was spent doing something else.

After that night, Bucky’s love for you only deepened for he now knew that you didn’t care about his past and his metal arm wasn’t something that sacred you. Every day you would push him a little into liking himself. Either it was doing charity work, being superheroes and saving the world or was it simply helping a kid by getting him the candy on the top shelf. And to his surprise it all worked. Whenever he would find himself feeling weak and avoiding mirrors, you would hold his hand and help him through it.


He finally reached the base and instantly took off to your shared apartment where you were waiting for him with a broken arm. You soon opened the gate.

‘did you miss me, sugar?’ you grinned.

‘the hell I did.’ He wrapped his arms around you and connected his lips with yours.

‘I love you,’ he said as he pulled back. ‘a lot.’ He brushed away a stray lock of your (y/h/c) hair from your face.

‘I love you too.’ You looked at him with adoration and you both lied tangled on the couch.

When my time comes around

Lay me gently in the cold dark earth

No grave can hold my body down

I’ll crawl home to her.

hope you liked it!